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  1. Feb 1st 2011

    Stance, dynamic tension, form work

    Crunches: 100 in 2:48.6 aprox one every 1.68 secs
    Hindu Pushups 22 in 40 secs 1 every 1.81 secs
    Squats 75 controlled reps so no time
    125 band pulldowns with magenta band

    Thick bar
    20lbs R60L60 55lbs R30L20 65lbs R10L7
    Wrist curl 20x15, reverse WC 20x15 wrist curl 30x1 reverse WC 22.5x3
    Grippers 20, 10, 3
    Finger lift
    25lbs for each finger
    sandbag hold 35lbs
    both hands 30 seconds one hand 12 each
    tiger claw bag catch
    50 reps

  2. I hear the word "functional" being thrown around a ton nowadays yet I dont really feel its functional. This is my take on spin on what is truly functional.

    Monday- Kung Fu lesson
    This teaches understand of a fighting style, and trust me hung gar is a very vicious fighting style its not sport. It also lets me learn the internal basis and chi cultivation. The exercises for this provide a powerful internal ability while developing over all body power more a martial aspect as well as strength. Look up a hung gar practitioner the style is known for its strength both internal and exeternal.

    Neck work on this day is for the sake of building a powerful neck and shoulder girdle. If I'm ever in a situation where my neck is put at risk: a car accident, I miss a block, a fall etc, my neck will be able to stand the impact. Plus the feats of strength for it are awesome.

    Grip strength is self explanatory
    Super endurance. The point of this is to get all the cardio ability of a long term session while building the body to take a long term endurance beating. Running a marathon gives great cardio but the muscles wont take it. This is the midline.

    the abdominal strength EVERYTHING is abs
    Muscle strength endurance. This is my ability to handle objects that are actually weighing something and putting the body through a more strength based workout. At the same time my endurance is being ran through the gutter. My muscles and mind and body learn to take the abuse and grow.

    Cable day: A few exercises are done with the cable to simulate human movement as if I was moving a person at the same time it builds a different level of strength especially with the slow motion. It teaches a grinding strength to get passed tough sticking points and the power to fight against an object that may be pushing back at you. Also works in very odd patters.
    Neck work is done here.

    strongman day. I pick some object and go to town. 95% of the time its sandbags. I do various things with it to get that odd object strength.
    Grip is done on this day to.

    This is normally an off day but I still do abdominals.

    This is the day when I move my big unilateral weights with dumbells.

    Everyday I have mobility exercise for kung fu and I do about a 10 minute stretching session

  3. 1 mini through belt 2 overhead: 10/0/10/0x 4
    Pulldown palms in: 10/0/10/0 x3 2 orange bands
    1 arm chest press 10/0/10/0x3 2 orange bands
    chest press 1 magenta band and 1 mini band: 10/0/10/0 x2
    Rear delt 10/0/10/0 1 orange x3
    Gooseneckc curl
    R: 25lbs x 5 L:7.5lbs x6
    Abductions 5/0/5/0 magenta x3
    loading pin laterals 2.5lbs 10/0/10/0 x3


    Heres a video from eagle loop deadlifts yesterday.

  5. I have been getting some questions: So why do you use straps for a lot of your exercises if you are supposed to be this great grip guy. Simple answer. I beat my hands down very heavily twice a week. After that point they are worked to the bone and very sore and they have achieved their strength gain for the week. Training grip while training my main exercises then doesn't fully make sense to me. If I train them heavy enough on these days I can give it a break when I'm working with my heavy weights later in the week. It allows me to get full power into my movements and not have to worry about squeezing the bar. Also my dumbbell is a very narrow diameter just an inch big. So doing pressing with something that small really hurts the palm of the hand which I am already beating down on bending movements. So also it saves the palm of my hand. Kinda make sense?

    Today was a Killer day and I also learned something. First off what I learned: My rotator cuff is becoming the weak point in my lifts. My floor press has dropped over the past few weeks I have also taken out my rotator cuff work so I think there is a correlation between the 2. The other thing that was removed was the stretching of my shoulder girdle and pecs. Finally my I don't really have many if any high carb days so my recovery is just a wee bit taxed. So I added in some rotator work this week in hopes of that will help bring my pushing power back from a horizontal plane back to full power. We shall see though guys. Will find out over the next few weeks.

