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    Breakfast: Eggs, Tuna, and cheese!

    Had a good workout today. I did chest and abs. I don't log my workouts or weights anymore so no excruciating detail but here's about how it looked...

    Incline DB Press
    several sets
    I did 110 pound DB presses last week so I figured I could pound them out again this week and get it on video this time. spotter wasn't too versed in attentiveness and spotting techniques. The first attempt didn't go so well as shown below...


    The second attempt was better am I'm glad I was able to do it but I was still disappointed with the ROM.


    Flat Bench Press
    several sets, went up to 275 as usual but it felt heavier today. Don't like that.

    Decline Bench Press
    just a couple sets

    Hammer Strength wide chest press
    Drop sets starting at 385 lbs

    Finished off with some hypertrophy cable flyes.

    Then I did some abs, I put a decline bench on a box and did 21's on it with a 45 lbs plate.

    Then did some russian twists using the arm sleeves attached to the pull-up bar.

    Afterwards I took my BCAA's and then did some cario on the treadmill. I did 40 minutes and gradually increased both the speed and incline angle as I went.

    After that I did some regular and extreme stretches and then took two scoops of my delicious Muscle Pharm Combat Powder protein, chocolate peanut butter flavor.

    The funny and encouraging part about today's workout is from two things that happened. I was offered a job as a personal trainer (I was training my friend who was working out with me at the time) and another guy I didn't know said he wished he could look like me! May not be much but it was a nice form of a compliment!

    Here's some pics I took in the lovely bathroom mirror after today's workout. Exactly 4 weeks and 5 days out from my next competition!


    I had a blended breakfast consisting of protein powder, whole grain oats, and a banana blended in water.

    Right before my workout I took my BCAA's with some creatine mono and beta-alanine.

    Back workout proceeded as follows in this exact order.

    Started with t-bar rows (today I did the supported version, which I honestly like better because I feel like I can isolate my back better and hit it harder) and gradually increased weight with each set. I did about 7 sets. I normally don't do this many sets for one exercise but I have found this one to be very effective at hitting my back and plus Andy does ten when I workout with him and he's one guy I can trust.

    Anyways, I decided to go for a PR for reps and slapped on 6 plates. I asked my spotter (same one from yesterday) to be there in case I can't get it up all the way or fail, but to not help. He kept his hand on it the whole time which was annoying but at least he wasn't daydreaming this time! Here's both videos I had taken.

    We then did wide grip pull-ups.

    Yate Rows

    Lat pull-downs (behind head)

    Straight arm pushdowns

    and then finished with weighted back extensions


    Cardio will happen later tonight.

    Afterwards, I had my post workout shake consisting of protein powder and Labrada Power Carb.
    Serious Nutrition Solutions rep


    Exactly 3 weeks out from my next competition!

    *I've been doing a lot of research lately and forced myself to look at some research and some philosophies in a whole new way. I have decided to completely change up my diet and do one that I have never even attempted before. I just started it yesterday. I am doing the Lean Gains/Intermittent Fasting diet routine. Yeah, I hated the sound of that last part too! This program was created by Martin Berkhan and backs up his belief system with not only scientific research, but with real world results. I spent several hours going pouring over the details of this new dieting plan and know that if I want to truly see how effective it is, then I need to put it to the test myself.

    Here is some basic information on Lean Gains and some greater details if anybody is interested in learning more...

    Very basic rundown of the program:

    Interview with the creator Martin Berkhan about his philosophy on Intermittent Fasting (IF):

    The very short Lean Gains (LG) guide on his homepage with lots of other articles and resources:

    *You can click on the "Most Popular" and the "Categories" tabs for more information and also realize that there are several other links to other articles and roundtable discussions with other well known nutrition professionals interspersed throughout the articles, which is another reason it took me so long to get though all the material...lots of info and I need to know exactly what I'm doing if I'm going to be successful at it.

    *Here's a sample of Martin's setup, some very basic info, and how I will be applying it:

    As for my AM workout routine, which is when I typically go to the gym...well here it is:

    "Protocol needed: Fasted Training (see the Leangains Guide for details).

    We're going to assume that you're at the gym at 10 AM and break your fast at 12-1 PM.

    10 AM: Training is initiated on an empty stomach and after ingestion of 10 g BCAA or similar amino acid mixture. This "pre-workout" meal is not counted towards the feeding phase.

    *For fasted sessions, ingest 10 g branched chain amino acids (BCAA) shortly prior (5-15 mins) to your training session. This does not count towards the 8-hour feeding window that I advocate post-workout; that starts with your post-workout meal. By ingesting BCAA pre-workout, we can sidestep the increased protein breakdown of fasted training while still reaping the benefits of the increased anabolic response as seen in this study. Not only that, BCAAs actually increase phosphorylation of p70s6k when ingested in the fasted state prior to training. So by training fasted, with BCAA intake prior to sessions, we get a double whammy of increased p70s6k phosphorylation that should create a very favorable environment for muscle growth in the post-workout period.

    “The researchers concluded that "Our results indicate that prior fasting may stimulate the intramyocellular anabolic response to ingestion of a carbohydrate/protein/leucine mixture following a heavy resistance training session. "

    10-11 AM: Weight Training: I suggest using a setup similar to reverse pyramid training, which is my favored approach. This is a high intensity, low volume setup. Keeping intensity high is key in order to reap the catecholamine-related benefits. Do 2-3 sets of 4-8 reps for compound movements and 1-2 sets of 8-10 reps for assistance movements (curls, triceps work, etc). Do no more than 5 movements per session.

