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  1. Feb 24th

    Dynamic Bench

    Banded Bench w/ #1 Minis
    135x15/15 w/u 225x3 *Anchored to the bottom of the power rack.

    Incline Reverse Bench w/ #5 Large
    225x10 315x5 405x3 455x1 475x1 *The bands lessened the resistance at the bottom through mid-press, mid-press through lockout full weight of the barbell.

    Reverse Band Skull Crushers
    225x10/10/10/10 *Same resistance as Incline Bench above.

    DB Side Laterals
    25x10/10/10 *Increase the weight next week.

    Short session due to 3am wake up for work.

  2. Feb 26th

    Dynamic (Speed) Squat / Deads.

    Speed Box Squats

    Banded Low Rack Pulls w/ #3 Band.
    135x5 185x5 225x5 275x5 315x1 405x1 *Static hold at the top of last rep.

    Reverse Hypers


    Weighted Ab Pull Downs

    -Ran out of time and missed Biceps and calves, will make up today sometime.

    -Body weight. Feb 19th - 318ish. Today - 311.

    -Strength and endurance seem to be fine even with the "cut".



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