1. Natty-T.

    Last journey thread I'm starting. This will be the journy of everything. I intend to walk on stage at some point in the future, and I'm not sure if i'll be natural or not. As for the moment I am all natural and can still claim natty-texan to be true. I am starting fresh. I am rinsed myself clean of the darkness from the path I chose to walk in life, and I have been given another chance to prove I am something more than what I have shown. This includes my path in the gym. I do not get big for any but myself. I know all the guys who want to look good to get laid. that's not it for me. It's my battle. It's my arena. Because society today has robbed me of everything men need to be real men. Because todays society hands me a video game remote and tells me to live vicariously through an avatar that isn't real. In a video game if you mess up you have a the restart button. try again. in life you don't get that many chances. if you're lucky you get a second one and if your destined for greatness but to timid to settle in and fight.

    There is not a day that passes that I don't not wish I had been born in just 1000 years in the past. maybe more. let me be a warrior of some small tribe, let me be a powerful fighter, let me earn my life through my skills on the hunt. don't hand me food someone else devoted his life to growing. every where i look I see men who've lost their passion. we're caged lions, taught to play sheep. we're taught it is bad to do manly things like stand your ground and fight for your beliefs. we have become a society that settles disbutes through the decision of peers we'll never meet. i may be alone but i'd rather have been allowed to fight for myself. win my battles because i truly am the better man, not because i can hire a better man to win my case. i don't want money, i want freedom and happiness. i want freedom to run wild through the woods like my ancestors did, freedom to roam wherever...freedom to earn life through skill learned allong the way.

    i hate this system of barder and trade. we've completely invented jobs based on greed. our whole society is greed. gimme gimme, i need more i want more, it's my right for more. we dont' really want more, we use more to fill the wholes filled by our loss of self. atleast my loss of self.

    If you are still here, I would like to invite you on my journey. I have much to learn, i'm open to ears, and i have much knowledge to share from lessons learned the hard way. I use bodybuilding as my out. i can control my body. I can control what i put into it. i can't control anything else in this world. I will turn my body into a piece of art. wether i will ever display my art in the corrupt bodybuilding world i'm not sure...but for now I'm nlooking only to feel a little better tomorrow. I believe i have finally let go of my past and can move on.

    my specs as of this morning. 6'1-224. there's muscle tone from past hard work but i'm soft. with my frame and knowledge of how big i have been in the past i can get to about 230 at 10% in a year and half, from there my goal is a natural 255 at 10%. win i was 18 i hit 240 at 9% so i think that is a fairly acheivable goal, i feel my glutes were definitely lacking and my legs at total were big, but not to where i believe they could be. from there i may diet down and try a natural show to see if this is a sport for me or just a life style. if it's a sport, and i enjoy it, get good reviews out of it, then i'll take that step into the world of anabolics.

    quick specs:
    desired weight in 6 months-220 at 8%. If i devote myself this is very acheivable.

    I do have one question though, i have an extremely long wingspan for my body...finger tip to finger tip out stretch it's 6'8. when i hang my arms i can touch my knee with only stretching my shoulder, no bending. Is this to unproportional for what the bodybuilding world has judged acceptable.

  2. Im in for the support brother! Glad to hear you are back at it!

    Are you having any health issues these days? Werent you facing some problem awhile back that was holding you back from playing ball?

  3. Long time no talk, lets get this started.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by FlawedGrunt View Post
    Im in for the support brother! Glad to hear you are back at it!

    Are you having any health issues these days? Werent you facing some problem awhile back that was holding you back from playing ball?
    nothing that'll hold me back from going all out. the issues are all the concussions i've had...i started playing again but i just can't take a hit anymore so now i'm kinda part time coaching for one of the semi pro teams out here.

  5. Glad to hear you are at least being able to stay involved wiht something you love!

  6. I'm ready to be healthy again....i've been going to the chiro and getting my back straightened out and listening to the lady on how much/what kind of exercising to do, and i'm itching to be hitting it hard...soon as i get to start hitting it hard i'll be more involved on here again.


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