    DB slight Push Press:
    R: 75x1, 80x1. 85x1 (15 second static hold at top and slow negative) had a little more in the tank, but leaving it here
    L; 70x1, 75x1, 80x1 (1o second static hold at top and slow negative) again a little more in the tank but leaving it here.
    I have been over reaching lately and my numbers dropped so I'm gonna keep the weights a little level and keep it so the weights are always doable.

    DB row: strict. I do not use body english on these.
    125lbs for 3 both arms

    Floor Press: these were a little weak.
    R: 90x1 95x1 100x1 with a 15 second top and a 6 second negative
    L: 90x1 95x1 100x1 " "
    been losing power on my floor press as I said so I think I've been over reaching I hit like 120 a few weeks back and think I over ran it.

    High pulls with the DB
    115x3 for each arm

    Deadlift dumbell /w standard plates 25lbs
    Each arm: 180x1, 190x1 ( I was supposed to do 200 BUT) 210x2

    Shoulder horn:
    Right: 5lbs x20, 10x10, 20x3
    Left: 5x20, 10x10, 20x2

    These are my what I call slow grind work
    Military feet together: 10/10/10x 32.5lbs x1
    Row: 10/0/10/0 32.5lbs x 1
    I was supposed to do more, but I was kinda shot. really really shot.

    stretch session. I really worked this part heavy and brutal

  6. Also yesterday I did abs, I forgot to add that.

    Stance work, dynamic tension, form work:

    oh and abs

    One arm overhead squat DB w 20lbs /SS/ rotating deadlift with Ultimate Sandbag 70lbs 30 rest between pairs
    5/5 5/5

    Side bend with ultimate sandbag 70lbs /SS/ 25lb situps 30 rest between pairs
    5/12 5/12

    Leg raises 5/0/5/0
    30 rest
    leg raises no tempo

    All normal training is done without a belt the only time a belt is warn is when going for super maxs

  7. So some on other boards where I have a log have made comment about a 125lb DB row for a triple (which still more was in the tank) is a very light lift. I will have to get a video of this because the way I do them they are pretty hard to duplicate. I row from the floor with the back almost parallel. There is no jerking to the movement and no heavy body movement at all. It is a controlled row where only my arm moves and a slight twist to my hip.

  8. Febuary 7th, 2011
    This was a mixed bag day. I was expecting to have my Hung Gar lesson last night, but do to some personal issues with my instructor it was moved to tonight so yesterday was a little confusing in terms of training. I also learned my bad knee is a little more warn out than normal so I am gonna have to start wrapping it pretty good during a lot of stuff but will be alright here. Any recommendation geekpoop recommended the tommy konos.

    Neck routine. Mind you this is not mine entirely this is a modified bud jeffries circuit.

    Shrugs: 75lbs x 15
    rest 30
    Front Bridge 50 secs
    Shrugs 5 reps
    rest 30
    Back Bridge 1 min
    Shrugs 5
    rest 30
    Headstand 12
    Shrug 5
    My neck was pretty shot by the time I got to the headstands

    So I decided to also do grip yesterday as I have my lesson immediately after school today. Hands were well not ready, not even close.

    Thick Bar
    30lbs R and L both 60 sec.... 60lbs R 30 secs L 20 secs........ 70lbs R and L both 10 seconds

    Wrist Curl on pegasus
    WC: 22.5lbs x15 RWC: 22.5x11 WC: 22.5x10 RWC 22.5x2

    20 rep, 10 rep, 3 rep

    35lb bag one handed
    right hand 20 left hand 6

    Bag catches 50 grabs

    No finger lifts as hands are stil torn up

  9. Feb 8th

    Today is my Hung Gar lesson so i didnt do my stance and form drills this morning or my tension work

    This is conditioning day. As I said I need to take it easier on my knees.

    Bodyweight Squats 30 non stop
    Also remember I drill stances for at least 20-30 minutes a day my legs are getting brutalized.
    Crunches 100 in 2:22.1 for 1.42 secs each. Faster than last time
    Hindu Pushups 25 in 44.7 which is 1.78 seconds. More reps and faster than last time.

