An American Warrior

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  1. An American Warrior

    I am SteelWolf the American warrior. I am a hybrid between traditional Gong Fu Martial Artist and Oldtime Performing Strongman. My training focuses traditionally on the the Gong Fu aspect while using the Oldtime Strongman feats to increase my power for that.

    I believe true strength comes as much from the internal as the external, and I spent as much time as I can focusing on each of them to develop true power and mastery. Except I truly believe there is no mastery.

    I do not live to train... I train to live. Everything I do will benafit me in someway in life, and nothing is ever done without purpose. If you wonder why something is the way it is feel free to ask away.

    I invite you to follow as you see my journey,

  2. A.M. Session

    Dynamic Mobility:

    70lb Military 14 reps. 2 second hold at top
    90lb Parallel row 14reps
    70lb 1 arm row 8 reps
    90lb Floor press 11 reps, 2 at bottom 2 at top
    90lb squeeze for life bear hug 2x20 sec
    90lb clean 4 reps
    90lb stiff dead 15reps
    Curls hurt bicep so stopped
    Standing straight 70lb bag on shoulder and 20lb kettlebell in hand
    5lb fatty Shoulder horn

    Finger tip bottom pushup iso: 10 seconds day 4/5
    Iron Board 1:10 seconds day 3/4
    Vacs 3 sets of 8 seconds

    Grippy time (now i have some very odd ideas on grip, so if you have any questions ask away and I'll explain the reason, especially my reason for weights)
    12lb hammer front and back isometric: marking 3 for 60 seconds
    Side isometrics 8lb marking 1 for 30 seconds
    Grippers: Right hand 20 second strap 2.5lbs for 20 seconds. Left hand empty strap for 16 seconds. I should mentioned these are shaved grippers.
    Old rolling thunder: 20lbs: death squeeze right and left for 30 seconds
    Bag catch:
    big bag 20 over 20 side
    Little bag 20 over 20 side.

  3. P.M Session
    Half Horse /w weighted bar: 2mins
    Horse /w wood bar: 1:20 seconds
    Bow /w wood bar: 40 seconds
    Golden Rooster: L 1 min R40 seconds
    Stance changes: 5 seconds a stance for 3 sets
    dynamic tension

  4. October 10, 2010

    10minute walk on Tred 2.0 /w 20lbs kettlebells no drops
    20 over hand Big bag catch
    20 side big bag catch
    20 over hand small bag catch
    20 side big bag catch.

  5. October 10, 2010

    Iron Board 1:10 day 4/4
    Finger tip Isometric 10 sec day 5/5
    wall sit 10lbs 60 seconds
    Vacs kneeling 3x9 secs
    vac standing 3x9 seconds

    Half Horse /w weighted bar 2:10 seconds
    2 minute rest
    Horse /w wood bar 1:20 seconds
    2 minutes rest
    Bow /w weighted bar 20 seconds both legs
    2 minutes
    Cat stance .w wood bar 10 seconds each (dropped lower than last time)
    2 minutes
    Golden Rooster L: 60 sec R 30 seconds
    2 minutes
    Switch stance: half Horse, horse, bow, cat, golden rooster, half horse, horse, bow, cat, golden rooster for 6 seconds

    Dynamic tension

    Static stretch

  6. Tuesday Oct 12, 2010
    Mid curl with miniband 20kb 60 second
    Reverse curl 20lb kb 10 seconds
    Midpress with miniband 20lb kb 30 seconds
    Row 20lb kb 1:10 sec
    Almost lockout with miniband 20lb kb 40 seconds
    Crucifix /w thick bell and collars 60 seconds
    chest expandr orange top 30 seconds
    chest expander front 10 seconds
    knuckle pushup 50 seconds
    10 second finger tip iso
    Ironboard 1:10
    wall sit 15lbs 40 seconds

    Rotate: L: 3.75x 33 R:3.75x43
    Front on bench: L:5x18 R:6.1/4x16
    Back lever Both 2.5x25

    Blue nail terminator to double over... felt a little tough as wrists were tired
    Horse isometric 5 seconds

    Pegasus flex 2 pause: 27.5x8
    Pegasues ext 2 pause 20x3
    TTK 8.75 L4 R3 (this was very weak today not 100% sure why.)
    Bag catches 20 over and side big bag 20 over and side little bag
    took about a half hour rest
    5 minute walk with 2/20lb kbs 5 minutes 2.0 incline 1

