5/3/1 and Grappling 4 fun Log

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  1. Friday 3/30/12
    Hip circles, swings, dislocates
    DE squats 2x8x45 added light bands 2x45 2x75 2x100 8x2x117
    DL 5x135 5x185 5x225 3x255 2x285 12x300
    Step ups 3x6,6,8x50's
    Treadmill circuit @[email protected]%
    1) GHR 3x6,8,12xBW. Tuff as ****
    Ab strap 3x8x81
    2) axle cleans 3x5x111
    Band rotations 3x10xDouble micro
    3) box jumps 3x4,4,6x7chains
    4) sprints [email protected]@2.5%

    Pretty decent. Going back to Hamburg in April for another go at that brown belt. Upping conditioning and going to monitor the diet a tad more. Also, a guy and I decided we are going to buckle down hard this summer and try to find a big tournament to hit. Hopefully a Grapplers quest or something out in Jersey. My run in the open is about over so I'd like to try a big advanced tournament or two before I'm confined tongue masters division permanently.

  2. Sunday 4/1/12
    Rotator cuff
    Bench 2x20x45 8x95 5x115 5x135 3x145 18x156.5
    Chins 5x5,5,9,10,12xBW
    Treadmill circuit @[email protected]%
    1) Bench 3x13,15,15x134
    Pulldowns 3x15x92.5
    2) cable laterals 3x12,14,15x10.75
    DB shrugs 3x8,9,10x70's
    3) 10-counts 3x4,5,6x35's
    4) sprints [email protected]@2.5%
    3 minutes
    Band pushdowns 3x35xMini
    Band row complex 4 circuits

    Good workout. I seem to be getting stronger and in better shape. Bodyweight staying steady at around 185-187.

  3. Monday 4/2/12
    Treadmill workout
    1x3:00 warmup
    [email protected]@2.5%[email protected]@2.5%
    [email protected]@2.5%[email protected]@2.5%
    [email protected]@2.5%[email protected]@2.5%

    Not bad. No Gi and Gi tomorrow. Also Thursday. No practice this Saturday. Gives me a chance to get some yard work done.

  4. Tuesday 4/3/12
    Treadmill workout
    Warmup 1x3:00
    [email protected]@2.5%[email protected]@2.5%
    [email protected]@2.5%[email protected]@2.5%
    [email protected]@2.5%[email protected]@2.5%

    No Gi. 45 minutes of drilling
    Gi 1:15 hours of drilling

    Knees are really hurting. I think doing my hurdle work on the hard floor in my gym has taken its toll on my knees. I am going to decide on whether to put in something else or to drag out my old wall mats and cut them to do my jumps on them.

  5. Wednesday 4/4/12
    Hip circles, swings, dislocates
    Squats 2x8x45 8x115 5x135 5x185 5x215 16x240.5
    SSB GM's 8x85 3x14,18,20x117.5
    Lever bar 2x5x5 3x6,6,8x6.25
    Treadmill [email protected]@2.5%
    1) reverse Hypers 3x10x85
    Ab wheel 3x5,5,7x14 chains
    2) bag flips 3x6,6,8x110 bag
    3) SSB squats 3x6x115
    4) sprints [email protected]@2.5%

  6. Thursday 4/5/12
    Rotator cuff
    DE Bench 2x20x45 Added minis 3x45 3x65 8x3x87.5
    Military 8x45 Added minis 5x45 5x65 5x75 17x87
    CS Rows palms facing 10x225 4x15x236
    Treadmill circuit @[email protected]%
    1) Log Press 3x6x113.5
    CS rows 3x9,12,15x187.5
    2) reverse band bench 3x13,15,15x156.5
    Fatz BB curls 3x8,10,10x77
    3) dips 3x11,15,16xBW
    Inverted rows 3x10,11,11xBW
    4) Sprints [email protected]@2.5%

    Gi live 10x5:00 matches.