    11-12 AM: When you're done, which should be in no more than an hour, insulin (which was temporarily elevated by the pre-workout BCAAs) will be back to fasted baseline again. Immediately take 0.2 mg yohimbine and do 30-45 min of steady state cardio; cycling, treadmill walking at 3-3.5 mph (slight incline optional), brisk walking outside, etc. The yohimbine will rapidly take effect.

    12-1 PM: Eat."

    He also stated to drink BCAA's every two hours after your workout during the feeding incorporating this into the MPS max stimulatory window (as described by Layne Norton here: I have come up with this for the 8 hour window from my understanding of what it entails in conjunction with Martin's teachings.

    Ramp down carbs with each subsequent meal.

    -Pre Workout: (10-11 AM---following this same example) 10 g BCAA's 5-15 minutes before workout.

    -Meal 1: (12 PM) High protein, high carbs, no/low fat. Also the biggest meal and is the post workout meal, most quickly and easily absorbed meal

    -BCAA’s (2 PM)

    -Meal 2: (4 PM) High protein, med/low carbs, med/low fat

    -BCAA’s (6 PM)

    -Meal 3: (8 PM) High protein, no/low carbs, med/high fat. Last meal before 16 hour (approximately of course) fast is reinitiated, so make sure you have good quality slow digesting protein sources. The higher fat intake will also help slow digestion.

    NOTE: This isn't his EXACT outline or ONLY outline, as he varies it sometimes within this 8 hour feeding window. For example, sometimes he'll have four meals instead of three, but they will still be within the 8 hour timeframe.

    No processed junk food
    Relatively high intake of protein all the time
    Higher carb / lower fat on workout days
    Higher fat / lower carb on rest days

    *Now for his given food selection ideas:




    It was also apparent that he was NOT a proponent of nuts or dried fruit (from him saying so on LG).

    *+20% of caloric intake above BMR on training days
    -20% of caloric intake below BMR on resting (or low to moderate cardio for increased fat burning) days

    So how did I figure out my BMR? I kinda already have a good idea from several cutting and dieting cycles I've done, but this site helps break it down pretty clearly:

    So my BMR is right about 2,500 calories, which means 3,000 cals (+20%) max on my training days for anabolism and growth, and 2,000 cals (-20%) on my rest or recovery days for increased lipolysis and fat oxidation. However, at this particular point in time, I am more concerned about merely maintaining muscle mass and losing as much BF as possible for my contest, therefore on my training days, I will be not looking to have a caloric excess, but instead shoot for just the 2,500 cals.

    *My Beginning of the new diet!
    So the previous night I stopped eating at approximately 8 PM, which would start my ~16 hour Intermittent Fast time frame. This would make me due to start working out at approximately 10 AM and have my first and biggest meal (post workout meal) at around noon. Well, things didn't work out as well as I would have liked them to this morning. I had to come up with a new post workout meal and I spent too much time trying to make sure it fit all the parameters, like macros, cals, solid foods, ect. Long story short, I didn't make it to the gym till 1 PM. But I didn't cheat and was still in a full fasted state, and am still within the acceptable time ranges, just later then I would have liked.

    I took my BCAA's and began my typical training day...which just so happened to be LEGS today! I've never tried legs fasted---or semi-fasted since I did have the BCAA's. I also added creatine and beta-alanine to it but that was it. I warmed up and then started with box squats at 225 lbs. I was surprised that even as hungry and not super energetic that I was, I still wasn't tired and had the energy to do it with no problem. So I did a few sets and completed my workout which looked like this:

    -Box Squats


    -Weighted Leg Pushdowns, single leg (using assisted pull-up machine foot lever)

    -Hamstring Curls, single leg

    -Seated Calf Raises

    I then did 20 minutes of cardio (low to moderate intensity only is recommend on this program especially in the fasted state). I used the treadmill and did 3.0-3.5 MPH and only went up to a 1% incline. I wore my heart rate monitor the entire workout and my HR was highest during SLDL's and second highest for squats.

    I finished with stretching. During this time, my stomach was in knots with hunger, not really the overwhelming desire that I must eat, but something else.

    It was now three and the exact time when I should begin eating my first meal, my post workout meal, and begin my 8 hour feeding window. This part was much harder then the workout! It took me 50 minutes to finish eating. Here's what I ate to meet ALL of my program, macro, and caloric needs.

    -First I ate what I knew I would have the hardest time getting down, especially if I ate it last and on a fuller stomach. I had two cans of plain tuna. Unfortunately, that only gave me half of my need meal's protein requirements. But I knew this and planned accordingly.

    -Then I had a full cup (yes 1 full cup) of rolled oats in two cups of fat-free milk for a total of 3 cups of plain oatmeal. I knew that this would need a little sprucing up and I could afford it right after my workout so I had previously added 2 unpacked tbsp's of Splenda brown sugar (total of only 9 carbs for this). I ate about half and I must have been hungry because it actually tasted pretty good! But I was getting full...really full. I was having a hard time eating every bite now and had to slow down. I then added almost 200g of fresh diced strawberries to the oatmeal, and even though it tasted good, it was a painstaking effort to get it all down.

