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  1. Yesterday:
    Normal Hung Gar training during the day and group class at night:


    Went to try to break my Eagle loop deadlift but My CNS was still pretty fried and it was a no good. I did do a 275lb zercher deadlift from the floor though with a belt. That was fun.

    Then came home and drilled my hung gar to death. Drilled the blocks to no extent. Really dug into my stances, and repeated the form more times than I count finally finished with my dynamic tension and ended in a pool of sweat.

  2. Saturday:
    Just hung gar, spent the day with my beautiful girl and had a great time. Seriously love that girl. She is going to make me a very proud man (which I am already am) when she wins her first strongwoman meet this july. We went out to lunch and dinner. One was my cheat meal for the week the other was just a nice dinner at a steak house which we are becoming regulars at. Kinda nice to be regulars again somewhere. We are that annoyingly cute couple at restaurants but I wouldn't complain one bit. For once I am genuinely happy. Kinda cool stuff. At 11:00pm I received at text from my best friend of almost 6 years now that her grandma she lives with had passed. It was something we knew was coming but it still came as a shock. Sent the girlfriend home and headed out with her. We went to dennys, the only real place open, and sat and talked. Since I had to eat I had a second cheat meal (not happy with that but I had to get something to help my freind out) So we stayed there till like 3 and then I headed home and passed out by 4:30 5ish. Then had to be up for work, was supposed to be there at 6. I had left my dad an email and told him we had a family emergency (my best friend is considered family by my family) and so I showed up around 9 and got to work. This goes into sunday.

    I was pretty dead today, but I still made due.

    One legged lunge/squat 1 minute
    75x1 pair 75x 1 pair 75x 1 pair

    3 minute rest

    romaian db deadlift
    50lb Dbs for 20 reps (this was way to easy)

    3 minutes rest

    Military Press 1 arm rest one minute
    67.75 x1, 67.75x1,
    rest 2 min
    One arm push press 1 minute in between

    rest 3 minutes

    Db rows dynamic rest 1 minute
    140x5 140x3

    Floor Press DB /2 second pause on floor and exploding up
    60lbs x15

    Shoulder work for stability

    Neck complex with bridges and stuff

    Conditioning: miniband 75 lap pulldowns pullaparts and 25 rear delt pulls

    Take a break for awhile

    Drilled hung gar heavy again today. Really digging into those stances now.

    Grip work

    sleepy time... definitely well needed.

  3. Sorry last few days no updates. It's pretty much been the standard hung gar workouts just massive intensity do to the fact I am much more motivated after seeing how a lot of the people are naturals in my class. Each of us seems to have something we are a natural at which is giving me much more motivation. Monday I spent with my gf obviously as the videos i posted in the video thread of her zercher squatting. Today we worked on military press form and push press form with the thick grip handles. She is doing much better, it will just take time to fully get it down in time for the contest. i honestly feel she can win when the time comes. I upped my ancient strength dosage to 3 caps 2x daily. I am looking a little more full on this dosage.

    Today was crazy endurance day.
    12lb hammer swings alternating swings every 10 reps I switched sides. It was a dynamic swing with a fast stop around knee height. This was for 5 minutes.

    Then rest 5 minutes

    90lb ultimate sandbag rotating deadlifts for 5 minutes finished 63 reps.

    Then rest 5 minutes

    1lb Indian Clubs (all the way) front raise, middle front/side, side raise, and rear delt raise. 10 reps of each for 5 minutes.

