Just finished Waterbury now going 5/3/1

  1. Just finished Waterbury now going 5/3/1

    I figured I'd start a log on Am to kinda force me to log weights and workouts. Just finished a 5 week Waterbury cycle, if you've never heard of it, it's basically a compound lift with 80-85% of your max for 10sets or 3reps as explosively as you can, with 60-80 seconds rest between sets. After your main exercise you do some supersets with a 4x6 schedule. Its brutal and very effective, I felt more athletic after it and would recommend it. (Google it for specifics)

    My goal with 5/3/1 is to gain strength without wrecking my joints and to build on the athleticism i felt coming with waterbury. And build my squat strength back up. I was involved in a bad car wreck in 2007 and i went from squating 545x1 to not being able to pick up my 5yr old daughter. Most of my lifts have recovered but my squat, I've been cleared to train for real but i really think it's mental. So be nice with my squat numbers.

    I'm doing the periodization bible version of 5/3/1 from the book.
    I take a 60-90 sec breaks, if i feel i need more i may go up to 2mins max.
    To add to the conditioning and athletic effect, I also shoot for reps on the higher end on the assistance exercises (12~20)

    I typically do 3 warm up set before the main exercise


    315 x 5
    365 x 5
    365 x 12

    Glute Ham raise All sets done with BW
    20 really pushed
    22 was super tough
    This has to be the hardest excercise ever if you don't do it. Wow!

    Hack Squat 45% incline
    Don't know the load of the machine but the weight posted is the amount in plates.
    All 5 sets done with 90lbs for 10 reps

    Got to the gym late and ran out of time
    had 5 sets of abs left


    I've had chronic elbow pain for years. I once benched 405 x 1 around 2009 but the elbow pain got so bad I didn't do any bench for a year or so. Well i finally tried supercissus and my elbow didn't hurt no more than a couple times during the waterbury. So i'm going to go easy since i don't have elbow pain and build my pressing strength behind my elbow health. I also increased my vitamin d and calcium intake and my elbows feel great.

    185 x 5
    195 x 5
    210 x 13 I really felt i could have done 225 and got maybe 8 or so, but my elbows felt good. So i opted to keep the weight down because of this.

    Seated DB Press
    50 x 15
    50 x 11
    50 x 10
    50 x 8
    50 x 8
    I think my rest period was too short at 1min because the weight feels light and then i die out. I know i normally perform like that when i don't rest long enough between sets.

    Upper Back
    DB Rows
    80 x 12
    80 x 15
    80 x 10
    80 x 11
    80 x 10


    I have a set of grips that range from 100-350lbs of resistance. I'll be honest they were a lot harder to close than I thought. I figured since I've pulled 500+ that i would do better. Hell even the 100 was somewhat challenging, but I use it for warm ups now.

    2x10 with 100lb grips (warmup)
    1x10 upside down with 100lbs grips (warmup)
    2x10 with 150lbs grips
    2x8 with 200lbs grips
    2x10seconds negative with 250lbs

    I actually have a few grip workouts i do, so if they look different, that's why.

    Glycobol, CEE, Beta-alanine, xtend, alpha t2, oep, multi
    On order expecting within week
    Daa,testobol,stoked,ghenerate, and supercissus rx

    Tommorrow is Squats lets see if i can get over this mind thing...

  2. Tuesday


    Good Mornings
    185x11 Felt alot better than I thought

    Leg Press
    720x12 This set felt so heavy after all the other work, it was a grind.

    Hanging leg raise

    Grip work
    100x10 2 warmup sets
    250 10sec negative hold
    250 10sec negative hold

    roller with 10lb weight 6ft up and down 4sets, 2 rolled forward and 2 rolled backward.

    behind the back reverse wrist curls

    After this day when i got home and relaxed I got the most debilitating cramps in my legs ever. It was so bad I couldn't stand up or straighten my legs, It took about 4hrs for my leg muscles to relax. This was torture, so i order some mag/potassium liquid.
    Standing Millitary Press


    Incline Db Press



    6bw I'm normally pretty strong on chins, but I noticed by how i was just dying out on sets the last two workouts my diet has been lacking and it is. So I'm really focusing on getting my meals up to at least 6 a day again, and also upping my protein some more.

