5/3/1 and Grappling 4 fun Log

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  1. Friday 5/31/13

    Rotator cuff
    Bench 20x45 8x95 8x115 5x135 5x155 2x175 1x185 10x191.5 2x212.5
    Pulldowns 8x70 8x140 4x10,11,12,13x176
    Treadmill @[email protected]%
    1) bench 3x6,6,9x167
    Fatz pull downs 3x6x155
    2) laterals 3x8x30's
    DB Press 3x6,7,8x42.5's
    3) 10-counts 3x4,4,5x50's
    BB shrugs 3x6,7,7x207.5
    4) 20/20's 3:[email protected]@5%

    Mediocre workout. Weight is down too far, too fast I think. Adding in some calories. Osta and S-4 should be here next week so I can start a more serious cut without burning off my strength. BJJ today and a run tomorrow. Squats on Monday. Need to decide on stiff legged DL, yes or no? I may stick with them but drop the weight. We will see.

  2. Saturday 6/1/13

    No gi drilling 1:15 hours. All x-guard stuff after warm ups.

    Sunday 6/2/13
    6:[email protected]@4%
    6:[email protected]@4%
    6:[email protected]@4%

    Pretty easy. Squats tomorrow.

  3. Monday 6/3/13

    SSB squats box 8x65 8x115 5x155 3x195 15x225
    Free squats 10x155
    Seated GM's 8x65 3x8x115
    Treadmill @[email protected]%
    1) reverse hypers 3x8x112
    Hanging abs 3x8,9,9xBW
    2) Log Cleans 3x3x145
    Side bends 3x10x50
    3) 45 hypers 3x14,20,20xBW
    4) 40 yard dash 5 sprints with 1:00 between.

    Gonna work up on the sprints.

  4. bleh sprints suck
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  5. Boy do they. I am so sore I can't believe it.

    Tuesday 6/4/13
    3:00 warmup
    6:[email protected]@4%
    6:[email protected]@4%
    4:[email protected]@4% - 2:[email protected]@4.5%

    Not bad. Gonna slowly up the time and incline then start back on the mph's.

    Drilling 45 minutes of kimura hip bump series and x-guard progression.
    King of the guard 12 minutes.

  6. Wednesday 6/5/13

    Rotator cuff
    DE Bench 20x45 added 47 chains 3x45 3x85 3x105 4x3x118.5 mid grip 4x3x118.5 reg grip
    Military 8x45 5x85 5x105 3x125 1x135 14x138
    CS Rows 8x225 4x10,10,10,11x285
    Treadmill @[email protected]%
    1) log press 3x5x141.5
    Fatz CS rows 3x6,7,7x226
    2) 4-board 3x7,9,10
    DB curls 2x8x45's 7x46.625's
    3) dips 3x20x7
    Inverts 3x15x7
    4) 20/20's 3:[email protected]@5%

    Tough workout but pretty good. Must haves pushed it a little. I was a little nauseous for about 10 minutes afterwards. Legs are still incredibly sore. I may have to push back Fridays workout until Monday. I've been rolling them, front and back but we shall see.

  7. Thursday 6/6/13

    Live 12 rounds of 5:00

    Hard as hell. I am beaten to ****. Tomorrow may have to be an unscheduled off day.

  8. Friday 6/8/13

    Last day of school, thank the gods. Before I strangle one of them.

    3:00 warmup
    [email protected]@4%
    [email protected]@4%
    [email protected]@[email protected]@4.5%

    Not bad. Had to take a day off the weights. Neck is tweaked and I am just sore and beaten up so it was a good day to take off.

  9. Monday 6/10/13

    Hips, rotator cuff
    DE box SSB 8x65 added light bands 2x65
    2x115 8x2x132.5
    DL (floor) 5x135 5x185 3x235 13x265
    GHR 4x6,6,8,8xSingle micro

    Stopped here. Couldn't finish the workout. My garage was leaking so bad it was unreal. The wind tore a big patch of rolled roofing off and there was water everywhere. I drove straight to lowes and got 3 rolls. I just got done putting it on an hour ago. Now I just have to dry the gym out and clean it. That and now my platform has a sag in it I'm gonna have to fix. It's always something. But now it's at least done.

  10. Tuesday 6/11/13

    45 minutes drilling triangle progression
    6 minutes king of the guard
    6 minutes king of the pass
    3x5:00 live

    Not bad. Conditioning is coming along. Weight is slowly coming down.

  11. hm I'll hafta look that up to do
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    [email protected]
    CONTROLLED LABS products are produced in a GMP for Sport certified facility.

  12. Wednesday 6/12/13

    Rotator cuff, neck
    Bench 20x45 8x95 8x115 5x135 5x155 3x175 1x195 8x202 3x212.5
    Pull downs 8x70 8x140 4x10,11,13,13x176
    Treadmill @[email protected]%
    1) DB bench 3x11,12,12x60's
    Fatz pull downs 3x6,6,7x155.25
    2) laterals 3x9,9,10x30's
    DB press 3x8x42.5's
    3) 10-counts 3x4,5,6x50's
    BB shrugs 3x7x207
    4) 20/20's 3:[email protected]@5%

    Push downs and rotator cuff, 3 sets.