    Tonight will be a class so that will complete the rest of my workout

  10. Missed a few days of posting:

    70lb sandbag grabbing sides strict curl

    Grabbing handle of sandbag 70lb push press one arm
    3 each

    OHP both hands on bag no handles 70lbs

    Shoulder to shoulder OHP no handles 70lbs
    5 a side

    zercher hold 70lbs
    40 seconds

    floor press 70lbs
    30 reps

    bear hug 90lbs
    1:10 seconds

    Bear hug 125lbs
    40 seconds

    shouldering to a squat 1 shoulder squats were reps with 125lb bag
    1 shoulder and 2 squats each side

    Good mornings in bear hug /w 125lb bag

    Power curl with 90lb bag grabbing sides

    Hung Gar stances
    Hung Gar forms
    Hung Gar dynamic tension


    Fun part I never go to failure so these were all sub max

    A little sore not so much though. First day with bags in about 3 weeks. Need to keep them up more often this power is awesome. Real world stuff.

  11. This is my muscular endurance day. Things got screwed up this week but I'm not worried.


    9 pikes on the powerwheel rest 30 seconds 50 second hold v-up

    rest for a few minutes

    22.5lbs windmill each arm 75lb sit up back to back (windmill is low because my shoulder is still lacking the stability which i need to work on)
    5/5 5/5 5/5 so simply 3 sets of 5 each side and 5 situps
    this was very easy on the situps. Windmill was easy on the obliques a little stability issues on those shoulders.

    Here was my fun new invention: 16 minutes 20 on 10off
    10lb plate
    8lb med ball
    35lb sandbag
    1 20lb KB
    1 mini band
    1 magenta chest expander
    1lb Indian clubs Sometimes i used both sometimes only one
    I would go through every implement and then switch stances: I used Hung Gar stances... Look them up if you want to know I will not send pictures of how my Sifu has me do them. I'm sorry to much loyalty
    Standing or squatting
    Hanging Horse
    Half Horse
    2 rounds in bow

    So id run through every implement then go to a new stance and run through them again.... FUN TIMES

    Oh yes plus later tonight
    Dynamic Tension
    Stance Drills and form work

    Tomorrow is my heavy day for the week. I did push press last week and used way bellow sub max to try to nail some technique but I dont think I want to continue with that and go back to military standard press. Ill train the push press on the barbell closer to the meet.

  12. Today is what I simply call stupid strength day:

    1 orange band through belt + 2 mini bands Narrow stance GM 10/0/10/0 x4
    1 orange band through belt + 2 mini + 70lb zercher sandbag narrow stance GM x5
    Chest Expander: 2 orange pull aparts 10/0/10/0 x2 (new way)
    Chest Expander 2 orange 1 arm press 10/0/10/0 x4
    Chest Expander: 1 orange rear delt fly 10/0/10/0x4
    Chest press 1 magenta chest expander band 2 mini bands 10/10/10/0 x2
    Chest press 3 mini bands and one orange band for 10 easy reps
    OHP with one orange band and one mini band 10/10/10/0 for 1 rep. (the grind was a little rough but easy at the same time. I'm leaving this the same as I want to be sure the grind grinds even all the way through.

    Rotator lateral complex 5/0/5/0 Hammer fist: front raise, side/front raise/ side rise for 3 reps with 5lbs

    Goose neck curls
    Right: 30x5
    Left 2.5x10

    Neck Death (modfied bud jeffries idea)
    (these shrugs were a little bit of bad form and to heavy for what I'm looking for so they will say this heavy for a while)

    100lb BOR shrug x5
    rest 30
    flexation 50lbs x20
    BOR shrug x3
    rest 30
    harness (never letting it touch floor) 40x20
    BOR shrug x2
    rest 30
    sides 20lbs x20 each
    move to back bridge x5

    And then laid down and didint move for awhile

  13. Just for fun 270lbs at 190x3.. For those are saying oh look you moved your legs... Do look carefully I only moved them to allow the plates to pass between them

  14. Subbed bud! I just skimmed through the workout post but I love the first post. Sound like a good work ethic and some fun workouts. I will read through them all when I get a chance. Keep up the good work
    "The only good is knowledge and the only evil is ignorance." - Socrates

  15. Quote Originally Posted by JudoJosh View Post
    Subbed bud! I just skimmed through the workout post but I love the first post. Sound like a good work ethic and some fun workouts. I will read through them all when I get a chance. Keep up the good work
    Thanks man nice to see you following along.

