5/3/1 and Grappling 4 fun Log

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  1. Friday 1/18/13

    Rotator cuff
    DE Bench 2x20x45 added minis 3x45 3x65 3x85 8x3x97
    Military 8x45 added minis 5x45 5x65 3x105 9x111
    Croc Rows 8x60 4x10,10,11,14x80.25

    Called it a day. Taking a day for shoulder health.

  2. Wednesday 1/23/13

    Hips, dislocates
    DE squat SSB 2x8x65 2x65+100 2x95+100 2x115+100 4x2x130+100 4x2x132.5+100
    DL 1.5" 5x135 5x185 3x235 3x265 1x285 15x306
    Step-ups 3x6x60.5's
    Treadmill @[email protected]%
    1) GHR 3x6x5.5
    Ab bands 3x12xHeavy+light+mini
    2) cleans 3x3,3,4x126.5
    Land mines 3x8x48.75
    3) 45 Hypers 3x11,11,15x5
    4) run 1:[email protected]@2.5%

    Standing calves and rotator reliever.

    Not bad. Gym was cold as hell, zero degrees when i went out. My cooler was frozen solid and even my gel filled med balls were frozen. They look like oblong eggs and are as hard as concrete. I brought them in and put them in the tub with hot water to thaw. They are starting to melt and aren't oblong anymore. My heavy bag must have a lot of water in it too because it's as hard as a brick too.

  3. Sunday 1/27/13

    Rotator cuff, neck strap
    Bench 2x20x45 8x95 8x115 5x135 5x155 3x170 2x185 9x192
    Pulldowns 8x70 8x140 4x11,11,14,15x162.5
    Treadmill @[email protected]%
    1) DB Bench 3c8,9,9x61's
    Fatz Pulldowns 3x8,8,10x142.5
    2) laterals 3x16,17,18x20's
    DB press 3x9,10,11x32.5's
    3) 10-countz 3x3,4,4x43.75's
    Shrugs 3x10x192

    Pushdowns, face pulls, and rotator reliever, 3 sets. Trying to get back on schedule after a few days off for wrestling. I've decided to start my h-drol run February 15th. I hope to be in full swing and kicked in by the first of March so I can PCT April and be ready to grappling end of may if my shoulder is rehabbed.

  4. Wednesday 1/30/13

    Hip warmup, dislocates
    SSB Box Squats 2x8x65 8x155 5x205 3x225 9x252 3x10x180
    SSB GM's 8x115 3x12x146
    [email protected]@2.5%
    1) reverse Hypers 3x10x111.5
    An wheel 3x6,7,10x20
    2) DB snatch 3x4,5,5x46
    Twists 3x24x30
    3) pull throughs 3x10,10,8x63
    4) run 1:[email protected]@2.5%

    Calves and rotator reliever. Decent. Shoulder is improving. Still having issues with left knee?? Right one felt good though.

  5. Monday 2/4/13

    Rotator cuff, neck strap
    DE Bench 2x20x45 added minis 5x45 5x65 3x85 8x3x97.5 1x117.5+minis
    Military 8x45 added minis 5x45 5x65 3x85 3x105 5x117+mini's
    Crocs 8x60 4c10,10,11,14x80.5
    Treadmill @[email protected]%
    1) log press 3x5,5,5x133
    DB rows fatz 3x8,8,6x42.5's
    2) skull crushers 3x6x95
    Fatz BB curls 3x7,8,7x85.5
    3) close grip push-ups 3x12x14
    Inverted rows 3x10x14

    Rotator reliever 3 sets

    Mediocre workout. I missed Friday because I was sick as ****, and I'm still kinda sick. On a positive note my shoulder is feeling a whole let better. Hopefully I'm finally on the mend with it, now onto fixing my left knee.

