BEAST is going HIT for Maximum Growth !!!

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  1. BEAST is going HIT for Maximum Growth !!!


    This is my first workout log here on AM. I have run several cycle logs which contained my workouts, but this will be my first log concentrating on my workout routines. If you are familiar with my training you will realize that I have typically followed a fairly high volume training program for the past 7 years. I have had brief periods of low volume training, but this will be my first experience with a total HIT program. The program I am about to lay out is one that I have created for myself based on my years of training experience with my body and individual muscle groups. I hope many of you will take an interest in my routine and follow along as I HIT the iron hard to make maximal muscular gains.

    Training Schedule:

    Day 1: Chest, Biceps, Abs, Calves
    Day 2: Back
    Day 3: Shoulders, Triceps, Abs
    Day 4: Legs, Calves
    Day 5: OFF


    My diet will be a carb cycling diet with my heaviest carbohydrate intake on Leg and Back days with a low to moderate carb intake on all other days. I keep my fat intake moderate (80-110 grams including 15-30g Fish Oil) with lower fat intake on days my carbohydrates are higher, inversely proportionate to the increase in carbohydrates.

    My training will be similar to DC style training, but I will stick to a more typical bodybuilding muscle group split, i.e. 1 large / 1 large and 1 small bodypart per workout. I will also incorporate static stretching into each workout. My HIT program will go from August 16, 2010 to October 3rd, 2010, followed by a "cruise phase" of higher volume and less intensity workouts for 1-2 weeks while accessing my physique and planning out the next phase of my training according to my progress.

    I hope you will follow along and help keep me motivated and on task throughout my training program! Look out for personal records!



  3. Tonight is Day 1 of my new HIT program. I will get an official weigh-in tonight for a starting reference point, but I suspect I am sitting right around 210-212 pounds. I hope to make some good lean gains and get up to around 220 by the end of this seven week program.


  4. Bump!!

  5. Day 1
    August 16, 2010:

    Starting weight: 214.6

    Monday night after 5 meals I weiged in at 220 at my gym. This morning (Tuesday) after meal 1 I weiged in at 214.6. I will use this as my starting measurement. I am adjusting my goal to reaching 226 lbs by the end of week seven.

    Workout: Chest, biceps, abs, calves

    45 deg Nautilus incline press
    405 x 6 rp 2
    DB flat press
    125 x 8 rp 3
    Machine flat press
    stack + 45 x 10 with 3 slow negatives
    25 deg Incline DB fly
    95 x 8
    Cable crossovers
    100 x 7 rp 3 rp 1
    1-arm machine preacher curls
    100 x 6
    EZ bar BB curls
    bar + 100 x 8
    DB hammer curls
    60 x 8 drop 35 x 10
    Seated calf raises
    2 plates x failure x 2 (explosive positive, 1-count contraction hold, 5-count descension, 5-count stretch hold)
    Hack Squat calf raises
    3 plates x failure x 2 (same tempo as seated but a 3 instead of a 5 count descension and stretch)
    Hanging leg raises
    3 x 12

    Overall this was a pretty good workout. I finished in about 35-40 minutes. This workout gave me a good idea of my strength starting points on my chest and bicep exercises.

    Tonight I will be training BACK !




  7. Quote Originally Posted by JoHNnyNuTZ View Post
    Great to have you. Hope you enjoy me kicking my own ass!


  8. Day 2
    August 17, 2010:

    Workout: Back

    Weighted pullups
    BW + 45 x 4 rp 2
    T-bar row
    5 plates x 7
    Rack deadlift
    405 x 7
    Seated row
    Stack x 15 drop 3/4 Stack x 10
    Narrow Rev grip pulldowns
    220 x 6 rp 4
    Machine 1-arm seated rows
    230 x 6 rp 3
    Rope cable pullovers
    60 x 10

    Overall the workout went pretty well. My back was pumped from going to failure with such strict form, heavy weights, and good stretches and contractions during the exercises.

    Tonight I will be training Shoulders, abs, and triceps !


