5/3/1 and Grappling 4 fun Log

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  1. 3/18/11
    Box Squats 3x2x45 2x2x45+87chains 6x2x95+87chains
    DL 5x135 5x155 5x175 20x195 1/2 off floor no belt hook grip
    One leg Squats 3x10,12,15x15
    1) Reverse Hypers 3x13,13,12x56
    Fat Gripz Holds 3x23 sec x 65's
    2) GHR 3x11,10,11xmonster and mini assist
    Ab Pulldowns 3x12,13,14x60

    Fet like **** and was just gonna Squat and DL and then bail, but I felt better and better as I went so I kept going.
    Made a mace to swing, like a scottish hammer. Did one set with 10 pounds and could already feel it. Gonna add it in on Upper days, but start at like 2 1/2 lbs till I get the hang of it.

    Old clip of me doing some real easy pad-work week leading up to my last fight. Looking forward to getting in shape again and rolling as soon as we are in the new house and the new gym.

    YouTube - VID00084.AVI

  2. 3/20/11
    Shoulder complex
    Med Ball. 3x5x15 ball
    Bench 2x20x45 5x95 5x115 3x130 3x145 14x165.5
    Blast Chins. 4x10xbodywieght
    Bench 3x15x135
    Cable Laterals 3x15,17,18x6
    DB's skull crushers. 3x15,16,16x26 1/4's
    Lever bar 5x5 3x11,12,11x7 1/2
    Standing Calves 4x20,20,22,22x115
    Hammer Swings 4x10,12,12,12x2 1/2

  3. 3/23/11
    Agile 8,dislocates
    Hang power snatch (warmup) 3x5x45
    Squats 2x8x45 5x95 5x115 3x145 3x165 18x187
    Squats 3x15,15,14x155
    45 degree hypers 3x20,25,25xBW
    Reverse Hypers 3x13,13,13x56 1/4
    DB Shrugs 3x18x62 1/2 's
    Ab Wheel 3x15,15,16x14 in chains

  4. Thursday 3/24/11
    Shoulder complex, dislocates
    DE Bench 2x20x45 2x3x45+87chains 6x3x95+87chains
    Military 8x45 5x65 3x95 3x110 14x119
    CS Rows Palms down 4x12,13,13,14x240
    Military 3x15,15,13x105 1/2
    Reverse Band Bench medium 5x135 3x15,14,14x186
    Fat Gripz Curls 3x10x83
    Standing Calves 4x21,22,23,24x116
    Mace swings 3x13x2 3/4

  5. Sunday 3/27/11
    Agile 8, dislocates
    DE Box Squats 2x8x45 2x2x45+97chains 6x2x95+97chains
    DL (off 1/2" mat no Belt) 5x135 3x165 3x185 15x207
    One Leg Squats 3x10,12,12x17 1/2
    1) Reverse Hypers 3x14,13,13x56 1/2
    Fat Gripz Holds 3x27 sec x 65
    2) GHR 3x11x monster and mini assist
    Ab Strap Pulldowns 3x13,14,15x60 1/4

    Got 4 Stall Mats for the gym floor. Work Great, heavy as hell though. It was a workout getting them in and down. Getting antsy to get in shape and get on the mats again. This month has been the longest I've been away from Jits and fighting in about 6 years.
    Watched a former training partner make good last night on UFC fight night. Trained with Phil Davis when he was just starting out at Titan Fitness and with Lionheart Fight Team.

  6. Monday 3/28/11
    Shoulder complex x2
    Bench 2x20x45 5x95 5x115 5x135 3x155 12x175
    Blast Strap Chins 4x12,12,10,10xBW
    Bench 3x15,15,16x135 1/2
    Cable Laterals 3x18,20,20x6 1/4
    DB Skull Crushers 3x15,16,15x27 1/2's
    Standing Calves 4x22,25,27,27x117
    Lever Bar 5x5 3x12,13,12x7 1/2
    Triceps Punchdowns 3x20,25,25x light Band

    Pinches 20 sec with 20 20 sec with 25 10 sec with 30
    (just for fun. The show I was watching had 10 more minutes)

    Off until Thursday most likely.