    Ok, I got all my carbs in, but still only half my protein. I knew about this and knew I would probably have a hard time completing this task so for the last half of the protein intake, I had a scoop of XF whey and a scoop of Dymatize Casein blend protein in water.

    That meal looked like this macro-wise:

    Protein: 114g
    Carbs: 114g
    Fats: 13g (saturated only 2g)

    I think I'll cut down the protein just slightly and the carbs a bit more for next time. My stomach now hurt it was so full and distended. I also got horrible heart burn from the lack of food or substance in my stomach.

    I then went home, got the wife, and went grocery shopping. While we were out, I hit my next meal time. Problem was, I wasn't very hungry but I knew I had to get my calories in. I refused to stop at fast food and ruin all my effort and suffering! I was at the grocery store and figured I'd just pick up a rotisserie chicken and eat it with the whole wheat rolls I got. Until I saw that for 3 oz, it was 14g protein and 11g fat, crap that's almost 1:1! No way am I about to eat 100g of protein with that high of a fat content associated. So I made myself a sandwich absolutely packed with lean roast beef and turkey and lettuce and one piece of provolone. Unfortunately I don't know the macros on it, since it was on the go but I think I hit my goals with that meal.

    Next and last meal---needs to be high protein again, higher fat, and no/low carbs. I had a sirloin steak with all visible fat trimmed and a full cup of green beans. I still needed more protein and actually had another 8 oz steak pulled out but I just couldn't eat anymore. I was too full still and knew I would only waste it or suffer, so instead, I had a scoop of ON Egg Albumin Protein, and a scoop of ON Casein protein to top it off to where it needed to be for the day.

    This is going to be harder then I thought. My stomach truly HURT after that last meal and I could only sit there waiting for my body to digest some of the meal. I met my goals and didn't exceed them, but this is definitely going to take some adjustment and getting used to. My stomach looked bloated and distended in the mirror. I started today at 202.2 pounds and have been at this exact weight for the last three days, so we'll see what happens.
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  3. Today seemed a little better. I didn't have as much energy and I didn't feel as strong though, but I wasn't exhausted either.

    I did arms this morning.

    Superset round 1:
    Seated non-alternating DB curls
    Tricep cable kickbacks
    Preacher curls

    did that for about 6 sets

    Superset round 2:
    Rope pushdowns
    Drag Curls
    Weighted Dips

    did that for about 6 sets

    all sets were done with about 1.5 minutes rest

    Then finished with abs.

    Did decline weighted sit-ups, 21's style

    Then did leg raises and knee ups

    One thing I have noticed from both days on this new diet is that I sweat much more easily in the fasted state. Plus I always seem to be thirsty no matter how much I drink.

    After my workout I went to my friend's business and had a InBody 520 analysis. My BF according to that machine is 8.3%, which actually seems fairly close..yeah I got some work to do! It also measured my intra and extra cellular water levels which was in the normal range, and segmental lean development which was superior in all regions over comparative avg baseline. It also calculated my BMR as 2,249 kcal. I then tried out the Bio-Mat and the Far Infrared Sauna. I sweated like a beast but I don't know much about those latter two and can't really comment on it.
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  4. So doing this new diet so far, I've GAINED 1.5 pounds per day. Going the wrong direction here. If this keeps up for another couple days, I'm going to have to drop cals. I know it can take some time for the body to adjust to a new diet.

    Today is a rest/recover day.
    So cals are dropped well below maintenance. Didn't end the fast till later and today is low carb. So far today I've had 17.5 oz of lean chicken breast, a cup of steamed broccoli, Extra Virgin Olive Oil. The macros so far look like this: 107 pro/ 8 carb (all trace)/ 18 fat (only 2 saturated). I still have another big meal to go but man it's hard eating that much protein in one sitting.

    Notes so far:
    I'm more irritable throughout the day until after I've eaten. My workouts aren't quite as good as in the feed state but not as bad as I originally feared. I'll need more time to make a better and more accurate determination.
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  5. Thumbs up

    Thats strange it is going up that much. I'd be hesitant to make a diet change like that this close to contest time without knowing how your body would react. I commend you though cause you have 100X more discipline than i do right now

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    mw at seriousnutritionsolutions dot com

  6. Quote Originally Posted by mw1 View Post
    Thats strange it is going up that much. I'd be hesitant to make a diet change like that this close to contest time without knowing how your body would react. I commend you though cause you have 100X more discipline than i do right now
    Yeah, I decided I needed a change anyways cause I was stagnating on my progress and not dropping any further. Looking into this diet, it seems alot of people are having good success with it, so I figured I'd give it a shot.
    Serious Nutrition Solutions rep

  7. Today I did chest.

    I didn't have much energy today but was still able to perform pretty well. I wasn't sure how the semi-fasted workouts would affect my strength but it seems to take a bigger toll on endurance.

    -Incline DB Press, got 100 DB's up for a couple sets so strength wasn't too bad then finished inclines off on the smith to go a little heavier.

    -Flat DB press

    -Decline BB press

    -Pec flyes

    Then some ab work.

    Decline sit-ups:
    21's weighted
    then 21's bodyweight. At the end, my abs started cramping so I knew I hit em good.

