Need Help! What Supplements To Use???Newb!!

  1. Exclamation Need Help! What Supplements To Use???Newb!!

    Just a little bit about me:

    Am 36, and just recently got back into Weight lifting.
    Am not sure what supps i should take? Want something to help build Muscle..
    Not sure what routine to use?
    I am overweight. I did weigh 360 pounds last April, 2010, but started watching what i ate, and am now down to 310 pounds, but have stalled.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks once again.!!!!

  2. You're going to get either a TON of replies on this one, or nothing, bc its so open-ended. First things first, I'm no trainer or any professional, but I've worked out my entire life, played football through college, and think I'm pretty in tune with my body.

    My first question would be to ask what your primary objective is. You stated you want to build muscle, but you've also said you're down to 310, "but have stalled". It may help to clarify what you're after (goals), to help people help you.

    My split is:
    Day 1- Chest
    Day 2- Back/bis
    Day 3- Shoulders/tris
    Day 4- Cardio
    Day 5- Legs (squat, lunge, extension, curls)
    Day 6- Hips, Calves, Core
    then back to Day 1... I do not take any planned days off, and if I do miss a day (generally once every 3-4 weeks), I just pick up where I left off, I don't skip a body part. Having said that, every 6-8 weeks, I'll generally give my body and mind a week rest. Nothing, not even running.

    Some pretty intelligent people on here, so actually I'll just stop there and let you clarify a bit before throwing too much out about supps. Otherwise, you may wind up getting more than you bargained for. (Also, give more info concerning your workout routine, bc your post indicates you're just back in and if thats the case, most recommendations will be to go quite light on the supps until your figure your body out a bit more).

  3. I typed more than I intended to, but really just looking for more info from you first.

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