    Not terrible. Bench is suffering as predicted with the weight drop. Hopefully the Osta and S-4 will be kicked in soon and prevent any real deterioration while I cut. Thinking about ordering some GW. Also looking at my first real run. Found a source and I am in the process of deciding what I want to do and how much I want to spend. Thinking of a 10 week run of test at around 300 a week and var at around 80 a week and a lean bulk/recomp, depending where I am on body weight.

  13. Thursday 6/13/13
    warmup 3:00
    6:[email protected]@4%
    7:[email protected]@4%
    5:[email protected]@4.5%

    BJJ Live 8x5:00 minutes

  14. Friday 6/14/13

    Hip circles and swings
    SSB squats (finally able to dump the box) 8x65 8x115 5x155 5x185 15x205
    Seated GM'S 3x10,10,15x116
    Lever bar 8x2.5 3x18,20,25x3
    Treadmill @[email protected]%
    1) Reverse hypers 3c8x112.5
    Standing abs 3x15,15,20x50+short mini
    2) Bag Flips 3x8,8,10x100
    Land mines 3x8x50
    3) 45 hypers 3x15,20,20xBW
    4) 20/20's 3:[email protected]%

    Good workout. Finally able to squat without the box and felt great. Goal is 275 working max by the end of summer. I'm setting it at 245 to start right now. Thinking I've turned a corner on the knees and hips. I'll probably never squat with the straight bar again, but I can live with it. Also hooked up a new rig for standing abs and it worked great. I can load it with weights and bands.

    On another note I made the leap and ordered a var and test cycle to be started next spring. I need to hit some more numbers drug free and I want to do some more BJJ competitions at this weight before I move up.

  15. Monday 6/17/13

    3:00 warmup
    7:[email protected]@4%
    7:[email protected]@4.5%
    7:[email protected]@4.5%

    Then later:

    Rotator cuff
    DE bench 20x45 added 47 chains 3x85 3x105
    4x3x119 mid 4x3x119 regular
    Military 8x45 5x85 5x105 5x125 1x135 10x145.5
    CS rows palms down 8x225 4x10,10,11,12x285.5
    Treadmill @.[email protected]%
    1) log 3x4x145
    CS rows fatz 3x7x226.5
    2) 4-board 3x8,10,10x176.5
    DB curls 3x7,8,9x47.5's
    3) dips 3x10x10
    Inverts 3c10x10
    GHR sit-ups 3x8x5

    Skipped the run in the evening. I had to hit the one in the morning because I missed it yesterday.

  16. Tuesday 6/18/13

    Warmup 3:00
    7:[email protected]@5%
    7:[email protected]@5%
    7:[email protected]@5%

    BJJ practice
    1 hour. Triangle entries and finishes
    Live 3x5:00

  17. Wednesday 6/18/13

    DE box 8x65 added lights 2x65 2x115 8x2x133
    DL (0") 5x135 5x185 3x235 1x265 14x280
    GHR 4x6,8,8,8xSingle micro
    Treadmill @[email protected]%
    1) SSB squats 3x7,8,10x145
    Ab strap 3x8x90
    2) DB cleans 3x6x56
    Side bends 3x12x50
    3) stiff leg DL 3x15xGreen
    4) 20/20's 4:[email protected]@5%

    Good, solid workout. Started GW today. Looking forward to it. Var also came in. Stores in a nice safe place for now.

  18. Wednesday 6/19/13

    BJJ drilling X-guard, single leg x and some standing passes

    Thursday 6/20/13
    BJJ live 8x5:00

    Skipped treadmill today to give my Achilles a break and I wanted to resheet my platform as well.

  19. Friday 6/21/13

    Rotator cuff, neck
    Bench 20x45 8x95 8x115 5x135 5x155 2x175 15x181.5
    Pull downs 8x70 8x140 4x11,11,13,13x176.25
    Treadmill @[email protected]%
    1) bench 3x6,7,10x167.5
    Fatz pull downs 3x6,7,8x155.5
    2) laterals 3x10,11,12x30's
    Wind chime OHP 3x8x66
    3) 10-counts 3x5,6,7x50's
    DB shrugs 3x11x50's
    Hanging abs 3x8,9,9xBW
    4) 20/20's 5:[email protected]@5%

    Push downs and rotator cuff work. Not bad. Off to Philly for the weekend. Weighed out of practice yesterday at 190.2.

