5/3/1 and Grappling 4 fun Log

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  1. Tuesday 12/31/13

    SSB GM's 10x65 10x85 10x105 4x15x115
    45 hypers 3x20x35

    Back health workout after Sundays injury. Feels pretty good right now. A little tight but nothing abnormal. I think I could probably DL Friday, but I'm gonna stick to the plan and not push it. OHP tomorrow and another back health day Friday. I will probably DE squat, DL only up to like 235 for a few, and do GHR and that's it. Also I am going to rerun week 1 of my cycle for the Bench and OHP. I don't want to miss the 85% week for squat and DL and hitting them again on the other two exercises certainly wont hurt me. They are usually good primers for my following 2 weeks.
    I have been contemplating a programming change for a while now but I'm still not sure. If I do change it's gonna be back to westside template for a while. I feel like I need to get some closer to max weights in my hands for some volume, not just the here and there like I do with 5-3-1. We will see. I had the same ideas last year and then never changed because things went well.

  2. Thursday 1/2/14

    Rotator cuff
    DE bench 20x45 added minis 3x45 3x95 4x3x106.5+ mini mid 4x3x106.5+mini pinky
    Military 8x45 5x95 5x115 2x125 12x134 12x118.5
    Crocs 8x60 4x14,15,15,18x83
    Treadmill [email protected]%
    1) log 3x7x130
    Fatz DB rows 3x7,8,8x47.5's
    2) close grip bench 3x10x138
    BB curls 3x4,4,5x97.5
    3) push-ups 3x12,13,14xBW
    Inverts 3x11,13,13xBW
    GHR sit-ups 3x10x10

    Extra bench and wrist roller.

    Good workout. Easy DL tomorrow then back to normal on Sunday for a full first week of the cycle.

  3. Friday 1/3/14
    Hips and swings
    DE squat 8x65 3x65+87 2x115+87 8x2x141.5+87
    DL (1/2") 5x135 5x185 5x235
    GHR 3x10xBW

    Shut it down there.

    Saturday 1/4/14
    Wrestling practice
    Live 7x2:00

    Felt decent after the first one. Didn't warm up at all. Always happens that way.

    Tomorrow is bench and I'm gonna try and see if I can get some bJJ drilling in, in the morning. Nothing too heavy, maybe an hours worth.

  4. Sunday 1/5/13

    Rotator cuff and neck
    Bench 20x45 5x95 5x115 5x135 5x155 2x175 15x184 2x205.5 12x162
    Pulldowns 8x90 8x160 3x12,13,13x183.5 11x160
    Treadmill [email protected]%
    1) DB bench 3x8,10,10x62.5's
    Strap rows 3x12,14,15x91
    2) laterals 3x10x35 5/8's
    DB press 3x9,9,10x45's
    3) 10-counts 3x4,4,5x52.5's
    Roman chair 3x11,12,13

    Extra triceps and wrist roller.

    Really good workout. This LGD is the real deal. Hoping to squat tomorrow. It's supposed to be brutally cold here so it should be interesting.

  5. Monday 1/6/14

    SSB squats 8x65 8x135 5x185 3x225 2x245 18x252 2x281.5 15x192.5
    SSB GM's 4x15x115.5
    Lever Bar 8x2.5 3x18,18,20x5
    Treadmill [email protected]%
    1) reverse hypers 3x10x122.5
    Horizontal abs 3x15,18,20x86
    2) log cleans 3x4x152
    Land mines 3x8x55
    3) 45 hypers 3x12x20

    Calves 3 sets.

    Pretty good workout. Squat weight felt good. Cold in the gym. Was down under 10 degrees at one point.

  6. Wednesday 1/8/14

    Rotator cuff
    DE bench 20x45 added minis 3x45 3x65 3x85
    4x3x107 mid 4x3x107 pinky
    Military 8x45 5x95 5x115 2x125 15x134 12x118.5
    Crocs 8x60 4x15,15,15,19x83.5
    Treadmill [email protected]%
    1) log 3x7,7,8x121
    DB rows 3x8,8,9x47.5's
    2) close grips 3x10x139
    BB curls 3x4,5,6x97.5
    3) push-ups 3x13,13,14
    Inverts 3x12,12,13
    GHR sit-ups 3x10x10

    Extra bench and wrist roller.

    Very good workout. Strength is going up solidly.

    BJJ drilling about 45 minutes.
    Live 3x4:00.

