JayDee's 2011 Season Progress

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  1. JayDee's 2011 Season Progress

    Hello AM!! This is my 2011 NPC progress log. I will be posting workouts, pics, videos, etc for your viewing pleasure. Please feel free to follow me through my journey to my next show and don't hesitate to ask any questions about anything...competing, AMS supplements, nutrition, lifting, etc. Let's KILL IT!!!!!
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  2. 12/14/10 - Back, Bis, Traps

    Deads - 335x12(+2rp), 275x17(+2rp), 225x18(+3rp)

    WG Lat Pulls - 235x10(+5lbs), 205x12(+5lbs and 2rp), 175x15(+5lbs and 5rp)

    Bent Over BB Rows - 205x15(+3rp), 175x14(+20lbs and 2rp), 135x15(+3rp)

    EZ Curls - 90x13(+2rp), 70x10(+2rp), 50x13

    Machine Preacher Curls - 120x12(+5lbs), 100x8(+10lbs), 80x11(+10lbs)

    High Pulley Cable Curls - 65x11(+5lbs), 55x7(+5lbs), 45x9(+5lbs)

    I was supposed to do DB shrugs as well, but I was just exhausted and kept coughing really hard. I went to the Dr yesterday and I have bronchitis. That explains the coughing. Bronchitis isn't the best way to start out a training log lol. Hopefully I will feel well enough to train tomorrow. Today was supposed to be chest, delts, and tris...
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  3. Just to give a little info regarding my training: I basically do drop sets for everything. For me, it has been the best way to steadily gain mass, strength, and improve overall shape, even while preparing for a show. I typically do 3-4 exercises per body part, 8-12 reps for upper body and 12-15 reps for lower body. I rest for 15-20sec between sets to keep intensity high. This program combined with my diet, allowed me to actually grow into my show and gain muscle while losing fat at the same time. I started at 16 weeks out at 15% bf and 202lbs. I ended at 4.6% bf and 175.2lbs the evening before my show. I am now at 201lbs and around 8% bf after binging for the past month or so lol.
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  4. 12/17/10 - Chest, Delts, Tris

    Flat DB Press - 85x12(+5lbs), 75x9(+5lbs and 2rp), 65x9(+5lbs and 1rp)

    Incline BB Press - 175x9(+20lbs), 155x6(+10lbs), 135x6

    Cable Flyes - 65x12(+10lbs), 55x9(+10lbs), 45x9(+10lbs)

    Smythe Mil Press - 140x12(+3rp), 110x11, 90x8

    Standing DB Side Laterals - 40x10(+5lbs), 35x6(+5lbs), 30x10(+5lbs)

    Reverse Grip Smythe Bench - 140x11(+1rp), 110x9, 90x10(+2rp)

    Skull Crushers - 70x9(+10lbs), 60x7(+10lbs), 50x9(+10lbs)
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  5. 12/20/10 - Quads, Hams, Calves, Abs

    Squats - 315x15(+20lbs), 225x12, 185x12

    Leg Press - 460x15(+10lbs), 360x15(+3rp), 270x15(+2rp)

    Smythe Calve Raises - 275x16(+20lbs), 180x15(+1rp), 90x15

    Leg Extensions - 220x16(+15lbs), 190x13(+15lbs), 160x11(+15lbs)

    Seated Leg Curls - 140x15(+3rp), 125x12, 110x13

    Rope Crunches - 200x23, 170x22, 140x25

    Great session and an awesome pump in my quads, hams, and calves.
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  6. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME 25yrs old today WOOOOOTT!!
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  7. Happy Birthday!

  8. hey bro - reps for logging progress without running any PH, DS, and AAS. Show us how its done natural. Good luck bro.

