Strength, Speed, Power.

  1. Strength, Speed, Power.

    In a nut shell.......Looking at joining a new kickboxing gym haven't trained for awhile. Would like to develop all relevant fitness aspects.

    From a aesthetics perspective would like to reach 200lbs see how i look keeping low BF% but that is secondary.

    Im 190lbs bout 10-12% which is a lot for me I stay very lean usually but find it hard to gain weight.

    Squat: 170kg
    Deadlift 220kg
    Benchpress: 1 year ago before I bust shoulder 100kg

    Following a west side for skinny bastard template but subject to change depending on training schedules work schedules and my ability to recover. Playing it by ear.


    Bench press: First time i have benched since i messed up my shoulder.

    Ramped to 3 reps of 90kg

    Floor press 4x10-15, 2x25kg

    Cable row: 4x10-15, 80kg
    superset with face pulls: 4x10-15, 30kg

    Dumbell shrug: 4x15, 2x40kg

    Barbell curl: 4x10-15, 25kg

    Had really bad forearm pumps and could hardly barbell curl. Shoulder felt great used more of a powerlifting technique (narrow grip elbows tucked right in). Overall pretty pleased apart from the calories in but from the wrong sources!! Tomorrows another day.

  2. Ok so Im training every-other day unless something crops up then i can train consecutive days (As the split allows).

    Todays session is a "Reps lower body day" from WS4SB template. Basically a lower day looking at increasing athletic performance so theres plymetrics, injury proofing hams and unilateral work to improve proprioception.

    Im gonna chuck in some HIIT on a bike really feel like i need to blast the cobwebs out.

    I'll be hitting the gym in about 3 hours and will update later

  3. Fresh in from the gym!

    Jump squats: 8x3-5 reps not going to failure.

    Front foot elevated bulgarian split squats. 3 sets each leg 15 reps

    Fit ball glute raise to ham curl: 4x10-15

    Ab superset: Ab wheel 10 reps
    Med ball twist: 10kg, 20 reps x3

    HIIT Techno gym bike: 2 min warmup lvl 5.

    1 min all out lvl 12, 1 min recovery lvl 5. x6 sets

    finished with a bit of rope work.

    Just to clarify Diet wise im eating as closely to a paleo diet as I can but not being 100% strict with that. Im aiming for 3000 kcals a day and im under no elusion that i'll grow off that! number 1 priority is fitness! I'll play with calories as I go.

    Next session is "Upper body reps day". Will add some HIIT to that session too.

    Also just to clarify why I'm doing this log......Basically it will help me keep track of things and hopefully i'll gain feedback on training techniques or whatever!

  4. Thought id put up a pic so everyone can see where i'm at.
    Attached Images Attached Images  

  5. Are you doing the revised WS4SB template?
    M.Ed. Ex Phys


  6. Yeh pretty much. The exercise selections are the recommended ones but Im adding the HIIT.

    Everything is subject to change once I join a gym and start training properly as I'm sure there will be conditioning sessions.

    I may have to drop one or two days depending on recovery. My fitness levels are not what they used to be so it will be a baptism of fire for sure.

  7. Sorry just re-read your post its WS4SB Vol 3

  8. Right "upper reps day"

    Benchpress 4x12-15, 50kg

    Latpulldown 50kg
    Facepull (superset) 4x12-15 20kg

    L lateral rasie 4x12-15, 2x7.5kg

    Dumbell shrug 4x12-15 40kg
    Incline dumbell curl (superset) 2x10kg

    Felt good today, shoulder was fine. I found high rep pretty tough. cant remember the last time i did consistant high reps. Well it'll do me good.

    Thought id keep track of diet aswell.

    Pre workout: banana
    Peri workout: Lucazade mixed with superfood, creapump, liquid aminos.
    Post workout: Banana

    Meal 1: Turkey, x1 large sweet potato and brocoli

    Meal 2: Chicken, x1 large sweet potato.

    Meal 3: Chicken, x1 large sweet potato.

    Im on a late shift at work tonight and dont think i have enough food, should have planned better. I have peanut butter, sweet potatoes, and loads of whey.

    didnt want to have to use whey as i sometimes get stomach issues oh well needs must.

  9. Fridays workout was as follows:
    Max lower day: Back squat, ramp to 5 rep max 130kg, would have gone fore 140kg but had no spot.

    Romanian deadlift, 100kg 12-15 reps

    Walking lunge: 30kg x2 went for higher reps than 12-15.......just walked round the gym till i couldnt go anymore.

    Ab wheel 3x for reps
    Hanging full leg raise 3x for reps

    Saturday, Upper rep day

    Benchpress: 4x 12-15 60kg
    Latpulldown superset with facepulls: 4x 12-15 50kg
    L lateral raises: 4x12-15 2x10kg
    Dumbell shrug superset with EZ curls: 4x12-15 2x30kg/ez curl 25kg

    Sunday was a rest is lower body rep

  10. sweet potatoes are the boy!
    “We are what we repeatedly do. Therefore, excellence is not an act, but a habit.”

  11. Quote Originally Posted by Chub View Post
    sweet potatoes are the boy!
    Haha, to right!

  12. Since my leg workout on Mon I have been feeling as rough as a dog.

    Which reminds me:

    8 sets of 5 jump squats

    Bulgarian split squats, 3 sets (each leg) 15 reps, 2x5kg (building up slow)

    Romanian Deadlift, 4 x 15, 100kg

    Full extension leg raise 3x for reps

    Todays workout was upper body rep

    Benchpress: ramped 3 reps to 90kg and failed

    Floor press: forgot what weight I was using so used the 30's instead of 25's got 4 sets of 8-10

    Cable row (superset) 80kg, 12-15 reps
    Face pull 20kg

    Tarted about with shrugs but really felt bad so stopped there. Not happy but these things happen hopefully whatever I've picked up will clear up.

    On a side note im not doing a paleo diet anymore as I cant get in the calories I want easily. I have bumped the calories up considerably...... well up to 4000 to be exact. Ive eaten upto 5000 a day in the past so this isnt a big deal for me really.


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