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  1. Also yesterday I did abs, I forgot to add that.

    Stance work, dynamic tension, form work:

    oh and abs

    One arm overhead squat DB w 20lbs /SS/ rotating deadlift with Ultimate Sandbag 70lbs 30 rest between pairs
    5/5 5/5

    Side bend with ultimate sandbag 70lbs /SS/ 25lb situps 30 rest between pairs
    5/12 5/12

    Leg raises 5/0/5/0
    30 rest
    leg raises no tempo

    All normal training is done without a belt the only time a belt is warn is when going for super maxs

  2. So some on other boards where I have a log have made comment about a 125lb DB row for a triple (which still more was in the tank) is a very light lift. I will have to get a video of this because the way I do them they are pretty hard to duplicate. I row from the floor with the back almost parallel. There is no jerking to the movement and no heavy body movement at all. It is a controlled row where only my arm moves and a slight twist to my hip.

  3. Febuary 7th, 2011
    This was a mixed bag day. I was expecting to have my Hung Gar lesson last night, but do to some personal issues with my instructor it was moved to tonight so yesterday was a little confusing in terms of training. I also learned my bad knee is a little more warn out than normal so I am gonna have to start wrapping it pretty good during a lot of stuff but will be alright here. Any recommendation geekpoop recommended the tommy konos.

    Neck routine. Mind you this is not mine entirely this is a modified bud jeffries circuit.

    Shrugs: 75lbs x 15
    rest 30
    Front Bridge 50 secs
    Shrugs 5 reps
    rest 30
    Back Bridge 1 min
    Shrugs 5
    rest 30
    Headstand 12
    Shrug 5
    My neck was pretty shot by the time I got to the headstands

    So I decided to also do grip yesterday as I have my lesson immediately after school today. Hands were well not ready, not even close.

    Thick Bar
    30lbs R and L both 60 sec.... 60lbs R 30 secs L 20 secs........ 70lbs R and L both 10 seconds

    Wrist Curl on pegasus
    WC: 22.5lbs x15 RWC: 22.5x11 WC: 22.5x10 RWC 22.5x2

    20 rep, 10 rep, 3 rep

    35lb bag one handed
    right hand 20 left hand 6

    Bag catches 50 grabs

    No finger lifts as hands are stil torn up

  4. Feb 8th

    Today is my Hung Gar lesson so i didnt do my stance and form drills this morning or my tension work

    This is conditioning day. As I said I need to take it easier on my knees.

    Bodyweight Squats 30 non stop
    Also remember I drill stances for at least 20-30 minutes a day my legs are getting brutalized.
    Crunches 100 in 2:22.1 for 1.42 secs each. Faster than last time
    Hindu Pushups 25 in 44.7 which is 1.78 seconds. More reps and faster than last time.

    Tonight will be a class so that will complete the rest of my workout

  5. Missed a few days of posting:

    70lb sandbag grabbing sides strict curl

    Grabbing handle of sandbag 70lb push press one arm
    3 each

    OHP both hands on bag no handles 70lbs

    Shoulder to shoulder OHP no handles 70lbs
    5 a side

    zercher hold 70lbs
    40 seconds

    floor press 70lbs
    30 reps

    bear hug 90lbs
    1:10 seconds

    Bear hug 125lbs
    40 seconds

    shouldering to a squat 1 shoulder squats were reps with 125lb bag
    1 shoulder and 2 squats each side

    Good mornings in bear hug /w 125lb bag

    Power curl with 90lb bag grabbing sides

    Hung Gar stances
    Hung Gar forms
    Hung Gar dynamic tension


    Fun part I never go to failure so these were all sub max

    A little sore not so much though. First day with bags in about 3 weeks. Need to keep them up more often this power is awesome. Real world stuff.

  6. This is my muscular endurance day. Things got screwed up this week but I'm not worried.


    9 pikes on the powerwheel rest 30 seconds 50 second hold v-up

    rest for a few minutes

    22.5lbs windmill each arm 75lb sit up back to back (windmill is low because my shoulder is still lacking the stability which i need to work on)
    5/5 5/5 5/5 so simply 3 sets of 5 each side and 5 situps
    this was very easy on the situps. Windmill was easy on the obliques a little stability issues on those shoulders.