  7. Thursday 3/31/11
    Hip Circles, mountain climbers, dislocates
    Box Jumps 3x5,5,5x18" box
    Squats 2x8x45 5x95 5x115 5x135 5x155 3x175 15x197 1/2
    Singles 1x225 1x245
    45 degree Hypers 3x25,26,26x1
    Reverse Hypers 3x14,14,13x56 3/4 with
    DB Shrugs 3x20x62 1/2's with
    Ab Pulldowns 3x15,16,16x60 1/2

    Conditioning Sprints :40/:20 on/off [email protected]

    Good workout, except conditioning is in the toilet already. For any of you grapplers, the gym I train at is putting on a small tournament in June.


  8. ahhh you are too far away from NJ! what are the belts/divisions?
    BJJ = life

  9. Friday 4/1/11
    Shoulder complex, Dislocates
    DE Bench 2x20x45 2x3x45+87chains
    Military Press 8x45 5x75 5x100 3x115 12x126
    CS Rows Palms Down 4x14x247 1/2
    Military 3x15,15,14x106
    Reverse Band Bench Medium Bands 3x13,14,14x190
    Fat Gripz BB Curls 3x8x85
    Standing Calves 4x20,22,23,23x125

    Conditioning Sprints :40/:20 on/off [email protected] mph [email protected] mph

    Going out for man food. One pound burger and fries, maybe some wings too. Anton Not sure what they are. Probably pretty basic. I don't expect many people over blue, I think we'll get a few purples competing maybe one or two browns. We may even do Madison rules. This is our first foray into running a tournament. We are running it with help of our Pedro Sauer mother school in Pittsburgh. You can check them out here.


  10. Monday 4/4/11
    DL 5/3/1 week
    Hip Circles, Dislocates
    DE Box Squats 2x8x45 2x2x45+97chains 6x2x96+97chains
    DL 5x135 5x175 3x195 15x218 1/2 off 1 mats no belt
    One leg Squats 3x10,11,12x20
    1) Reverse Hypers 3x14x57 with
    Fat Gripz Holds 3x31,32,33 seconds x 65's
    2) GHR 3x12xmonster and mini assist with
    Ab Pulldowns 3x17x60 1/2

    Conditioning -
    [email protected] mph
    [email protected] mph

    I am going right into the next cycle. Got my moving date, 4/21/11 so I'm gonna deload that week. I should end the 3's week on the night before then I'm taken the Friday and Monday of Easter weekend off and then I'll deload the following Wednesday/Friday and get the gym set up, and then get back to the 5/3/1 week after that. From there out I'll probably deload just about every cycle.

  11. Cycle #3
    new working max numbers


    Calculated my estimated 1 rep maxes using Wendlers formula,

    Bench. 245
    Squat. 296
    Military. 176
    Deadlift. 328

    They all seem pretty close except the bench. I've always been way low on the percentages for bench for some reason. Just not a bencher I guess. It's probably a good 15-20 lbs. High on the bench estimate.

  12. Cycle #4
    Shoulder complex 2x, dislocates
    Bench 2x20x45 5x95 5x115 5x130 5x145 16x159
    1)Chins 4x14,14,14,13xBW with
    Bench 3x15,16,16x136
    Standing Laterals 3x12,13,13x37 1/2's
    Skull Crushers 8x65 3x15,14,12x90 1/2 Little overzealous first set
    2)Lever Bar 5x5 3x13,13,12x7 1/2 with
    Standing Calves 4x23,24,24,24x126

    Sprints :40/:20 on/off
    [email protected] mph
    [email protected] mph

    Emailed pitbull strength about their 10" log bar. Also gonna get a stone mold from Slaters. Buddy and I are going to split the cost and make a few for each of us.

  13. Thursday 4/7/11
    Squats 3x5 week
    Hip circles, Dislocates
    Box jumps 3x5x18 1'2 inch box
    Squats 2x8x45 5x95 5x115 5x140 5x160 20x183
    SSB GM's 20x77 1/2 2x15x85
    Reverse Hypers 3x10x60 with
    BB Shrugs 3x10x185 with
    Ab Wheel 3x16x14 in chains

    Sprints :40/:20
    [email protected] mph
    [email protected] mph

    Things seem to be going very well. I am warming up a ton on the first exercise and it is paying off. Pain in the ass, but paying off. Body is feeling good. Cut out the 3x15 after the main exercise and it feels good. Once I get the prowler I'll use it to start upping my work capacity.
    Pulled the trigger on a 10" log bar from Pit-bull today. Hopefully gonna get it in a few weeks.

