5/3/1 and Grappling 4 fun Log

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  1. Sunday 4/7/13

    Rotator cuff, neck
    Bench 2x20x45 8x95 8x115 5x135 5x155 3x175 1x195 15x200 9x210
    Pulldowns 8x70 8x140 4x15x172.5
    Treadmill @[email protected]%
    1) bench 3x10x165
    Fatz Pulldowns 3x7x151
    2) laterals 3x16x25's
    DB Press 3x6,6,8x41.25's
    3) 10-counts 3x7x45's
    Shrugs 3x6x205
    4) 20/20 7:[email protected]@3%

    Pushdowns and rear delts. PCT started today. Hopefully things hold together. I didn't get any Osta as planned as they are still back ordered. As soon as they have some ill make an order to help with PCT.

  2. Monday 4/8/13

    Hip circles, swings, abductions, TKE's
    SSB Box Squats 8x65 8x115 5x145 18x175 9x195
    SLDL 5x135 5x185 3x15x210.5
    Treadmill @[email protected]%
    1)reverse Hypers 3x8x118.5
    Banded Abs 3x17,20,20xBlue+green
    2) axle cleans 3x5x105
    Land mines 3x8x50
    3) 45 Hypers 3x12,12,13xBW
    4) 20/20 7:[email protected]@3%

  3. Tuesday 4/9/13

    Elliptical 20 minutes at program #3
    1445 steps 266.4 kcals.

  4. Friday 4/12/13

    Rotator cuff
    DE bench 2x20x45 added 40 chains 3x45 3x65 3x85 3x105 4x3x117.5 mid 4x3x117.5 regular
    Military 8x45 5x85 5x105 3x125 1x135 12x142.5
    Crocs 8x60 4x13,14,15,18x82
    Treadmill @[email protected]%
    1) log 3x6x138.5
    Fatz DB rows 3x10x45's
    2) skulls 3x8,10,10x97.5
    DB curls 3x7x45's
    3) dips 3x12,16,20x7
    Inverts 3x13,14,14x7
    4) 20/20 7:[email protected]@3%

    First day that feels like PCT. joints are hurting a little. Might be time for a shot of TB-500.

  5. Sunday 4/14/13

    Treadmill 20/20's

    2:00 warmup
    5:[email protected]@3%
    5:[email protected]@3%
    5:[email protected]@3.5%

    Pretty easy. I'm going to be more diligent on rolling my Achilles out and see if I can get the incline up to at least 5% without it blowing up.

    Went to watch arena football last night. Dinner at Appalachian Brewing Company brew pub, then Harrisburg Stampede over York Capitals 67-27 (I think), then a few hours at a fine gentleman's establishment. Not a bad way to spend a Saturday night.

    DL tomorrow an first therapy session for the knee on Tuesday.

  6. Monday 4/15/13

    Hip circles, swings, abductions, rotator cuff
    DE SSB 8x65 added lights 2x65 8x2x126.5+light
    DL 1.5" 5x135 5x185 3x225 14x255
    GHR 3x12,13,14xBW
    Treadmill [email protected]%
    1) SSB squats 3x6x125
    Hanging abs 3x8,9,9xBW
    2) DB Snatch 3x5x42
    Side bends 3x17x45
    3) SLGM'S 3x17xGreen
    4) 20/20's 7:[email protected]

  7. Tuesday 4/16/13

    Treadmill 20/20

    2:00 warmup
    5:[email protected]@3%
    5:[email protected]@3.5%
    5:[email protected]@3.5%

    First therapy session today. Went okay. Guy gave me some stuff to do to try and help it heal on its own. He thinks I have a frayed meniscus.

  8. Wednesday 4/17/13

    Rotator cuff, neck
    Bench 2x20x45 8x95 8x115 5x135 5x155 2x175 17x180
    Pulldowns 8x70 8x140 4x10x175
    Treadmill @[email protected]%
    1) DB Bench 3x8x67
    Fatz Pulldowns 3x7x151.25
    2) laterals 3x12x26.25's
    Wind chime press 3x6x60
    3) 10-countz 3x7,8,8x45's
    DB shrugs 3x8x50's
    4) 20/20 7:[email protected]@3%

    Pushdowns, banded abs, and rear delts.

    Not bad. Shoulders are a bit beaten up. Time for another shot of TB-500.