  20. Sunday 6/23/13

    Treadmill 3:00 warmup
    7:[email protected]@5%
    7:[email protected]@5%
    7:[email protected]@5%
    Steady run 4:[email protected]@0%

    Monday 6/24/13

    Hip circles, swings
    SSB squats 8x65 8x115 5x155 3x185 2x205 20x212.5
    SSB GM's 5x115 3x11,13,15x154
    Treadmill @[email protected]%
    1) reverse hypers 3x9x113
    Standing abs 3x20x55+mini
    2) log cleans 3x5x145.5
    Land mines 3x10x50
    3) 45 hypers 3x17,20,20xBW
    4) 20/20's 5:[email protected]@5%

    Great workout. Feels really good to squat hard again. The GW has definitely kicked in. I probably could have ground out 2-5 more reps on squats. I'm still a long way off from where I was, probably 50 pounds on working max and more in real terms, but I think if I stay healthy ill erase that by beginning of fall.

  21. Tuesday 6/25/13

    3:00 warmup
    7:[email protected]@5%
    7:[email protected]@5%
    7:[email protected]@5%

    BJJ 30 minutes drilling triangle entries
    6x5:00 live


  22. Wednesday 6/26/13

    Rotator cuff
    DE Bench 20x45 added Mini's 3x45 3x65 3x85
    4x3x102.5 mid grip 4x3x102.5 regular grip
    Military 8x45 5x85 5x105 2x125 15x131
    Croc Rows 8x60 4x11,12,15,17x81.25
    Treadmill @[email protected]%
    1) log press 3x4,5,6x145
    Fatz DB Rows 3x6x47.5's
    2) skulls 3x10x98
    BB curls 3x8,10,10x91.5
    3) Dips 3x10,10,11x10.25
    Inverts 3x10,10,11x10.25
    GHR Sit-ups 3x8,9,12x5
    4) 20/20's 5:[email protected]@5%

    Good workout. Pretty tough.

  23. Thursday 6/17/13

    Warmup 3:00
    7:[email protected]@5%
    7:[email protected]@5%
    7:[email protected]@5%

    Steady run 5:[email protected]

    BJJ live 9x5:00

    Weight was up around 190.0?? Not sure why. Diet has been pretty tight although I did do a bit of a high day yesterday so that could be it.

  24. Friday 6/28/13

    DE box w/SSB 8x65 2x65+54 2x115+54
    DL (1/2") 5x135 5x185 3x235 18x255
    GHR 4x8x Single micro
    [email protected]@3%
    1) DL (3") 3x5x197.5
    Ab pulldwns 3x9x90
    2) DB snatch 3x5x47.5
    Rotations 3x10xMini
    3) stiff leg GM'S 3x15xGreen
    4) 20/20's 5:[email protected]@5%

  25. Saturday 6/29/23

    No gi
    Drilling 45 minutes.
    X-guard, single leg x, leg drag pass, and switch kick pass. My new go to standing pass. Haha

    Live 3x5:00

  26. Skipped treadmill yesterday to recoup a little bit.

    Monday 7/1/13
    Rotator cuff, neck
    Bench 20x45 8x95 8x115 5x135 5x155 2x175 1x185 11x192 2x213
    Pulldowns 8x70 8x140 4x11,13,13,13x176.5
    Treadmill @9.2 mph @3%
    1) DB bench 3x13x60's
    Fatz pulldowns 3x7,7,8x155.75
    2) laterals 3x11,12,13x30's
    Wind chime press 3x8x67
    3) 10-counts 3x6,7,8x50's
    DB shrugs 3x12x50's
    Hanging abs 3x9,9,10xBW
    4) 20/20's 5:[email protected]@5%

    Good workout. Going to try and get an extra workout in this week so I can be done with this mesocycle before I go on vacation on the 17th. Beach bound after this tourney baby.

  27. Tuesday 7/2/13

    SSB Squats 8x65 8x115 5x155 3x185 2x205 20x225 2x250
    SSB GM's 4x10,11,12,13x115

    Called it here. I tweaked my back pretty good again. I am going to rethink my assistance work after squats. I think I am going to go real light, high reps, and low rest intervals and just go for a 'pump' and muscle building. I am getting concerned that the weights and volume I used to be able to handle are no longer possible. I'm going to treat it as more a prehab/rehab movement, just like I am with GHR's.
    Good news is that even with all the time off from squatting (6 months) my squat is still strong and coming back fast. I guess all the assistance and accessory work for that 6 months paid off a little bit.

  28. Tuesday 7/2/13

    Drilling 30 minutes triangle entries and counters.
    Live 4x5:00

    Didn't go real well. Back is hurting pretty good. Hopefully this won't last long. I'll be good for the tournament but I'm worried about working out to make weight now.

  29. Sunday 7/7/13

    Warmup 3:00
    7:[email protected]@5%
    7:[email protected]@5%
    7:[email protected]@5%

    Finally got something in. Back has been really ****ty. Rolled the hell out of it with PVC and a Lax ball yesterday and it's killer sore today. Hopefully tomorrow it will be a lot better. On a positive note my weight was down to 185.2 so I'm where I need to be, I just need to be healthy. Tomorrow will determine whether I compete Saturday. If I can do a full workout without problems ill be good to go, if not then looks like I'm out of this one.

  30. Competing?
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