  7. Sunday 4/8/12
    Treadmill workout
    Warmup 1x3:00
    [email protected]@2.5%[email protected]@2.5%
    [email protected]@2.5%[email protected]@2.5%
    [email protected]@2.5%[email protected]@2.5%

    Pretty decent. Two more till I hit my targets then I should get two more there before the tournament.

  8. Monday 4/9/12
    Hip circles, swings
    DE squats 2x8x45 added light bands 2x45 2x75 2x100 8x2x118
    DL 1/2" mats 5x135 5x185 3x225 3x250 16x270
    One leg squats 2x9,10x27.5 1x8x30
    Treadmill circuit @[email protected]%
    1) GHR 3x8xBW
    Ab strap 3x8,8,9x81.25
    2) axle sumo 3x6,6,8x170
    Band rotations 3x6xmini
    3) box jumps 3x4,5,6x7 chain
    4) Sprints [email protected]@2.5%

    Gi grip 2x30's

    Not bad. Having some trouble with my left wrist when I am using a fat bar or fat Gripz for a pulling movement. Almost feels like Carpal Tunnel. GHR have definitely stalled. I am going to go To doing them with hands down by my sides and really ramp up the reps, or I may go back to a mini band assist for a while.
    Bench and practice tomorrow. Got another lead on a possible gym location, but I'm having money problems all the sudden. The wife cannot seem to find a job and unemployment doesn't pay the bills.

  9. Tuesday 4/10/12
    Rotator cuff
    Bench 2x20x45 8x95 5x115 5x135 3x155 15x165.5 2x2x184
    Chins 5x5,5,10,11,13xBW
    Treadmill circuit @[email protected]%
    1) Bench 3x15x135
    Pulldowns 3x15x95
    2) cable laterals 3x12,15,15x11
    DB Shrugs 3x8,10,11x70's
    3) 10-counts 3x4,6,6x36.25's
    4) sprints [email protected]@2.5%

    Band pushdowns 3x36xMini

  10. Tuesday 4/10/12

    Gi drilling 1 hr
    Gi live 5x5:00

    Pretty sore from two days in a row. Bodyweight 183.4 after practice.

    Wednesday 4/11/12
    Treadmill workout
    1x4:00 warmup
    [email protected]@2.5%
    [email protected]@2.5%
    [email protected]@2.5%

    Relatively easy. Going up tomorrow.

  11. Thursday 4/12/12

    Treadmill workout
    [email protected]@2.5%
    [email protected]@2.5%
    [email protected]@2.5%

    No Gi drilling 45 minutes
    Gi rolling 7x5:00 live

    Really worn out. Having some extra carb calories tonight. Squats tomorrow. Hopefully I'll feel better tomorrow. Food this weekend then next week is pretty strict and weight cutting on Friday.

  12. Subbed in brother

  13. Musclegauge1. Cool, I wasn't sure if anybody still checked on me or not.

    Friday 4/13/12
    Hip circles, swings, dislocates
    Squats 2x8x45 8x115 5x135 5x185 3x225 14x245
    SSB GM's 8x85 3x16,20,20x118.5
    Lever bar 2x5x5 3x6,7,9x6.25
    Treadmill circuit @[email protected]%
    1) Reverse Hypers 3x10x86
    Ab wheel 3x5,5,9x14 chains
    2) log cleans 3x5x122
    Twists 3x28x20
    3) Zercher Squats 3x6x85
    4) Sprints [email protected]@2.5%

    Gi grip 3x30's

    Felt pretty good. The extra calories must have helped. Didn't take much. I wonder if I was overestimating my intake a little. Practice and cheat day tomorrow.

  14. Saturday 4/14/12
    Gi drilling 1 hour
    No Gi drilling 20 minutes
    No Gi live 5x5:00

    Sunday 4/15/12
    Rotator cuff
    DE bench 2x20x45 added mini's 3x45 3x65 8x3x88
    Military 8x45 added mini's 5x45 3x65 3x80 15x92
    CS Rows 10x225 4x15,15,15,18x237.5
    Treadmill circuit @[email protected]%
    1) log Press 3x6x115
    CS Rows Fatz 3x12,15,5x188
    2) reverse band bench mid grip 3x8,9,11x165
    Fatz Curls 3x10x77.5
    3) Dips 3x13,16,18xBW
    Inverted Ross 3x11xBW
    4) sprints [email protected]@2.5%

    Didn't feel up to it but went well and glad I got it done.

