First of all let me explain my past.

Started lifting at 15 went from 125lbs to 165lbs by 17. Got acne. Went on Accutane, got depressed and dropped to 140lbs by the end of the 6 months. Depression continued, I partied drank and smoked a lot (no cigs, just weed) to make myself feel better. Well I'm tired of it so I'm making changes.

First I re-took every class thus far in college and am currently at a 3.6, from a 1.9gpa. I am easily maintaining my new academic changes.

Now I woudl like to transform my body.

I stand currently at 5'11" 155lbs. VERY skinny, but mostly muscle, as I have been training.

Now I also have 2 GOALS:
-Complete the Tough Mudder in April this year.
-Transfer schools and play a contact sport, my friend walked on and is starting at rugby at his school, thats my goal at this moment.

This is a log of basically my life and the changes I make, mostly training.