I'm starting my first M-Drol cycle soon. It's my first pro-hormone. I know it's not recommended to use something as strong as m-drol for your first cycle, but i'm going to do it anyway. I've been researching superdrol since I was 18 but I wanted to wait until I was a little older. Now I think i'm ready both physically and mentally.

Age: 23
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 145lbs (My goal is 170)
Bodyfat: It's been awhile since I've checked but i'm thinking it's around 8%

--- Current Lifts ---
This isn't my routine, just most of the exercises I do that I can remember off the top of my head. I'm working on a new routine.

--- Back/Biceps ---
Deadlifts: 195lbs x 10
Pull Ups: 25
Rows: 140lbs x 12
Pull Downs: 120lbs x 10
Barbell Curls: 70lbs x 10
Hammer Curls: 70lbs x 10 (35lb dumbell)
Incline Curls: 70lbs x 10 (35lb dumbell)
Reverse Preacher Curl:70lbs x 8

--- Chest ---
Bench Press: 155lbs x 10
Decline Bench: 155lbs x 10
Incline Bench: 115lbs x 10
Pull Overs: 60lbs x 10
Cable Flies: 120lbs x 10
Dumbell Flies: 80lbs x 12 (40lb dumbell)

--- Triceps ---
Close Grip Bench: 120lbs x 10 (60lb dumbell)
Skull Crushers: 50lbs x 10
Dumbell Extensions: 40lbs x 12 (20lb dumbell)

--- Shoulders ---
Dumbell Press: 100lbs x 10 (50lb dumbell)
Lateral Raises: 60lbs x 10 (30lb dumbell)
Front Raises: 50lbs x 10

--- Legs --- (This is embarassing. Legs definately need A LOT of work)
Leg Press: 360lbs x 10
Squats: 135lbs x 10

Then 3-4x I week I do boxing for 2 hours. Jump rope, heavy bag, speed bag, abs, push ups, pads, etc...

--- Cycle Information ---
M-Drol 10/20/20
Cycle Support by Anabolic Innovations
Animal Pak Multivitamin
5,000 - 6,000 calories a day
225-265 grams of protein

I need a little help here. I know it's recommended to take nolvadex and/or clomid but all the sites I've seen that sell it look a little shady to me. I was researching reversitol and it looks like it did pretty well for some people. Say I was going to use reversitol, what else should I take with it? (OTC) Also, should I take milk thistle in addition to cycle support? I know cycle support already has it in there but i'm not sure if it's enough.