    Then practiced posing

    Then did an hour of cardio

    Exhausting workout today but I'm feeling better now that I've eaten. Funny thing is that near the end of my cardio session I actually felt pretty good and almost wanted to run a bit...almost! I thinking the stims on an empty stomach contributed to that though.
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  8. Quick update. Diet has been spot on! I've hit every workout and have done an hour of cardio (LISS as prescribed by LG diet program in the semi-fasted stated for max fat oxidation) everyday as well, including recovery/rest days.

    I'm heading out in a few minutes to my buddies studio again to retest everything. I know it's only been a week but I feel I've made some progress and want to stay on track.
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  9. So what do u think about the diet? easier? I do a form of IF and it's a breeze
    Athletic Xtreme Rep

  10. Alright so quick update. When I checked my BF last Friday it was at 7.7% EFF! Still too high. One good thing is that I dropped .6 % in 6 days. I'm trying to step it up though. I do at least an hour of cardio 6 days a week. Diets been rough but on. Haven't missed any workouts so that's good.

    Monday I did chest, absolutely destroyed abs, and did an hour of cardio. Felt decent. Not too much strength lost yet. Did incline DB press with 100's and did flat bench at 275. That seems to be getting harder but I have to expect it doing it semi-fasted and in a caloric deficit. Played basketball for a little over an hour last night. I definitely sweat more on this diet. I'm getting more used to it but I still have some times when I'm ravenously hungry and I have to keep busy and away from food to keep from wrecking my diet.

    I'll get my BF retested again this Friday and see if I'm making any better progress. Show time is next Saturday (not this one) so it's crunch time! I'm having a custom posing suit made for me this weekend. I wasn't fond of the one. I mean it worked alright, I just didn't like the way it sat and felt. I hired another posing coach that I'm going to start working with tomorrow.

    Off to kill my back and do some more cardio! Man I hate cardio so much!
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  11. Quote Originally Posted by Mrodz View Post
    So what do u think about the diet? easier? I do a form of IF and it's a breeze
    It's getting easier and I'm adjusting to it. I'm still really hungry in the morning. It's getting better though. I do feel that my workouts aren't as good as they were while in a feed state so it that continues, I'm going to alter it after my contests.
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  12. Yesterday I did delts and abs while waiting for my posing suit to be made. I then finished with an hour of cardio. I started on a spin bike that I liked. I kept the pace and heart rate up for this one. In 30 minutes I went 11.3 mi, 373 cals, with an average HR at 127. I finished the last half hour up on a Free Motion Treadmill. Later that night, I went back and did another hour of cardio. Yep, it time to bring it strong.

    Today I did arms. I supersetted bi's and tri's but didn't have the energy to do my normal routine. Did a dumbed down version. I did another hour of cardio too. My legs are getting pretty sore and I'm feeling sapped of energy. Only one more week though! I'm heading back to the gym now to practice posing and then do another hour of cardio.
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  13. Whats the date of your contest James?

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  14. Quote Originally Posted by mw1 View Post
    Whats the date of your contest James?
    This Saturday and then exactely 3 weeks after that is the State championships that I'm doing as well.
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  15. Bit of an update

    It has been hard but I have been absolutely perfect on my diet without even a single cheat as small as a single chip (in the last week or so at least). No time for slacking now! I've been doing two a days as well. I do one hour of cardio in the morning, workout in the afternoon, and then another full hour of cardio in the evening.

    Yesterday, I did an hour and a half of cardio. Then supersetted chest and back BUT this is my low intenisty prep week, almost like a deload. So I did lighter weights on everything and didn't even go over 225 on bench. I didn't take any set to failure either. Got a good stretch in though.

    I am sooooooo tired from the caloric deficit and I've cut out all carbs now in preparation. Makes it harder to get through the exercise sessions but lots of stims help!

    Then I went back to the gym later last night and did an hour of posing with my new posing coach. This guy is SO much better. We worked on my individual routine as well and I'm feeling pretty comfortable with it now. I then did another hour of cardio when that was done. I came right home and eat 3 tilapia fillets, 3 oz of chicken breast, and 2 cups of asperagus. My wife cut my hair (on my head not body till thursday/friday) and then went to bed.

    Got up this morning, took my stims and Focus XT and did another hour of cardio on the elliptical at home in front of the TV. Helped time go by. Tonight I'm doing my last intense training this week when I play my usual full court basketball. All further cardio sessions will be LISS, typically in a semi-fasted state (only BCAA's and stims).

    Things are all in order. Got the show paid for, got my custom made posing suit, have my music burned, diet and exercise is in check, have my contest bin filled and ready to go, got directions already pulled up and printed, got my posing routine's go time!
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  16. Did a little over two hours of full court basketball last night for my cardio which put me at a little over 3 hours of cardio yesterday alone. Heading to the gym now to do another round of cardio and lightly hit delts.
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  17. Quote Originally Posted by kingjameskjf View Post
    This Saturday and then exactely 3 weeks after that is the State championships that I'm doing as well.
    Great ! make sure your wife takes lot of pics for us

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  18. Quote Originally Posted by mw1 View Post
    Great ! make sure your wife takes lot of pics for us
    Agreed! You have really been working your butt off man, good stuff.
    Athletic Xtreme Rep

  19. Did an hour and a half of cardio yesterday and light delt work. My legs started seizing up so I knew it was time to let off the gas a bit.

    Today I did an hour of cardio and then did a posing session with my posing coach. I also worked on my individual routine.

