Pain when training chest, would like some help guys!!

  1. Pain when training chest, would like some help guys!!

    I train my chest once. The past three weeks I have noticed that when I began to lift I get a sharp pain in my pectoral major where it connects up into the shoulder( i'm not exactly sure where it connects, not too familiar with anatomy). It only hurts my first few sets and then it goes away. I noticed that this week the pain is still there after a day of rest. I have a few ideas of what it may be, but would love input from everyone.

    - Straining from lack of warming up or stretching prior to workout?

    - Straining due to improper form while benching?

    - Any other ideas???

    Thanks to all!!

  2. Push your palms together as if you are going to squish something in your hand. Do you feel the sharp pain while doing that? If so then you probably have what I get on and off, and that is pec tendonitis. I have switched from heavy, to light, to you name it. I found that not bringing sets to failure and not maxing often at all really have eliminated the majority of the issue. Slow grinders flare the issue up immediately for me. Hope this helps to some degree.
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  3. Thanks man

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