5/3/1 and Grappling 4 fun Log

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  1. Saturday 3/9/13

    Rotator cuff, neck strap
    Bench 2x20x45 8x95 8x115 5x135 5x155 3x175 16x185
    Pulldowns 8x70 8x140 4x10,11,11,12x170.5
    Treadmill @[email protected]%
    1) bench 3x6,7,9x163.5
    Fatz Pulldowns 3x10x146
    2) laterals 3x12x25's
    DB press 3x10,10,11x37.5's
    3) 10-countz 3x5,6,6x41.25's
    Shrugs 3x10x198
    4) runs 2:[email protected]@2.5%

    Pushdowns, face pulls, rotator reliever, and some extra triceps.

    Good workout. HAd to workout today because I'm helping out at a strongman contest at the school tomorrow that a senior is doing to benefit the weight room. I'll be pushing back Wednesdays workout to Thursday because the daughter has an appointment in Pittsburgh to choose her insulin pump and get it fitted.

  2. Monday 3/11/13

    Treadmill 20/20's

    1x3:00 warmup 8:[email protected]@5%

    Pretty easy. Taking it slow. I've been rolling my Achilles with the rolling pin and it has almost totally eliminated my tendinitis there. Hoping I may be able to up the incline. For years I always did 10%. I'd like to get back to it. Legs tomorrow then off to the city to see the doctor.

  3. Tuesday 3/12/13

    Sled forward [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] double [email protected]
    SSB GM's 8x65 5x115 5x135 3x13,15,15x147
    Reverse Hypers 3x10x116
    Ab bands 3x17,20,20xblue+green+mini
    Fat DB holds 3x35,35,40x50's
    Standing calves 3x15x146
    Land mines 3x8x50

    BJJ gi practice about 45 minutes. First one back and it was awful. I don't know if my shoulder is going to hold up. I was optimistic but now I'm worried. See what happens tomorrow.

  4. Wednesday 3/13/13

    Rotator cuff, neck
    DE Bench 2x20x45 added Mini's 3x45 3x65 3x85
    4x3x99 mid grip 4x3x99 regular grip
    Military 8x45 5x65 5x85 3x105 2x125 16x130.5
    CS Rows palm down 8x205 4x11,12,13,14x277.5
    Treadmill [email protected]%
    1) log 3x6x135.5
    CD Rows Fatz 3x8,8,10x220
    2) 4-board 3x10x166
    Fatz BB curls 3x8,8,9x86.5
    3) dips 3x13,13,18xBW
    Inverts 3x10xBW (lowered bar two notches)
    4) run 2:[email protected]@2.5%

    Rotator reliever

    Good workout again. Another rep PR on OHP. Definitely getting bigger and stronger in the upper body. Shoulder is feeling good even after grappling last night. Going to order some SARM's for a cut after this Hdrol is done. Gotta get down to around 195 if I want to grapple for real.

  5. Thursday 1/14/13

    Treadmill 20/20's
    1x3:00 warmup [email protected]@2.5%

    Easy day

  6. Friday 3/15/13

    Sled backwards [email protected] [email protected] [email protected]
    45 Hypers 3x17x10
    Reverse Hypers 3x10x116.5
    Hanging abs 3x8xBW
    Standing calves 3x16x146.5
    Lever bar 8x5 3x6,10,10x7.5
    Side bends 3x15x40
    20/20 9:[email protected]@5% 1:[email protected]@5%
    Rotator reliever

    BJJ tomorrow.

  7. Saturday 3/16/13
    Gi drilling 1 hour

    Sunday 3/17/13

    Rotator cuff, neck
    Bench 2x20x45 8x95 8x115 5x135 5x155 2x175 1x185 14x195.5 6x205.5
    Pulldowns 8x70 8x140 4x11,12,12,13x171
    Treadmill @[email protected]%
    1) DB bench 3x10x65's
    Fatz Pulldowns 3x6x150
    2) laterals 3x13x25's
    DB press 3x8,8,10x40's
    3) 10-countz 3x6x41.25's
    Shrugs 3x10x199
    4) run 1:[email protected]@2.5%

    Pushdowns, face pulls, and rotator reliever.