  15. Monday 4/16/12
    Treadmill sprints
    Warmup 1x4:00
    [email protected]@2.5%
    [email protected]@2.5%
    [email protected]@2.5%[email protected]@2.5%

  16. Tuesday 4/17/12
    DE Squats 2x8x45 added light bands 2x45 2x75 2x100 8x2x119
    DL 1/2" mats 5x135 5x185 3x225 3x255 14x286
    One leg squats 3x8x30
    Treadmill circuit @[email protected]%
    1) GHR arms down 3x6xBW
    Ab Strap 3x8,9,9x81.5
    2) axle cleans 3x5x111.5
    Band rotations 3x6,6,7xmini
    3) box jumps 3x4,6,6x7 chains
    4). Sprints [email protected]@2.5%

    Was in a hurry. Postponing rolling till tomorrow. Wife had an emergency with her mother tonight and won't be home in time for me to get to practice.

  17. Wednesday 4/18/12
    Treadmill run
    Warmup 1x4:00
    [email protected]@2.5%
    [email protected]@2.5%
    [email protected]@2.5%[email protected]@2.5%

    Gi drilling about 45 minutes
    Gi live 4x5:00

  18. Saturday 4/21/12

    Tournament report. I made weight without trouble at 178. I was in the open advanced and there were only two or us, unfortunately for me my opponent was a 240lbs or so black-belt from jersey. I pulled butterfly and hit lockdown and got in on old school but changed to a single leg lift, but just couldn't clean up so I went back to old school and sat him for 2, or so I thought. I ended in half guard and having an advantage I thought I'd try to pass. I figured even if I missed it I win on advantage. He was too strong and popped me over and got two and then I found out I didn't get any points or even an advantage. ????? Lost 2-0. Gi I had 3 matches. First I won by arm triangle from mount, second by points against my team mate and third I beat a kid with arms like Aahhhnuld, with a paper cutter choke using the Gi in north south.
    Then it was absolute. First match was a young kid and I rolled real easy and let him work. Won by points. Second was a guy a good bit lighter, maybe a 150lb'r. I worked him and won by arm bar. At this point I was cooked. Semi match was a real good guy around 190 lbs. Had some nice x-guard sweeps and a pass and won 10-3 and I was done. The guy in the finals was 210 lbs with arms like an ape and had only had 2, 1 minute or so matches. I just couldn't go. At this point I was severely overheated and had some serious shakes and tremors from dehydration and low blood sugar so I pulled out and gave it to him. Semi fresh I could have beaten him I think, but I just didn't have any tank left. Finished 6-1 with 3 submissions including that choke. Hoping this will get me my last stripe and off to the blue belt test this fall when I can arrange it financially. Got two second places and one first.
    Now I feel like someone beat me with a sack full of doorknobs. Hopefully I'll be able to get back at it Thursday or Friday, at least in the weight room.

  19. Friday 4/27/12
    Rotator cuff
    Bench 2x20x45 8x95 5x115 5x135 3x155 10x175
    Chins 5x5,5,10,12,12xBW
    Treadmill circuit @[email protected]%
    1) bench :x8,8,14x140
    Fatz Pulldowns 3x8,8,15x105
    2) cable laterals 3x8x15
    DB Shrugs 3x8,10,12x70's
    3) 10counts 3x5,6,7x36.25's
    4) sprints [email protected]@2.5%

    Tough workout, but I knew it would be. I've been out of the weightroom since last Tuesday. Also I've been eating garbage and not enough good calories. No practice today, we are moving the gym to a new location. It's a huge indoor sports complex and gym. Should be a big improvement. I've been in it once for weigh-ins for a fight a few years back.

