USAF Combat Control Trainee

  1. USAF Combat Control Trainee

    First, "Hello". I've followed this site for years, however have yet to contribute advice or ask for any. I am 26 years old and have set for myself some arduous goals and I am hoping this community may help bolster me. I have decided to attempt enlistment in the U.S. Air Force, under Air Combat Controller, or should I not be selected, enter under a TAC-P contract. My overall goal is to serve in the United States Marine Corps as an FAC (Forward Air Control) officer, but I will need to complete my degree before applying for this privilege. (The airforce offers an associates in either of the above mentioned fields, and I will complete the remaining two years while serving my six year contract.) Now the fitness side. I need to train to accomplish these goals, I have been lifting for seven years, but always on a strength training routine. I used to weigh 230 lbs, 15% Bf, I am now 196 lbs 20% Bf. I suffered from lower back and shoulder injuries that kept me from lifting or exercising for 2 years time. I began working out again in January, and have now felt prepared to initiate training to the level of intensity required for special operations. If there is anyone with knowledge on how to best prepare, or who has gone through similar training, I would truly appreciate any advice. Even if only anecdotal.

    I am recording everything from my diet, exercise, and sleep. If anyone subscribes interest I will log all process on this thread.

    My exercise routine is as follows:

    A.M. Cardio: 1hour bike, at 80-90 rpm
    Afternoon:30 min interval run
    Late Afternoon: "Weight Training" 45 min/ Low intensity cardio 20 min.
    3 hours before bed: 1 hour bike at 80-90 rpm

    My variations will replace the interval run with swimming 100 meter sprints for 30 min followed by a 4 mile run.

    My weight training is following a variation of density training, I alternate variations every week for 3 weeks.
    EDT=Escalating Density Training (15 min intervals of set goals i.e. 40 reps)
    DT= Alternating exercise with a 5-4-3-2-1 drop scheme for 15 min.
    10's=10 rep within 1 min for 15 min. complete 15 sets totalling 150 reps in 15 min.
    DS= Descending sets

    Day 1-Legs (Power), Pullups (EDT), Decline Hammer Press (EDT)
    Day 2-Shoulders (Rep Range)
    Day 3-Back (Power), chinups (EDT), Cable Crossovers (EDT), Machine Fly (Drop set)
    Day 4-Traps (Power)
    Day 5-DB Row (10's), BB Press (10's)
    Day 6-Shoulders (Shock)
    Day 7-Rest

    Day 1-Legs (Rep Range) Z. Squats, Pullups (EDT), Decline Hammer Press (EDT)
    Day 2-Traps (Rep Range)
    Day 3-Chinups/Dips (DT)
    Day 4-Shoulders (Rep Range)
    Day 5-Rest
    Day 6-Wide Pullups (EDT), Machine Fly (Drop Set)
    Day 7-Rest

    Day 1-Burpees(DS), Pushups (DS)
    Day 2-Box Jumps (DS), Pullups (Max sets)
    Day 3-Burpees(DS), Pushups (DS)
    Day 4-Rest
    Day 5-Box Jumps (DS), Pullups (Max sets)
    Day 6-Burpees(DS), Pushups (DS)
    Day 7-Rest

    (Workouts are not done to failure on Density Training days. I have done the above workout scheme for 1 week and feel that it is manageable.

    2000 calories per day. 80 g F, 222 g P, 100 g C

    Initial goal is to lose BF (10%) and build endurance, after that is accomplished Diet will increase carbohydrate total to 250 g +600 calories.

    I have set aside 1 year to accomplish all goals, but I feel I can meet CCT requirements in 3-4 months.
    CCT Reqs: 1.5 mi run <10 min, 500 Meter Swim <10 min, 8 pullups, Situps 50, Pushups 50, 2x20 meter underwater swim

    Staple Supplements:
    Beta Alanine -4-6 g per day (crucial, I'm a believer) -I do not cycle this.
    Kyolic Garlic- (Immune/Health)
    Men's 1-A-Day (Multivitamin)
    Elite Isolate (Protein)
    Musclemilk (Meal Replacement)
    VPX Meltdown (Energy, Fat burn) -I take this 2 weeks on 1 week off continuously

    Cycling Supplements:
    Cycle 1:
    Xfactor Advance (I am just finishing this cycle I started in February)
    Cycle 2:
    Glycobol, Cissus, Citruline Malate
    Cycle 3:
    I will incorporate Primordial Performance's new line, and will log results, should the prices become more manageable. And people subscribe interest.
    Androlean, Andromass

  2. Subbed bro.. Looks like everything you have laid out is pretty solid, best of luck with your goals
    "The only good is knowledge and the only evil is ignorance." - Socrates

  3. Looks like you've got yourself a plan. Good luck with your goals, perhaps we'll see each other in the field one day.

    Remember it doesn't have to be fun to be fun
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  4. Goodluck to you remember, nothing is worse then death, got dropped from the PJ Pipeline Jan 25 and sent home, remember nothing is more important than your life, miss being there.
    Focus more on cardio and resistance training , strength only carries so far.

  5. Finishing up PJ indoc. course as I type this (beautiful morning in Texas, by the way).

    Swim. Just... swim. You don't need muscle, you need muscle endurance. Weight is an enemy here. Looks like you have a solid routine worked out.

    More importantly, have you talked to your recruiter yet? If you're giving yourself a year to get ready you'll be more than prepared for what they throw at you here. In fact, the real trick is to stay in shape while at Basic (the PT is a joke and the food is fatty).

  6. Thank you for all the replies. I will definitly think of a way to incorporate more swimming. Since there is interest and support, I will start logging my days on here. I will start with yesterday, 03.22.11.