    Great workout. Another PR on the bench for this bodyweight. Shoulder is feeling better and better.

  8. Monday 3/18/13

    Hip complex, TKE's
    SSB box Squats 8xBW 8x65 20x115
    SSB GM's 8x65 5x115 5x135 3x15x147.5
    Treadmill @[email protected]%
    1) reverse Hypers 3x7x117
    GHR sit-ups 3x6,8,8xBW
    2) bag flips 3x6x100
    Twists 3x28x30
    3) 45 Hypers 3x15,12,6xBW (massive back pump)
    4) run :[email protected]@2.5%

    Calves 3 sets.

    Tried a squat day. Really light. I can still feel it quite a bit. Doctor appointment next Tuesday. I'm hoping it's just a torn meniscus. Felt good to have something on my back though, even if it was only 115. BJJ tomorrow then OHP Wednesday.

  9. Tuesday 3/20/13

    Elliptical 13 minutes on program#2. 941 steps
    BJJ practice 1hour drilling. Not bad.

  10. Wednesday 3/20/13

    Rotator cuff
    DE Bench 2x20x45 added mini's 3x45 3x65 3x85 4x3x100 middle grip
    4x3x100 regular grip
    Military 8x45 5x85 5x105 3x125 1x135 14x138
    CS rows palms down 8x205 4x13,14,15x15x278
    Treadmill @[email protected]%
    1) log press 3x6x136
    Fatz rows 3x6x225
    2) 4-board 3x10x172
    Fatz curls 3x8x87
    3) dips 3x16,17,20xBW
    Inverts 3x11,11,13xBW
    4) run 1:[email protected]@2.5%

    Rotator reliever

    Good workout. PR on OHP.

  11. Thursday 3/21/13

    Elliptical 16 minutes on program #2.
    1176 steps
    184 calories.

    GI drilling 1 hour.

    Gonna try a light DL tomorrow. Doctors appointment on Tuesday.

  12. Friday 3/22/13

    Was supposed to try a light DL, but I am just tired as **** so I'm going to do it tomorrow afternoon. It's a real light, first session to see how the knee is. I think I have been a little too low on calories the last few days because of a messed up schedule Wednesday and Thursday. I'm going to have a few extra tonight and tomorrow is a cheat day. I think I'm going out to have dinner and watch the real NCAA finals.

  13. Saturday 3/23/13

    Hip complex, abductions, TKE's
    DE box 8x65 added light bands 2x65 8x2x115
    DL 1" mats 5x135 5x185 5x205 10x225
    GHR 3x8xBW
    Treadmill @[email protected]%
    1) snatch grip DL 3x6x135
    Ab Strap 3x10x87.5
    2) DB cleans 3x5x50
    Band rotations 3x8xMini
    3) straight leg GM's 3x15xGreen
    4) run 1:[email protected]@2.5%

    No more snatch grip. It fukked my shoulder up pretty badly. I'll do regular DL but off 3" mats.
    Knee mediocre as expected.

    Sunday 3/24/13
    Rotator cuff, neck strap
    Bench 2x20x45 8x95 8x115 5x135 5x155 3x175 19 or 20?? x178.5 1x195 3x210
    Pulldowns 8x70 8x140 4x11,12,13,14x171.5
    Treadmill @[email protected]%
    1) bench 3x7,10,10x164
    Fat Pulldowns 3x6x150.5
    2) laterals 3x14x25
    DB Press 3x8,10,10x40's
    3) 10-countz 3x6,6,7x45's
    Shrugs 3x10x200
    4) run 1:[email protected]@2.5%

    Pushdowns, rear delts, and rotator reliever.

    Good workout despite my shoulder being jacked up. Reps are getting a little higher than I'd like but I'm sure I'll drop off some during PCT.

