Mixin' it up with 5/3/1: Strong AND Fast!

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  1. Cold's slightly better, despite not getting enough sleep due to work. Did some kickboxing last night for cardio. Nothing crazy, but it was decent. Squats today:

    Squats: 135/10, 185/5, 235/5, 255/4, 255/3, 255/4, 145/15, 145/10, 145/15
    Hip Thrusts: 90/20, 90/20, 90/20
    One-Leg Calf Raises: 15, 15, 15

  2. It's my low-carb day today, so I kept it pretty light. I did about 15 minutes of shadow boxing and heavy bag work for technique, then strapped on my wrist and ankle weights for some jumping jacks and other basic calisthenic stuff.

  3. solid work John

  4. Had a nice, quick workout today as I'm pressed seriously for work and won't be getting to sleep until tomorrow morning. A bunch of Y-presses and curls in the 8-10 rep range. Short rests, then back to work. Yay...

  5. Deads, pull-ups, and rows on the Total Gym today.

    Deads: 135/5, 185/5, 235/5, 290/10, 290/7x2

    Pull-ups: 10x3

    Rows: 25x3

  6. solid pulls John

  7. Decent incline bench based workout today. I forget the exact numbers, but it felt good. I kept it short because we had the first half of belt testing tonight. That was a good workout as well.

  8. Leg day. More karate testing tonight. New PR on squats, ch'yeah!

    Warm-ups, then:
    Leg Extensions: 100/15, 100/20, 100/30
    Standing Calf Raises: 90/30x3
    Side to Side Box Jumps: 30x3

  9. Karate testing went pretty well last night. Lots of cardio, so I got that in. I was awarded a blue belt, so that's pretty cool as well. Today was an optional cardio day for me, but my weight is already down and it's also my low/no carb day, not to mention I'm still fighting a cold, so I just took the day off. I'm about to go pick up another set of 45's so I can maybe max out on deadlifts Friday. I'll check back in tomorrow.

  10. I went in to the gym for the first time in months today and had a fantastic workout in very little time. Started with Shoulder "Y" presses working up to 55 lb. DB's for 5 reps and did a handful of sets at that weight. Then dropped back to 35's and did 10-15 rep sets, supersetted with straight curls, shoulder flys, and tricep extensions. I also filled my rests with various ab moves. Finished in 30 minutes, hit some heavy weights, and had a crazy pump without totally exhausting myself. Huzzah!

  11. BEAST MODE! Deadlift day.

    Warm-Ups: Blah blah blah, whatev.
    Deads: 380/1x3 (I didn't think I'd be able to get this. I failed my first attempt, yelled and grunted a little, hit the door a few times, then came back and nailed it. NEW PR!!!)

    Straight Leg Deads:135/10x3
    Hip Thrusters: 90/20x3
    Wide Grip Pull-ups (slooow): -/10x3
    DB Swings: 25/50x3

    Standing Calf Raises: 90/20x3
    Cable Pulls (Total Gym): -/20x3

  12. Easy day playing basketball at the gym yesterday morning, then I pretty much ruined my low-carb weekend at a church Christmas banquet. Oh well, it happens.

  13. Killer workout today, beast mode is still in full effect.

    Bench Press: 135/2, 185/2, 205/2, 225/1, 235/1x2
    (nice and relaxed, 2-3 min. breaks)

    Then supersetted:

    Push-ups: 30x3
    Chin-Ups: 15x3
    EZ Bar Curls: 65/15x5
    Lying Tri Ext. (dumbbells): 30/10x3
    Cable Flyes: Total Gym highest resistance/15x5
    Crunches: 50x3

  14. Squats this morning, with assorted leg stuff.

    Squats: 135/2, 185/2, 235/2, 285/1, 335/1, 385/FAIL (grrr. I over-estimated myself and went for too much. Lesson learned) 235/10, 235/10, 235/10

    Standing Calf Raises:80/40x6

    Leg Extensions: 100/20x3 (slow w/ squeeze at the top)

    I had karate tonight and we did some push-ups, but not really a full workout by any means. I came home and did some kickboxing and plyo work on my own for about 30 minutes. Body fat is down to 7.5% according to my calipers and a seven fold test. I'm guessing that's about 2% low, but it's still progress, so I'm not complaining. I'm doing my best to keep the diet 100% in check getting the right macros at the right times so I can keep changing my body composition without losing any weight. I really like being @200 lbs.