  9. Friday 4/19/13

    Hips, swings
    SSB Squats Box 2x8x65 8x115 5x155 3x185 12x205 3x225
    SSB GM's
    5x115 5x135 3x10x152.5
    Treadmill @[email protected]%
    1) reverse Hypers 3x8x119
    GHR sit-ups 3x12,12,15xBW
    2) bag flips 3x6,8,8x100
    Side bends 3x18x45
    3) pull throughs 3x6x60
    4) 20/20 7:[email protected]@3%


    Not bad. Knee is still the same. Everything else is pretty solid. Even my thumb has shown some improvement the last few days. I can't wait for this surgery. Started glucosamine/chondroitin a few days ago. See if it helps any.

  10. Sunday 4/21/13

    Treadmill 20/20's
    Warmup 2:00
    5:[email protected]@3.5%
    5:[email protected]@3.5%
    5:[email protected]@3.5%

    Wrestling clinic this afternoon.

  11. Monday 4/22/13

    Rotator cuff
    DE Bench 2x20x45 added Mini's 3x45 3x65 3x85 4x3x100.5 mid grip
    4x3x100.5 regular grip
    Military 8x45 5x85 3x105 2x125 17x129
    CS Rows palms facing 8x205 4x12x262
    [email protected]@3%
    1) log press 3x4x140
    CS rows fatz 3x6,8,8x215
    2) reverse band bench 3x6,6,8x182
    BB Curls 3x7,7,8x90
    3) dips 3x12,16,20x7
    Inverted rows 3x13,14,14x7
    4) 20/20 7:[email protected]@3%

    GHR abs 3 sets.

  12. Tuesday 4/23/13

    Treadmill 20/20's

    Warmup 2:00

    5:[email protected]@3.5%
    5:[email protected]@3.5%
    5:[email protected]@4%

    Pretty solid despite my allergies getting worse. Bodyweight was at 197.7 which I didn't expect. My strength is still good so I was figuring I hadn't lost anything. Happy with the loss. I am gonna up calories some as I don't want to loose anymore during PCT and I don't want to loose too fast and have my strength go down. Gonna order some Osta as soon as its restocked, to help with keeping strength while I cut. 190 is the goal without any loss of strength. I figure if I go really slow I can do it with a little SARM'S help.

  13. Wednesday 4/23/13

    Hip circles, swings, abductions, rotator cuff
    DE squats SSB 8x65 2x65+40 2x115+40 8x2x135+40
    DL 2" mats 5x135 5x185 3x225 15x246.5
    GHR 3x13,13,15xBW

    Called it there today. Back was a little tweaked and the gym was soaking wet from a thunderstorm. Hopefully I can get on the roof next weekend and get it buttoned up for the summer.

  14. What programming are you following now?
    Controlled Labs Board Rep
    [email protected]
    CONTROLLED LABS products are produced in a GMP for Sport certified facility.

  15. Still on 5-3-1. I add in some DE work on press and DL days. Nothing too strenuous. Gives me some extra work and warms me up for OHP and DL. I know Wendler frowns upon it, but jumps and throwing the med ball won't work for me in my garage gym. My accessory is all still lactic threshold style. I've kicked around changing it up, but it's worked so well in the past for grappling/MMA that I can't seem to get away from it.

  16. Friday 4/26/13

    Rotator cuff, neck
    Bench 2x20x45 8x95 8x115 5x135 5x155 3x175 1x185 14x191 1x212
    Pulldowns 8x70 8x140 4x10,10,11,11x175.5
    Treadmill @[email protected]%
    1) bench 3x6x165.5
    Fatz Pulldowns 3x6,8,8x151.5
    2) laterals 3x13x26.25's
    Wind chime press 3x6,7,7x61
    3) 10-counts 3x8x45's
    DB shrugs 3x9x50's
    4) 20/20's 6:[email protected] and 1:[email protected] both at 3%

    Pushdowns and more rotator cuff

    Decent workout. Feeling a little of the hit of PCT.
    thumb is finally good enough to start back rolling again. I'm going back May 7th. I'm gonna wear an MMA glove and tape the thumb down. I gotta get moving. I want to do another Goodfight tourney in Philly and its July 14th. If I hustle I can be ready I think? We will see. It also depends on my knee surgery and how long I'm out for it.

