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  1. The heavy day... My favorite day of the week. This brings back the memories of training strongman with a crew and 4 hour training sessions to comprise all of us getting our **** done. By the end we were all dead and barely had the energy to drive ourselves home, I miss those days. Now I just train at home and after I'm done I can sit and relax, or in most cases start on house work. Workouts on sundays take a while and I probably spend close to 4 hours training when we combined the weights and the hung gar on a sunday afternoon. Today I didnt have work but normally the day after work is devoted to training.

    Today was the day to get back and see how much of training is mental after last weeks total ball sucking session were I couldn't hit any weights. Still did normal workouts this week and everything was fine, and today was no exception.

    Stiff legged deadlifts. My warm up exercise to get those legs ready to roll along with the lower back with 2dbs
    60lbs for 2 sets of 8. Dropped the reps a little I dont think 10-12 is needed. 8 seems more about my style to warm them up and get a nice blend of endurance, strength, and some size along with a good solid stretch.

    Next we moved on to the 1 armed military press. Did warm up sets today.
    20x1, 40x1, 60x1, WS: 80x1, 100x1
    Then we doubled it up with 2bs
    I loves me some pressing.

    1 arm rows. Same thing using warm ups
    50, 100, 150, 200x2, 205x1 the 205 was a little 2 sloppy my liking.

    2DB deadlifts
    130x3 135x3 135+20lb kettlebell hangiing from neck (need to buy 2 more tens or more 25s) x5 reps

    Accessory work:
    hammer curls, tricep exts, floor flys (no bench) rotator lying down

    Sandbag shouldering with a 150lb bag
    5 reps

    Body was spend at this point and was unable to do my swings for reps with the KB.

    Hung Gar in a bit

  2. Last night super super insomnia, very bad insomnia. I ended up falling asleep around 4 am and waking up around 9ish. Thankfully no work today. Today has just been a blur, but I still trained. Was an eh day. Very Eh. Realized some new modifications are in order again.... half way through the workout lol. The sandbags today........ removed. Replacing it with a band complex, or a club complex. Either way middle endurance set so around 3 minutes of a little less. DB complex is still there but adding more reps and an extra exercise. shooting for 30 reps each side before adding weight. One round. Everything else is pretty much the same. Really digging into my grip more than normal as well after that horrific mercy loss. Neck some some stuff was removed but more days are added. Didn't do abs or calves during the workout may do them tomorrow or with my hung gar later on tonight.

    I am realizing though I do need my Ass lightning on days like this. I sadly do not have any right now, and needing to get my hands on them again soon. I don't really need the stim effect, but I need the clear controlled focus that helps me space out to just the workout. My mind was very very foggy today and this workout took WAY WAY WAY to long do to my body going EH. I tried some other preworkout I had but the stim effect definitely did not help, but I felt it hindered me. A small amount of a stimulant for me = great focus. To much = screwed up Omega Wolf.

    Complex: 40lbs one arm rest then other arm
    Upright row 6
    Snatch: 6
    Squat to push press: 6
    Bent over row: 6
    was supposed to be another snatch here........ but didnt happen.

    Went to do bodyweight intervals, but at this point I realized this is not what I'm needing here or the sandbag. I need another conditioning tool and thats when I decided on bands, clubs, and my other toys.

    One arm Floor Press:
    yay for well needed warm up sets. These were a little fuzzy to speak. They were good reps, but a little tougher than they should have been.

    3 sets of 2 off the box. I need to learn these as these come later in a crane form.

    no warm ups here: 70lbs x 3 each side

    1 arm deadlift:
    These were speed pulls, but I'm leaving the weight the same next week as they weren't up to my standard of clean reps

    1 legged deadlift with foot on low bench
    2 sets of 3 reps no weight. balance blows

    Super neck complex with shrugs....

    Oh joy.

    That was today

  3. I noticed the focus with ass lightning as well this effect alone is worth its weight in gold so add in the other benefits and you have yourself a very nice supplement.

  4. Sundays workout was junky but the highlight was a 150 dumbbell deadlift pair for 5 reps. Feels much more difficult than a 300lb deadlift.

    Today was better:
    Harness lift 100reps for 25lbs fast and quick *hit myself in the nuts really damn hard with the plate. I screamed*
    Harness lift 5 reps each 50lbs for slow controlled reps *put a pillow under myself for not nut hitting*
    Plate curl curl 65 reps 10lbs plate curl neck tired out
    Side Curls 38 reps 5lbs
    The weak points of my neck are the flexors and the side reps.Strengths are extensors and bridges.