    Here was my fun new invention: 16 minutes 20 on 10off
    10lb plate
    8lb med ball
    35lb sandbag
    1 20lb KB
    1 mini band
    1 magenta chest expander
    1lb Indian clubs Sometimes i used both sometimes only one
    I would go through every implement and then switch stances: I used Hung Gar stances... Look them up if you want to know I will not send pictures of how my Sifu has me do them. I'm sorry to much loyalty
    Standing or squatting
    Hanging Horse
    Half Horse
    2 rounds in bow

    So id run through every implement then go to a new stance and run through them again.... FUN TIMES

    Oh yes plus later tonight
    Dynamic Tension
    Stance Drills and form work

    Tomorrow is my heavy day for the week. I did push press last week and used way bellow sub max to try to nail some technique but I dont think I want to continue with that and go back to military standard press. Ill train the push press on the barbell closer to the meet.

  7. Today is what I simply call stupid strength day:

    1 orange band through belt + 2 mini bands Narrow stance GM 10/0/10/0 x4
    1 orange band through belt + 2 mini + 70lb zercher sandbag narrow stance GM x5
    Chest Expander: 2 orange pull aparts 10/0/10/0 x2 (new way)
    Chest Expander 2 orange 1 arm press 10/0/10/0 x4
    Chest Expander: 1 orange rear delt fly 10/0/10/0x4
    Chest press 1 magenta chest expander band 2 mini bands 10/10/10/0 x2
    Chest press 3 mini bands and one orange band for 10 easy reps
    OHP with one orange band and one mini band 10/10/10/0 for 1 rep. (the grind was a little rough but easy at the same time. I'm leaving this the same as I want to be sure the grind grinds even all the way through.

    Rotator lateral complex 5/0/5/0 Hammer fist: front raise, side/front raise/ side rise for 3 reps with 5lbs

    Goose neck curls
    Right: 30x5
    Left 2.5x10

    Neck Death (modfied bud jeffries idea)
    (these shrugs were a little bit of bad form and to heavy for what I'm looking for so they will say this heavy for a while)

    100lb BOR shrug x5
    rest 30
    flexation 50lbs x20
    BOR shrug x3
    rest 30
    harness (never letting it touch floor) 40x20
    BOR shrug x2
    rest 30
    sides 20lbs x20 each
    move to back bridge x5

    And then laid down and didint move for awhile

  8. Just for fun 270lbs at 190x3.. For those are saying oh look you moved your legs... Do look carefully I only moved them to allow the plates to pass between them

  9. Subbed bud! I just skimmed through the workout post but I love the first post. Sound like a good work ethic and some fun workouts. I will read through them all when I get a chance. Keep up the good work

    "The only good is knowledge and the only evil is ignorance." - Socrates

  10. Quote Originally Posted by JudoJosh View Post
    Subbed bud! I just skimmed through the workout post but I love the first post. Sound like a good work ethic and some fun workouts. I will read through them all when I get a chance. Keep up the good work
    Thanks man nice to see you following along.

    Here was today:
    Dynamic tension
    Other Hung Gar stuff

    Sandbag funs
    Zercher Hold 70lbs for 60 seconds
    Zercher Hold 70lbs + miniband for 35seconds
    Beag hug 125lbs with locked arms 45 secs without locked arms 20 seconds
    grab sides and curl 70lbs for 9
    Grab sides and power curl 90lbs x3
    OH squat using the handles on the bags 70lbs for 5 with 2 sets
    Zercher squat with 70lbs 5
    Back squat with 70lbs x5
    One side squat with 90lbs 5 for each side
    70lb sandbag swing grabbing sides to overhead 4 reps
    One arm shoulder press on one shoulder 5 reps each side
    Floor press with a mini band around back 12 reps
    Good morning with 125lbs 8 reps... then almost passed out
    125lb bear hug squat 125lbs

    110lbs R: 40 sec L 22 secs 120lbs R20 secs L 10 seconds 130lbs R 10 sec L10 second
    Block medley just enough time to change plates
    15x5sec 20x5 sec 25x5 sec 30x5 sec 12.5x30 sec
    Lever 8lb hammer
    Marking 5 front and back 15 reps each
    front and back marking 8 5 reps each
    Front raise up to marking 12 not letting handle brace on me
    Dynamic roations
    marking 3x15
    Finger curls 22.5lbs x20

  11. Nice sandbag and grip work there bud. Sounds like you go to a pretty sweet gym with some nice equipment.

    "The only good is knowledge and the only evil is ignorance." - Socrates

  12. All out of my apartment. I do the occasional thing at school but 99.9% of it out of my apartment. All I've done at a gym in this journal was the sit-ups and the eagle loop deadlift

  13. Nice a fellow home lifter I lift in my basement, I assume since you said apartment you prolly use a spare room. Do you make your own equipment at all?