  17. Almost forgot. If anybody wants to see some good, drug free,and raw powerlifting we are holding the 34th (I think) Power Day on Bigler PA, right off I-80. It's the longest running single lift meet of its kind IN THE WORLD!! Yes the world. Bench and DL and also as of last year we have a strict curl contest which I'd never seem before. Sunday April 28 at the Bigler Civic Center. We are now folded into the 100% RAW organization.


  18. Monday 4/29/13

    Treadmill 20/20's
    Warmup 2:00
    5:[email protected]@3.5%
    5:[email protected]@4%
    5:[email protected]@4%

    Easy. Not squatting until Wednesday. My back is cooked from spot/loading all day yesterday.

  19. Wednesday 5/1/13

    Treadmill 20/30's
    1x2:00 warmup
    5:[email protected]@4%
    5:[email protected]@4%
    5:[email protected]@4%

    Easy conditioning. Had another BP check today. 140/92. Down 10 points but still high. Also scheduled another doctors appointment for Tuesday for the knee. Looking for orders for an MRI and referral to the ortho to get this sucker trimmed. Dying to get this fixed and get back to normal. I want to squat.

  20. Thursday 5/2/13

    Hip circles, swings, rotator cuff
    SSB box squats 2x8x65 8x115 5x155 3x185 13x210 4x230
    SSB GM's 5x115 5x135 3x10,10,11x153
    Treadmill @[email protected]%
    1) reverse Hypers 3x8x120
    Ab strap 3x10x88
    2) axle cleans 3x5x110
    Band rotations 3x10xMini
    3) 45 degree Hypers 3x13,15,20xBW
    4) 20/20's 5:[email protected]@3.5% 2:[email protected]@3.5%

    Calves. Decent workout. Knee is the same. MRI tomorrow and doctors appointment Tuesday for BP. Hopefully get an ortho appoint for the week after. Birthday tomorrow. 42. Looks like I'm solidly on the back 9.

  21. Sunday 5/5/13

    Rotator cuff
    DE Bench 2x20x45 added minis 3x45 3x65 3x85 4x3x101 mid grip 4x3x101 regular grip
    Military 8x45 5x85 5x105 3x1:0 15x137
    CS Rows 8x205 4x12,12,12,15x262.5
    Treadmill @[email protected]%
    1) log press 3x4,4,5x140
    CS Rows 3x7,8,8x215.5
    2) reverse band bench 3x7,8,10x182.5
    BB curls 3x8x90.5
    3) Dips 3x14,18,20x7
    Inverted rows 3x14x7
    4) 20/20's 4:[email protected]@3% 3:[email protected]@3%

    Pretty decent workout. Nothing crazy, just really solid do a PCT workout. PCT over yesterday. Looking at a SARM's run for after my knee surgery.

  22. Was supposed to do a treadmill workout, but I'm skipping it. I got my MRI results. Medial meniscus tear. Have two appointments tomorrow, and hoping to get the surgery scheduled for next week or two.

  23. Well, ortho says its not torn? I'll go with him over the radiologist. I have a prescription for a high dose anti-inflammatory waiting for me at the pharmacy. I'm not doing any squats or DL or anything for the next few weeks and no running. I'll do the same upper workouts for now minus the treadmill. I'll just time them the same I guess? I'll have to come up with some sort of plan soon. I'm putting off starting practicing again for another 10-14 days or so.

  24. Wednesday 5/8/13

    Hip circles, swing, rotator cuff
    GHR 3x15xBW 6xmicro-mini
    Ab bands 3x20xGreen+Blue
    Land mines 3x8x50
    Standing calves 3x12x155

    That's it. Bench tomorrow.

  25. Thursday 5/9/13

    Rotator cuff, neck
    Bench 20x45 8x95 8x115 5x135 5x155 3x175 1x195 8x201.5 3x212
    Pulldowns 8x70 8x140 4x10,11,11,12x175.5
    Treadmill @[email protected]%
    1) bench 3c6,6,7x166
    Fatz Pulldowns 3x7,8,8x151.75
    2) laterals 3x14x26.25's
    Windchimes 3x7,7,8x62
    3) 10-countz 3x8x45's
    DB shrugs 3x10x50's
    4) 20/20's 4:[email protected]@3% 3:[email protected]@3%

    Pushdowns and rotator cuff.

    Not a great bench session. It's falling off. Still way better than before cycle.


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