    Table top isometric
    27.5lbs for 30 seconds
    32.5lbs for 30 seconds
    stopped here that was 2 sets

    Working on my feat of strength with the table top.

    Needs a preworkout pretty bad. Ass lightning or N2KS not sure.

  5. The thrilling of another exciting day. As most know these last 2 weeks have been rough on me as my mind has not been all together. Lots of stress and anxiety going through me. Today was my first very good session of weights and conditioning and tonight will be my first good Hung Gar training day in about a week as well. I will really have to nail this good. I am looking forward to spending about an hour combined in stances tonight. My body will be wreck. Also getting back into doing my Chikung exercises that I missed the past few days. Those are always a treat and love the way my body feels after them. Starting my dynamic tension exercises again tomorrow as well.

    Today was a Neck/accessory/ conditioning strength/ day

    Started out with some basic weighted neck work:
    Harness 35lbs for 40 rapid fire fire reps, 55lbs for 5 slow reps, 60lbs for 3 slow reps, and 65lbs for 1 slow rep. The last 3 sets were submaximal.
    Plate curl with 10lbs for 51 reps, these are a combo between slow and controlled and rapid fire
    The side curl 5lbs for 35 reps each again these are a combo
    The farmers hold 50lbs for 2 minutes and a few seconds the straps slipped on my right hand

    Next on to the accessory work:
    Some hammer curls: slow controlled reps of 40lbs for 6 reps
    Floor Flys: slow and controlled for 30lbs for 8 reps
    Rear delt rows DB: 30lbs for 10 reps rapid fire
    Tricep exts behind the neck 1 arm: slow and controlled 40lbs for 10 reps standing
    DB pull over slow and controlled: 20lbs for 10 reps each

    Conditioning work with the ultimate sandbags 70lb and a 40lb KB 1 minute rest between pairs
    Side to side military press with 4 snatches on each arm
    Curl using handles /w 4 snatches each arm
    Triceps ext using handles /w 4 snatches each arm
    Row holding the bag /w 4 snatches each arm
    Overhead squat using the handles to zercher squats

    rotator cuff work

    Need to get some sort of preworkout. I am probably going back to ass lightning. 200mgs of caffeine is really not doing it for me

  6. So amongst the boards I am I have multiple requests to hear what a Hung Gar workout is like, sooooo...... Here you know go.

    Warm Up exercises to start (won't say more than that)
    Stretching especially focusing on the hip openers. I know there is that new research about how it's bad. I'm sorry I'm going to trust those from the shshaolin temple more so than some researcher. So thats what comes next.
    Strike combos, bridges, blocks, and kicks
    Stance Squats, Holds, and walking
    Form Work: Taming the Tiger
    Plank for 60 seconds
    Stretching out upper body
    Chikung and meditation

    Later today I will do the dynamic Tension exercises and my grip work

    a good site on HUng Gar

  7. Tonight is Hung Gar class. The rest of our students will probably not be there so it will probably be a private lesson yay. Tuesdays usually end up being private lessons. All that was done prior to class was a grip workout. I'm fried.

    DB axle high pull. It's a dumbbelll I made to mimic the axle except just a little bit thicker and much slicker.
    35x5, 40x3, 45x 3 singles
    This was easy. way to easy, but I need to start getting use to no more timed holds and high pulling it up since IL Strongest has an axle press medely. The OHP is gonna be the roughest part. I'll probably only hit 240.

    Wrist roll thick bar, Hung Gar style (meaning no support beam and high lots of reps)
    1.25lbs for up and down- 5 away and 5 toward. Shoulders were beat down.

    Grippers hold for time:
    Right hand: #1 for 30, and uprisde down trainer for 30
    Left ahnd: trainer for 30 and upside down trainer for 30

    Titans key thumb bottom
    Right 8.75lbs 10 reps
    Left 7.5lbs or 14 reps

    Hung Gar stone/ jar lifting

    flexor: 12.5x15 17.5x5, 20x1 2 second pause at bottom
    Extensor 12.5x15, 17.5x5 20x1 2 second pause at bottom

    Finger tip pushups 11
    Tiger claw pushups female style for 2
    tiger claw pressure hold for 40seconds
    Hung Gar knuckle ups for 6

  8. Another crazy day of double training sessions. Endurance plus strength. A few modifications were made today.

    10lb plate circuit
    10 front raise
    10 curl/press/tricep ext
    5 circles each side
    10 rows
    10 squat with plate out in front raise
    easy as can be. Adding to reps an exercise next time.