    WEIGH IN'S ARE TOMORROW!!! I had my body fat checked and I'm at 6%. Not quite as low as I would have liked but decent still, plus I just started dropping my water weight. After I got out of the steam room, my vascularity was insane! And that's being completely carb depleted.

    Tonight I shave and tomorrow I get tanned and check in and then I'm checking out a seminar put on by the IFBB guest poser...sorry forgot who it was. I'm taking tomorrow as a complete recovery day as well, in preparation for Saturday. I start carb loading tomorrow evening after weigh in's.
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  20. Quote Originally Posted by mw1 View Post
    Great ! make sure your wife takes lot of pics for us
    Quote Originally Posted by Mrodz View Post
    Agreed! You have really been working your butt off man, good stuff.
    Got the camera charged and ready to go! Looking forward to this one more then last time. I feel I'm much better prepared this time around as well.
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  21. Quote Originally Posted by kingjameskjf View Post
    Got the camera charged and ready to go! Looking forward to this one more then last time. I feel I'm much better prepared this time around as well.
    Steve said to bring home a trophy or no supps for you(in soup nazi voice)

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  22. Quote Originally Posted by mw1 View Post
    Steve said to bring home a trophy or no supps for you(in soup nazi voice)
    lol, yes sir! I'll do my best.

    So I've dropped 5 pounds of water weight so far and tightening up. I weighed in at 195 this morning so I'm not going to do anything drastic like last time to try and drop the weight. I decided early this time to just diet and focus on proper conditioning and not care about weight or where I end up competing at, weight wise. So I will be competing as a heavyweight in the novice division (yes I'm a little intimidated by that one since there's not cap on the max weight for this one) and as a light heavyweight in the open division.
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  23. Since this is my log, I'll go into a little more detail here. I ended up getting 4th place in the Novice Heavyweight division. I also got 4th place in the Open Light Heavyweight division. I'm happy with that because I had some good competition and still did better then my first time. My first competition I placed 6th as a Middleweight, so not only did I move up in rankings, but I also moved up a division.

    I talked to all the judges afterwards and the main thing they said I needed was more size and said that my height hurt that. They said my symmetry was excellent and that my back was well developed. A few of them actually remembered me from my first show a earlier this year. They said that I had made great progress and that my posing was far better. I talked to all the judges after the show then too. Helps me get their perspective of what I need to fix or focus on. It was also nice because I had several friends who came out to support me. My individual routine went much better this time. I was more confident and felt adequately prepared for it. Now I need to make more tweaks and work on performing better for next time.

    Afterwards I rushed to the closest Red Robin with some friends from the show and pigged out on riblets, burger, milkshake, and apple crisp! Man that tasted so good! I felt kinda bad since we all got there half an hour before it closed and were there for almost on hour after they closed...but the food took those inhibitions right away! Today I'm lax on my diet and tomorrow I start back up full swing in preparation for the State Championships in three weeks. I'm hoping to bring a tighter more conditioned package with ever improving posing and presentation.

    Enough's some show pics!

    Here I am on stage

    Side tri pose, sorry about the angle but I don't feel like paying $100 bucks for a handful of pictures when my wife was right there taking them too.

    Award presentation after night show

    This one is backstage right after the show. This one is probably my favorite pose.

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  24. Big Congrats KJ~~~GREAT work

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  25. No rest for those that seek victory! Back in full swing today.

    Diet is perfect today. Only had my first meal since I'm still doing the Lean Gains diet. That consisted of Chicken breast, Oatmeal with some raisins in a cup of fat free milk, and a protein shake, all right after my workout. Macros were: P 83, C 53, F 7 all in grams of course. That equates to 55% pro, 35% carbs, and 10% fats. This isn't how the day will end but is exactly how I like my post workout/initial lean gains meal to be. Reasoning for the higher carbs and lower fats is to help expedite the nutrients to the body without slowing absorption since I'm coming off both my workout and ~16 hour fast. Plus, carbs induce insulin secretion which is a storage hormone and I want to limit the amount of fats available in the blood stream for conversion to adipose tissue. My second meal will be a more balanced structure, and my last meal will have few carbs and higher in fats. This is because I will be going to bed and won't use up the extra carbs as energy expenditure, and the fats will help slow the absorption of my protein intake which will provide a longer release of amino acids as well as helping me feel satiated and full longer since I start my ~16 hour fast again after that meal.

    I started with my chest routine today. I warm up each body part and then pyramid the weight down.

    Incline DB press: went up to 100's but they still felt heavier then usual

    Flat BB Bench press: went up to 275 and while I was able to do the set, they also felt heavier today

    Wide Grip HS chest press: went up to 4 plates each side.

    Finished with Cable Pec Flyes.

    So I felt much better today and had tons of energy from all my carbing up. I also got a good pump pretty quickly. I'm holding alot of water too but that usually happens for a couple days after I practically dehydrate dropping water for the show.

    I then did an hour of cardio and then stretched out. I'm feeling pretty good today. Much better then I felt last week.
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  26. Quote Originally Posted by mw1 View Post
    Big Congrats KJ~~~GREAT work
    thanks! I'm focus on tightening up even more to try and bring superior conditioning to the state show.
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  27. Got up early today and finally busted open my can of Animal Cuts that I've had for a least a year. Figure its time to give it a shot. I took that with my usual morning supps and some Focus XT, I then realized I had just taken half a gram of caffeine! Crap. I got up early just to get some morning cardio in since I have decided to continue two-a-day cardio sessions 6x per week until comp time. I gotta get shredded, no slacking off for me! I did 45 minutes of moderate cardio on my home elliptical with several high intensity intervals since I was feeling unusually energetic! This was done in a semi-fasted state, which mean only intake was BCAA's prior.