  7. Friday 1/10/14

    DE SSB Box 8x65 2x65+80 2x115+80 8x2x141.5+80
    DL (1/2") 5x135 5x185 5x235 1x285 14x293.5 2x325
    GHR 4x8,9,10,11xSingle micro wrapped twice (this was an increase in tension)
    Treadmill [email protected]%
    1) 3" DL 3x6x212
    Vertical abs 3x16x92
    2) DB Snatch 3x3,3,4x51
    Band rotations 3x6,6,7xmonster
    3) SLGM's 3x12xGreen+Mini


    Pretty good workout. I didn't go crazy on DL. Wanted to test out the back. Felt fine. Probably had 2+ more in me.
    Had a gym first today. Monster mini snapped on me while doing rotations. Luckily I wasn't very far into the rep and it whipped out around me. I had a piece of exercise tubing snap on me on e while doing band resisted penetration steps once, but never an elitefts band.

    Big wrestling tournament tomorrow. Bench on Sunday. Hitting up a steak and fries meal here in a little bit.

    Body weight was at 200.9 with sweats and shoes on.

  8. Sunday 1/12/14

    Rotator cuff, neck
    Bench 20x45 8x95 8x115 5x135 5x155 3x175 2x185 11x195 3x211 10x173
    Pulldowns 8x90 8x160 3x13x183.75 13x160
    Treadmill [email protected]%
    1) bench 3x9,10,10x158.5
    Strap rows 3x10,10,12x100
    2) laterals 3x10,10,11x35 5/8's
    DB press 3x9,10,10x45 5/8's
    3) 10-counts 3x5x50's
    Roman chair 3x12xBW

    Extra triceps and wrist roller.

    Pretty good workout. Got an extra rep on bench that I wasn't expecting. I was supposed to do my first injectable run this spring but as well as this LGD run is going I may skip it and do another LGD run early summer. Who knows. I would like to feel what it's like to be 'on' at least once. Hahaha.

  9. Monday 1/13/14

    Hips and swings
    SSB Squats 8x65 8x135 5x185 5x235 2x255 14x266.5 3x289
    Lever bar 8x2.5 3x18,19,20x5
    SSBGM's 4x15x116
    Treadmill [email protected]%
    1) Reverse Hypers 3x10x123
    Horizontal Abs 3x15,17,17x87.5
    2) bag flips 3x4,4,6x114
    Land mines 3x8x55
    3) 45 hypers 3x12x20


    Decent workout. I would have liked 2-3 more reps, which I probably could have gotten, but I'm developing some tendinitis in my hip, on the outside, again, and I didn't want to push it too much. I cut out my first set last, set to help alleviate it. I'm gonna get back to foam rolling it on a regular basis.
    Body weight was down around 197.2. I'll probably drift down a bit more as I've been eating more protein and less carbs. I'm gonna hit somewhere for steak and fries on Saturday though. I don't want to drift much lower right now. I have another 1-1.5 months to push my strength up before I have to even think about making weight and getting in grappling shape.

  10. Wednesday 1/15/14
    Rotator cuff DE bench 20x45 added mini's 3x45 3x65 3x85 4x3x107.5 mid 4x3x107.5 pinky grip Military 8x45 5x95 5x115 2x135 10x142 12x126 Crocs 8x60 3x15x83.75 20x83.75
    Treadmill [email protected]%
    1) log 3x7,8,8x122
    DB fatz rows 3x6,6,8x50's
    2) close grips 3x6,7,10x145
    BB Curls 3x5,6,7x97.5
    3) push-ups 3x13,14,14
    Inverts 3x13,13,14
    GHR sit-ups 3x10x10

    Extra bench and wrist roller.

    Pretty decent. Getting sore shoulders and hips. Gonna DL tomorrow then next week is back to 3 workouts a week. Wrestling is gearing up and my joints could use the break. As soon as I get some $$$$ I'm ordering more TB-500. Shot does wonders for me.

  11. Thursday 1/16/14

    Hips and swings
    DE Box squat 8x65 2x65+87 2x115+87 8x2x142+87
    DL (1/2") 5x135 5x185 5x235 2x285 12x310.5 2x336.5
    GHR's 4x9,10,10,11xSingle micro
    Treadmill [email protected]%
    1) SSB box squats 3x6x185
    Vertical abs 3x16,16,17x92.25
    2) DB cleans 3x3,4,4x63.5
    Rotations 3x6,6,8xMonster
    3) SLGM's 3x12xGreen+Mini

    Calves 3 sets.

    Not bad. Off until Sunday. Match tomorrow.

  12. Sunday 1/19/14

    Rotator cuff and neck
    Bench 20x45 8x95 8x115 5x135 5x155 2x175 2x195 7x205.5 3x216 10x185
    Pulldowns 8x90 8x160 3x13x184 15x160
    Treadmill [email protected]%
    1) DB bench 3x10,10,11x62.5's
    Strap rows 3x10x105
    2) laterals 3x10,11,11x35 5/8's
    DB press 3x10x45 5/8's
    3) 10-counts 3x5,5,6x50's
    GHR sit-ups 2x11x10

    Extra triceps and wrist roller.