  14. Sunday 4/10/11

    Shoulder complex 1x15
    DE Bench 2x8x45 2x3x45+87 chains 6x3x95+87chains
    Military 8x45 5x65 5x90 5x105 18x116
    CS Rows Palms Facing 4x12,13,14,15x225 supersetted with
    Military 3x15,15,16x106 1/2
    4 board Press 3x13,13,12x171
    Fat Gripz DB Curls 3x8x41 1/4's

    :40 sec @7.0 mph @0 %
    Dips 3x10,10,10xBW
    :40 sec @7.0 mph @0 %
    Chins 3x5,5,5xBW
    Sprints :40/:20
    [email protected] mph @ 0 %

    Think that chins after military press aren't gonna work. Seems like too much stress on my shoulders. I'll have to keep playing around with it.

  15. Tuesday 4/12/11
    Hip Circles, Dislocates
    DE Box Squats 2x8x45 2x2x45+94chains 6x2x97+94chains
    DL 5x135 5x155 5x185 15x205 1 1/2" mats hook no belt
    Lunges 3x11,12,12x40's
    1)Reverse Hypers 3x11,11,10x60 1,4 with
    Fat Gripz Holds 3x15,16,17 seconds x 70's
    2)GHR 3x13xmonster and mini assist with
    Ab Pulldowns 3x8,9,9x70

    [email protected] @0%
    [email protected] @0%
    [email protected] @0%

  16. how often do you train BJJ?
    BJJ = life

  17. Usually three days a week, but I haven't trained in 2 months because we are moving. I'm scheduled to start teaching no Gi on Saturdays again 2nd week of may, and I plan on having my new place up and running by the first of June. I'll probably do some extra training once summer comes. I'm moving a lot closer to the two gyms I go to, so I'm planning on getting some extra rolling in, especially in the Gi.

  18. teaching, thats awesome bro! how many years have you trained/what belt?
    BJJ = life

  19. Thursday 4/14/11
    Shoulder Complex, Dislocates
    Bench Press 2x20x45 5x95 5x115 5x115 3x135 3x150 14x168 1/2
    Chins 4x15,15,14,14xBW supersetted with
    Bench 3x12x140
    Standing Laterals 3x13,14,14x37 1/2's
    Skull Crushers 8x65 3x15,15,16x91
    Lever Bar 5x5 3x13,13,13x7 1/2's supersetted with
    Standing Calves 4x20,21,22,23x130

    :40 sec @ 7.0 mph @ 0%
    1)10 counts 3x5,5,5x25"s
    2) Fat Gripz DB Rows 3x8,8,8x40's
    3) Sprints [email protected] mph @0%

    I started NHB back in the late 90's but it was pretty much on our own, garage type, there was nowhere to train back then. I fought and stuff for a few years but did pretty mediocre. I couldn't get the training I needed to compete on the level I was at. Gave it up in 2001 and went into lifting. Got sucked back in in around 2006 with real instructors.
    I don't have a BJJ belt, I have a purple in Combat Sambo from my old instructor, he's a Gokor guy who is also with Llyod Irvin. He gave me belts based on competition performance and by the time he left I was able to win at the advanced level in competition. I only teach the no-gi and it's with an MMA flavor. I'm gonna start working some Gi this summer, I want to try and get a Blue belt in BJJ before I'm too old and broken down. The BB at our mother school said he'd start me at white with 2 stripes because of my no-gi training. I've done pretty well in no-gi competition since I started it. I'm a little worried about the gi. I envision myself hog tied with my own belt and being forced to scream uncle like Flick from A Christmas Story.

