Jerseyboy101's workout log!

  1. Jerseyboy101's workout log!

    Hey whats up everyone pretty knew to the forum ive been lifting for about 2 and a half years but off and on ive been serious over the summer again, im off to college now playing college baseball and am looking to log my workouts to track progress and keep me motivated and determined. The log is subject to change cause i really dont know what my team workouts will be if they conflict with my premade schedule i'll change it to what they have but adjust to my needs. Overall my physical goals are to slim down while adding strength and toning up overall summed up by recomp im not looking to dip weight, hardly im looking to get rid of about 10-15 pounds of fat and replace with 15-20 pounds of muscle. Not something that will be done now but over the course of the next two years seems like a decent timetable.


    18 yo
    6 foot 3
    205.3 pounds


    For the past month i have been doing a 5 day split with cardio i had done a push/pull regimine before that and may go back depending on my baseball workouts.

    Normally i do this

    Day 1 Shoulders/forearms
    Day 2 Back/tris
    Day 3 Legs
    Day 4 Chest/Bis
    Day 5 Rest/Cardio

    Heres my current lifts and my subsequent goals
    Current/Short term goal
    Flat DB press- 70x6 85x6
    Squats- 245x6 305x6
    DB Rows- 85x6 110x6

    Im going to edit this post on monday with my workout and more in depth info just wanted to get the basics out for now

  2. Monday 8/30- Legs

    Alright so i wasnt planning on hitting the gym today but got bored and decided to head out and get a lift in it was a rather light day i didnt do any squats or lunges just focused on form and high reps. Felt pretty good took 1 and a half scoops of jack3d before i went with 2 grams of Dicreatine malate in it. My legs workouts usually are not on monday but with a busy week ahead im switching it around a bit to get the main days in. I choose not to do squats or lunges today because the last two times ive had some mild back stiffness so i decided to rest it a week and just do other excercises.

    Started out with some dynamic warm ups and light stretching ran 10 minutes on treadmill aswell

    Leg Press-

    180 lbs x 12 (warm up)
    270 x 12
    360 x 8
    450 x 6

    Calf Raise Machine

    90 x 20
    135 x 15
    180 x 12
    190 x 16

    Leg Extensions

    130 x 15
    150 x 12
    170 x 10
    200 x 8

    Leg Curls

    70 x 12
    80 x 10
    80 x 9
    90 x 6

    Finshed with some abs with medicine balls and leg raises did a couple planks aswell.

  3. Tuesday August 31st- Chest

    Not the best workout today i felt strong but couldnt break through my plateau on DB bench i keep adding reps with 65 but cant manage to do 70x6 im getting stronger but for some reason cant get to that weight. Overall not a bad workout was kinda tired throughout it but you work through.

    DB bench

    45 x 15 Warmup
    55 x 12
    70 x 2.5
    65 x 10

    Managed to add 3 more reps to my 65 but still cant get to 70 x 6 i felt fine putting it up lost balance on left side and couldnt make it to 3 probally could have done it but didnt.

    Incline BB press
    135 x 12
    135 x 10
    135 x 8
    115 x 12

    First time doing Incline BB in a while with free weights have been doing machines but had spotter and it felt good

    Cable Crossovers

    50 x 15
    60 x 12
    70 x 10

    Alternate between these and DB flyes every other week felt pretty good left shoulder still pops


    Did bench dips

    Bodyweight x 25
    Bodyweight x 25
    Bodyweight x 20

    Just worked on good from and pumped up the tris and chest a bit

    Then did some tricep work but didnt record weights and wasnt anything special so leave it at this.

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