  7. No PM last night. Just was not feeling good again. Stress has made me quite sick lately.

  8. I am in a weightlifting class for my second major of exercise science. 18-21 I was a superheavyweight powerlifter and strongman. Long reason why I dieted down and well lost a lot of muscle and fat... Long story short heart break does wonders. Well anyways these kids are probably a buck 60-70 and are asking me how to get big. They're taking tons of supplements but dont like to eat. Or they'll drink a gainer and think they dont have to eat. I am a huge fan of supplements when they're needed, but they are not meant to compose of your entire diet, in addition if your not eating your not going to get results. These kids ask me how to get big when I tell them to give me their diet they tell me like well I take a gainer for breakfest, I have a salad at lunch, and then I dont eat dinner most of the time cause I dont want to get fat. Then they tell me how they take a tripple methyl super banana bash creatine and wonder why they dont get bigger. If they would actually eat, their supplements would work. Then we wouldn't have people saying the supplements don't work when in reality its them who do not work.

  9. A.M

    Half horse /w weighted Bar 2:40
    Horse /w wood bar 1:25
    Bow /w Weighted Bar 30 sec
    Cat /w wood bar 12 seconds
    Golden rooster 30 seconds both sides (by choice)
    6 seconds stance switches.. these are more fluid now

    Iron Board 1;20 seconds 3/4
    Finger Tip Iso 10 seconds
    Vacs 3 kneel 3 stand 9 sec
    Wall sit 15lbs for 60 sec


  10. Wed October 13, 2010


    Came home swamped from classes. I understand people are here to learn in school, but some people want to get straight book knowledge and not learn hands on, or blindly follow. Some things in exercise science must be experienced and learned. The book says is not an answer that makes sense a lot of the time.

    So I got home ate up and studied a bit and figured I'd pass out, then decided might as well get up and go and get some training done. I did and then passed out within two hours.

    Back neck bridge 2x20lb for 30 seconds.. this seemed a little tougher than the 2x30 and 25 plate on the chest that I did the other day for 20 seconds. Not sure why.

    Front bridge 1:00

    Harness ext: 25lbs x26
    Flexation plate: 10lbs x 24
    Side plate: 5lbs x 20 a side

    Stance switches 6 seconds x 3 sets

    Dynamic Tension


  11. AM:

    Hung Gar technique/mobility drills and qigong
    stance combo 2 sets of 6 seconds 1 set of 7 seconds

    Mini hammer:
    Rotate braced: 3.75lbs L:20 R:22
    Front back braced: R:6.25 21 L:5 15
    Back: 2.5 L 25, R, 25

    Blue Nail: fail... This thing was harder than a 5/16th
    Horse shoe iso 5 seconds
    Bag catches

    half hour rest
    tredmill 3.0 incline 1 5 minutes with a 20lb KB in each hand

    20lb KB

    one arm millitary 25rep
    one arm row 25rep
    twisted floor press 25rep
    swing 13 an arm
    goose neck curl 5 reps

    Figure 8 30 passes
    Side bend 15 a side back to back
    V situp 2x20lb KB 10 reps
    25plate behind head coffin situp 5
    V-up static 30 seconds


  12. Here is just a little training photo
    2x20lb Kbs
    25lb plate
    Attached Images Attached Images  

  13. October 15, 2010


    Hung Gar routines
    Stance Work

    Neck Bridges: 2x20lb KBs 40 seconds
    Front Bridge: 1:10seconds
    Ext harness: 25lbs x 30 reps
    Flexation 10lb plate x 30 reps
    sides 5lb plate x 30 reps

    Finger tip pushup ISO 10 seconds
    Iron Board 1:20
    Wall sit 25lbs 60 seconds
    Calf raise 2x20lb KBs 30 reps

    1pink curls to reverse curl 10 each

    rear delt to over head both grips (4 rounds) 10 each

    triceps 1 pink 20 reps

    1 magenta: pushups 10

    Stance changes

  14. October 16th 2010,

    AM: grip

    12hammer: front and back Isometric marking 4 for a minute
    Grippers: shaved trainer (try one of these and have some fun) Death squeezes
    right hand 5lbs for 20 seconds left hand 20 seconds for loading pin
    rolling thunder old style no chalk 30lbs 30 second death squeezes both hands. Try the death squeezes and see how hard it is to hold up light weight.