    "The only good is knowledge and the only evil is ignorance." - Socrates

  14. Quote Originally Posted by JudoJosh View Post
    Nice a fellow home lifter I lift in my basement, I assume since you said apartment you prolly use a spare room. Do you make your own equipment at all?
    Yep spare room. When I move to a smaller one next year after this lease I am just gonna use part of the main room, I dont need much space.

    I have some home made equipment ie sandbags, but the only real home made equipment is what I use for Hung Gar training, but I do not post in detail about that part

  15. Stances, Dynamic Tension, Forms etc etc

    70lb SB over right shoulder 2 minutes walk
    70lb SB over the back 2 minutes walk
    70lb SB over the left shoulder 2 minutes walk
    35lb SB Overhead with handles 2 minutes walk
    35 2 arm zercher with SB 2 minnutes
    1 arm zercher with strap 35lb SB 1 minute

    Neck work

  16. Sunday: All are beltless

    2DB Military: 50x5,5,5 Pretty easy
    2DB Floor Press 70x8,8,8 pretty easy also
    1 arm row: 140x3 for each
    High Pull 140x3 for each
    Deadlift 1 arm with small plates: 190x3,3,3 for both
    Side DL: 110x10 both
    Hammer curl doubles 12x20lbs
    Lying hammer curl 20lb for 20 reps

    The reason for the double dumbells is to get my body more used to barbells

    Also done were my hung gar stances and heavy drills for that.

  17. Grip stuff:

    Normal Dumbbell
    120lbs for 40 seconds right hand 110lbs for 40 seconds left
    130lbs for 20 seconds right and left
    140lb for 10 seconds right.. 3 seconds for left but I nailed myself in the junk DLing it and kinda let it down

    Block one after another no rest
    15,20,25,30 for 5 seconds
    15lbs for 30 seconds

    Levering with the 8lb hammer
    Front and Back marking 6 for 15
    Front and Back Marking 9 for 5 reps
    Straight arm raise 3 for making 13
    High rep twisting marking 4 for 10 reps

    Finger curls 25lbs for 20 reps
    Hung Gar grip stuff

    35lb Sandbag 5 minute walk with bag on left shoulder, then right shoulder, then switch it to zercher with straps for 3 minutes

    Going to do abs later

  18. There will be some modifications made this week to start prep for IL strongest man

  19. Training changes start tomorrow

  20. Kung Fu stuff as normal:

    150 KB swings /20lbs. alternating left and right 25 reps. No rest
    rest 5 minutes
    25 KB clean and presses with 20lbs no rest

    125lb sandbag situps
    5 /rest 10/ 5 /rest 10/ 1 DONE Goal is 5 sets of 5

  21. This routine is a bud jefries and Jouko Ahola inspired routine based on alternating super heavy workouts with lighter workouts and really keeping the conditioning high to fasciculate recovery. Additional things such as my Chikung and kung fu work are also added in but no fully described in detail as a lot of is stuff that is not passed around outside of the teacher student circle until I teach. There is also a lot of extra recovery stuff such as stretching and mobility work added in.

    Weight 187. Been in keto for 3 weeks without a cheat meal under shelby, had a cheat meal today before training today.

    Today was fun:

    125 Bearhug sandbag squat 6 reps
    rest 1 minute
    125 Bearhug sandbag squat 6 reps
    rest one minute
    125lb zercher squat using strap on sandbag 6 reps
    rest one min
    125lb zercher squat using strap on sb 6 reps
    rest 1 minute
    shouldering 125lb sb 1 right side
    rest one minute
    shouldering again 1 left side
    rest one min
    shouldering again 1 right side
    rest 1 min
    shouldering again 1 left side
    rest one
    floor press with 125lb bag 6 reps
    rest one minute
    cheat curl with 90lb bag holding the sides 3 reps
    rest 1 minute
    cheat curl with 90lb bag holding the sides 3 reps
    rest one minute
    90lb one right shoulder press 4 reps
    rest 1 minute
    90lb one left shoulder press 4 reps

    rest 2 minutes

    swing 1lb indian club for for 5 minutes no stopping while walking
    (will be adding more leg movement to this next time wasnt as bad as I thought it would be but wrists got very tired)

    rest 1 minute

    Windmill 50lb side bend weight and 20lb kettle as the windmill
    10 reps right side
    rest 1 min
    10 reps left side

    finished in about 30 minutes

    then stretching and mobility.