    Then rest 5 minutes

    Bow pull with short mini 25 each, lat pulldown with mini band 25 reps, band pull apart 25 reps for 5 minutes

    Then rest 5 minutes

    25 sandbag grabs

    Normal style hand 1 arm lifts:
    Right hand: 127.5lbs for 30 seconds, 3 reps with 135, 3 reps with 145
    Light hand: 125 for 30 seconds, 3 reps 135, 3 reps with 145

    TTK with thumb on top and 2 fingers
    Right: 5x20 reps
    Left: 5x20 reps

    8lb hammer stuff

  4. Yesterday was my Hung Gar class. More fun stuff and good stuff. That's all I will really say about that. Went out to the movies with my girlfriend and saw Hannah which sparked a good discussion. As I have always been taught your best weapon is your mind. The weapons you have are only as good as your skill level. In many scenes men were taken down despite having fire arms by a man with a baton or his hand. I have been taught that is highly possibly and even played it and seen it done. So I was explaining to her that though many will say a hang to hand combat skill is stupid unless the guy is 20 feet away from you and have no projectile weapon you are pretty much still in good hands with what every you can find. That is why I drill my hung gar so heavily. If for any reason I ever need to protect her or my family I will be mentally and physically ready to do so without even a second thought.


    Hung Gar later today:

    Today's main stuff. Light sandbag work. I modified this a lot bit to do some ideas I've been tossing around.

    Everything was done with my 70lb bag all reps with a pause at lockout and pause at start

    Military Press 16 reps
    rest 2 min
    Parallel row using handles 15 reps
    rest 2 min
    Under grip row using handles 11 reps
    rest 2 min
    Floor press 15 reps
    rest 2 minutes
    grabbing sides curls 8 reps
    rest 2 minutes
    tricep ext using handles 9 reps
    rest 2 minutes
    zercher squats 15 reps (dropped when hands were a little lower than I wanted legs were still good)
    rest 2 minutes
    25 swings each arm with 20lb kettle bell

  5. Hi! Just wanted to get a message in to get subbed. Very nice reading here I enjoy following workout logs.
    [email protected]
    Athletic Xtreme Rep

  6. Quote Originally Posted by Mrodz View Post
    Hi! Just wanted to get a message in to get subbed. Very nice reading here I enjoy following workout logs.
    Glad you are finding this interesting

  7. Sorry for lack of posts easter was sunday and do to **** from that really haven't had the mental energy to train. Spent time with the love of my life sunday night though and she made it a lot better but was still pretty shot. I am learning a lot about relationships from her she is absolutely amazing. We had a fight today before our classes (we pretty much have the same schedule MWF) an hour after we got out we were totally made up and being our cute selves once again. This makes me very happy. i have never once cared this much in a relationship before. I am actually very happy. This is my journal and life is part of training which is why I share this stuff. Training is about life and relationships are training as well. We learn to be a better person through them, and she is really helping me to be a better man. But enough of the cutesy stuff.

    Since training is changing a bit do to Shelbys need for more cardio in the off sesason I am not going to bother posting Sundays routine but instead posting todays routine. Which is another bud jeffries (one of my idols) inspired routine with my butt crazy twists on it.

    Today is: Conditioning with power and strength
    Sandbags used are from the ultimate sandbag collections. The handles are used as listed. /SS/ denotes super set

    70lb sandbag Military press for 23 reps /SS/ 20x20lb kettlebell swings per side
    1 minute rest
    90lb rotating Sandbag Deadlift with handles 11 pairs /SS/ 20x20lb kettlebell swings per side
    1 minute rest
    90lb sandbag parallel handle row for 8 reps //SS// 20x20lb kettlebell swings per side
    1 minute rest
    90lb sandbag bear hug squat squat for 6 //SS// 20x20lb kettlebell swings per side
    rest 3 minutes
    Push Press with 50lb dumbell 3 each side //SS// mini band pull apart for 20 reps
    rest 1 min
    Push Press with 50lb dumbell 3 each side //SS// mini band pull apart for 20 reps
    rest 1 min
    Push Press with 50lb dumbell 3 each side //SS// mini band pull apart for 20 reps
    rest 4 min
    Neck Harness (constant tension slow and controlled) 25lbs for 30 reps
    shrugs 50x10

    30 rest
    Front Bridge 1:20
    Shrugs 50x6

    rest 30
    back bridge + 10lbs 20 seconds
    shrug 50x4

    rest 30
    head stand 1:10
    shrug 50x2
    orange band pull apart 10

    Hung Gar stuff will be done later today when I am actually alive again. I have class tomorrow as well. There was no private lesson this week as he had family things to take care of. I am totally fine with that family comes first and I have a lot and I mean a lot of work to do on what was assigned to me. Lots of minor corrections that are going to take a long time. Just because I am a beginner (for the next 5 years lol) doesn't mean I am not interested in perfection.

