5/3/1 and Grappling 4 fun Log

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  1. Saturday 2/12/11
    Thai Pads 3x5:00
    No Gi Drilling 1 hr
    No Gi live 6x3:00

    Monday 2/14/11
    Cycle #2 Week #1 3x5
    Simple 6, shoulder complex
    Bench 2x20x45 5x95 5x115 5x135 15x152.5
    Underhand Pullups 4x12,13,12,10xBW
    Bench 3x15x120
    Seated Lateral Raises 3x18x25's
    Pushdowns 3x15,17,18x60

    Circuit :30 sprints @7.5mph @0% Alternating Dips 3x15xBW and Sled pulls 3x4x100 Finished with Sprints 3 sets of :40/:20 on/off @8.5mph @0%

    Skipped Deload for this cycle. This will most likely be the only time I do it. Intensity is still very low. Going to 3 days a week from now on. I am going to stick with the 3 sets of the main exercise after the big set for the day, for one more cycle then I think I'm going to drop them, certainly for lower body. I'm gonna add a little more volume into the conditioning workouts for lower body, I have a tire and I want to get a prowler. I'll have to play around with it when the time comes.

  2. Tuesday 2/15/11
    No Gi drilling 2 hrs.
    Live 3x5:00

    My reset working maxes for this next cycle;


  3. Wednesday 2/16/11
    Agile 8, Dislocates
    Squats 2x8x45 5x95 5x135 5x150 15x170
    Squats 3x12x135
    Stiff legged DL 3x10x155
    Reverse Hypers 3x12x51 and
    DB Shrugs 3x19x60's
    GHR 3x8,8,7x monster and mini assist with
    Ab Wheel 3x13,12,12x 14 in chains

    Conditioning Thai Pads 3x5:00

  4. I want a prowler too but the price plus shipping cost is a killer. I am looking into trying to make one either fromm wood or if I can find a scrap metal place here and see if they have box tubing then I can get one welded.

    You can use a old tire as a sled for the mean time. Just drill a hole in the side.. pop in a eye hook.. hook it up to some rope or chain and then load the tire with sandbags or plates. Its a little ghetto but it gets the job done
    "The only good is knowledge and the only evil is ignorance." - Socrates

  5. Thursday 2/17/11

    Conditioning workout
    Treadmill :40/:20 on/off
    3 warmup sets
    [email protected]@0%
    [email protected]@0%
    [email protected]@0%

    Rope 1x5:00

    Tread sled 150 steps forward 150 steps backwards

    Hip exercises and mobility 3 sets with micro band

    Ton of foam rolling to finish

    Josh - I have a ghetto sled like ur describing. I used a prowler of my buddies and I don't know why but there is no comparison. Something about them that makes them so much more miserable than the regular sled??? I use a regular sled for hand over hand pulling a fair bit.

  6. I had a welder make me a small plate sled which I use for sprints, hand over hand pulls, etc. The one reason why I want a prowler is to get that upright push position for the posterior chain and also the ability to load more weight. I saw some people rig up tires like sleds but I never have. This summer I plan on making a prowler.. When I do I will be posting pics to make everyone jealous!
    "The only good is knowledge and the only evil is ignorance." - Socrates

  7. Friday 2/18/11

    Shoulder complex, Simple 6
    DE Bench 2x20x45 3x45+60 chains 3x75+60 chains 6x3x95+60 chains
    Military 8x45 5x65 5x85 8x100 15x110.5
    Croc Rows 4x15x50
    Military 3x15x98.5
    Pin Press 3x15x165
    Fat Gripz DB Curls 3x10x40"s with
    Standing Calves 4x25,25,28,25x82.5

    Conditioning Circuit :30 @ [email protected]% Alternating Dips 3x18,18,18xBW with Fat Grips CS Rows 3x8,8,8x205 Then Sprints :40/:20 on/off @ 8.5mph @0%

    Things are going well in the weight room. Feeling decent. After next cycle I think I'm gonna up the conditioning some. Got a couple tourney possibilities in the late spring. Hopefully I'll be strong enough for the new weight class. Gonna be a decent weight class jump for me.

  8. How you like them fat gripz? How long have you had them for? I been thinking of getting a pair for my next equipment purchase.
    "The only good is knowledge and the only evil is ignorance." - Socrates

  9. I have two pair. I've had them pretty much since they have been available on EFS. They are without a doubt the greatest piece of supplemental weightlifting equipment for a grappler/combat athlete ever. I made fat bars and DB's with PVC before, but you can only do so much because of convenience. I used them for every exercise for years. My crushing grip in dynamic situations is probably 3x what it used to be. I can shut down almost anybody my size by hanging on. I wish I would have had them as a kid for wrestling, I seriously think they can transform your game and especially the things you can shutdown. I have guys get totally frustrated not being able to get out of my grip.

  10. I been wanting to get them and just never ordere them. I think I am going to place an order today though!! You made a thick bar out of PVC? I was thinking of making one out of black pipe but havent yet. I also found a pretty cool clip on youtube on making some indian clubs with just pipes and fittings.
    "The only good is knowledge and the only evil is ignorance." - Socrates

  11. Get 1" and 2" inside diameter PVC and some duct tape. Take the end off one of you crappier bars and put a few rings of tape, I think I did 5. 1 in the center, two on the ends and then a set in between and work the 1"ID on. THen do the same thing to the PVC and work the 2" ID on. Put the end back on the bar. For the DB's I did basically the same thing, except with spin-lock DB handles. Worked well. I still use the BB's ( I made two) for all pressing and curls and stuff like that. I use the fat gripz for all my DB stuff except for a few things.