  9. Quote Originally Posted by BigKrabbe View Post
    Happy Birthday!
    thanks man! it was a good one. got a new pair of DC's, an NPC t-shirt, $200, and we went out to dinner at Chili's. I had 3 chicken tacos with rice, a salad, 2 skewers of shrimp, 2 TALL Dos Equis(my fav part) and a chocolate chip paradise pie I figured "eh, it's my freaking birthday I can cheat if I want." lol
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  10. Quote Originally Posted by CrazyChemist View Post
    hey bro - reps for logging progress without running any PH, DS, and AAS. Show us how its done natural. Good luck bro.
    Thanks for following along bro!
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  11. I'm in ... and good luck with the shows this year

  12. Quote Originally Posted by bluerocket View Post
    I'm in ... and good luck with the shows this year
    Thanks man, it should be fun for sure! We're going to be moving soon, so I'm not exactly sure when my next show will be. Most likely it will be in the summer or fall. All depends on the local NPC schedule where we move.
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  13. 12/27/10 - chest, delts, tris

    Flat BB Press - 185x13(+3rp), 155x6, 135x7(+1rp)

    Incline Machine Press - 145x11, 115x10, 85x12(new exercise)

    Cable Crossovers - 65x12(+10lbs), 55x12(+10lbs), 45x12(+10lbs)

    Lever Mil Press - 240x12(+2rp), 180x8, 90x12

    Seated DB Side Laterals - 35x12, 30x10, 25x10

    Bent Over DB Laterals - 40x9(+1rp), 35x7,

    Skull Crushers - 70x10(+1rp), 60x8(+1rp), 50x8

    Reverse Grip Smythe Bench - 140x12(+1rp), 110x9, 90x9

    Had a pretty good session. Crazy pumps in my chest and delts, but my delts were actually painful. Also just got back from Christmas in Disneyland. That was sooooooooo fun and our son had a great time. It was his first time going there and it was well worth the stupid amount of money it costs lol. My diet wasn't too awful, but I did have pizza and an ice cream sundae at one point. No big deal because it's the holidays and the perfect time to splurge a bit. Weight was 196lbs this AM.
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  14. 12/29/10 - quads, hams, calves, abs

    Squats - 325x15(+10lbs), 225x11, 185x10

    Leg Press - 470x15(+10lbs), 360x12, 270x12

    Toe Press - 580x18(+20lbs), 490x16(+20lbs and 1rp), 380x15, 310x15

    Leg Extensions - 230x15(+10lbs), 190x13, 160x12(+1rp)

    Seated Leg Curls - 145x15(+5lbs), 125x13(+1rp), 105x18

    Rope Crunches - 200x24(+1rp), 170x24(+2rp), 140x25
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  15. 12/30/10 - back, bis, traps, forearms

    Deads - 365x9(+1rp), 275x12, 225x12

    Wide Grip Lat Pulls - 240x12(+5lbs), 210x8(+5lbs),180x11(+5lbs)

    Bent Over BB Rows - 225x12(+4rp), 185x9(+1rp), 135x12

    Seated DB Curls - 50x12(+5lbs), 45x7(+5lbs), 40x6(+5lbs)

    Machine Preacher Curls - 125x11(+1rp), 100x9, 80x8

    DB Shrugs - 85x15, 80x8, 75x6

    Reverse Grip Cable Curls - 80x8, 70x6, 60x6

    20min Treadmill
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  16. 1/2/11 - Chest, Delts, Tris

    Decline BB Press - 205x10(+1rp), 175x9, 145x7

    Incline DB Press - 75x12(+2rp), 65x5, 55x6

    Low Pulley Cable Crossovers - 55x10, 45x10, 35x10

    DB Mil Press - 70x8(+5lbs), 60x7(+5lbs), 50x8

    Standing DB Side Laterals - 40x10, 35x6, 25x8

    Rear Delt Flye Machine - 190x12, 160x12, 130x12 (skipped these last time, so not sure of any increases in weight or reps)

    Skull Crushers - 70x10, 60x7, 50x7

    Reverse Grip Smythe Bench - 145x12(+5lbs), 110x9, 90x10(+1rp)

