Hi everyone. My goal is to build my chest out and gain mass while also defining it a little. I am most concerned with getting my chest a little bigger and gaining a little more strength. The definition aspect, while important too, ranks second in concern. I have heard from numerous people that working your chest in one workout, too hard, will prohibit any results. Below I have posted by routine that I wrote up for myself and just began following a few days ago. If you can, please look it over and critique the routine. Tell me where I'm going wrong; if I'm doing to much, if not doing enough; what I can do different ETC. I want to achieve maximum results, and I am a workhorse, so I am not afraid to mix it up and work my body to the limit.

Here is my workout for chest:

Incline Barbell Press 1x5, 1x5, 1x10, 1x8

Flat Barbell Press 1x5, 1x5, 1x10, 1x8

Incline Fixed Position Machine 4x8
Incline Push-Ups 4xFailure

Incline Dumbbell Flies 3x10
Regular Cable Crossovers 3x10

Incline Smith Press 3x12-15

Skull Crushers 3x8

Dips 4xFailure
Triceps Extentions 4x10

* The exercises that are listed directly beneath each other such as the flies portion, are super sets.

Any advice that can help me tweak my workout will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!