    On supplements I am running low an ancient strength and need to pick some of that up. I use it before my workouts as it is a good creatine before hand, and then i use 5 additional grams of bulk creatine first thing in the morning. A good solid 10 grams total I find works well for me. Give me the endurance in the lower rep and I can't say I really bloat but I do retain water in the right spots which gives me leverage (not to mention makes me look much better). I still have not picked up my GEAR but will be doing that soon as I want to get some constant nutrition going into my blood stream and see how much better I grow. The amino acids are great but when I used bovine serum mixed with meals I gained into a cut which says a lot.

  8. Trained with Breanna today. She did 10 on 20 off for 10 minutes alternating shouldering the 70lb bag and chin height the 90lb bag. At 10 minutes her form broke down so bad it wasn't worth going.

    Today: Super conditioning plus crazy strength

    DB complex 2 Dbs 3 rounds /w 20lbs each
    Clean and press x5, Windmill (one in hand one from deadlift) x5 each, swings x5, upright row x5, row x5

    rest 4 minutes

    sandbag tabata 6 minutes 20on 10 off: 90lb bag shouldering and 70lb bag shouldering

    4 minutes rest

    200lb one arm deadlift 1 minute inbetween
    2 singles each arm

    rest 3 minutes

    1 arm bench press 100lbs 1 minute rest per pair
    3 singles each arm

    rest 3 minutes

    1 leg 1 arm deadlift (for balance imbalance corrections) 1 minute between pairs
    3 singles with 20lbs

    3 min rest

    swings 50lb dumbbell 1 minute between pairs
    3 singles

    Die then grip...

    TTK grip thumb under
    Jujitsu gi gripping (this is because in chicago a lot of people wear jackets)
    Pegasus wrist curls
    rolling thunder

    this took like an hour

  9. Today was a crazy day.. Very Very crazy. It was my dominant strength day with a slight amount of conditioning at the end. Hung Gar stuff was done much after the general workout as my body need time to recover. Rest times as always are approximate. usually never more most often less.

    2 Dumbbell Deadlift 2 minutes between sets /w a miniband around head 2 minutes between sets
    120lbs 3x3

    3min rest

    1 arm dumbbell row from floor dynamic style 2 minutes rest between pairs
    145x 3x3

    3 minutes

    1 arm strict press 2 minutes rest between pairs
    70x 3x1

    2DB romanian Deadlift with mini band
    70lbs 3x5 reps

    3 minutes rest

    90lb bag shouldering x8 reps (was pretty tight by this point and was not able to get much power it was slow grinding shoulderings especially how much the sand flops around)

    5 minute tabata: abs/squats/pushups

    weighted situps
    v up hold for time
    leg raises
    side bends

    Just picked up some ass lighting and will be trying that out to see how that gets me sparked for my crazy style training. Lets hope it brings me some good power and endurance. I could use a good preworkout. I am meaning to pick up some N2KS but I want to give this a shot as well.

    A few hours later I am not as dead as I was after I did this, but I am have a gradual systematic fatigue. My goal is to be dead during workouts but to recover fast and quick with only a general fatigue about this.

    The workout was pretty good. I think I can go heavier on the military. I was not sure how the previous workout would impact it. Same with the rows both were very easy. The double DB deadlift was easy but I did not feel comfortable repping it out. It is not a movement that feels clean to me. The mini band helped with speed. Next week I will do it with 2 minis following that an orange band. The Romanians felt nice a little awkward but nice. I think the big thing with them is getting the movement down right, they are much different than deadlifts from the floor to me with the DBs. The shouldering, the only reason I dont think I nailed my 20 reps is because my back is still very tight from friday and it was just slowly grinding them up. I think I can nail more next week after taking in good recovery methods.