    40lb one db circuit one at a time
    upright row 6 reps
    snatch 6 reps
    squat and press 6 reps
    row 6 reps
    was supposed do 6 snatches but no dice

    One arm deadlift on a db with small plates
    125x8 no belt, and a 260x2 reps

    One legged deadlift on bench
    Right and left each got two sets of 4

    One legged lunge squat
    right and left legs 2 sets of 2 reps

    Db swings
    75lbs 2 sets of 1 rep

    One arm db bench 2 second pause at top and bottom
    50x5 reps
    70x5 reps
    100x4 reps (shoulder stability felt a little weak from both of those circuits. The first circuit was brutal on the shoulders.

    Shoulder horn
    22.5lbs x3 reps each. The low reps on this confirmed that my shoulders were worn down from the plate circuit

    Svend crucifix training
    5lbs for 8 reps with an 10 second hold

    DB Log Power Curl

    20lb KB shrugs 3 second hold at top
    13 reps

    Front Bridge 1:00min
    Back Bridge 1:10min
    These felt a little weak today. Haven't done them in a bit.
    Farmers Hold with straps on thick bar: 60lbs for 2 minutes

    Second workout
    Super long stretching set held these sets a good long time and got a ton of extra ROM.
    Stance squats for both the horse and the scissors.
    Blocks, bridges, and strikes drill

    That was all I had energy for. Today has been a very long day.

  9. Conditioned strength/accessories/ neck/ and grip
    Harness: 35x50 reps rapid fire, 65x5 slow controlled, 70x3 slow controlled 75x1 slow controlled
    Plate curl: 10lbs for 65 rapid fire reps
    Side curl 5lbs for 40 reps

    Farmers to practice for car deadlift with straps 65lbs for 2 minutes. Boring and easy.. YAWNNN. only bitch part is the straps dig into my hands.
    Shrugs: 50x5 and 5... nice and easy. DB

    Single Hammer curls
    Floor flys
    triceps ext one arm
    rear delts rows
    svend crucifix practice

    Conditioned Strength 70lb ultimate sandbag and 20lb KB
    Military press 10 reps / 10 swings each arm / 10 curls with handles / 10 swings each arm / tricep exts 10 with handles / 10 swings each arm/ 10 roe with handles / 10 swings each arm.. *falls over and dies* was supposed to do squats and then cleans but doing this without any rest inbetween took me down faster than ever. It was a fun day.

    Grippypoo time

    Trainer: right 10 reps, left 10 reps,
    Trainer upside down: right 8 reps left 6 reps
    Number 1: Right: 5 reps Left 0 reps
    This was crazy to see how shot my hands were after a workout and then going to do these.

    8lb Hammer fun:
    Front hold: right 4 marking 60 seconds, left 50 seconds
    Back hold: Right 4 marking 60 seconds, left 4 60 seconds
    Front lever: marking 2 for 20 reps
    Back lever: marking 2 for 20 reps

    Titans key: 7.5lbs
    Right: 16 reps
    Left: 11 reps

    Block 10lbs: 30 seconds for each hand

    Bag catch: tiger mouth and tiger claw

    High pull with 1.25" handle

    1" handle deadlifts
    100, 125, 150, 175 then hands hurt. Need to make them smoother on the calluses part

    Shelby is levering off my weight right now. We are going to just let it chill here for a bit and go where it's going to go. I've hit the end of the bulk, bit's not quite ready to hit the dramatic cut yet. So we are just letting the body see what will happen for now and we will intervene if anything drastic happens. I am getting ready for the cut. I am going to pick up T-3 Pct to keep my thyroid naturally pumping out as much as I can, and I have 3 tubes of eviscerate (the hot one) in stock to use as well to help some targeted fat loss. I need stim free fat loss do to the fact I can not handle stims very well. Obviously there will be the basics like Krill oil, and whey to build muscle being used as well as I like shakes more than real food. Good days good days.

    Still debating on Illinois Strongest man now. The weights are all the same for every single class so if weighting close to 200 I'm getting screwed up the butt. I need to lean out again after this cut pretty decently so I can ram my weight back up again. I need to be able to top out the 232 in the next year or 2. These contests now are just fun. Could I handle the weights of this contest, most def. Would I be at a disadvantage, most def. Could I win possibly but I am not sure, we shall see. My gf is competing for sure, and there is little doubt she is going to destroy the contest.