  14. Tuesday 3/26/13

    Hip circles, swings, TKE's, abductions
    SSB Box 8xBW 8x65 5x115 1x135 15x155
    SLDL 5x135 5x185 3x12,13,15x209
    Lever bar 5x5 3x7,10,10x7.5
    Treadmill @[email protected]%
    1) reverse Hypers 3x8x117.5
    Ab bands 3x15xblue+green
    2) axle cleans 3x5x100
    Landmines 3x8x50
    3) 45 Hypers 3x15,12,8xBW
    4) run 2:00 @[email protected]%

    Calves 3 sets

    BJJ drilling 1 hour.

    Knee felt as usual. Had the doctors appointment today. Went as I expected. She did all the same tests the trainer did and basically told me I needed an MRI but insurance wouldn't pay for it until I had an x-ray done. So got that out of the way. Results tomorrow then I can move onto the MRI and get things scheduled with the orthopedist. Also have to go back in for a blood pressure check and lab work as BP was elevated. It always is and runs in the family. I am probably gonna end up on meds for it. It's always been high. When I fought last time I was at <10% body fat and had a resting pulse of 32 and it was still 130/85. Doctor said if my labs turn out alright it will just be a question of a little meds.
    Started HCGen and forma yesterday to prepare for PCT in 2 weeks.

  15. Wednesday 3/27/13

    Rotator cuff
    DE Bench 2x20x45 added 100 in chains 3x45 3x65 3x85 3x105 4x3x116.5 mid grip
    4x3x116.5 regular grip
    Military 8x45 5x65 5x85 5x105 2x125 18x127.5
    Croc rows 8x60 4x11,12,13,16x81
    Treadmill @[email protected]%
    1) log press 3x6x137
    DB fatz rows 3x8x45
    2) skull crushers 3x6,8,10x95.5
    Fat DB curls 3x6x42.5's
    3) Dips 3x10,10,15x7
    Inverts 3x11,13,13x7
    4) run 2:[email protected]@3%

    Rotator reliever.

    Another good workout. Got knee results. Nothing abnormal. I am going to try rehab. I am going to see if they will do some ultrasound to see if there is any scar tissue to break up, but in the meantime I'm going to ask for an MRI and get an appointment with the ortho.

  16. Thursday 3/28/13

    Elliptical 20 minutes @ program 2
    1456 steps 243.0 kcals

    Felt pretty good. Bodyweight was way up. 205.7?? Not sure what it is. Hopefully bloat. I've been good on calories and if anything a little under target so I'm not sure what's up. Thought I'd be lower at this point. We'll get a good weigh in number Saturday after practice.
    Ordering Osta and some S-4 tomorrow for my pct then cut. Thinking about some GW and LGD but I may hold off for a bit. It'd be a pretty big price tag for all of it.

  17. Friday 3/29/13

    Hip circles, swings, abductions, TKE's
    DE squats SSB box 8x65 added light bands 2x2x65 8x2x120
    DL 1.5" mats 5x135 5x185 3x215 12x235
    GHR 3x10xBW
    Treadmill @[email protected]%
    1) squats 3x6x115
    Lag raises 3x8xBW
    2) DB Snatch 3x10x41
    Side bends 3x15x45
    3) SLGM's 3x16xGreen
    4) run 2:[email protected]@3%

    BJJ 10 minutes live then dislocated thumb. Thanks very much. Just as things were looking better and better. It's all swelled up now. Gonna contrast it and hopefully it's not as bad as I think. We shall see.

  18. Thumb is screwed up. I have half a Shrek hand. Im gonna keep contrasting it and take the week off upper body, looks like. I'll be DL with straps hopefully. I'm thinking a week may get it back to where I can at least lift. I'm gonna be out of BJJ for a while. I am getting out my Parisi warmup and starting work in mobility for now. This sucks. Things were actually going well.