  6. Wednesday 2/6/13

    Hips, rotator cuff, TKE's
    DE Squats SSB 2x8x65 2x65+100 2x95+100 2x115+100 8x2x135+100
    DL 1.5" mats 5x135 5x185 3x235 2x275 1x305 7x323
    Step-ups 3x6x60.75
    Treadmill @[email protected]%
    1) GHR 3x6x5.5
    Ab strap 3x10x86.25

    That was it. I have decided I need a break and I need to look at my programming and make some changes with the knee problems. First is I'm taking 10 days off. I'm over trained and tired. Second I think my lower body workouts are going to change when I get back. The knees are just not having it. I'm thinking sled pulling and posterior chain work only. Nothing requiring a deep knee bend for a while. It's gonna blow, but at this point my options are slim. The third thing is a visit to the doctor. Then on to the orthopedist. I am almost certain the left knee is a torn meniscus. That's an easy fix. The other o e I thing is hurting because of compensating for the bad knee. I have to get this worked out if I want to keep grappling. The good news is that the shoulder is definitely on the mend. I'm gonna keep babying it a while and also keep up the rehab/prehab and I'm optimistic it will further improve. I'm going to take this time to push up my upper body strength to better levels that match my lower body more closely.

  7. Well the layoff didn't last long.

    Sunday 2/10/13
    Rotator cuff and neck strap
    Bench 2x20x45 8x95 8x115 5x135 5x155 15x173 1x195 1x203
    Pulldowns 8x70 8x140 4x11,12,15,15x163
    Treadmill @[email protected]%
    1) bench 3x6,6,7x162.5
    Fatz Pulldowns 3x8,9,10x143
    2) laterals 3x15x21.25's
    DB press 3x11x32.5's
    3) 10-countz 3x4x45's
    Shrugs 3x10x192
    4) run 1:[email protected]@2.5%

    Pushdowns and face pulls 3sets, rotator reliever 2sets.

    Made a few decisions about training and my course of action. Started my hella run today. I'm going to ramp up my upper body strength while the knee is banged up and work on conditioning. My lower body workouts won't be treadmill style. I'm gonna sled pull, work my posterior chain hard, and that's it. My lower body strength has always outpaced my upper body so this will be a good opportunity to change that, at least for a while. I am waiting for an appointment to get the knee assessed, then hopefully a DO appointment by the end of April. The guy is super tough to get into see. He's one of the top 10 DO's in the world. Luckily he graduated from my school and my dad was actually his wrestling coach when he was little. He also did my dads shoulder and knee so I'm hoping for a little preferential treatment. Haha. I'm almost certain it's the meniscus. I'm gonna see the trainer tomorrow and ask him what he thinks.

  8. Monday 2/11/13

    Sled 2 trips 100 2 trips 110 2 trips 120
    SLDL 8x115 8x165 3x10,12,12x207.5
    Reverse Hypers 3x10x112
    Ab Bands 3x13,16,17xheavy+medium+mini
    Landmines 3x8x50
    Lever bar 8x5 3x6,6,10x7.5
    Calves 3x18,18,20x137
    Sprints 20/20 [email protected]@5% incline

    Easy day. Got me knee evaluated by the trainer. He did a McMurray test and he doesn't think it is torn. There was no clicking anywhere and he torqued it around pretty aggressively. He also tested the knee cap and did some laxity tests and they were all negative. His only idea was that I may have severely inflamed the fat pad between the bones. I'm still gonna get it checked but I hope he's right. That could be a big change in rehab time and methods.
    Shoulder was really sore and tired last night after lifting but this morning it felt really good. Not 100% mind you, but really, really good. I'm optimistic I've turned a corner on it.
    Diet is underway and going well. I'm a little under calories for this week by plan and the. I'm getting back to 2200-2500 a day. Heavy protein and a few extra carbs on upper body days, but nothing too drastic. Bodyweight was 201.0 today, so that's my jump off point. I'm going to take some pics for progress and curiosities sake this weekend and I'll post them up when this cycle is over.

  9. Wednesday 2/12/13

    Rotator cuff, neck strap
    DE bench 2x20x45 3x45+87 3x65+87 3x95+87 4x3x115+87 mid grip 4x3x115+87 regular grip
    Military 8x45 5x65 5x85 5x105 17x115
    CS Rows palms facing 8x205 4x12,12,14,14x255.5
    Treadmill @[email protected]%
    1) log press 3x5x133
    CS Rowz 3x6,8,10x206.5
    2) reverse band bench greens 3x8,8,10x180
    DB fatz curls 3x6,6,7x41.25's
    3) CG push-ups 3x12,12,13x14
    Inverted rows 3x10,10,11x14
    Run 1:[email protected]@2.5%

    Rotator reliever.

    Good workout but knee is severely Phukked.