  10. So my conditioning is becoming super nuts I am realizing. I did this workout and during it I was dying and ready to pass out. After resting for about 3 minutes after it I was ready to go again. This lead me to think if I need to increase volume a little, I'd rather do that on conditioning days rather than increase weight. Then if need be increase weight. If not increase volume increase intensity with more density (more reps in shorter time). That is my goal. My body can really take a beating. If it wasn't for my terribly flat feet and warn down knees I would love to give it a shot and see how my body works vs a regular running race. But that just isn't going to happen any time soon. Maybe a biking adventure will be in the works soon. That could be a lot of fun. Take Bre and go for it. A lot of time has been spent outside of my place going on walks, I might take another one today. The more I turn to a spiritual outlook on life the more appreciative of nature I become more so than just my animal love. I become more in tune with everything in nature. A little hippie style, but I am really am starting to make more sense of this. Makes me think of Men who Stare at goats stuff. The spiritual warriors. Anyways got 12 more weeks of lean bulking with Shelby before start dieting down again. I am planning on hiring him for another year when time runs out. I have him for 18 more weeks on this plan. It saves me a lot of work and more time I can spend on clients and family, and my girlfriend as well.

    my preworkout today was 3 grams of tyrosine and 400mgs of caffeine. Really can not wait to get my hands on some of that A$$ lightning. Wont have to take it with all that water either. My preworkout shake is more than enough already. I really do not like having to add more water to dilute the tyrosine. This is a good combo, but I am about the best combo, I never settle.

    70lb sandbag military //ss// double KB swing 20lbs each
    11 / 20 (sandbag was really oddly shifted this time around)

    1 min

    90lb SB parallel row with handles //ss// double KB swing 20lbs
    12 / 20

    1 min

    90lb sb bear hug squat //ss// double KB swing 20lbs
    8 / 20

    1 min

    135lb good mornings SB //ss// double KB swing 20lbs
    6 / 20

    Rest 3 minutes

    2.5inch DB push press 52.5lbs with orange band pullaparts

    Rest a few minutes

    Harness 27.5lbs x30 reps
    Shrug 50lbs x10
    Rest 30
    Front bridge 1:20 sec
    Shrug 50lbs x10
    Rest 30
    Back bridge 30 second
    Shrug 50lbs x10
    Rest 30
    Headstand 1 min
    Shrug 50lbs x10