    Today is a recovery day from lifting so cals will be lower and no carbs. Diet has been spot on today. Just tuna, chicken, greens, and olive oil.

    Tonight I will play some basketball as is my usual routine but...I'm not sure how long I can play for since my leg hair is starting to grow back and is quite uncomfortable!
    Serious Nutrition Solutions rep

  28. Congratulations!! I was thinking about you yesterday, wondering how it went, but I've been so busy. You did a great job man! and excellent feedback from the judges. You friends and fam must be really proud. And the back looks great, wide and defined.
    Athletic Xtreme Rep

  29. nj fella
    Serious Nutrition Solutions

  30. Quote Originally Posted by Mrodz View Post
    Congratulations!! I was thinking about you yesterday, wondering how it went, but I've been so busy. You did a great job man! and excellent feedback from the judges. You friends and fam must be really proud. And the back looks great, wide and defined.
    thanks! yeah they were happy too. I just need to continually try and progress and I'm sure I'll do even better.

    Quote Originally Posted by GeekPoop View Post
    nj fella
    Serious Nutrition Solutions rep

  31. Last night I played full court basketball as planned. I ended up playing for 2 hours and my legs were so done with me at the end! I dosed BCAA's both before and after playing to keep aminos high and cals low.

    This morning I did 30 minutes of cardio on my upright bike and then 30 minutes on the elliptical. Later this afternoon I'm going to hit the gym for another hour of cardio and my back routine.
    Serious Nutrition Solutions rep

  32. Well...things have unfortunately come up that take precedence over the State show I've been so looking forward to. So state is out but I have one last one I think I will shoot for at the end of next month.

    Diet over the weekend was abysmal. I've been dealing with alot of stress and not having the state show to focus on for my diet, I kinda just ate whatever. The good news is that I had a much better workout yesterday because of it! My glycogen stores were full to the brim and more. My feet and ankles are a little bloated so I knew I needed to go back on my diet and did so today. My weight is up to 218 today! But alot of that is water retention.

    So yesterday, I did chest. I also tried two packets of Cellucor's C4. I tried it to try out the creatine nitrate. It was orange flavor which sucked. But then again, I don't like orange flavored things so something to keep in mind! I got incredible pumps though. I actually felt that they were so intense that they actually interfered with my workout. However they weren't painful like the ArA pumps were for me.

    I did 95 lbs DB's on incline and they felt so light! So I decided to go up. Well, my usual gym was closed cause it was the 4th, so I had to go to another one. They only had one 100 DB so I just went to the 110 pounders. I was surprised with how easily I got them up for a full set of 8. Those felt good, much better then they have being in the caloric deficit for so long.

    I then did flat bench and hit my usual numbers but reps started going down as I got more pumped. I then finished with cable flyes.

    So, here's a couple pics of the post workout pump...and the water retention too!

    End report, I was impressed with the pumps from creatine nitrate, however, I must also take into account the oversaturation of glycogen, in which state I haven't trained in quite awhile as well. I would venture that this was a combination of both.

    Serious Nutrition Solutions rep

  33. Today was back. Bad part is that I woke up with a sore throat. Uhg. I had a good workout though.

    I did several sets of t-bar rows up to 225 pounds. Not sure if that's any good but it felt good.

    I then did rack pulls for the first time in several months. Since its been so long I only did 315, but didn't need straps. Good news is that it didn't hurt my lower back that was previously aggravated so I think I can add those back in, albeit in slower increases in weight.

    I compound setted those with back extensions which really got my erector spinae pumped.

    I then did lat pulldowns
    supersetted with
    behind the neck pulldowns

    I then did an hour of cardio.

    Other notes: Focus XT really came through today and I needed it since I had plenty of strength and endurance but I didn't sleep to well and needed the stim and focus boost that I got. My chest is still sore from Monday.
    Serious Nutrition Solutions rep

  34. Alright, I'm revamped and refocused and ready to make some contest prep progress! My next show (and last one of the year) will be August 20. It looks like it's going to be a great show and has lots of other things going on including an expo. Here's the link if anybody is interested in checking it out.

    Today was legs.

    Started with Box Squats and did 4 sets

    Hamstring Curls, alternating each leg without any rest (besides what they got from switching legs back and forth)

    Smith Squats. I was worried about this one because regular squats kill my knees and these were only marginally better. I've been doing box squats for awhile now though without problems so I decided to give it shot. They felt ok, we'll see tomorrow.

    I decided to try something new today, something I've tried before but never really committed to hitting completely and fully during my workout. The Power Squat also known as the Wide Stance Squat. This is for my hamstring, glute, and hip flexor (TFL) involvement. I gave it shot and did a full set. I liked them and felt my hamstrings tightening up alot. Later on when I did my static stretches afterwards, I couldn't complete them because my glutes and TFL started seizing up, so I know I hit them good! I found a good article about what they incorporate, how to do it properly, and other pertinent info here:

    I then ended with Seated Calf Raises. Unfortunately, during both sets I attempted, my calves seized and cramped up viciously and forced me to stop.