    70lb sand bag Military: 16reps 2 second hold at top
    90lb SB parallel row: 15reps
    70lb one arm row: 10 reps both sides
    90lb floor press: 4 reps (for some reason I couldn't get into position and it just was impossible to press, the joys of sandbags)
    90lb bearhug death squeeze 20 seconds
    90lb cleans 5 reps.
    70lb curls 5
    rotators on horn with thicky grip 5x25

    stance work
    and done

  15. October 17, 2010
    20lb KB figure 8s 40 passes
    Sidebend back to back 20lb KB 20 a side
    Pretty much vertical situps 10

    Wood half horse 3 min
    Horse wood 1:10
    Stance chance wood 8 seconds 2 rounds
    Stance change hands 8 seconds 1 round
    Dynamic tension

  16. October 18th, 2010

    Hung Gar technique mobility drills
    Stance work 2 sets of 8 second bow 2 sets of 8 second hands
    Bag catches

    Neck bridge 2x20lb kb 50seconds
    Front Bridge 1:10
    Neck Harness ext 25lbs x 40reps
    Flexation 10lbs x50 reps
    Side to side 5lbs 34reps
    DT neck 1 minute
    Wall sit 30lbs x 30 seconds
    Finger tip iso ten seconds
    Iron board 1:20

    Horse 1:10
    Stance work 9 second with bar 9 second with bar

    Hung gar dynamic tension

  17. October 19, 2010
    KB weight -20lbs

    Mid curl KB 1:10
    Mid Press KB+ miniband 45 seconds
    Row KB 1:15
    Almost lockout KB + miniband 50 seconds
    Crucifix 2.7" DB collars + 1.25 on top 60 seconds
    Chest expander overhead orange 50 sec
    Chest expander front orange 20 seconds
    Knuckle bottom position PU 60 seconds
    Finger tip Iso 10
    Wall sit 30lbs x 60 seconds

    Chest expander bands
    Magenta curls 15reps
    Magenta Reverse curls 5 reps
    Over head/rear delt 10 reps 2 grips each total 40 reps magenta
    Magenta side triceps 20
    Magenta Pushups 12

    Shoulder horn
    5lbs on 2.75" inch bell 25 30 reps


    MINI hammer
    Rotate braced 3.75 R 31 L?
    Front and back dynamicly (changed it up) R: 6.25lbs x 22 L: 5x17
    Back dynamic 2.5 R:25 L:21
    I figured dynamic is more useful than a slow movement for this.

    Horse Isometric 10.. Darn thing is barely budging. I really lost strength after the break.

    Pegaus flex 2 second pause 30x10
    Pegaus ext 20x4 2 second pause

    Grippers 5 reps with 2 second hold

    bag catches

    since I had time we had a quick 30 minute class to go over things.

  18. First the notes. New exercises were added also form was heavily corrected. Which means times have to drop. My Sifu is very very precise about things so we nitpicked until everything was perfect on these stances.

    Dynamic Mobility Drills
    Dynamic Tension Exercises
    Stretching 20 seconds a piece


    AM at school

    Dynamic Mobility
    Wall sit 40lbs x 30 seconds (these are tough)
    Finger tip isometric 11 seconds (slowly trying to add on)
    Iron board: 1:20secs next week I'll add on
    Figner tip pushup: 3... this was totally sub max, but I do not want to go to failure on finger stuff

    Horse stance (form corrected) 20sec/20sec/ 20sec
    Half horse (form correct) 30 sec/ 30sec/ 30sec
    Golden Rooster with a class of water on knee R and L: 10/10/10
    Bow stance (stance correct) R and : 20 sec/20sec
    Cat stance: R and L: 10/10/10

    Stance change hands in pocket
    5 seconds 5 seconds

    Part of form x2

    Stretch 10 seconds

  19. October 21, 2010

    Only AM today

    Dynamic Tension

    Rotate: R 3.25x 20 L: 3.25x20 (gonna add)
    Front back: 7.50x20R 6.25x11 L Stay
    Back Lever: R: 3.75 x20 L: 3.75x11
    all of these dynamic to help with bending
    10 drop and catches 2.5bell x5

    Board curl 7.50 x 5
    Gripper green: marking 9 x5 both hands (add)
    TTK 8.75 2 pause over hand 10 for both

  20. October 22, 2010

    Dynamic Warm Up
    Dynamic Tension

    Neck bridge 2x20lb KB x55 sec
    Front Bridge 1:20
    Ext harness: 25lbs x45
    Flexation plate: 10lbs 55
    Sides: 5lbs x50