    Ditched roman chair sit-ups. I'm hoping they were the culprits in making my knees ache. They were screaming on the first set.

    Good workout. Hit 2 extra reps on 95%. Felt good. 6 more weeks of LGD.

  13. Well, back on the sick train. Worst possible timing too. Hopefully get one in by Thursday if I'm alive.

  14. Finally feeling human but still not back to par. Leaving tomorrow for a tournament and won't be home until late Saturday night, so plan is to eat big and get my weight back up this weekend and squat on Sunday. Only thing left lingering is this horrible cough.

  15. Sunday 1/26/14

    Hips and swings
    SSB squats 8x65 8x135 5x185 5x225 2x265 8x281.5 3x296
    SSB GM'S 4x15x116.5
    Lever bar 8x2.5 3x19,19,20x5
    Treadmill [email protected]%
    1) reverse hypers 3x10x123.5
    Horizontal abs 3x15x88.5
    2) log cleans 3x4x152.5
    Land mines 3x8x55
    3) 45 hypers 3x12x20

    Extra calves.

    Pretty decent for being sick for so long. Still coughing up a lung.

  16. Tuesday, 1/28/14

    Rotator cuff
    DE bench 20x45 added minis 3x45 3x65 3x85
    4x3x108 narrow 4x3x108 mid grip
    Military 8x45 5x95 5x115 3x135 2x145 7x150 9x135
    Crocs 8x70 3x15x84 20x84 straps
    Treadmill [email protected]%
    1) log press 3x6x125
    Fatz rows 3x6,7,8x50's
    2) close grips 3x6,8,10x146
    BB curls 3x5,6,7x97.5

    Cut it short here. Chest is super congested, just couldn't breath.

    BJJ practice about an hour.

  17. Friday 1/31/14

    Hips, swings, abductions
    DE squats 8x65 2x65+94 2x115+94 8x2x143+94
    DL (1/2") 5x135 5x185 5x235 2x285 1x315 10x328 3x345
    GHR 4x10,10,11,12xMicro wrapped once
    Treadmill [email protected]%
    1) 3" DL 3x6x213.5
    Vertical abs 3x16,17,17x92.5
    2) DB snatch 3x3,4,4x51.5
    Rotations 3x6,7,8xMonster
    3) Glute Bridge 3x6x135

    Calves and forearms.

    Pretty decent workout considering how long it's been since I dead lifted. Bench Sunday.
    Checked BW for the first time since I got sick. Way down to 194. Back on the dirty diet for a few weeks.

  18. Sunday 2/2/14

    Groundhog Day. I live 40 miles away. Only ever saw the thing in the Christmas parade though.

    Rotator cuff, neck
    Bench 20x45 8x95 8x115 5x135 5x155 3x175 15x185 3x206 11x163
    Pulldowns 8x90 8x160 3x14x184.25
    Treadmill [email protected]%
    1) bench 3x10x159
    Strap rows 3x11x106
    2) laterals 3x11x35 5/8's
    Band MP 3x7x69
    3) 10-counts 3x5,6,6x50's
    GHR sit-ups 2x12x10
    4) run 1:[email protected]@0%

    Extra triceps and wrist roller.

    Not bad considering everything the last two weeks. Matches Tuesday and Wednesday so I'm not sure when squats are gonna happen. If I can't tomorrow, then probably not until Thursday. I'll OHP Friday, hopefully. Need more food. Been tough lately with all the matches and tournaments going on lately.

  19. Wednesday 2/5/14

    Hips, swings
    SSB squats 8x65 8x135 5x185 5x225 2x245 14x257 3x287.5
    SLDL 4x15x143
    Lever bar 8x2.5 3x8x6
    Treadmill [email protected]%
    1) reverse hypers 3x10x124
    Horizontal abs 3x15x88.75
    2) bag flips 3x4,6,6x114
    Land mines 3x8x55
    3) 45 hypers 3x13x20
    4) run 1:[email protected]@0%


    School canceled along with match, so I got a squat in today. Decent workout considering I had about 4 coughing fits during the workout.

