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  1. XPC Coalition Bench for Cash Meet


    Video from XPC Meet Arnold Classic

  2. WPC Can/AM Border Wars

    WPC Sub Master World Record 33-39 220lb class

  3. I touched in my shirt over ten times and feel great about this training cycle. I didn't Pr but my lifts look great and I wanna build on my technique and worry about staying healthy. #800 will come 220/242 class I believe. I don't see my self getting to the #275lb class.
    I went 672,699 710 miss. I also competed Raw earlier that day. I went 3 for 3 396,418,440. which was a new APF Mi State Sub master state record.

  4. WPC Can/AM Border Wars Raw and Equipped lifts

  5. Tied for 1st place
    RPS Last Man Standing Pro Bench

  6. LastManStanding 2 was a great time with some great lifters. Rob Luyando, Jay Fry, Joe Mazza. Also Jeff McVicar was there to help out with lift offs, coaching and really helping all of us hit some huge numbers, and cracking us up all day. Jeff is one of the funniest guys you will ever meet. and best benchers of all time. All my attempts in a over 3yr old Overkill Shirt 2ply custom amde by Rudy Rosales. Going to dial in another shirt a little tighter for the 700+ benches. Missed 700 twice to be eliminated. I took 2nd place and will be getting ready for the Olympia next. Sept 28-29.
    Also using the New Rhino Anaconda wrist wraps. these are the best hardcore wraps today you can make these wraps so tight and even if you don't what them that tight they stay locked with no slip.


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