  19. Fired 5mg of TB-500 yesterday in an attempt to accelerate healing on the thumb. It is definitely feeling better but not good. Saw the trainer and nothing is broken or torn. Weight is up pretty good, but it's just bloat. I may have succumbed to some depression eating yesterday over the injury. I'm actually gonna try to bench today and see how it goes. If it doesn't I'll do my squat workout today and DL Friday and see where I am come next weekend.

  20. Monday 4/1/13

    Rotator cuff, neck
    Bench 2x20x45 8x95 8x115 5x135 5x155 3x175 2x185 17x189 1x200 6x210
    Pulldowns 8x70 8x140 4x13,14,15,15x172
    Treadmill @[email protected]%
    1) DB bench 3x10x66
    Fatz Pulldowns 3x6,7,7x150.75
    2) laterals 3x15x25's
    DB press 3x10x40's
    3) 10-counts 3x6,7,7x45's
    Shrugs 3x10x201
    4) run 2:[email protected]@3%

    Pushdowns, rear delts, plate pinches for thumb.

    Good workout considering I didn't think I'd be able to do much of anything with the thumb. Only thing it stopped me from doing was using the fat gripz on the 10-counts. Might be a while before I can curl with the fat grips. Concentric was okay, but lowering the DB's was total agony.

  21. good log man
    Controlled Labs Board Rep
    [email protected]
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  22. Tuesday 4/2/13

    Hip circles, swings, abductions, TKE's
    SSB box squats 8x65 8x115 5x145 17x165 8x185
    SLDL 8x135 5x185 3x15x210
    Treadmill @[email protected]%
    1) reverse Hypers 3x8x118
    GHR sit-ups 3x10x1.25
    2) bag flips 3x6,6,8x100
    Twists 3x30x30
    3) 45 Hypers 3x12xBW
    4) run 2:[email protected]@3%

    Calves 3 sets

    Decent workout. Thumb is still jacked. Swelling is reducing but still black and blue. Hurts like hell. Knee was feeling same as usual. Scheduling PT tomorrow. See how it goes. Elliptical tomorrow.
    Sean, thanks for checking it out.

  23. Wednesday 4/2/13

    Elliptical 20 minutes on program #2
    1437 steps 261.0 Kcals.

    One more then I'm upping to program 3.

    OHP tomorrow. Thumb still sucks. Pain is right on the point on the outside if the thumb.

  24. Thursday 4/4/13

    Rotator cuff
    DE Bench 2x20x45 added 100 in chains 3c45 3x65 3x85 3x105 4x3x117+100 mid grip 4x3x117+100 regular grip
    Military 8x45 5x85 5x105 3x125 16x135
    Crocs (straps) 8x60 4x12,13,14,18x81.5
    Treadmill @[email protected]%
    1) log 3x6x138
    DB fat rows 3x9x45's
    2) skulls 3x8,9,10x96.5
    Curls 3x6x45's
    3) dips 3x12,14,20x7
    Inverts 3x13x7
    4) 20/20's [email protected]@3%

    Rotator reliever

    Thumb is still trashed. I'm actually starting to get a little concerned. The point on the base of it hurts like crazy. I'll give it a few more days. If its not better I'm going to the doctor. Had to use straps on all my Croc rows and curl without the fat gripz. On a positive not I think the shoulder is +90% healed. Felt really good. Now if only I could get my knee working and cut off my thumb. Lol. Next week will be the last of my Hdrol run and I'll be going back to 3-day a week template. I'll post a start finish results post after its over and probably update it at the end of pct.

  25. Thursday 4/5/13

    Hip circles, swings
    SSB DE Squats 8x65 added light bands 3x65 2x105 8x2x125+light bands
    DL 1.5" mats 5x135 5x185 3x215 13x245
    GHR 3x11,11,13xBW
    Treadmill @[email protected]%
    1) DL 3" 3x6x185
    Ab strap 3x10x87.75
    2) DB cleans 3x5x52
    Band rotations 3x9xMini
    3) SLGM'S 3x17xGreen
    4) 20/20 5:[email protected]@3%

    Not bad. Knee felt as usual.


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