    20min Treadmill at 3.2 with a 3.5 incline
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  17. Going to change up my diet starting yesterday. On my non-training days I am not going to have any carbs. I'm only going to eat protein, fats, and veggies. No extra carbs other than what's naturally in the veggies. Training days will stay the same of 50g protein, 50g complex carbs, and 20g fat per meal, eating only when i'm hungry. The new plan will increase my insulin sensitivity and make my body more efficient. I'm not cutting or anything, just making my body more efficient at processing carbs and gaining muscle slowly, while keeping body fat as low as possible. My goal is 220lbs within the year. Easily attainable granted I continue working hard and stick to the plan(which I will do of course )
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  18. Supplements:

    4000mg Omega-3
    200mg ALA at each zero carb meal
    300mg Potassium
    3 scoops AMS Pump Fixx pre-wo
    2 scoops AMS Body Mortar CF intra-wo
    1 scoop AMS BMCF intra-cardio
    4 tabs AMS Hypertrop-X 30min pre-wo
    1000mg L-Dopa post-wo and before bed
    1-2 capsules AMS Vapor XT in the AM before work
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  19. 1/4/11 - quads, hams, calves, abs

    Squats - 335x15(+10lbs), 225x12(+1rp), 185x13(+3rp)

    Leg Press - 490x15(+20lbs), 360x13(+1rp), 270x13

    Smythe Calve Raise - 290x15(+15lbs), 200x14(+20lbs), 110x14(+20lbs), 90x10

    Leg Extension - 230x16(+1rp), 190x15(+2rp), 160x14, 130x12

    Seated Leg Curls - 150x15(+5lbs), 125x15(+2rp), 110x12(+5lbs), 100x12

    Rope Crunches - 160x30, 140x35, 120x40, 100x40

    I decided to start adding one more drop set to the last exercise for each body part, to just really add to intensity and growth.
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  20. 1/6/11 - back, bis, traps

    Deads - 365x10(+1rp), 275x12, 225x12

    Wide Grip Lat Pulls - 245x11(+5lbs), 210x8, 180x7

    Bent Over BB Rows - 225x12, 185x12(+3rp), 135x12

    Incline DB Curls - 40x12, 35x7, 30x8 (new exercise) Going to do these from now on, instead of EZ curls. The EZ curls hurt my wrists and forearms BAD. It starts at my wrists and the pain shoots up my forearms. Sht SUCKS!

    Machine Preacher Curls - 125x12(+1rp), 100x9, 80x8, 60x10

    DB Shrugs - 90x13(+5lbs), 80x8, 70x9, 60x9

    20min Treadmill

    Good session, considering I only had 3 meals all day. My district supervisor came into work, so I wasn't able to heat up food and eat it like I normally do. My employer is sooooo kind that they don't allow 15min breaks, so all we get during 8-10hrs is ONE 30min lunch break. I said "ok, i'm going to eat in here then because I KNOW it is against the law to not allow breaks." Needless to say they haven't complained
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  21. Current AMS Supplements:

    2 Scoops Body Mortar CF Intra-Workout(awesome taste, mixability, HIGH BCAA content and all of the benefits that come with that)

    3 Scoops Pump Fixx bout 15min pre-workout(SICK pumps, increased endurance, and great energy boost)

    1-2 Caps Vapor XT every morning and afternoon when I need the extra energy at work(nice clean energy, PERFECT doses of each active ingredient, noticeable fat loss, and unique effective ingredient profile)

    I wish they made a protein *hint hint *
    Advanced Muscle Science/Forerunner Labs Sponsored Athlete

  22. 1/9/11 - chest, delts, tris

    Flat DB Press - 90x9(+5lbs), 80x5(+5lbs), 70x4(+5lbs)

    Incline BB Press - 175x8, 155x4, 135x6

    Cable Flyes - 70x8(+5lbs), 60x8(+5lbs), 50x8(+5lbs), 40x10

    Smythe Mil Press - 145x12(+5lbs), 110x10, 90x8

    Seated DB Side Laterals - 40x10, 35x6, 30x12

    Bent Over Cable Laterals - 60x12, 50x12, 40x12

    Skull Crushers - 70x12(+2rp), 60x8(+1rp), 50x7

    Reverse Grip Smythe Bench - 150x10(+5lbs), 110x10, 90x9

    Tri Extension Machine - 170x12, 150x12, 130x12(superset these with RG smythe bench)
    Advanced Muscle Science/Forerunner Labs Sponsored Athlete