  10. Thursday 2/14/13

    Sled backwards 2 trips 80 2 trips 90 2 trips 100
    Seated GM's 8x65 3x15x105
    Reverse Hypers 3x10x112.5
    Ab wheel 3x8,8,10x20
    Standing calves 3x20x137.5
    Side bends 3x15,20,20x30
    Lever bar 8x5 3x6,7,10x7.5
    20/20 [email protected]"2.5%

  11. Sunday 2/17/13

    Rotator cuff, neck
    Bench 2x20x45 8x95 8x115 5x135 5x155 2x175 12x183
    Pulldowns 8x70 8x140 4x12,14,15,15x163.5
    Treadmill @[email protected]%
    1) DB bench 3x9x62's
    Fatz Pulldowns 3x8,10,10x143.5
    2) laterals 3x15x21.25's
    DB press 3x6,6,10x35's
    3) 10-countz 3x4,4,5x45's
    Shrugs 3x10x193
    4) run 1:[email protected]@2.5%

    Push downs and rear delts.

  12. Monday 2/18/13

    Sled 2 trips @110 2 trips @120 2 trips @130
    SLDL 8x115 8x165 3x10,12,13x208
    Reverse Hypers 3x10x113
    Ab strap 3x10x86.5
    Band rotations 3x8xMini
    Fatz holds 3x20,25,35x50's
    Standing calves 3x21,22,23x138.5
    20/20 [email protected]@5%

  13. Wednesday 2/20/13

    Rotator cuff, neck
    DE bench 2x20x45 added 87 in chains 3x65 3x95 4x3x115.5 mid grip 4x3x115.5 regular grip
    Military 8x45 5x65 5x85 5x105 16x121.5
    CS Rows 8x205 4x12,12,15,15x256.5
    Treadmill @[email protected]%
    1) log press 3x5,5,6x133.5
    Fatz CS Rows 3x8,10,10x208
    2) reverse band bench 3x10x180
    Fatz DB curls 3x6,7,7x41.25's
    3) Close grip PU 3x12,12,14x14
    Inverted rows 3x10,11,12x14
    Run 1:[email protected]@2.5%

    Rotator reliever 2sets

    Pretty good workout. Hdrol is kicking in I believe. That's a PR on military for me since quitting MMA. I'd say its an all time PR at 200lbs. I put up 185 for 10 a bunch of years ago, but I weighed a tad under 230. Shoulder is improving, knee still sucks balls. Just got word that the doctor got my file, so I'm scheduling an appointment tomorrow. Hopefully in the next 2 weeks. I am having a real hard time not squatting and DL'ing.

  14. Thursday 2/21/13

    Sled backwards 2 [email protected] 2trips @100
    2 trips @110
    Seated GM's 8x65 3x15,20,20x110
    Reverse Hypers 3x10x113.5
    Ab Bands 3x16,18,20xBlue+green+mini
    Lever bar 5x5 3x6,8,10x7.5
    Land mines 3x8x50
    Standing calves 3x23,24,25x140
    20/20 [email protected]@5%
    Rotator reliever

    Easy workout. I want to squat!!!! Doctors appointment March 26th which sucks. I may try to get into the DO through the trainer at school. I'll talk to him Monday.

  15. Sunday 2/24/13

    Rotator cuff, neck
    Bench 2x20x45 8x95 8x115 5x135 5x155 3x175 1x185 11x193 2x203 PR
    Pulldowns 8x70 8x140 3x15x164 10x170
    Treadmill @[email protected]%
    1) bench 3x6,7,8x163
    Fatz Pulldowns 3x10x144
    2) laterals 3x16x21.25's
    DB press 3x7,8,13x35's
    3) 10-countz 3x4,5,5x45's
    Shrugs 3x10,10,12x195

    Pushdowns, face pulls, and rotator reliever.

    Pretty good workout. Hdrol is kicking in.

  16. Monday 2/25/13

    Sled forward 2 trips each at 120,130, and 140
    Reverse Hypers 3x10x114
    Hanging leg raises 3x8,8,6xBW
    Calves 3x25x141
    DB holds fatz 3x30,30,35x50's
    Side bends 3x15,20,20x35
    20/20 [email protected]@5% [email protected]@5%

    Easy workout. Boring as ****.