  10. I will note if the day ends is "ay" I am training Hung Gar that day at least once.

    standard 60 sec
    Sides 30 seconds
    Today abs day:
    25lb plate around the worlds: 3 sets of 14 reps (7 a side)

    150lb side beltless DB deadlifts /ss/ 25lb plate behind the head situps
    2 sets: 1 single and 8 reps

    1 armed farmers walk 50lb dumbell

    Lying leg raises with abduction adduction
    15 reps

    That was really it. First day doing super ab workouts again. Do to the fact I dont get a bar on my back very often do to my home gym I really need to be sure my abs will have the ability to be strong enough to keep heavy weights on my back. I have done 275lb situp before and other crazy abs stuff, but I need to be sure without a doubt what ever weight is thrown on my back will be enough. I have let my ab strength kinda slide these past 4 months so I need to start killing them again.

  11. Out last night at my old hang out, The Rocky Horror Picture show. Had my fun there and rolled into bed around 4 am this morning after showering and all that stuff. Up at work at a decent hour by 8 and then training at 3. LONG LONG LONG day, but we had some crazy fun today. Did learn today as one my mentor says "a stiff breeze will mess up your pressing" clint darden, and noticed a little weakness in my OHPing today. My tricep bench was still decent and quick though. Hmm who knows. Everything else was nice and hit the crazy 225lb x2 db row today. I need to get a video up of this soon. My goal is to a get 300lb one eventually.

    One arm DB military
    20, 40, 50, 82.5lbs 85 for the right only missed on the left

    Floor press tricep style 2 hold at top 2 hold at bottom 2DB
    10 reps with 55lbs

    Power upright row 1DB
    These are to really help with the top of the axle clean. to get the power pull out of it. I do this will thick bar as well to get used to the thick bar but this is more for power.

    Row single db
    70, 100, 150, 225 for 2 each arm. The form was not up to my standard, but it was still a good quality row. I was proud. I literally had to pace abut 10 minutes for "my soul to return" after doing this. Major tunnel vision here. I wanted to scream out in cheer, but being in an apartment probably not a good idea.

    2DB deadlift
    Body was kinda shot from the row.

    70lb sandbag squat over one shoulder
    10 with the right and 10 with the left.
    new ideas. will be alternating shouldering with squatting. The goal for squatting is 10 reps a side before moving up to the next bag. This will mean moving to the 90lb bag next week. Then I need to get 20 total shoulderings before I move to the next bag. Next week I use the 70 for 20 shoulderings.

    40lb kettlebell
    20 swings each arm no rest. Just to get used to the movement again so I can start doing super endurance again.

    DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!

  12. I am not happy with today at all, except for my floor press. My shoulder has been giving my issues in the vertical pressing plane today. Any overhead style movement was causing me way to many issues today. My one dumbbell overhead press is normally at least 100lbs but today the 70lb was as much as I could handle without my shoulder on my right side popping out. You win some you lose some I guess. There is always 2 weeks from now (I alternate weeks) to try again. Felt a little awkward as well not using a belt for anything as well. I think I will probably add in for my top sets. I don't want to depend on it, but I think for top sets I will use it for now. Hopefully in two weeks my pressing for overhead will be back to normal. I am happy with the floor press as it was still submax and still had some in me. I am interested to see what it will be like when I play with barbells again. The Svend fly was interesting today as well. I really enjoy that exercise and figure it will play good into the crucifix. The Power Pushup 3 use for a higher rep set was interesting as well. I need to get a weighted vest, but that works fine for right now. If i was to combined that two that would be a very fun time. Finally the last set of pushups (done over multiple sets) was a real body fry. I did them rapid fire. Grip was okay today. Took the volume down a little.

    Warm Up:
    Push Up Plank: 60 seconds
    Going to try this one more time then find a more advanced version

    Side Plank (elbow) 50 seconds
    These are not that bad, but going up slowly. I could probably jump pretty fast, but these are highly neurological and want to be sure the activation is taking place.

    35lb sandbag on chest (zercher style) situps: 15 reps
    Move on to 70lbs next time. This set was WAY to easy.

    Plate curl neck style. 25lbs x42 reps

    Bridge +5lbs on chest: 60 seconds
    add 5lbs next time

    Headstand against wall: 1min and 30 seconds

    Floor Press 2DBs
    50x3, 70x3, 100x3, 110x3
    These felt fine on my shoulder, and they were submax to boot. Probably going to 115 the next I do these maybe even 120lbs.

