Lou's quest for power

  1. Lou's quest for power

    Hey all this will be my first log, ill start with an intro.
    Im 19, 183lbs as of today. Ive been bodybuilding for about a year and a half now and switched to powerlifting about 5 monthes ago. I plan to compete but i want to find my groove first and bring my embarrasing totals up!
    I always keep a workout journal and keep tabs on my diet but i figured a log here wouldnt hurt as i can get imput from those more experienced then I.
    My current diet is:
    270g Protein per day
    350g Carbs on lift days and less on cardio/off days depending on what im doing that day.
    95g Fats
    Wake Up-1 Scoop ModernBCAA
    Meal 1
    4 Whole Eggs, 3 Egg Whites
    1 Cup Oats
    2.5oz Blueberries
    45g pro/65g carb/25g fat
    Meal 2
    6oz Chicken
    1/2 Cup Black Beans
    1.25 Cup Brown Rice
    2 Cups Broccoli
    45g pro/90g carb/10g fat
    Pre-wo-1 Scoop Chained Out
    Post/Intra-wo-1 Scoop SizeOn MP
    Meal 3
    Same as meal 2
    45g pro/90g carb/10g fat
    Meal 4
    2 Slices Ezeikel Bread
    4 Tbsp Naturally More PB
    1 Scoop Myofusion
    50g pro/50g carb/25g fat
    Meal 5
    8oz 96/4 Lean Beef
    1/2 Green/Red Pepper
    1/2 Onion
    1 Tbsp EVO
    50g pro/10g carb/25g fat
    Before Bed-1 Scoop ModernBCAA

    Westside Barbell for Skinny Guys v3
    Considering switching to 5/3/1 due to ability to customize it, and ive been doing this routine for 2 monthes now. Time for a change maybe?

    Most meals will look like the layout, some may change due to school/work but the macros will be the same with whatever replaces it.

    Current 3 rep Maxs:

  2. 11/26/10
    Dynamic Effort Lower
    5min warm-up cardio
    A.Jump Training-Bench Jumps
    4 sets of 3 jumps
    1 set of 2 jumps
    1 set of 1 jump
    B.Unilateral Lift w/ Added ROM-Bulgarian Split Squats
    C.Hip Extension-Glute Ham Raises
    Bodyx1 real, 7 assisted
    Bodyx8 assisted
    Bodyx8 assisted
    D.Calves-Seated Raises
    E.Weighted Abs
    Leg Raises-10x10
    Rope Crunches-100x15
    Leg Raises-10x12
    Rope Crunches-100x15
    10min Cool-down Cardio

    THIS workout is why i want to change programs, i hate it and never look forward to it. My mood and intensity are never all to high for this session. I tried ASGT before this lift and it killed my stomach at one scoop. Overall not my best.

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