    25lb 2.5in dumbbell curl 1 set of 10 reps just for injury prevention sakes

  11. Last night I went to my hung gar lesson, and I was just not myself. My stomach was making weird noises, I figured I had gas or something, to be slightly graphic, I had no urge to release it. I was burping like crazy these nasty tasting burps. I just did not have focus and concentration and I could tell my sifu was not the happiest with me. On the way home I was struck by this excruciating pain in my stomach and I thought I had to um…. release waste. When I got home I was unable to do so, but spent the hour heaving and puking. I seriously hadn’t been in the much pain in forever. Do to some medications I am on I am unable to use Mylanta or any form of stomach coating so I was forced to suffer. I figured maybe I had eaten some toxin and so I took in some bread and that came up as well in about 15 minutes. I thought long and hard what was new. Then I realized it I had made turkey the night before. I had some on Wed and was a little sluggish Thursday during the day, and then I had taken in the turkey immediately before class. Then I realized that was it. So yep I had food poisoning. Around 11pm last night the pain finally went down and I managed to lay down to sleep.
    I woke up at 3am in almost enough pain to have me crying. By 4 I decided I was going to go get some Mylanta regardless just so I wouldn’t want to scream anymore. I managed to get pants on and socks on and collapsed a few feet in front of my bed. Realizing I was not going to make it to the store despite it literally being a 30 second car ride I called my mom. She talked to the pharmacist and told me if I went to the hospital they would mega dose me with a sugar drug??? So he told my mom to have me take in small sips of coke or sprite repeatedly for as long as I could handle. This went on for about 2 hours before I stopped wanting to cry. I fell asleep for another hour and woke up and just laid in my bed from 8 until 10 just being sure I would calm down. I felt (and still feel) very sluggish and my body is still not linking with my mind very well. At the time of writing I have taken in 2 meals and a training shake routine… Yes I actually made myself train. (more on that later) I am probably going to be avoiding meat for awhile. I am starting to wonder if my body just can not tolerate it anymore. I have a VERY sensitive stomach and am starting to think I may need to just back down from it. Most of my meals are shakes and egg whites anyway. I am not really concerned. Anyways on to more important things.
    Why did I train today? Here is the thing…. I say I train for real life. If I have to get into a combat situation my body may not be in good shape to be able to work at its best. If I end up going for a nature walk and something happens to me, I may have to drag myself home if I am out a distance away (I enjoy trail hikes) Training today was very much about mental toughness. I knew I was not in danger training zone (which I will not train through) But I will train through some major discomfort. Today was one of those days. I fatigued very fast through today’s workout and the weights felt VERY heavy. But I made it through. That is what was important to me. I also have to split it into 3 parts. Training/grip/ hung gar as I don’t have the energy to do one massive session and may not even be able to do all 3. At this time I have only done my normal training. I am still hoping to be able to get all of my meals in as well.

    Short Mini Band Complex:
    Pull apart over head x5 (10 second isometric last rep)
    Front pull apart x5 (10 second isometric last rep)
    Triceps push x5 each (10 second isometric last rep)
    Curl/row x5 each (10 second isometric last rep)
    Bow strand pull x5 each (10 second isometric last rep)
    2 ½ cycles gave out when muscle didn’t have the energy heart was still good. So muscular fatigue ended this set.

    70lb sandbag tabata 5 min. There was no planning involved so I just did random exercises. I did not like that. I am going to use the sandbag tabata here next week instead of shouldering, but I will be using a prewritten routine of ten exercises so that I wont have to think and will know what to set it up as. Either way my heart was pounding out of my chest pretty bad after this. After a minute of rest though my heart beat was pretty much normal and I was ready to go at it.
    By this time my stomach was starting to kill again and the bloat was really starting to suck. I am pretty darn bloated today. I could tell when I went to use my lever belt and It didn’t fit. I had to go to my trusty pin belt.
    200lb one arm deadlift with a mini band around me. Got 2 singles each side with a minute rest between each rep.
    1 arm floor press 102.5lbs 3 singles each arm with a minute between pairs. This felt awkward on the rotator cuff. I need to add back in my prehab stuff.
    Swings 3 singles with 52.5lbs really easy 1 minute between pairs
    1 arm /1 leg deadlift 52.5lbs easyish for 3 singles 1 minute again.

    I may or may not update with the rest of the day, I don’t know at this point.

  12. Today was day 3 with the battle of food poisoning. I thought I was out of the woods yesterday, but I ended up waking in terrible pain today to. Ended up taking more sugar drug as I cant use Mylanta as I stated. So my diet is getting a little screwed up the butt here. But anyways laid in bed from 5:45 until 8 and then slept from 8 until 10. Got up and got on with my day. By 11 I was feeling much better besides a general queasiness. Not wanting to skip another workout I decided to train at half speed today (but as that turned out that didn’t happen) So I ended up training at full speed with a little more rest than normal. Hung Gar training will be done later today which is really more brutal than my weight workouts sorry to tell you all. But anyways I have that to do later and now I will just post up what I did for weights.

    2DB deadlift with 1-2 minutes rest between sets
    120lbs with orange band for a single
    120lbs with orange and a mini for a single
    120lbs with strongband for 2 reps
    120lbs with strong band and mini for a single
    Going to try to rep strong and mini next week

    1 Arm DB row 1-2 minutes between pairs
    150 for a single
    155 for a single
    160 for a single
    165 for a single
    170 for a single
    These were way to easy. Funny I do these with correct form to. I see most people doing like standing up movements with this when I stay pretty much parallel. Eh, who cares.