  3. Supplements came in, excited about that.

  4. Friday


    385x12 Felt awesome!

    Glute ham raise
    10 just died in the middle of set, was so burnt
    23 really pushed hard was wiped out

    Hack squats
    180x10 Felt so wiped out first 3 sets took about a 5min break between 3rd and 4th set, got a strong second wind.

    Hanging Leg raise
    Tried a set cramped up, so ditched the move this workout. Think my core was so taxed from the other exercises, my abs were fried.


    100x10 2warmup sets
    250x5 (3 good reps 2 halfs)
    250x10seconds negative
    250x10seconds negative

    Noticing improvement on lifts from grip work, better stability mostly, haven't went heavy on anything yet so my maximal holding strength hasn't been tested yet, but i see the potential benefits.


    Bench Press
    225x13 Felt really strong, everything tight and explosive. Always benched kind of close grip on my benched, just switched to a wider grip (2inches outside rings) it felt weird at first by now i actually like it.

    DB Shoulder Press

    50x12 Felt really easy
    65x10 getting tough
    65x8 did 2 half reps but wont count those

    DB Bent over row

    80x12 felt easy and smooth
    100x10 really tough was out of breath bad after set
    100x10 out of breath again, gotta work hard on conditioning


    100x8 Felt really heavy
    Skullcrushers is a exercise I'm most happy with my results. My elbow pain was so bad in the past I could do 30lbs on skullcrushers but since i used the supercissus and upped my vitamin d3 and calcium, i've been golden. I actually haven't taken supercissus in 2-3weeks or so. I did order some but honestly haven't felt like i needed it yet.

    Training is going really good, trying to get in the food is getting better but it's tough getting in the protein.

    Also noticing a little fat loss, but I'll touch on that in next post where I talk about supps.

  5. So about the supps

    Testopro 4 daily
    Stoked 4 daily
    Perform 4 daily
    Ghenerate 8 squirts 2x daily AM/PM
    Daa 6grams daily
    Glycobol 4 daily
    CEE 5-10grams wkout days only
    Beta-Alanine 5grams on wkout days only

    Waiting on TMG and Folic Acid to help with the Daa, plus a couple other general health supps like Coq10, mag/potassium, DHA.

    Things I've noticed:

    It's pretty early but, my muscles seem harder all day. I took daa before but it was in in a pill form mixed with other stuff. This time I'm taking straight powder form. Balls feel fuller and the perform seems to make orgasms feel weird, not bad but different. I think the test boosters are working but I'm going to give it a little more time before I pass judgement, but I did feel stronger since I started a few days ago.

    Also I take
    1 alpha t2
    1 oep
    both preworkout

    Seem to be losing fat a little but nothing dramatic, I think the fat loss is more from the volume and explosive nature of the workouts. Now I have used alpha t2 and oep before and loss about 50lbs so I know within the proper diet and training it can yield results. But honestly I'm using them for energy.

    I drink a xtend bcaa drink on the ride to the gym and intraworkout and I really believe it helps out recovery during workouts.

    With finals coming up, I'm trying to buckle down on everything and stay focused, but I think I can handle it.

    I'm going to do the daa for 4weeks then off 4weeks then 4weeks on again. The testopro/stoked/ghenerate will do for probably 8 weeks. Have some Dmz on hand but would like to wait until winter before i use it again. I also would like to drop some more fat before i use it. Last go around I stacked epistane/super-dmz and I ate bad and was stressed out and felt like a super hero, so now I'm in a more disciplined groove I think I can maximize it's effectiveness.

    Well till next time



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