  17. Tuesday 2/26/13

    Elliptical 10 [email protected] program 2 700 steps

    Wednesday 2/27/13
    Rotator cuff, neck
    DE bench 2x20x45 added 87 in chains 3x45 3x65 3x95 4x3x116 close 4x116 regular 3x116+127 chains
    Military 8x45 5x65 5x85 5x105 3x125 15x128 PR
    CS Rows palms facing 8x205 4x15x257.5
    Treadmill @[email protected]%
    1) log press 3x6x134
    CA rows fatz 3x6,6,8x212.5
    2) reverse green bench 3x11x182
    Fatz DB curls 3x7x41.25's
    3) CG push-ups 3x12,15,16x14
    Inverted rows 3x11,11,13x14
    4) run 1:[email protected]@2.5%

    Extra tri's, rear delts, and rotator reliever.

    Very good workout. Feeling the Hdrol for sure. I am getting back on the cardio wagon a bit. Last week of wrestling for me so I'll have time. Planning on being in the school gym a few days a week to coach, so I'll hit the elliptical T & R. It was a little humbling. When I was fighting I was on program 9-10 before a fight for 20 minutes at a 70 paces/ minute pace which is really cranking. I'd then do speed rope for 15 minutes straight with a 20# vest. My how things have changed.

  18. Duplicate post

  19. Thursday 2/28/13

    Elliptical 11 minutes @program 2 for 786 steps.

  20. Friday 3/1/13

    Sled backwards 2 trips @ 100 2 @ 110 [email protected]
    Seated GM's 8x65 3x12x125

    That was it. Have regionals tonight. Back to bench on Sunday.

  21. Sunday 3/3/13

    Rotator cuff, neck
    Bench 2x20x45 8x95 8x115 5x135 5x155 2x165 18x175 1x195 3x205.5
    Pulldowns 8x70 8x140 4x10x170
    Treadmill @[email protected]%
    1) DB Bench 3x10x63.5's
    Fatz Pulldowns 3x10x145
    2) laterals 3x18x21.875's
    DB press 3x10,10,13x35's
    3) 10-countz 3x5,5,6x45's
    Shrugs 3x10x196.5
    4) run 1:50 seconds @[email protected]%

    Pushdowns, face pulls, and rotator reliever.

    Great workout. Stuff is really kicking in. I'm keeping calories up around 2500 and everything is moving well. Wish I could squat and DL. I know 15 pounds would be in the realm of possibility.

  22. Monday 3/4/13

    Sled forward [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] double trip @45
    SSB GM's 8x65 5x115 5x135 3x12,13,15x146.5
    Reverse Hypers 3x10x115
    Ab wheel 3x10x20
    Standing calves 3x13x145
    Twists 3x26x30
    DB holds 3x35 seconds x50's
    20/20 [email protected]@5%

    Rotator reliever

  23. Tuesday 3/5/13

    Elliptical 12 minutes program #2. 856 steps.

    OHP tomorrow. Knee is feeling mysteriously better all the sudden. Probably about 30-40% better. We will see. I'm not canceling the doctors appointment yet.

  24. Wednesday 3/6/13

    Rotator cuff, neck
    DE Bench 2x20x45 added minis 3x45 3x65 3x85 4x3x98 mid grip 4x3x98 regular
    Military 8x45 5x65 5x85 3x105 2x115 17x123.5
    CS Rows 8x205 4x11,11,12,13x276.5
    Treadmill @[email protected]%
    1) log 3x6x135
    CS rows 3x10x215
    2) 4 board 3x10,10,11x163
    Fatz curls 3x8x86
    3) Dips 3x10,10,12xBW
    Inverts 3x11,13,13x14
    4) run 1:[email protected]@2.5%

    Rotator reliever and rear delts.

    Good workout. Knee is getting better.

  25. Friday 3/8/13

    Sled backwards [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected]
    45 Hypers 3x15x10
    Reverse Hypers 3x10x115.5
    Ab strap 3x10,10,11x87
    Lever bar 8x5 3x6,9,10x7.5
    Band rotations 3x8xMini
    Standing calves 3x14x145.5
    20/20 7:[email protected]@5%

    Knee is actually feeling decent. I have been able to descend into a full squat (without weight) and come up without shifting, without significant pain. It still hurts pretty decently, but it's not a debilitating pain like before. I'll take this as progress. I'm benching tomorrow because I'm helping a kid at school put in a strongman contest to benefit the weight room for his senior project on Sunday. I'm taking my atlas stone and steel log so hopefully nobody gets killed.


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