Weight Smashing Only Log!

  1. Weight Smashing Only Log!

    Inspirational Quotes for humor:
    "Built, not born"
    “That which goes up, Must come down - When I let it.”

    My log is simply to smash weight, but stepping back, I'm right now focusing more on size as I have been powerlifting for some time now so a change of pace, and not pL form will be taking place as I build my dream physique.

    Look awesome & continue to increase my strict form big 3.
    Bench Press: 315 x 6 (285 x 1)
    Squat: 405 x 6 (405 x 1 )
    Deadlift: 455 x 6 (405x 1)
    (Currents are in parenthasies <- def spelt wrong. lol)
    My dream BW is 240 @ 10-12%ish. But lets set the goal for right now at 210 @ 12%

    Age: 20
    Height: 5’9”
    Weight: 194.2 lbs
    Bodyfat : ~16-17%
    Diet: I have yet to develop a consistent diet. But plan on getting my ass in gear for once.
    Supplementation: ON Multi Vitamin, Metrx 3 6 9 efa caps, Whey Protein

    Will be 2 on 1 off routine, so every body part will be trained on every 6th day.

    14-18 sets for large muscles
    7-9 sets for smaller muscles

    Aimming for reps within 6-10


    I train hard, often squatting until my nose bleeds, which has yeilded great results.
    Believe you can succeed, and you will. Envision your success

    Time to take my physique to the next level. I’m hungrier for this than ever and I plan on proving it.

    Adverage day goes like this

    1 cup steel cut oats in water
    2 scoop whey protein

    1 Apple

    Pre W/o
    Lean meat ~40-50g protein
    (Example today went with 2 cans of tuna)
    with chopped iceberg lettuce
    in a whole wheat wrap
    & pepper / 2 tbsp reduced fat italian dressing

    Post W/o
    1.5 cup cooked Ground Chicken, Turkey or 90% beef
    with chopped iceberg lettuce
    in a whole wheat wrap
    & pepper / some seasonings, I like to add a tbsp or two of salsa to spice it up

    12oz Boneless skinless chicken breast
    1 orange

    This tends to be my only weak point as I eat what is being made for dinner, usually stick to meat & veggies of what is made but up to dinner my macros are

    f / cho / pro / kcal
    56 / 142 / 258 / 2180

    I estimate eating all the veggies (no butter) on the table and some meat and hope i get in roughly 600 cal

  2. Catching up to when I started.

    2/9 -
    Clean and press 95 x 8, 95 x8, 115 x 8
    Seated Military Press 135 x 8 x 3
    Lateral combo (Front / side laterals) 6 each, 3 sets.
    Shrugs 225 x 15 x 3
    Arnold Presses 30 x 8 x 2 to finish off.

    Shoulders are probably the weakest linmk in my body, that and biceps.

    2/10 -
    squats 135 x 8, 225 x 8, 275 x 8 and 315 x 6 =(
    leg pressed 3 sets of 8
    leg extension & leg curl super sets 3 sets of 15
    standing calf press for 2 x 15

    Notes, wasnt really feeling it. Moved 275 fairly easily and then a short rest period before 315 made me not want to grind out the last two.. shame on me I know.

    2/11 rest

    So I've decided rep set and weight numbers are boring and Ill mostly be commenting about the workout instead.

    Saturday was chest
    Felt good, sore as hell today as I went to a 5 rep scheme on bench more then likely as opposed to my normal 8.

    Sunday was back
    Hit it early again, sub 8 oclock
    Grinded an extra set of deads in and lats really felt like they were being worked today when I was rowing. Also hit biceps which are nice and pumped, might throw in an extra set or two of curls later on today because i only gave them about 5 sets.

    Again, noticed a strength difference as 315 x 5 was rather difficult. I was sumo deadlifting as opposed to conventional so that might have been the reason but since Ive been cutting and now being down almost 15pounds i lost about 2-3reps on my normal lifting weight sets.

    Depressing but I'll get it back. Need to cut down a little more, aiming for 185 in the next two weeks. then probably lean bulking back up to 200 and cutting to shreads come the summer with a crazy conditioning program I used to use when I played football and was my leanest.

    2/14 rest

  3. 2/15-
    Hit delts again today, standing press went easy
    95 x 10, 135 x 8, 115 x 10
    Seated press was weird today..
    135 x 10, 155 x 8, 185 x failed wtf., 175 x 7 idk what happened here really ... short rest possibly being the culprit i should have been able to get atleast one though.
    did some other shoulder work, laterals with a cable etc..
    Felt good but stumped on that 185 thing.. Next time.

    Note weighed in at 192 this morning.

  4. Good stuff so far.

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