    1 arm Military (cut this short today) 1-2 minutes between pairs
    2 singles with 72.5lbs

    Stiff dead 2DB no belt
    75 with a mini for 5
    75 with an orange for 5

    3 minutes rest

    Shouldering 150lb Sandbag
    6 reps

    3 minutes rest

    Ab Tabata- 10 different exercises
    Plank 35 seconds
    105lbs x 10 reps side bends

    Going to be getting some glutamine very soon to help meal digestion. Sound a little odd but 2 grams of extra glutamine according to John Berardi you can minimize acid by taking them in. May be doing that as I have a little of acid based foods normally. I am thinking of trying the power chew glutamine as that way I dont have to ruin shakes with bad tasting regular glutamine. thats over a 100 meals worth of glutamine for one bottle, that really isnt that bad.

  13. It's great that your feeling better, I don't think I would have had the mental strength to get myself to workout. You've given me something to think about there, what would I do or how would I react in a serious situation?
    [email protected]
    Athletic Xtreme Rep

  14. Quote Originally Posted by Mrodz View Post
    It's great that your feeling better, I don't think I would have had the mental strength to get myself to workout. You've given me something to think about there, what would I do or how would I react in a serious situation?
    I learned real fast that I needed to get myself mentally prepared. I am not sure if I posted this story. I was out with my ex girlfriend at a club one night when a guy started beating on his girlfriends car and started screaming at her. I HATE and I mean HATE domestic abuse so I walk up and I'm I say dude can I help you. He said get the f*ck outta here. I replied will do as my girlfriend called the cops. I start to walk back when some other people make the scene worse and the kid pulls out an auto batton and starts swinging it. My body had never encountered this but I started swaying with it. The kid swung its in front of him I swayed with it for some reason. Cops came kid was arrested. I talked to my sifu the next day who also does Kali and he explained my body felt for the movement and form our training knew when to strike in on the opposite swing. We have also trained with real knives just not sharpened to get our minds prepared for what could happen. I do not ever want to have to fight for my life but I want to know if I need to I can.

    Another story a kid took a swing at me when I was out with friends because he was drunk. I stepped back into cat stance and blocked and just tapped his knee slightly out with my foot. Just pure instinct. Saving your life comes down to instinct and making the moves 100% ingrained in your brain.

  15. Hey man you have some pretty cool workouts on here even though I don't understand half the exercises haha. What I'm most interested in is your grip work, my grip is something I'm trying to work on. What were some of those exercises you mentioned?

    Also I agree with your theory about being ready to fight/ perform, its pretty much the inspiration for my new program. I'm do a little grappling and Muay Thai a couple times a week, awesome workouts.

  16. Quote Originally Posted by joelast View Post
    Hey man you have some pretty cool workouts on here even though I don't understand half the exercises haha. What I'm most interested in is your grip work, my grip is something I'm trying to work on. What were some of those exercises you mentioned?

    Also I agree with your theory about being ready to fight/ perform, its pretty much the inspiration for my new program. I'm do a little grappling and Muay Thai a couple times a week, awesome workouts.
    Ask about any exercises you have questions on and I will try to get videos up for you. I see my girlfriend 2-3x a week and she will always be down for some filming. Or I could just have her do them and get some female take on it

    Here is my thought on grip. Look at your hand and move it around. Pretty crazy amount of movements, right? Now remember this isometrics only work a small range of motion powerfully and the rest very small with minimal carry over. You need to train the hand through all different planes and what you are going to do. 98% of my grip work is up there 2% of it is specialized hung gar grip work (you can find it online, but I'll be honest with you it's wrong lol they change part of it to see if you learn it from a video or a teacher, and doing it the wrong way will do very minimal) That is my reason for training so many different ways.