  9. Day 3
    August 18, 2010:

    Workout: Shoulders, triceps, abs

    DB shoulder press
    100 x 9
    Standing BB push press
    205 x 6
    DB side laterals
    50 x 10 rp 4 rp 2
    Mid-point DB side laterals
    75 x 8 rp 4 rp 3
    Bent over DB rear delt rows
    45 x 15
    Machine rear delts
    120 x 8 rp 4 rp 3
    CG bench press
    275 x 5 rp 2 rp 1
    Stack x 20, Stack x 11
    1-arm DB extension
    60 x 8
    1-arm rev pushdown
    60 x 8 x 2

    Ab Giant set (X2)
    Hanging leg raises 3 x 12
    Planks 2 x 60 seconds
    Crunches 2x25

    I felt strong on my shoulder exercises. My close grip bench press is WAY down from where I have been in the past, but I am still strong on my other tricep exercises. My shoulder is slowly getting better all the time since coming back from my AC tear. The main exercises still affected by my shoulder injury are pressing movements, but they are getting better all the time. I'm looking forward to getting to the gym to blast my legs tonight.

    Tonight's workout will be LEGS and calves !


  10. Great numbers !!,and what your diet and supplements look like?

  11. Quote Originally Posted by raulob72 View Post
    Great numbers !!,and what your diet and supplements look like?

    400-450g protein, 120-300g carbs, ~100-120g fat (18-30g fish oil)

    I am cycling my carbs depending on what I'm training that day. Day 1 and 3 I eat around 150-180g carbs, <130g on Day 5, ~200-225g on Day 2 and around 250-300g on Day 4.

    Diet on Day 4:

    Meal #1:
    60g WPI
    1 cup strawberries
    50g oats
    4 oz banana
    2 tbsp NPB
    6g fish oil

    Meal #2:
    7 oz chicken
    2 slices of ezekiel bread

    Meal #3:
    7 oz chicken
    6 oz sweet potato

    Meal #4:
    50g WPI
    1/2 cup oats

    Meal #5:
    30g karbolyn (intra-workout)
    50g WPI & 1/2 cup oats (post workout)

    Meal #6:
    8 oz 93/7 lean ground beef
    4 oz banana
    4 oz sweet potato
    Large green salad
    6 g fish oil

    Meal #7:
    1 cup cottage cheese
    6g fish oil
    1 tbsp NPB


    Whole food multi
    Milk thistle
    Hawthorne berry
    Digestive enzymes
    Vitamin E
    Vitamin D3
    Flexcin CM8 (for joints)
    20g creatine (split 5g x4/day)
    Karbolyn or Size-on low carb (intra-workout)


  12. Day 4
    August 19, 2010:

    Workout: Legs

    Lying leg curls
    150 x 10
    Standing 1-leg leg curls
    80 x 8 drop 50 x 9 drop 20 x 10
    Hack squat SLDL
    315 x 8
    Leg extensions
    220 x 8
    Leg press
    1055 x 11
    Hack squat
    455 x 7
    Reverse squat machine
    495 x 7
    DB step-up
    45 x 10 (on each leg) superset w/
    DB Walking lunges
    45 lbs. x 20 yd

    I decided to take the night off of calves. I want to keep my calf training to twice per week. With this training split I end up potentially training them three times per week. If this starts to happen I will simply put off training them until the next scheduled calf workout of the week. My legs were pretty toasted after this intense workout. I had to rest a bit longer in between my squatting exercises than I would have liked (~4 minutes) due to the serious stress the HIT sets put on your CNS and cardiovascular system.

    Tonight I will be taking the night OFF from the gym. I might hit some low intensity cardio in the evening. Saturday starts my training cycle over at Day 1 with a nice chest, biceps, abs, and calves workout !