  12. I just ordered the fat gripz! I am gonna incorporate them into my workouts when they arrive. Can't wait!
    "The only good is knowledge and the only evil is ignorance." - Socrates

  13. let me know how u like them, i think i wanna try that
    BJJ = life

  14. Quote Originally Posted by AntonG42O View Post
    let me know how u like them, i think i wanna try that
    definetely will bud!.. I am gonna have to do some experimenting to see what exercises I like to use them with. At first ima want to use them for every BB and DB movement I do but reallisticly some movements may be better done with a regular bar so you can use maximum weight. I imagine those grips will limit the amount of weight you can use.. maybe for a dynamic effort or repeated effort day. I can prolly attach them them to my power cage and do timed hangs or sandbag guard holds with them. I dunno but its gonna be fun experimenting!

    Any thoughts sinister?
    "The only good is knowledge and the only evil is ignorance." - Socrates

  15. Previously when I was training specifically for combat sports I used them for every movement except for my first pulling exercise for the day, DE or ME didn't matter. On my circuit I used them for everything, Chins, rows, CS rows, pulldowns, curls, everything. Now I am using a little more like Josh described, Holds, hangs, Curls, any pressing, Stuff like that, also on my conditioning circuit. It does limit you at first, but if you are training specifically for MMA/Grappling/Wrestling, the payoff after about 6 months is incredible.

  16. yeah i was thinking about using them for everything as well
    BJJ = life

  17. Saturday 2/19/11

    Thai Pads 3x5:00
    No Gi Drilling 1 hr
    No Gi Live 5x3:00

    Monday 2/21/11
    Agile 8,Dislocates
    DE Box Squats 8x45 2x45+67chains 6x2x95+67chains
    DL 5x135 5x165 17x178.5 off 3" mats hook grip no belt
    Step-ups 3x8x10x10x40's
    Revere Hypers 3x13,13,15x51.25 with
    Fat Gripz holds 3x35 sec x 62.25
    GHR 3x8x monster and mini assist with
    Ab Pulldowns 3x20,23,25x50.75

    Conditioning Sprints :40/:20 on/off
    [email protected]@0%
    [email protected]@0%
    [email protected]@0%

    GHR's getting a little better. Was tired from shoveling 10" of wet snow. Workouts are going to get a little erratic for the next month or two. Hopefully still gonna get 3 a week in but some weeks may be tough. Also not going to get to train any Jits or anything for a while. I got a buyer for my house and am moving into my mothers house for 2 months or so until the new house is ready. Nicer house except I am going to lose my home gym and it's a really nice set-up, 1000 Square feet, rack reverse hyper GHR, 600 feet of mat space heavy bags, treadmill, and lots of other stuff. It's taken me 6 years to get it the way it is. I'll get some pics of it before I go. New place has a garage and I'll get to set up my weight training area, maybe even a little bigger, but mat space is gonna be an issue. Garage has an upstairs, but I'm not sure whether it's gonna fly yet. Haven't been able to see the upstairs of the garage yet. We will see.

  18. im actually moving into a house where im gonna have a huge bedroom. thinking about getting a mat in there just for me to stretch and roll against my girl when im not training. also do yoga/foam roll whatever. what kind of a mat do u have and where did you get it?
    BJJ = life

  19. pics of the gym please... show me yours and I will show you mine
    "The only good is knowledge and the only evil is ignorance." - Socrates

  20. On mats I went all in, got the 2" Dollurmur mats. Work great but expensive. I'll post gym pics when I hit 50 posts. Won't let you before that for some reason. Tried the other day.

  21. Friday 2/25/11

    Cycle #2 week #2 3x3
    Shoulder complex, Simple 6
    Bench 2x20x45 2x5x115 3x125 3x145 13x163
    Underhand Pullups 4x13,13,12,12xBW (50 Reps)
    Bench 3x15,15,15x122.5
    Seated Laterals 3x19,19,19x30's
    Straight Bar Pushdowns 3x18,18,18x62.5
    Fat Lever Bar 5x5 3x9,10,10x7.5 with
    Standing Calves 4x25,25,26,25x86

    Conditioning Circuit :40 @ [email protected]%
    Alternating 10 count fat Gripz Pushups 3x6x35's with
    Fat Gripz Croc Rows 3x10x45 then
    Sprints :40/:20 on/off [email protected] @ 0%

    Skipped Wednesday workout for my Daughters 6th birthday party. Going to be working out at the school gym on Wednesdays for a while. Should be alright, I was the coach when it was built and I picked the equipment so it's pretty well equipped, even has a GHR and a few sets of chains. Bunch of stuff from EliteFTS. I'll take my accessory stuff in my bag (bands, Fat Gripz, micro plates, etc). Only thing missing is a Reverse Hyper, but no big deal, I'll still get it in every other workout at home. As a plus they have one of my old pulling sleds so I can do some different lower body conditioning.

  22. Just got my fat gripz in yestarday!

  23. Cool, let me know how they work out.

  24. Did farmers walks with them last night.. they are significently more challenging with them on

  25. Sunday 2/27/11

    Shadow Boxing 2x3:00
    Thai Pads 2x5:00
    Thai Bag 2x5:00

    Gonna squat tonight if I'm feeling into it, if not I'll do it tomorrow as planned. I'm going to have to start doing some light shin conditioning. Can't pop the pads like I used to because my shins have tenderized already. A couple of sets on the light tire should be plenty.


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