hitsquaddd's training log.

  1. hitsquaddd's training log.

    Day 1 (monday)
    5 min warm up on treadmill, highest incline.
    Back Squats (A2G): 1x10,8,5,3,1,1,20
    Leg Presses: 1x10,8,5,3,10
    Single Leg Squats: 2x10
    Leg Extensions: 3x10
    Calf Presses: 4x25

    Day 2 (wednesday)
    Barbell Bench: 1x10,8,5,3,1,1,1
    Flat DB Bench: 3x8-10
    Incline Flyes: 1x12,10,8,5
    Standing Cable Flyes: 3x8
    Pull Ups: 3xf
    Cable Crunches: 1x10,8,5,3,1,10

    Day 3 (thursday) Lats/Traps
    DB Pullovers: 3x10-12
    Barbell Rows: 1x10,8,5,3,10
    Close Grip Pulldowns: 1x10,8,5,3,10
    Cable Rows: 3x6-8
    1-Arm DB Rows: 3x8-10
    DB Shrugs: 3x12
    1-Arm DB Shrugs: 4x10-12

    Day 4 (friday) Deads/hams/bi's/farmers walk
    Romanian Deadlifts: 1x10,8,5,3,1
    DB SLDL: 1x10,8,5,10
    Lying Leg Curls: 3x8-10
    1-Arm Seated Curls: 3x8-10
    Close-Grip Pull Ups: 3xf
    Farmers Walk w/ trap bar: 10 laps

    Day 5 (saturday) Delts/Tri/Abs
    DB Shoulder Presses: 3x6-8
    DB Front Raises: 3x8-10
    Rear Delt Flyes: 3x10-12
    Close-Grip Bench: 1x10,8,5,3,1,10
    Tricep Pushdowns: 3x8-10
    French Presses: 3x8-10
    Cable Crunches: 1x10,8,5,3,1,10

  2. Day 1 (monday)
    5 min warm up on treadmill, highest incline.

    Back Squats (A2G): 1x10,8,5,3,1,1,20
    1) 10 reps with 225
    2) 8 reps with 245
    3) 5 reps with 315
    4) 3 reps with 385
    5) 1 rep with 405
    6) 1 rep with 415
    7) 20 reps with 235

    Leg Presses: 1x10,8,5,3,10
    1) 10 reps with 465
    2) 8 reps with 630
    3) 5 reps with 810
    4) 3 reps with 850
    5) 10 reps with 345

    Single Leg Squats: 2x10
    *no weights today*

    Leg Extensions: 3x10
    Quads were so beat so I just stuck with 130lbs for all 3 sets

    Calf Presses: 4x25
    Calf machine at Planet Fitness only goes up to 200 lbs. All sets were completed with 200 lbs.

    *1-2 min breaks in between the big compound movements.

    *Holding the barbell for squats have been killing my shoulders. Both my AC joints healed improperly (dislocated both during football back in highschool). Noticed that my left knee was pivoting inward as I got up from doing squats (I have "glucosamine deficiency" as my doctor says, so my left knee cap has been bothering me for years on end).

    *Didn't have a pre-workout meal, had to get to the gym quick before work. Ate a slice of toast (wheat) with Nutella on the way to the gym.

    Overall, beat workout. Couldn't push myself mentally, felt dizzy from having a ****ty pre-workout "meal". Knee and shoulders are becoming worse over the years.

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