Lemons, get in shape log

  1. Lemons, get in shape log

    Alright, i finally decided on a routine, and it's kinda some what custom, but makes sense to me.
    it's and adaptation of the gym, with p90x idea's thrown into the mix.

    im not recording weights until next week however, and im already done week one. first week was to try it out, second week was to adapt, 3rd week is to start logging. It's a 3 month log, so there's plenty of log time haha

    History: ive been going to the gym of and on for about 3 years now, this last year being pretty serious ( 5 times a week, trying routines out, and doing something regardless ), went from 280 lbs down to my current 174-178 (depending what i eat that day ), im some what in shape looking around the shoulders, bi's/tri's and forearms, but due to the loss of weight, i still have loose saggy skin/fat in all the important area's. hopefully by the end of this ( first week of the new year ), i'll have a flat stomach and maybe a ab or 2 :P

    diets been tailored a bit, and i eat healthy / a lot of protein.

    on to the log:
    my routine:

    week 1-3
    Mon: chest and back + abs ( normal chest and back routine )
    Tuesday: cardio ( 40 mins elliptical )
    Wednesday: shoulders, arms + abs ( normal shoulder, and arm routine )
    Thurs: cardio ( 40 mins elliptical )
    Friday: legs, back + abs ( squat + deads, then 2 exercises from each area )
    sat: cardio ( 40 mins elliptical )
    sun: off

    week 4
    rest week kinda
    Mon: abs
    Tuesday: cardio
    Wednesday: abs
    Thur: cardio
    Friday: abs
    sat: cardio
    sun: off

    week 5-7
    Mon: chest, shoulders, tri's + abs
    Wens:back, bi's + abs
    Fri:legs, back + abs

    week 8-10
    Chest, back + abs
    shoulders, arms + abs
    legs, back + abs

    week 11-13
    chest, shoulders, tri's + abs
    back, bi's + abs
    legs, back + abs

    week 14

    Week 1: week one was just finished as of Saturday, and wow...i was wrecked, i never actually wanted a rest day so badly in my life. the goal for each work out is to be out in 1 hour, so intensity is high, and rest is low. For abs, i do 11 exercises with 25 reps in each, i feel beat every time, but after the 4th time ( today ) i feel as if im less and less winded after each session. It's deffenently something new, and the whole point is to have muscle confusion or w/e through out the weeks. this 1st week was a test run, so i didn't log my weights, and this second week i just started/getting in the grove, so again no logged weights, i will start however on Monday of next week.

    i'll post a before pic AFTER i finish this along with a after pic to show you guys if it works or not.

    supps im on: Fusion, pro7ien, glutamien, and bcaa's all from vita-sport

  2. 2nd week is completed, and i can honestly say, i feel as if i worked out the hardest the last 2 weeks then i have in my entire life. by the end of each week i honestly can't wait for my off day.

    my back has noticed dramatic increases in strength, and my bi-ceps are starting to fill out nicely O.o im having results ive been trying to achieve for months and months, in the course of 2 weeks

  3. finished week 3. and i can honestly say this work out plan works. My skin feels like im in a really tight shirt allllllllll the time, and my body can't keep up with the changes. I can honestly not wait for this week of just running and abs to give my body a break...mid section is slimming down alot, i just bought 4 pairs of 32 pants at the start of the month, and now there falling off and i ran out of holes on my belt. but my upper body/arms are filling in awesome.

    This next week is to give my body a break, and trim off some extra body fat. i may also detox at the end of the week to flush out all the crap before my next few weeks of heavy lifting.

    highly recommend giving this a try

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