    Here was today:
    Dynamic tension
    Other Hung Gar stuff

    Sandbag funs
    Zercher Hold 70lbs for 60 seconds
    Zercher Hold 70lbs + miniband for 35seconds
    Beag hug 125lbs with locked arms 45 secs without locked arms 20 seconds
    grab sides and curl 70lbs for 9
    Grab sides and power curl 90lbs x3
    OH squat using the handles on the bags 70lbs for 5 with 2 sets
    Zercher squat with 70lbs 5
    Back squat with 70lbs x5
    One side squat with 90lbs 5 for each side
    70lb sandbag swing grabbing sides to overhead 4 reps
    One arm shoulder press on one shoulder 5 reps each side
    Floor press with a mini band around back 12 reps
    Good morning with 125lbs 8 reps... then almost passed out
    125lb bear hug squat 125lbs

    110lbs R: 40 sec L 22 secs 120lbs R20 secs L 10 seconds 130lbs R 10 sec L10 second
    Block medley just enough time to change plates
    15x5sec 20x5 sec 25x5 sec 30x5 sec 12.5x30 sec
    Lever 8lb hammer
    Marking 5 front and back 15 reps each
    front and back marking 8 5 reps each
    Front raise up to marking 12 not letting handle brace on me
    Dynamic roations
    marking 3x15
    Finger curls 22.5lbs x20

  16. Nice sandbag and grip work there bud. Sounds like you go to a pretty sweet gym with some nice equipment.
    "The only good is knowledge and the only evil is ignorance." - Socrates

  17. All out of my apartment. I do the occasional thing at school but 99.9% of it out of my apartment. All I've done at a gym in this journal was the sit-ups and the eagle loop deadlift

  18. Nice a fellow home lifter I lift in my basement, I assume since you said apartment you prolly use a spare room. Do you make your own equipment at all?
    "The only good is knowledge and the only evil is ignorance." - Socrates

  19. Quote Originally Posted by JudoJosh View Post
    Nice a fellow home lifter I lift in my basement, I assume since you said apartment you prolly use a spare room. Do you make your own equipment at all?
    Yep spare room. When I move to a smaller one next year after this lease I am just gonna use part of the main room, I dont need much space.

    I have some home made equipment ie sandbags, but the only real home made equipment is what I use for Hung Gar training, but I do not post in detail about that part

  20. Stances, Dynamic Tension, Forms etc etc

    70lb SB over right shoulder 2 minutes walk
    70lb SB over the back 2 minutes walk
    70lb SB over the left shoulder 2 minutes walk
    35lb SB Overhead with handles 2 minutes walk
    35 2 arm zercher with SB 2 minnutes
    1 arm zercher with strap 35lb SB 1 minute

    Neck work

  21. Sunday: All are beltless

    2DB Military: 50x5,5,5 Pretty easy
    2DB Floor Press 70x8,8,8 pretty easy also
    1 arm row: 140x3 for each
    High Pull 140x3 for each
    Deadlift 1 arm with small plates: 190x3,3,3 for both
    Side DL: 110x10 both
    Hammer curl doubles 12x20lbs
    Lying hammer curl 20lb for 20 reps

    The reason for the double dumbells is to get my body more used to barbells

    Also done were my hung gar stances and heavy drills for that.

  22. Grip stuff:

    Normal Dumbbell
    120lbs for 40 seconds right hand 110lbs for 40 seconds left
    130lbs for 20 seconds right and left
    140lb for 10 seconds right.. 3 seconds for left but I nailed myself in the junk DLing it and kinda let it down

    Block one after another no rest
    15,20,25,30 for 5 seconds
    15lbs for 30 seconds

    Levering with the 8lb hammer
    Front and Back marking 6 for 15
    Front and Back Marking 9 for 5 reps
    Straight arm raise 3 for making 13
    High rep twisting marking 4 for 10 reps

    Finger curls 25lbs for 20 reps
    Hung Gar grip stuff

    35lb Sandbag 5 minute walk with bag on left shoulder, then right shoulder, then switch it to zercher with straps for 3 minutes

    Going to do abs later

  23. There will be some modifications made this week to start prep for IL strongest man

  24. Training changes start tomorrow


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