  20. Monday 4/30/12
    Treadmill workout.
    1x4:00. Warmup
    [email protected]@2.5%
    [email protected]@2.5%
    [email protected]@2.5%

    First one back. I took it pretty easy, but I'm going to ramp up pretty quickly i think I'm doing a big tournament memorial day weekend in Pittsburgh, at least if I can scratch up the funds. They even have a cash prize no-Gi absolute, but I'm not sure about that. I took today off from squat. I spot loaded a push/pull meet yesterday and my back was pretty sore so I'll do it tomorrow. We also had a strict curl contest. First time we've ever done that or I've even seen one. It was pretty neat. Nice and easy to load also.

  21. Tuesday 5/1/12
    Hip circles, swings, dislocates.
    Squats 2x8x45 8x115 5x135 5x185 5x215 3x240 6x268.5
    SSB GM's 8x85 3x18,20,20x120
    Lever bar 2x5x5 3x6,7,12x6.25
    Treadmill circuit @[email protected]%
    1) reverse Hypers 3x10x87
    Ab wheel 3x5,5,10x14 chains
    2) bag flips 3x6,8,8x110
    Twists 3x16x25
    3) SSB Squats 3x6,6,8x116
    4) sprints [email protected]@2.5%

    Not a great workout. Hips were really stiff and back was tweaked and still sore. I'm not to worried about it. I'm still taking my regular jump for the next cycle. It's just a hangover from my time off after the tournament. I looked, it's been 18 days since my last squat workout.

  22. Tuesday 5/1/12
    Gi drilling 1 hr.

    Wednesday 5/2/12
    rotator cuff
    DE Bench 2x20x45 Added Mini's 3x45 3x65 8x3x90
    Military 8x45 Added mini's 5x45 5x65 3x80 12x97
    CS Rows 10x225 4x15,15,15,16x240
    Treadmill circuit @[email protected]%
    1) log press 3x6x115.5
    Fatz CS Rows 3x13x188.5
    2) reverse band bench 3x8,10,12x165.5
    Fatz curls 3x6x90
    3) Dips 3x13,16,19xBW
    Inverted rows 3x11,11,12xBW
    4) sprints [email protected]@2.5%

  23. Thursday 5/3/12
    Treadmill workout
    1x4:00 warmup
    [email protected]@2.5%
    [email protected]@2.5%
    [email protected]@2.5%

    Pretty easy. Going up .2 mph next workout

    No-Gi drilling. Basics 1hr
    Gi live 7x5:00.

  24. Friday 5/4/12
    Hip circles, swings, dislocates
    DE Squats 2x8x45 added light bands 2x45 2x75 2x100 8x2x120
    DL 1/2" mats 5x135 5x185 3x235 2x270 10x302 2x1,1x317.5
    One leg squats 3x9,10,12x30
    Treadmill circuit @[email protected]%
    1) GHR 3x6,6,8xBW hands down
    Ab strap 3x7,9,10x81.75
    2) sumo DL 1/2" mats 3x5x185
    Band rotations 3x6,7,8xMini
    3) Box jumps 3x5,6,6x7 chains
    4) sprints [email protected]@2.5%[email protected]@2.5%

  25. Sunday 5/6/12
    Rotator cuff
    Bench 2x20x45 8x95 5x115 5x135 3x150 16x157.5
    Chins 6x5,5,5,10,12,13xBW
    Treadmill circuit @[email protected]%
    1) bench 3x8,9,15x140.5
    Fatz Pulldowns 3x8,10,15x106
    2) standing laterals 3x15,15,16x32.5's
    Shrugs 3x8,10,13x70's
    3) 10-counts 3x6,7,8x36.25's
    4) sprints [email protected]@2.5% - [email protected]@2.5%

    Forgot to do extra tricep and back, band work. No big deal. After that I did ME grass cutting and weeding. I hate yard work. Sprint workouts next two days then squats and BJJ on Wednesday. I have a school board meeting to attend Tuesday and will miss my normal day. Later tonight I'll post up my numbers for last cycle and my new working numbers for this one.


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