    I'll break some of them down,

    The pegasus is a specialized wrist curl tool like the formulator only more comfortable. You might be able to find one on ebay. I use those for wrist curls.
    Sledge lever is going to the front and to the back from the hammer facing down at my side.
    The rotations are holding it at a bicep curl and rotating side to side.
    These movements will keep a hand straight when you are punching and keep you wrist dominant when grappling.

    GI grab is with a jujistu double gi. This is because in Chicago we are jackets for a lot of the year. A jacket is similar feel to a gi. So I want to know if I have to use the jacket I wont lose grip when they twist and turn. Also it will help if I have to grab my girlfriends jacket because someone grabs on her and I need to pull her closer. What about if I have to grab a piece of fabric to hang on to something. Those are my reasons.

    Thick bar is about the size of of a wrist that is hard so that is why there. The Titans telagraph key same reason dynamic power for a wrist grab. 2 fingers and thumb because as a crane fighter we mainly grab with 2 fingers and a thumb. I would rather use a foam bar for grabbing as its more human like but haven't had the time to pick on up.

    Normal bar well because I am a strongman and performing strongman I need this it can also be like grabbing a finger.

    Eagle loops... Hung Gar is primarily a tiger system (dont you tube it haven't found anything right on it) but we claw and we rip muscle off of bone with our grip. So we need our individual fingers strong as can be. Also it is my pet lift. i am known for my finger lifting. Eventually I will get a claw curl for finger curls.

    Grippers really dont do anything for useful grip I just do them for fun every now and then, they are not important to me.

    Then I have my other gripping movements for hung gar. We have jar lifting exercise and a sandbag exercises that I can not get into.

    Just remember this in a life saving situation no matter what it is you are only as strong as what you can hold onto.

    For me its not just combat ready but life ready.

    I am certified first aid cpr standard, first aid cpr first responder, and have taken other intro response care classes, was a lifeguard certified for 3 years, and have read a ton of stuff you can't take classes on IE sewing up wounds etc etc. I like to go hiking and camping etc etc. I want to know that if me and my girlfriend are out one day to far from a rangers station than I can fix her up until I get her actual real help. I never want to be in a situation where I know I could lose someone and I could have done something.

    The biggest example is a saw a guy get in a car crash and he was laying on the pavement breathing and communicating but there was nothing I could do. He gave me authority to do what ever I thought would help and I just sat there and just talked to him and watched over him ,it was all I could do. I never want that too happen again

    any questions though feel free. Unless it is related to the secrets of hung gar I can answer them.

  17. Today:
    5 minute warm up 15 minute cardio between 125BPM and 130BPM and 5 minute calf buster cool down on the bike maximum resistance.
    Gonna try getting in some long term steady state cardio that is a little different than normal.

    May wanna do a cardio event one day.

  18. Would anyone like to see some training videos today?

  19. [email protected]
    Athletic Xtreme Rep

  20. Quote Originally Posted by Mrodz View Post
    Does that mean you want videos ? lol

  21. Some vids would be great. I'm interested in what you do with conventional equipment, how you tweak some normal exercises. Thanks man.

  22. Quote Originally Posted by Steelwolf View Post
    Does that mean you want videos ? lol
    Yes, yes it does!
    [email protected]
    Athletic Xtreme Rep

  23. Quote Originally Posted by Mrodz View Post
    Yes, yes it does!
    Alright. When my girlfriend gets up and can come over will do some filming hopefully. I have to take her on a walk and a picnic first. Gotta do the romance stuff Then videos will come hopefully. I need to start being more direct romantic instead of indirect romantic. I do a lot of stuff like posting about her on here and my feelings, and always talk great about her to family and friends. And at night I always look out for her and be sure she is 100% safe when we are walking at night, but as I'm learning sometimes for woman we need to be direct loving so today is a picnic and a walk at a trail. Just gotta wait till she wakes up as she got home late last night we saw Priest last night. Which is an awesome movie.


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  5. Warrior Nation
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