  23. 1/11/11 - quads, hams, calves

    Squats - 335x14(+1rp), 225x13(+1rp), 185x18(+5rp)

    Leg Press - 510x15(+20lbs), 360x16(+3rp), 270x16(+3rp)

    Toe Press - 590x20(+10lbs and 2rp), 500x18(+10lbs and 2rp), 380x15, 320x17(+10lbs and 2rp)

    Leg Extension - 235x17(+5lbs and 1rp), 195x13(+5lbs), 160x12

    Seated Leg Curls - 155x16(+5lbs and 1rp), 130x16(+5lbs and 1rp), 110x17(+5rp)

    Quads, hams, AND calves were all crazy pumped, veiny, and burninggg. haha, what a wonderful feeling Forgot to mention before, but the starting weight on my gym's leg press is an odd 167lbs, that's with no plates at all. So, whatever weight I use, add 167lbs to it and that's what i'm really pressing. Still weak, but my squat makes up for it lol. I will post some pics soon...
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  24. 1/13/11 - back, bis, traps

    Deads - 365x12(+2rp), 275x13(+1rp), 225x20(+8rp)

    Wide Grip Lat Pulls - 245x12(+1rp), 210x9(+1rp), 180x11(+4rp)

    Bent Over BB Rows - 225x13(+1rp), 185x12, 135x15(+3rp)

    Standing DB Curls - 55x9(+5lbs), 45x8, 40x10

    Machine Preacher Curls - 130x9(+5lbs), 100x9, 80x7, 60x10

    Upright BB Rows - 135x11, 105x9, 95x12(new exercise)

    I had planned on doing DB shrugs as well as the upright rows, plus reverse grip cable curls for forearms, but I had my ear talked off by a few people, so I didn't have time lol.
    Advanced Muscle Science/Forerunner Labs Sponsored Athlete

  25. 1/16/11 - chest, delts, tris

    I've decided to switch things up and decrease my rest periods between sets. I am now resting only enough time to change the weights, then i'm going back at it and doing another set. I am really looking for 100% intensity every workout for great gains. Also, Advanced Muscle Science has offered to let me log their anabolic growth kit, so as soon as that gets here, I will be noting any and all changes that I see. I will be posting before and after pics as well. AMS is the shizzzz!!!!

    Flat BB Press - 195x10(+10lbs), 155x8(+2rp), 135x7

    Incline Machine Bench - 155x12(+5lbs and 1rp), 115x11(+1rp), 90x10(+5lbs)

    Cable Crossovers - 70x8(+5lbs), 60x8(+5lbs), 50x8(+5lbs), 40x12 (these were superset with the incline machine presses)

    Lever Mil Press - 250x10(+10lbs), 180x8, 90x11

    Standing DB Side Laterals - 40x12(+2rp), 35x8(+2rp), 30x8(+5lbs)

    Reverse Pec Deck Flye - 200x12(+10lbs), 170x12(+10lbs), 140x12(+10lbs)

    Skull Crushers - 75x10(+5lbs), 60x9(+1rp), 50x7

    Reverse Grip Smythe Bench - 150x12(+2rp), 110x10, 90x9

    Tri Extension Machine - 175x12(+5lbs), 155x11(+5lbs), 135x12(+5lbs) with a 20sec static hold at the end of the 3rd set. (these were superset with the RG Smythe bench)

    Had a nice pump in my chest and looked pretty vascular all over. Delts and tris were very pumped and tight as well. The extreme stretches felt awesome today. Got a compliment that "if i threw a baseball a mile away, i'd indefinitely be able to hit your back it's so damn big." LMAO! People are nuts and i'm FAR from that big.
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