    Kung fu later

  22. Shelby as in Shelby Starnes?

    "The only good is knowledge and the only evil is ignorance." - Socrates

  23. Quote Originally Posted by JudoJosh View Post
    Shelby as in Shelby Starnes?

  24. 3/19/ 10

    Kung fu stuff,

    Mini band short band Circuit:
    Bow pull 10
    Over head pull 10
    handcuff pull 10
    row/curl 10
    Front pull 10

    Grip work



    1 legged squat/lunge 1 minute between sets sets is one rep each leg. weight is per dumbbell used 2 dumbbells
    50, 60, 70
    rest 3 minutes
    Dumbbell deadlift small plates 100lbs a dumbbell 2 minute rest between sets
    10, 6 (goal is 2x20)
    rest 3 minutes
    Dumbbell row from floor 30 seconds rest between arms alternating
    130lbs for 2 sets of 3 each arm
    3 minutes rest
    1 arm press 30 rest between arms alternating arms 65lbs STRICT
    3 singles each arm
    rest 3 minutes
    Floor press 2 dumbbells 50lbs each 1 minute between sets
    20 reps and 9 reps
    3 minutes rest
    9/1's (ask if you dont know what these are) with 2 10lb dumbbells ext and hammer curl
    3 minutes rest
    roll outs 10 seconds rest between sets
    1 rep, 2 reps, 3 reps, 4 reps

    DONE stretch

    Kung fu later

  25. Quote Originally Posted by Steelwolf View Post
    How you likeing him?

    He is one pricey dude!

    I was under the impression he was more an expert in regards to bodybuilding contest prep and not so much in the aspect of dietary needs of an athlete I have one of his books on carb cycling

    "The only good is knowledge and the only evil is ignorance." - Socrates

  26. Quote Originally Posted by JudoJosh View Post
    How you likeing him?

    He is one pricey dude!

    I was under the impression he was more an expert in regards to bodybuilding contest prep and not so much in the aspect of dietary needs of an athlete I have one of his books on carb cycling
    He is worth every penny I spend on him. Nope he is a powerlifter himself and works with many strenght athletes.

  27. Stupidly rough Conditioning Day

    1 minute 2dumbbell 50lb farmers walk
    5 minute right shoulder 70lb bag walk
    5 minute left shoulder 70lb bag walk
    2 minute 70lb bag right and opposite arm 20lb kb
    2 minutes 70lb bag left and opposite 20lb kb
    1 minute 2 dumbbell 50lb farmers
    2 minutes 2 kettlebell 20lb farmers
    1 minute 2dumbbell 50lb farmers
    2 minutes 2 kettlebell 20lb farms

    rest 5 minutes

    50lb dumbbell shrug x15reps
    rest 30 sec
    front bridge 1:10 sec
    50lb dumbbell shrug x10reps
    rest 30 seconds
    Back bridge +10lbs x 50 seconds
    50lb dumbbell shrugs x6 reps
    30 second rest
    Headstand 10 seconds
    50lb dumbbell shrug x3
    rest 30 seconds
    50lb dumbbell floor press shrug x25 reps (add weight)
    30 rest
    20lb dumbbell overhead shrug x 25 reps (add weight)

    Looking forward to friday "light" sandbag and strongman stuff day. Which means tougher exercises and gut busting reps. Still debating what I will do for conditioning on that day.

  28. Hung Gar lessons will be moving from private to group next week. I am looking forward to that. It means more focus on chin na and drills to improve partner responses. A lot of my basics are highly second nature now and need more of the reading other peoples movements. It is easier just noticing movement patters but I need more seeing. Some things will still be done privately as I am still a beginner but more advanced than those just starting.

    Today was my cheat meal instructed by Mr. Shelby
    15 cup cakes, 1 can of pringles, 4 servings of instant potatoes 30 grams olive oil butter, and 30 grams cheese, plus a 50 gram waxy maize shake and 50 grams of my whey blend in 40 minutes. That was post workout.

    For the record things like cardio will not be listed as that is instructed by shelby nor will my exact diet be posted.

    Today was the thrill of my "light" events day. The sand bag was "light" weighing at 70lbs. I have it filled very weird with lots of wiggle room so its much rough to handle. This will help get my stability down more and benefit for other things and heavier weights.