  20. Friday 2/7/14

    Rotator cuff
    DE bench 20x40 3x45+80 3x65+80 3x85+80 3x105+80 4x3x122.5+80 close 4x3x122.5+80 mid grip
    Military 8x45 5x95 5x95 5x115 3x125 15x135 13x119
    CS Rows palms facing 8x245 3x12,12,13x267.5 15x227
    Treadmill 7.1mph @5%
    1) log 3x6,6,7x126
    CS Rows 3x7x225.5
    2) reverse green bench 3x6,7,8x187.5
    DB curls 3x6,6,8x47.5's
    3) push-ups 3x14xBW
    Inverts 3x14xBW
    GHR sit-ups 2x12x10
    4) run 1:20 @[email protected]%

    Bench and wrist roller.

    Pretty good workout. Body weight was up to 196.5 today. I've been slamming down spaghetti like its my job. Probably need more milk. Not sure of schedule. Probably DL Sunday and bench Tuesday. Have to see how things work out. I'd like to get on the mats once next week. Wednesday maybe. Have matches Tuesday and Thursday.

  21. Monday 2/10/14

    DE squats SSB 8x65 added light and mini's 2x65 2x115 8x2x140
    DL (1") 5x135 5x185 3x235 2x285 14x295.5 2x330
    GHR 4x10,11,11,13x Single micro
    Treadmill [email protected]%
    1) SSB box squats 3x6,6,7x187
    Vertical abs 3x17x92.75
    2) DB cleans 3x4x63.75
    Band rotations 3x6,8,8xMonster
    3) Glute bridges 3x6,6,7x136
    4) run 1:[email protected]@0%

    Pretty decent. Didn't kill myself on DL. Trying to decide on another SARM's run or my first real AAS cycle. Still going back and forth.

  22. Wednesday 2/12/14

    Rotator cuff
    Bench 20x45 8x95 8x115 5x135 5x155 3x175 2x185 11x195.5 3x211.5 12x173.5
    Pulldowns 8x90 8x140 4x15x160
    Treadmill [email protected]%
    1) DB bench 3x10,11,12x63 1/8's
    Strap rows 3x11,11,12x106.25
    2) laterals 3x11,11,12x36 1/4's
    OHP bands 3x7,8,8x70+Minis
    3) 10-counts 3x6x50's
    GHR's 2x13x10
    4) run 1:[email protected]@0%

    Extra triceps and wrist roller.

    Pretty good workout. Extra rep on bench.

  23. Wednesday night
    Drilling 15 minutes
    Live 6x5:00

    One if our guys last night, so we rolled. He got a job in Pittsburgh and will be training at the mother school from now on.

    Friday 2/14/14

    Hips and swings
    SSB squats 8x65 8x135 5x185 5x225 2x265 14x272.5 3x295
    SLDL 4x15x145
    Lever bar 8x2.5 3x8x6
    Treadmill [email protected]%
    1) reverse hypers 3x10x125
    Horizontal abs 3x15,15,18x90
    2) log cleans 3x4,4,5x152.5
    Landlines 3x8x55
    3) 45 hypers 3x13x20
    4) run. Scratched, back pump was too bad.


    Pretty good workout. 2 extra reps on squats. Weight is up to 199.0. Gonna hold here them start a nice, gentle drop to 187-188 range. Nothing to quick.

  24. Monday 2/17/14

    Rotator cuff
    DE bench 20x45 3x45+80 3x65+80 3x85+80 3x105+80 4x3x123+80 mid 4x3x123+80 pinky
    Military 8x45 5x95 5x115 3x135 12x142 14x126.5
    CS rows palms facing 8x245 3x13,13,14x268 15x226
    Treadmill [email protected]%
    1) log 3x6,7,7x126.5
    CS Fat Rows 3x7,7,9x226
    2) reverse green bench 3x7,8,12x188
    DB Curls 3x7,7,8x47.5's
    3) push-ups 3x15,15,17xBW
    Inverts 3x14,14,15xBW
    GHR sit-ups 2x13x10
    4) run 2:[email protected]@0%

    Extra shoulder volume.

    Pretty good session. Taking out extra bench and wrist roller. Think my shoulder discomfort is actually my bicep head. Gonna take off from wrist roller for a bit and see if it gets better.

  25. Wednesday 2/19/-4

    DE box SSB 8x65 added light+Mini 2x65 2x115 8x2x141
    DL (1") 5x135 5x185 5x235 3x285 1x305 10x313
    GHR's 4x11,11,12,13xSingle Micro
    Treadmill [email protected]%
    1) 3" deficit deads 3x6x215
    Vertical abs 3x17,17,18x95
    2) DB snatch 3x4x52
    Band rotations 3x7,8,8xMonster
    3) Glute Bridges 3x6,7,7x137
    4) run 2:[email protected]@0%

    BJJ drilling 1 hour.

    Decent workout, nothing great. Back was a little stiff so I didn't go push it too hard.


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