    Wall sit 40lbs x60seconds
    Finger tip: iso 11 seconds

    curl Magenta 16
    Revers curl magens 7
    Lat pulldowns with band 1 orange: 20 reps
    Rear delt with 1 orange 20 reps
    Side triceps 1 orange x20
    KB front squat 10 easy
    pushups 5 Was shot

    Horse stance 20/20/20
    Half horse: 30/30/30
    Golden rooster with water cup L and R: 10/10/10
    Bow stance: 20/20 both
    Cat stance 10/10 both
    5 second stance change
    first moves of form 3x

  21. October 23, 2010

    Dynamic Tension

    12lb hammer iso
    Front: R: marking 5:40 sec L: Marking 5:20 sec
    Back R: Marking 5:30sec L: marking 5:30 sec

    Horse shoe iso (these are brutal. This is so much more technique than strength, but getting the technique right is such a complicated thing)

    2 blue nails half bends. My wrists were fried
    1 attempt on a 1/4 7" hex. No go

    Drop and catches on 2.5bell 10 for 10lbs

    Horse Stance: 25sec/25sec
    Half Horse: 35sec/35sec
    Golden rooster with cup both: 10sec/10sec
    Bow both: 20sec/20sec
    Cat Both: 10 sec/ 10 sec
    Stance switch 5 sec, 5 sec

  22. Brutal day... very brutal day. Also low carbing to finish off the cutting. Shakes, nuts, and eggwhites....

    Dynamic Tension

    Dynamic Mobility

    Neck Bridge 2x20lb KB: 55sec
    Front Bridge: 1:10 sec
    Harness: 25x50reps
    Flex: 25x13rep
    Sides: 10x20reps
    wall sit 50lbs for 60 sec (hell yes)
    Finger iso: 11 sec

    Let the fun begin......

    70lb bag military: 18 reps
    70lb bag one arm row: 11 reps a side
    90lb floor press chest squeeze: 6
    Bear hugs 90lb: 20 seconds
    cleans 90lb (1 rep under last time)
    Goodmorning bands behind neck: 2 minis 20reps
    Mini miniband Dls one arm: 20 reps a side stiff legged
    70lb bag squat one side: 5 reps a side

    Stance switch 3 x 6 seconds.

  23. November 16, 2010

    Hung Gar stuff for about an hour
    within that 15 sec finger tip isometric pushup
    plank 30, side plank 30, iron board 35

    Neck Work
    Warm Ups
    Neck circles 5 each direction
    Up and downs 5
    Side to sides 5
    Roll out on mat front and back 10
    roll out on mat side to side 5
    Roll ups 2x3
    Front roll up, a few warm ups with hands on the ground then took hands away and did as many as I could with my ROM

  24. Mini Hammer rotation
    Right Hand: 6.25x15
    Left Hand: 6.25x7

    Trainer shaved down:
    Right Hand: 5 reps no reset
    Left Hand: 5 reps no reset
    #1 shaved down
    Right Hand: 5 reps /w reset (goal not met as there were resets)
    Left Hand: 1 rep and 4 attempts
    #2 shaved negatives
    Right Hand: 10 second negative x2
    Left Hand: 10 second Negative x2
    First 2 Fingers shaved T
    Right and Left 3 singles
    Last to fingers shaved trainer
    3 singles right and left

    IM Hub reset after each lift
    Right hand: short mini band +2.5x5
    Left Hand: short mini band +2.5x5

    DO bend
    2x 3/16x6.5" bends
    1x attempt on a grade 2 nail
    my DO sucks compared to my reverse reverse I do grade 5 bolts FFS

    TTTK /w arm braced on ground
    Right hand: 6.25x10
    Left hand: 7.5 x8

    Plate catches with super thick gloves
    3 sets of 10 (or what I aimed for)

  25. Well I guess I'll start posting again.

    Right now Shelby Starnes does my diet and I do my own training combined with what my Sifu does for me. Currently shelby is leaning me out.

    Today was a high day normally an off day but since the snow is supposed to kill us here in chi town I am not seeing my sifu and just going training at home.

    Today is a fun today:

    Neck work was done:

    DB shrugs: 55lbs

    20 shrugs
    30 rest
    front bridge superset 10 shrugs
    30 rest
    back bridge superset 10 shrugs
    30 rest
    headstand against wall superset 10 shrugs

    Quick easy and very rough neck work

    Stance work, form work, dynamic tension work.


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