    Conditioning is VERY important to me. The better my conditioning is the more volume I can have. The more volume I can have the more practice I can get done with what I have to do. This is also means I can recover in less time. All good wins for me. Also if any of you have ever done a meet for PL or Strongman rest time varies on how many are competing could be a lot or a little. You need to be good to survive. Also strongman requires lots of conditioning for the events.

    Without further BS from me, I present you today:

    Front power push using handles on SB 10 reps
    rest 1 min
    Floor press 20 reps (way to easy)
    1 minute rest
    Military press 10
    rest 1 min
    military press 10
    rest 1 min
    Reverse curl using straps 5
    rest min
    reverese curl using straps 4
    rest min
    curl grabbing sides of bag 5
    rest a min
    shoulders to the right 10
    rest min
    shoulders to the left 10
    rest min
    squat/lung on right shoulder 6 pairs
    rest min
    squat lunge on left shoulder 3 pair ( I was dead here)
    rest 1 min
    zercher squat in arms (not straps) 8
    rest min
    Right shoulder to left shoulder squat
    8 total 4 each
    DIE right here
    rest 3 minutes

    20lb dumbbells and set the clock for 5 minutes (then run to start)
    20 double power front push
    10 arm snatches each arm
    20 power pushes
    with 17 seconds left on the clock. Not counting the time to pick up the weights start and put them down and run to the clock finish.

    rest a bit (unknown)
    30 rolling crunches some ab endurance.

    Had to run to a workshop at school so I really did not get time to do my flexibility and mobility work at this point. I am not as much sore as I am fatigued so to speak

  29. Another fun sunday guys. Last night bre and I went out and we didn't end up passing out until 3 am. She stayed the night, which is always something great to have happen. Cuddled up and got to enjoy the rapping of another good week. Got up around 8 as she had to get home to head to church while I started off with a morning meal and got ready to train a bit. The warm up was started out with applying linament to both my knees and putting my knee sleeve on my already damaged knee. The warmth of both really help get it into grove. Did my mobility drills and let them find focus in and got ready to roll.

    Time is aprox I dont use a watch but I count out time pretty accurately. Sometimes depending how I'm feeling I may go sooner, but normally never later. The time is the max I will rest unless reloading my dumbbell, normally though it never is needed.
    This took aprox 45 minutes judging by when I started (looking at clock to when I ended)

    Squat/lunge: 20 reps (10 each leg switching) 2x20lb dumbbells
    rest 2 minutes
    1 Arm dumbbell deadlift with standard 25lb plates (2 minutes between each lift) 205x3 each arm
    rest 1 minute
    Blue band GM close stance: 10 reps (going to start adding something in every other next week)
    2 min
    1 arm DB row /w 50lbs (30 rest between sets) 20 reps
    2 minute rest
    2 arm DB millitary standing 20lbs for 20 reps
    2 minute rest
    1 arm Front Power Push 40lbs (1 minute in between ) 3 sets of 5 reps
    2 minutes rest
    Hung Gar shoulder grip work

    2 minutes rest

    (conditioning now starts)
    Band circuit with short mini band 2 rounds 10 reps each exercise
    Bow pull each side
    overhead pull
    handcuff pull
    row/curl each side
    front pull

    rest 5 minutes

    Neck fun
    Bent over shrug 50x 11
    rest 30
    neck curl 50x9rep
    BOS 50x7
    rest 30
    harness 60x12
    BOS 50x4
    rest 30
    side curl 10lb x8
    BOS 50x3

    Notes today: The rest of my hung gar stuff will be done tonight including stances, dynamic tension, and form work and technique work will take about another hour. So an hour 45 minutes 2 hours max today really not that bad. Feel a little tired from the lack of sleep, the lower calories, and the keto, but this is only for a short time more. Reps were very submax today. Felt easy but I need to break into this more conditioning style slowly or I'l burn out way to fast. had a lot more reps in almost everything and could easily up the weight much higher on most. As I've learned though going up controlled and slow allows the tendons and mental ability to get stronger which is most important. Strength is not a race. In addition I need to be able to present my strength at any time so this conditioning breaking in will pay off much more. I am as much a competitive strongman as I am a performing one.

    The rest of the day: finish up my homework and video contest submission for a supplement company. Finish my proposal on my research project for next semester. Do my Hung Gar. Most importantly despite the weather go outside for a little bit and enjoy the day as it is and feed the geese across the street at the pond. They are friendly little guys.

    -Omega out


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