  20. hahaha at first thats how it feels but you get used to it very quickly. i actually feel more comfortable in GI, you never get any mat burn. plus the grip benefits are tremendous. about 80% of my submissions in the gi are with the gi itself, its that useful.
    BJJ = life

  21. Saturday 4/16/11
    Hip circles, Dislocates
    Squats 2x8x45 3x95 3x115 3x135 3x150 3x170 18x193 1/2
    SSB GM's 8x45 3x15,18,18x95
    Reverse Hypers 3x11,12,12x60 1/2 with
    BB Shrugs 3x11,11,10x185 1/2 with
    Ab Wheel 3x6,6,6x21 chains

    Conditioning Circuit

    :40 sec @ 7.0mph
    1) Axle Cleans 3x6,6,6x60
    2) Sprints [email protected]

    Going to go real slow on the cleans. I have been doing DB Cleans for conditioning for a long time but I haven't cleaned a bar in a long time. Had two friends fighting Thai last night. One guy had an exhibition because his guy was 15lbs over weight. Yes, 15 lbs. As a coach I would have beat the **** out of him at they weigh ins if he was my guy. I don't think there is an excuse to be over at all, but 15lbs.??? I wouldn't let him fight for a long time. That reflects on you as a coach and your team as a whole. Our guy looked good in the exhibition. Our other guy won a very convincing decision on a solid performance.

  22. Tuesday 4/19/11
    Shoulder Complex, Dislocates
    DE Bench 2x20x45 2x3x45+87chains 2x3x95 1/2+87chains
    Military 8x45 5x75 3x95 3x110 15x121 1/2
    CS Rows (palms facing) 4x15,16,17,17x226 1/2 supersetted with
    Military Press 3x12,12,12,110
    4 Boards 5x135 3x10,11,11,175
    Fat Gripz Curls 3x8,9,9x41 1/4's

    Conditioning Circuit
    :[email protected]
    1) Dips 3x12,12,12xBW
    2) Sled Pulls 3x2,2,2x135
    3) Sprints [email protected]

    Got my Prowler plans to my guy Saturday night. Hopefully I'll have something to use in a few weeks. Pitbull guy cashed my check so I expect a log to arrive in a few weeks. Next is the stone mold then some 2" ropes.

  23. Wednesday 4/20/11
    Hip Circles, Dislocates
    DE Box Squats 2x8x45 2x2x45+94chains 6x2x98+94chains
    DL 3x135 3x165 3x195 17x216 1 1/2" mat Hook Grip(added the belt this week)
    Lunges 3x8,8,8x41 1/4's
    Reverse Hypers 3x12,12,12x60 3/4 supersetted with
    Fat Gripz Holds 3x18,20,20 sec x 70's
    GHR 3x6,6,6xMonster and Micro assist supersetted with
    Ab Strap 3x9,9,9x70 1/4

    Conditioning Sprints :40/:20
    [email protected]
    [email protected]
    [email protected]

    Off until at least Monday, maybe Wednesday. This weekend is moving day. I'm not sure when I'll have internet access in the new house, so not sure how often I will be updating for a bit. Hopefully I can do some from my phone.

  24. Still off from working out. I was hoping to get back tomorrow but I just spent two hours trying to get the gym organized and it hardly seems like I made a dent. May be another two or three days. On the plus side I did get my 25 lb bumper plates and the new log bar in. Hoping to try it out next week on OHP day.

  25. Thursday 4/28/11
    Shoulder complex, dislocates
    Bench 2x20x45 5x95 5x115 5x140 3x160 8x177 1/2
    Chins 4x15,15,15,14x BW supersetted with
    Bench 3x12,12,13x140
    Standing Laterals 3x15x37 1/2's
    Skull Crushers 8x65 3x12,12,11x92 1/2
    Lever bar 5x5 3x5x7 3/4 supersetted with
    Standing calves 4x22,23,24,24x130 1/2

    Conditioning circuit
    Treadmill :40sec @7.0 mph
    1) 10 count pushups 3x6,5,5x25 5/8's
    2) Fat Gripz Rows 3x8,9,10x40 5/8's
    3) sprints [email protected] mph

    First workout in new garage. Also first workout I missed by targets and I did it by a bunch. I'm chalking it up to moving and not eating much. I'm gonna take a smaller jump than usual.


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