  13. Day 6
    August 21, 2010:

    Workout: Chest, biceps, abs, calves

    DB incline press
    125 x 7 rp 3
    Nautilus incline press
    415 x 6 rp 2
    Flat machine press
    stack + 45 x 16 + 3 slow negatives
    Flat DB fly
    115 x 6
    Weighted dips
    BW + 90 x 10
    DB preacher curl
    60 x 9
    Alt DB curl
    55 x 8
    Rope hammer curl
    150 x 8
    Hack squat calf raises
    3 plates x failure x 2
    Hanging leg raises
    3 x 12
    Cable crunches
    50 x 15, 60 x 15, 70 x 15

    Overall I was pleased with my strength increases and fairly good endurance that I had throughout this workout. Tonight (Sunday 8/22) I will be hitting Back. Beginning next week I will be adding cardio back in for 2-3 20-30 minute sessions. I got in two cheat meals this weekend, a few naps, and I caught up on a little rest, so I will be refreshed and ready to hit the gym again tonight and the rest of the coming week!


  14. Looks crazy so far man. Keep it up.


  15. Day 7
    August 22, 2010:

    Workout: Back

    BW + 45 x 5 rp 3 drop BW x 6
    Wide Rev grip pulldown
    235 x 5 rp 5
    T-bar row
    5 plates + 25 x 6
    BB row
    405 x 6
    1-arm DB row
    155 x 8 (highest DBs my gym has)
    70 x 8 rp 4 rp 2
    35 x 10, 45 x 7 drop BW x 6

    This workout went really well. I felt really strong on my pullovers, t-bars, and DB rows especially. I could have definetly gone up in weights for DB rows, but since my gym only goes up to 155's I'll work on getting more reps each workout even if I have to add a dropset or two. Tonight (Monday 8/23) I will be hitting some Shoulders, triceps, and abs along with 20-30 minutes of cardio. I'm feeling well rested and ready to give it my all in the gym this week. On a side note, I thought I broke my left foot over the weekend, so that hurt my calf workout on Saturday. The pain and swelling are way down, so it looks like I managed to dodge a bullet on that one! Stay tuned for more tortuous workouts to come.


  16. awesome numbers! how many seconds before you go to the next exercise? 30 seconds maybe? keep it up man! do you notice any gains now that you are on the 1 week mark?


  17. Quote Originally Posted by lemmohr View Post
    awesome numbers! how many seconds before you go to the next exercise? 30 seconds maybe? keep it up man! do you notice any gains now that you are on the 1 week mark?

    I usually take between 1-2 minutes between exercises. It depends on how taxing the previous set was on my cardiovascular system and the CNS. Most of the time I just finish one exercise and go straight to the next exercise, get my weight set, and start my set when/if I've caught my breathe.

    As far as gains go; it's hard to really tell to much difference in actual muscle gains so far, but I do feel more muscular fullness and hardness, and I was up about a pound with no change in diet.

    I hope you'll continue to follow along. I can tell that this is going to be a successful training cycle.


  18. Day 8
    August 23, 2010:

    Workout: Shoulders, triceps, abs

    BB press
    275 x 5 rp 2
    Behind the neck BB press
    245 x 7 rp 2 drop 185 x 10
    Reverse seated machine press
    Stack x 15
    Seated DB side lateral
    60 x 8 rp 4 rp 2
    Standing nautilus side lateral
    200 x 7
    DB rear delt row
    50 x 14
    Rear delt machine
    150 x 8 rp 4
    DB skull crushers
    55 x 7 rp 4 rp 2
    Stack x 20 rp 8 rp 6
    Standing rope french press
    160 x 9
    Cable kickbacks
    60 x8
    Hanging leg raises
    3 x 15

    This workout went pretty well. I felt pretty strong on my my non-pressing exercises. My pressing strength still seems to be affected to some degree by my shoulder injury. It is coming back slowly though. My triceps felt strong and really full. I am going to change the stack that I am using for tricep pushdowns to the stack on the outside of the cable machine assembly as it seems to have more resistance than the inner stacks. I had a good postworkout meal of 4 slices of ezekiel bread, 8 oz. (cooked) lean ground beef, and a large green salad! Tonight I am blasting LEGS and calves again! More to come...