    One DB press (these were the ones causing massive shoulder issues today)
    20x3, 40x3, 60x3, 70x3 (went for 90 but my shoulder popped)

    Svend Fly:
    25lbs for 7 reps
    Goal reps is 20

    PowerPushup 3 using 2 magenta bands
    15 reps

    Pushup standard piston style
    100reps over a few sets

    Cool down:
    Ivanko Gripper Timed holds
    Eagle loops timed holds
    Finger tip pushup for reps

    Stretch, Mobility, Hand mobility

  13. Training with the Omega Wolf: Why I do super endurance sets

    I have been asked before why do I do super endurance sets. These sets could range from 100-500 reps and sometimes even more. To most people these would be an absolute waste of time and serve no purpose what so ever, but I strongly disagree. Endurance built from biking, running on a treadmill, or even rowing is endurance built mainly for the heart but not as much for the muscles. I have seen many people who are able to run for long distances, but are then unable to do a rep set of bodyweight exercises or any exercise for that matter. Their heart has been conditioned, but their body has not. Now it is not to say I do not think these other forms of cardio do not have their place, but I feel they do not match my needs as a sole training tool. For me personally the body gives out before anything. Being a martial artist as well as a strongman competitor my body needs long term endurance in the muscles as well as the heart. So training the muscles to take a long beating, while at the same time increasing my cardiovascular power, is the real winning ticket for me. I have heard many say the heart is the most important muscle in terms of endurance. I do agree with this, but if the body cannot do what it needs to do a strong powerful heart really does not serve itís purpose. The body is a machine and all of itís parts need to work together to be efficient. It should not just work one part at a time.

  14. Another fun day in the life of the Omega Wolf. I missed my training session on Wednesday to help out a friend in getting ready for her strongman debut at Illinois Strongest man. I didn’t have time to train myself, but I put my friends first and want them to do a great job. I am interested to see how she does come September. She is new to the strength game and hasn’t been training all that long, and this will be her first contest.
    Anyways, now on to my training and what I did. I am still battling a lat pull from Sunday’s training. It isn’t terrible, but it does cause some issues on stability. It’s the kind of thing you can work through, but it does make things just a slight bit awkward. I have to work it out a little heavier with stretching, ice, and the foam roller, and then I will be good as new. I also added in the use of my Indian Clubs once again to help with my shoulder’s endurance, stability, and strength. I just started with my 1lb clubs, and soon I will be picking up new clubs once I can get between 500-1000 reps with these. With Indian Clubs it is not just about the power and the strength it is about the technique.

    Warm Up:

    Pushup Plank:
    1 minute and 20 seconds

    Walking Plank
    5 pairs

    Reverse Plank
    1 min and 20 seconds

    Around the world with 35lb Ultimate Sandbag
    10 reps each (going to add more reps before more weight)

    1 leg calf raise
    33 reps

    Plate neck curl 25lbs
    60 reps

    1 minute (don’t want to go higher for safety reasons)

    Part 2: the training

    One Arm Floor Press with a dumbbell
    50x3, 70x3, 100x3, 110x3
    These moved pretty good and felt very easy. I really enjoy this lift.
    2 Dumbbell Clean and Strict Military Press with belt on the last 2 sets
    20x3, 40x3, 60x3, 70x3

    Dumbbell Crucifix with weight on top of dumbbell 5lbs
    60 seconds (this was way to easy)

    Orange band + 1 mini band one arm military (was shooting for 15-20 reps)
    I got 11 reps each

    1lb Indian club swinging
    25 swings around the head (alternating)
    25 forward swings
    25 backwards swings
    25 in front inward swings
    25 in front outward swings
    25 up and down swings

    Part 3: cool down
    Foam Rolling

  15. Mobility Drills:
    Special Training: 1480 outer middle blocks in 20 minutes (one must remember that each technique has at least 100 applications)
    Form work:
    Stance training:

    Weights: Neck focus

    10 seconds each direction self resistance
    rest a few

    20lb DB 15 shrugs
    1 minute front bridge
    20lb DB 15 shrugs
    1 minute back bridge
    20lb Db 15 shrugs
    30 second headstand
    20lb DB 15 shrugs
    No rest in all of that. This was my first doing this in awhile so I guessed everything very low. I will be adding a weighted pack to the shrugs next time and leave the dumbbells. One modification at a time

  16. Static Stretching
    Warm ups
    special Training
    Drills over 2000 reps done during the drills

    Grip work american style

  17. Warm ups:
    Static stretching:
    Wall stretching:
    Special Strength training:

    Core strength exercises

    over 6k technique drills in an hour
    Form work


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