  15. 'Insanity' this morning, fasted and it's a low/no carb day for me today. I'm getting irritable already...

  16. First of all, let me say that I heart carbs...

    Today's strength workout was shoulders, primarily, with some other junk mixed in.

    Clean & Press: 45/5, 95/5, 135/5x5
    (w/various ab moves between sets, 25 reps each)

    Y Press: 30/10x4
    DB Curls: 30/15, 30/11, 30/10x2
    Shoulder Fly: 20/10x4

    I'll probably do Insanity before bed. I've been having a lot of fun with it lately.

  17. Deads, straight leg deads, pendlay rows, lat pull-downs, and some other junk today. It was kind of scattershot, but a good workout regardless.

  18. Hit the X Factor again for some cardio as well as one set of high rep squats (250/25) and some Tabata style push-ups. I have a Christmas party to go to this afternoon, so low carb isn't happening today. If I end up overeating (which is likely) I'll probably do some cardio again tonight to clean out the extra carbs before bed.

  19. Well, I overate like crazy at a family Christmas thing today, came home and popped two black cats, then went down for some cardio. 1 hour of pounding away at the X Factor, heavy bag, weighted jump rope, burpees, kettle bell...you name it, I did it. And I feel amazing. I could go another hour. I'm just afraid of what I'm going to feel like when the stims wear off...

  20. Chest and biceps fried:

    Flat Bench: 45/15, 135/10, 185/10, 185/6+2+2

    Incline Bench: 135/12, 10x4
    Seated Incline Curl: 30/12, 35/10, 10, 9, 9
    Cable X-Over: 90/15, 12x4

    Standing DB Curl: 35/10x2
    Cable X-Over: 90/10x2

    Karate later tonight. Still holding at 197.2 and I'm looking forward to eating huge today. I feel like I need it.

  21. Karate was cancelled due to weather, so I did some cardio at home. Lots of plank punches & pulls, burpees, punches, kicks, jump rope, etc. For some reason, I've been winging it a lot lately, but it's getting the job done.

  22. I think I'm logging this for myself at this point, but that's ok...

    My workout today doesn't look like much on paper, but it did me in.

    Squats: 45/10, 135/10, 225/10, 275/5x3
    Standing Calf Raises: 60/35x6
    Leg Extensions: 140/15x3
    Good Mornings: 135/10x3
    Side to side jumps (over heavy bag): -/20x6
    Mini Squat Jumps: -/20x3


  23. Well, I got about three hours of sleep last night due to holiday deadlines, but felt like doing something light today, so I did some medium cardio. I used the X Factor, jump rope, and did a few sets of push-ups and some shadow boxing for about 35 minutes. Broke a light sweat, but didn't get too carried away. I think it's just what I needed today.

  24. Worked out with the wife today and I think she hates me a little now. Probably not a good idea on the day we're buying each other Christmas gifts...

    Clean & Press: 95/5, 145/5x3
    superset w/random ab move: 50 reps

    "Y" Press: 40/10,8,8
    Arnold Press: 40/4,4,5
    Lying Tricep Ext: 30/10x3
    (again, all these superset with 50 ab reps)

    Shoulder Fly: 20/20x3
    Pressdown (on X Factor, "weights" aren't accurate): 210/15,12,14


  25. Merry Christmas guys! Hope you have a good whatever it is you each celebrate. I had a good workout this morning. I'm still fighting a strain in my traps and shoulders, so I couldn't do deadlifts as per usual, but I did a bunch of assistance stuff and got a pretty nice pump going.




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