5/3/1 and Grappling 4 fun Log

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  1. Tuesday 7/21/15

    Straight bar squats worked up to 10x225 all my shoulder could handle.
    SLDL 3x12x175
    Vertical abs 3 sets
    20/20's 9:00 worked up to 12mph for the last one.

    Sunday 7/26/15
    Cuff and neck
    Bench 2x20x45 8x95 8x115 5x135 5x155 3x175 16x185 1x200 4x1x200+60
    Pull downs 8x140 4x12x178
    Treadmill 7.3mph
    1) bench 4x6x178.5
    Strap rows 4x5,5,5,6x140
    2) laterals 3x10,11,12x31.25's
    DB press 3x6,7,8x42.5's
    3) 10-counts 3x3,3,4x56.25's
    4) 20/20's 5:05

    Band pushdowns and pull aparts 5x40

    Decent workout back from vacation. I'll squat tomorrow if we don't work too late.

  2. Monday 7/27/15
    Hips, swings, circles
    SSB squats 2x8x65 8x135 5x185 5x225 3x275 10x281 1x305 4x1x305+47
    SSBGM's 8x115 3x13,13,13x135.5
    Lever bar 10x2.5 4x13,14,15,16x5.25
    Treadmill 7.4mph
    1) glute bridge 3x6,6,7x172.5
    Vertical abs 3x12x107.5
    2) log cleans 3x3,4,4x165
    Rotations 3x10xMini
    3) 45 hypers 3x20x25
    4) 20/20's 5:10@8.6mph

    Tuesday 7/28/15
    BJJ drilling X-guard 45 minutes
    Live 12x2:00 positional from X and half butterfly.

  3. Thursday 7/31/15
    DE bench 2x20x45 added minis 3x45 3x95 3x115 10x3x130
    DB bench 4x12,12,13,13x71.25's
    CS rows 8x255 3x12x285.5
    Treadmill 7.5mph
    1) band laterals 3x20x40
    CS fatz rows 3x6x245
    2) sling shot 3x6x190.5
    BB curls 3x7,8,8x97.5
    3) push-ups 3x17
    Inverts 3x17
    4) 20/20's 5:13@8.5mph

    Drilling :30 x-guard stuff
    Live 4x5:00

  4. Friday 7/31/15
    Hips, swings, circles
    DE SSB box 2x8x65 2x65+60 2x115+60 2x155+60 8x2x175+60
    DL 5x135 5x185 5x235 3x285 10x295 1x319 3x1x319+40
    GHR 4x9,10,10,10x14 (chains)
    Fatz holds 4x22,25,26,40x40's
    Treadmill 7.5mph
    1) one legged squats 3x8x23.5
    Horizontal abs 3x12x90
    2) DB snatch 3x5x60
    Land mines 3x8x66.25
    3) 45 hyper 3x20x25
    4) 20/20's 5:16@8.7mph

    Decent workout. Still hugging and puffing too much.

  5. Saturday 8/1/15
    No Gi
    :40 minutes drilling. Half guard lockdown.
    Live 6x5:00

    Sunday 8/2/15
    Cuff and neck
    Bench 2x20x45 8x95 8x115 5x135 5x155 3x175 11x195 1x205 3x1x205+60
    Pull downs 8x140 4x12x178.25
    Treadmill 7.6mph
    1) incline BB 4x6,6,6,7x145
    Strap rows 4x5,5,6,6x140
    2) laterals 3x11,11,12x31.25's
    DB press 3x7,7,9x42.5's
    3) 10-counts 3x4x56.25's
    4) 20/20's 5:19@8.7mph

    Band pushdowns and pull aparts 3x45. Changed to a higher bar for the pushdowns and a shorter mini for the pull aparts. 5 sets was taking too long.

    Not a real great workout. Lost at least a rep on bench, maybe two. Just an off day hopefully.


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