Distilled Water....I gotta keep track of food & training so im going to make a log :)

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  1. Took yesterday off, had some business to take care of and hit back 2day

    Wide Grip Pull ups

    Close Grip Rows

    Rope Pull Downs

    Back Hyper Extentions
    3 sets of 12

    Seated Rear Delt Raise

    3 sets of 15x10

    finished off with 30min of cardio. Diet was perfect today and should be from here on out

  2. I hit arms this week and that was it, schedule was really messed up. I'm looking for a new place and dont get out of work until 430, gym closes at 730. I know (wtf right?) its the YMCA wellness center, which doesnt open until 3 a few days a week so somthing to deal with. Had some recruits come through this week that visits took longer than expected and had to get things situated for the gf because she went out of town and is about to move into a new place......all in all, hectic week! Diet was great for mon, wed, thur, fri and sat 9-7 lol.

    Didnt get as much cardio as I would have liked had a ruben and a few beers last night with a buddy, been on track 2day. I think going back to DC style training is going to be best fit for my schedule, that way i also get tue/thur/sat to hit abs and cardio. Plus I think i want to get into powerlifting so this will help there and add size (when im done cutting) that i'll need down the road.

    Got a big dinner planned for tonight, gf gets back into town. Steak, sweet potatos, asparagus and salad. Idk about you but that sounds delicious and is anabolic as all get out....

  3. Once next pay check comes in I think i know what supps im going to take are........drum roll............caffiene/yohimbe/ehpedra, asprin! yea nothing exciting but 2 months worth will cost me like $50. That cit malate and glutamine will be all she wrote for supps until september probably.



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