    7:30am:1 xfactor advncd, 3g Beta alanine, 2 vpx meltdown
    10am:1 xfactor advncd, multivitamin, kyolic garlic
    12pm:1 xfactor advncd, 2 vpx meltdown
    3pm:1xfactor advncd, 3g Beta Alanine
    12am:1 xfactor advncd, kyolic garlic

    8am: Bike 13.98 mi 60 min
    4pm:Chinups EDT 10 sets of 4 reps in 10 min
    Cable Crossover EDT 35 lbs 7 sets of 6 in 7min
    Machine Fly Drop set in 1/4 timing 135lbs-120-105 to failure
    Treadmill 10%grade 3 mph 20 min
    10:30pm: Bike 12.10 mi 60 min

    10am:Hamburger: 612 cal 35gF 27gC 45gP
    12pm:Bolthouse Smoothie:152 cal 38gC
    6pm:MuscleMilk:300 cal 12gF 16gC 32gP
    8pm:Hamburger: 612 cal 35gF 27gC 45gP
    12am:Chef Salad: 225 cal 5gF 10gC40gP
    Totals: 1901 cal 87gF 118gC 200gP

    I normally try to eat meals of 300 calories but I knew I wasn't going to have time to meet nutrition goals yesterday, as I had to cover a shift at work in the afternoon (also why there was no interval training). I will post today's information when it is complete.

  7. I will be weighing in every 2 weeks. I use an Ironman digital scale that records bf, weight, hydration, metabolic age etc. It may be fallible but it is consistent.

    148lbs lean muscle mass
    7.6 lbs bone
    31 metabolic age
    54% hydration

    Now I should mention when I did a caliper test at the gym, my BF was 15%. 7.6 lbs of bone seems a little low. I was very dehydrated though as my hydration should be more around 67%. However, I will use the scale for consistency, not necessarily accuracy. I will see about purchasing a digital camera to post progression pics.

  8. Epixep, Congrats on finishing Indoc! Yes, I have spoken to the recruiter, she says they will take me now, and she is a little pushy on the subject. I feel I need more preparation and time to become more physically capable. I don't just want to succeed, I want to surpass.

  9. I don't know who you have spoken to, but in my time in ops in the USAF, they will not just allow you to cross into the Marines. And the marines have a real problem with taking previous air force troops regardless of being spec ops. I suggest you train in the mean and enter the enlisted corp of the marines and use the TA benefits to get your degree and pursue your path from there. Crossing branches isn't exactly easy unless it is going from anywhere into the army.

    Either way, your preparation looks solid.
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  10. Quote Originally Posted by julianr View Post
    Goodluck to you remember, nothing is worse then death, got dropped from the PJ Pipeline Jan 25 and sent home, remember nothing is more important than your life, miss being there.
    Focus more on cardio and resistance training , strength only carries so far.

    Not to nit pick and at the risk of sounding like a douche, but this is not necessarily true. In many setting yes, but quite often the mission is going to be more important than one's life, but it's the sort of thing that is fluid and depends on a lot. But let's face it, were talking about the special warfare community and these are the things we do. If you were speaking of training then absolutely correct.
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  11. DAdams, I will investigate what you just said further. I was told by a USMC Gunnery Sergeant that this move was applicable. He also said that if I was to go Marine Corps first that I would need to pick up Artillery and earn degree while serving, however that most likely my TA benefits would be denied until my second year serving as the USMC believes these early years are best served learning my MOS. Also, I am under the impression that once a contract ends, regardless of branch, it is concluded. I understand that within my 6 years active there are 2 years inactive, perhaps this is the gray area that inhibits a branch reassignment? I will definitely look into it again as you have set up a warning flag for me. FAC is very competitive as most officers selected have served a minimum of two years as pilots first (unless artillery enlisted). I won't lie, I was hoping that the CCT or TACP training would give me a one step edge toward this goal. From who I spoke to on this end, I was under the impression it was at least conceivable but perhaps convoluted...I'll update with an answer once I get one. The USAF recruiter also told me that my transition was doable, however said, "The bonuses we will offer you to reenlist and Air Force life will change your mind." I do know not to put to much faith in a recruiter. I will find a Marine to answer this. Hopefully a FAC.

  12. CopyCat, thank you for your interest in my thread. Do you serve CCT?

  13. you should search what career fields have what reenlistment bonuses. you may decide to stay blue. remember, dont ever fully trust the recruiter.

  14. Quote Originally Posted by Vetter View Post
    CopyCat, thank you for your interest in my thread. Do you serve CCT?
    Navy, serve with Marines.
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  15. I wasn't able to do tonight's cardio session. I will be sure to add something tomorrow to compensate for this.

    8:30am: 1xfactor advcd, 2 vpx meltdown, 3g beta alanine
    11am:1 xfactor advcd, kyolic garlic, multivitamin
    12:30pm:2vpx meltodwn
    1pm:1 xfactor advcd
    3:30pm:1xfactor advcd
    11pm:1xfactor advcd, kyolic garlic

    9am: Bike 11.35 mi 45 min
    Treadmill .72mi 15 min 10% grade, 3mph
    1pm: Bike 8.45 mi 30 min intervals
    5:20pm:BB shrug in 1/4 timing, 225x4,3,3,3,3,3
    Decline hammer shrug, 60x10, 70x10, 70x10
    Yates row, 45x30
    Treadmill 1.02 mi 20 min 7% grade 3 mph

    11am: Steak and 16oz milk
    1pm:Greek yogurt and broccoli
    3:30pm:Musclemilk with 8oz milk
    8pm:Meatballs and bolthouse smoothie
    Totals 1946 Calories 80gF 104gC 200

  16. For anyone following this thread, I am sorry that I have not updated for the past 2 days, I will update tonite or tomorrow morning!


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