    Overall, I think I got a very good, well balanced, and productive workout in. My legs are sore everywhere but my knees aren't inflamed so definitely a win for me today!

    Before I began my legs routine, I rolled my legs out thoroughly on the black roller (the hardest type). The problem is that instead of loosening them up, it made my legs tighter and my right quad started cramping. I said no way and pushed through and had a great workout anyways. I also decided to only roll them out afterwards!

    I then did about an hour of cardio.

    This was all done in my semi-fasted state of only 10g BCAA's for the day...and tons of water...and my Focus XT, according to my Lean Gains/IF dieting protocol.

    I'm newly amped up and more motivated then before to condition well and succeed at this next competition. I got 6 weeks to bring about the changes I want to see. This morning I weighed in at 220 pounds. I think that I depleted some of my glycogen stores today though and am not taking in any carbs (other then from veggies) today. I imagine that will also help with the recent bloating and drop my weight back down a little bit.

    I finally had a really good night's sleep last night and feel great today.

    My diet has been decent the last couple of days but after remotivating myself, it has been impeccable.

    Here's what it looks like today:

    Post Workout, Meal 1:
    I had 2 cans of tuna fish and one can of albacore white meat tuna fish. I don't like the albacore only because its even drier then the regular tuna but I have it and need to use it and macros are good on it. I then had an entire can of green beans to help keep hunger cravings down so I would be less likely to cheat on anything.

    That brings me these results:

    Cals: 480
    Pro: 101 g
    Cho: 14 g (all from the green beans)
    Fat: 5 g

    I'm about to have my second meal consisting of 6.1 oz of steamed shrimp.

    Tonight's meal #3 will consist of homemade rotisserie chicken and asparagus.
    Serious Nutrition Solutions rep

  35. Today I did arms and delts.

    For pre workout I did somethings different. I did Focus XT Black Cherry. WOW! That flavor is amazing! I was truly impressed. I then did 1.5g creatine nitrate, 1 g Agmatine sulfate, 2 g GMS, 5 g Citrullene Malate, 250 mg Norvaline, 10 g BCAA's, and lots of water. Yep, pumps were stellar! Oh and for addition stims I added in 2.5 mg Yohimbine, and 30mg Synephrine.

    Started with delts. Start was slow as I didn't feel like being there for some weird reason.

    -Seated DB shoulder press

    -HS shoulder press

    -Front raises (cable)

    -Side lateral raises (cable)

    -Rear delts (cables)

    Started feeling the stims kick in here. Wasn't anything sudden, just a nice gradual boost that made feel better and better.

    Did a monster superset for arms.

    -Tricep cable pushdowns (rope attachment)

    -Drag Curls

    -Tricep Kickbacks (separate cables for each arm---need to get a video of this cause it's such a good exercise)

    -Front double bicep curls (cables)

    I did 4 sets of this ^^^ with about a minute and a half rest in between sets all heavy and to failure. No rest at all between any of the individual exercises.

    I did 16 sets in 16 minutes and my arms felt like they were going to explode and then fall off!

    I then did my cardio session.

    Going to head out for a walk with the wife for a bit now and then do some posing and stretching when I get back.
    Serious Nutrition Solutions rep

  36. I weighed in at 222 lbs today. So needless to say, I just revamp and stepped up the diet today. Today is a "burn/hypocaloric" day so I've only had BCAA's and green beans so far! I'm add in chicken and maybe some crab later. And probably more green I miss asparagus! Was that as weird sounding as I think? I gotta stay away from salads though. Not because they are inherently bad but because I make them that way! I end up adding cherry flavored Craisens, maple brown sugar pecans (these are amazing!), and then a raspberry basalmic vinaigrette.

    Yesterday I hit mah backness.

    I decreased the amount of exercises but increased the sets and still got a good workout in.

    Here's the deeds:

    -T-bar rows

    -Rack Pulls

    -Lat Pulldowns

    -Straight Arm Pressdowns

    So a even mix for back thickness and width.

    I then did an hour of cardio.

    So here's my full supplementation now:

    -CL Orange Triad, 4 tabs ED (yes I know the full dose is 6 but I'm not a wealthy man so I gotta make it last!)
    -Fish Oil, 3-6 caps per day
    -SNS TTA-500, 3 caps ED
    -SNS RK Xtreme 500, 2 ED
    -SNS Green Tea, 2 caps ED (with the best extract available at such a low price --- yeah, slight shill! )
    -Animal Cuts, 1 pack in the AM (dosed on an empty stomach which makes me feel the slight stomach burn that I always get from capsaicin but it goes away after several minutes)
    -NOW COQ10 with Hawthorn Berry extract, usually 2-4 caps ED which translates into 200-400mg of CoQ10 and 800-1600mg of Hawthorn Berry.
    -SNS Liver Assist XT, 3 caps ED
    -SNS Magnesium Creatine Chelate, 3 caps ED, but might bump to 6 soon.
    -SNS Reduce XT (our version of Lean Xtreme for cortisol control), 2-3 caps ED, I do one AM/PM and the third is when I do semi-fasted (BCAA only) training in the afternoon when cortisol is more likely to be increased.
    -SNS ALCAR, 3 caps ED
    -NOW AlphaSorb C (vitamin c with bioflavanoids)

    All doses are usually split as follows: AM empty stomach, PM empty stomach (some supps vary with this one, such as OT, fish oil, Liver Assist, and MCC are taken with food). Then on training days, whether it's cardio or lifting or lifting and cardio, I'll take another dose of the synergistic fat burners such as the TTA, Green Tea, RK Xtreme, and Reduce XT.

    -SNS Yohimbine 2.5, as needed (usually 2 ED)
    -SNS Syn-30 (synephrine hcl), as needed (usually 2 ED)
    I'm playing with these two right now together and separately to see how I like it best. I usually dose one in the AM before school, and the other pre workout in the afternoon.

    -My pre workout concoction which consists of this:
    >1 scoop Focus XT
    >10 g BCAA (with 5g being from Leucine)
    >2 g Beta Alanine
    >One scoop Labrada Elasti-Joint
    >and either Yohimbine or Synephrine (I'll eventually figure out which one I like best for pre!)
    This makes a potent and very effective pre workout. I get all the stims I need for a good session and the combo keeps me from having any sudden crash, I get the cognitive/mental boost from the Focus XT, the endurance and maximizing carnosine levels with the beta alanine, the joint health and protection from the Elasti-Joint, and the anti-catabolic and muscle protein synthesis enhancing effects from the BCAA's.

    -Protein comes mainly from whole food sources, however I do take shakes as well because it's an easy and effective way to stay on track for my diet, keep my macros where I want them, and keep my protein intake high. I like various brands such as XF, Dymatize, Muscle Pharm, ON, and a few others.

    -Only other occasional supps are:
    Nutrient partitioner like Glycobol, Recompadrol, or Slin Sane (all of which I currently have but only use one brand at a time to better evaluate effectiveness) with high carb least the planned ones!

    -Myogenix Pro Fiber with digestive enzymes

    Wow that's a lot of crap! That's not my typical supplementation but my contest prep supplementation.
    Serious Nutrition Solutions rep

  37. Today was legs. Oh man it was good today!

    I started with some dynamic warm-ups and that helped loosen me up. Again I did fewer exercises but more sets and heavier weight and got more out of it.

    -Box Squats

    -Laying Hamstring Curls (rest-pause style)

    -Smith machine squats (varying foot positions)

    -Sumo Squats (wide stance for hamstring emphasis)
    on these ones I went up to 315 and did the full set. I wasn't sure if I could at first since it was only the second time I've done this variation. I think I can do more though and they felt good.

    -Donkey Calf Raises
    My calves seized up and cramped bad during the second set so I only got those two sets in.

    -Tibialis Raises

    By the time I was done with my legs, they were shaking just standing!

    -Super decline sit-ups (raised one side of a decline bench up all the way and then put that part up on a box)
    Did 21's with a 45 lbs plate

    Afterwards I immediately had a post workout shake of Dymatize Isolate and Dymatize Egg protein. I then took a shower and afterwards had my post workout meal, consisting of 3 cans of tuna fish and half a cup of oatmeal with some raisins. Here's the macro breakdown of the whole thing:

    Calories: 911 (True Lean Gains style where your first meal of the day is after your workout and is your biggest of the day as well---I done good here)

    Fats: 8 g
    Carbs: 80 g
    Pro: 140 g

    Perfect macros! After my workout is when I want the majority of my day's carb intake, a high amount of protein (I like various sources), and little fats, allowing for faster absorption and minimizing the amount of fats that are available for storage in the blood stream with the associated insulin spike from the carbs.
    Serious Nutrition Solutions rep

  38. I got the hookup from Gaspari yesterday. Got a full tub of SuperPump MAX, the new Uncle Richie's Sour Apple flavor. Odd name but I like the novelty and the different flavor. Got a few other things too. I tried the SP Max for today's workout and really liked it.

    Delts then arms day.

    Here's what I did today:

    -DB Shoulder Press

    -HS Shoulder Press
    I was feeling good and decided to really push it today. I went up 50 pounds and tried to do I guess I was overly optimistic! I dropped it down to 245 and got the full set in.

    -Smith machine Shoulder Press

    -Front Cable Raises

    -Rear Delt Flyes

    Then a few minutes rest and then on to arms:

    My triceps were a little sore so I decided to try and keep things as evenly worked as possible so I did a monster set with 3 bi and 2 tri exercises. Did several sets of it.

    -Seated Bicep DB Curls (not alternating)

    -Weighted Dips on BOSS (went up to 10 plates which felt good---so 450 lbs dips for working sets!)

    -Drag Curls

    -Tricep Cable Pressdowns

    -Front Double Bicep Cable Curls

    I did this entire portion supersetted with no rest in-between exercises for each rotation.

    I then did my cardio on the treadmill. I had some more BCAA's for this because my workout lasted pretty long.

    Following, I had a protein shake of whey and casein. Shortly afterwards I had my post workout meal consisting of 3 cans of tuna fish and half a cup of oatmeal in almond milk.

    Here's the total macro breakdown:

    Cals: 794
    Fats: 13
    Carbs: 39
    Protein: 144

    Here's a couple pics from today.

    Serious Nutrition Solutions rep

  39. Ha i didn't know that was the actual name of the new SPmax

    Serious Nutrition Solution ~~

    mw at seriousnutritionsolutions dot com

  40. Quote Originally Posted by mw1 View Post
    Ha i didn't know that was the actual name of the new SPmax
    Yeah, I saw that and thought it was kinda funny!
    Serious Nutrition Solutions rep


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