  19. Day 9
    August 24, 2010:

    Workout: LEGS and calves

    Lying leg curl
    170 x 8
    Standing 1-leg curls
    90 x 8 drop 60 x 10 drop 30 x 10
    Hack squat SLDL
    335 x 8
    Leg extension
    230 x 8
    Leg press
    1145 x 9
    Hack squat
    475 x 7
    Rev squat machine
    515 x 7
    DB step-up
    45 x 10 x 2
    superset w/
    DB walking lunges
    45 x 24 yds x 2
    Standing calf raises
    515 x failure
    Leg press calf raises
    405 x failure

    This leg workout went pretty well; my weights went up on pretty much every exercise. Last night, wednesday 8/25 was my night OFF from the gym. Tonight I am going to be hitting chest, biceps, abs, calves, and cardio! Everything seems to be progressing along quite well. I'll have more to report tomorrow!


  20. Day 11
    August 26, 2010:

    Workout: Chest, biceps, abs, calves

    DB incline press
    125 x 9 rp 5
    DB flat press
    140 x 3 (failed on 3rd rep) rp 125 x 11 rp 5
    Machine flat press
    stack + 45 x 18 with 5 slow negatives
    Incline DB fly
    100 x 8
    Weighted dips
    BW + 115 x 10
    1-arm cable curls
    80 x 6 rp 3 rp 1
    BB curl
    135 x 8 drop 115 x 10
    DB hammer curls
    65 x 9 drop 40 x 10
    Standing calf raises
    585 x failure x 2 (explosive positive, 1-count contraction hold, 5-count descension, 5-count stretch hold)
    Hanging leg raises
    3 x 15
    3 x 25

    Overall this workout went pretty well. My strength increased on each exercise. I would have liked to have been able to flat press the 140s for more reps, but I'll take what I can get with my shoulder still healing. My workout started to take a little bit more time than I would have liked, so I decided to hold off on cardio until tonight, Friday 8/27. Tonight I am going to be training BACK !


  21. Day 12
    August 27, 2010:

    Workout: Back

    Weighted pullups
    BW + 45 x 6 rp 3 rp 1
    Rev NG pulldowns
    235 x 6 rp 4
    T-bar row
    6 plates x 7
    Rack DL
    425 x 7
    1-arm DB row
    155 x 8 rp 5 rp 3
    Cable pullover
    85 x 8 rp 3
    Machine 1-arm row
    245 x 6 rp 3

    I was fairly pleased with my strength increases in each exercise. Overall my workout went really well. My back was pretty sore over the weekend from this workout, even into my Sunday leg workout.


  22. Day 13
    August 28, 2010:

    Workout: Shoulders, triceps

    DB press
    100 x 12 drop 80 x 10
    Push press
    210 x 7
    DB side laterals
    45 x 10 50 x 10 60 x 8 (up the rack giant set)
    BB front raise
    95 x 10 rp 7 rp 5
    BB WG upright row
    145 x 12
    Cable side laterals
    60 x 6
    Machine rear delts
    150 x 9 rp 4 drop 120 x 6 drop 90 x 10
    DB skull crushers
    60 x 8 rp 3 drop 45 x 8
    DB OH extensions
    65 x 8 rp 3
    130 x 10 drop 100 x 6
    OH 1-arm rope extensions
    50 x 8 drop 40 x 10

    I thought that this workout went very well. My pressing strength seems to be increasing a little more with each workout. My side delts were wrecked from the giant set of "up the rack" side laterals. My tricep exercises went pretty well, but changing to the different cable pulley system for my pushowns and extensions felt a little different than normal. I hope my shoulder stability continues to improve, and I hope that my stength keeps coming back as I move forward with this program.


  23. Day 14
    August 29, 2010:

    Workout: Legs and calves

    Lying leg curl
    180 x 9 drop 90 x 12
    1-leg curl
    100 x 8 rp 5 rp 3
    80s x 8 rp 7
    Leg extensions
    240 x 8
    1-leg press
    495 x 6 rp 3 rp 2 rp both legs x 10
    Machine Squat
    725 x 6 rp 3
    BB lunges
    135 x 8 rp 6 rp 4 rp 2
    Standing calf raises
    585 x failure x 2
    Leg press calf raises
    405 x failure

    My endurance seems to be increasing with each intense leg workout. I still have to rest after reaching total fatigue on an intense heavy set of squats or leg presses, but I seem to catch my breath much quicker. I was able to keep my total rest time between sets significantly shorter than any leg workout up to this point. I was pleased with the increase in strength that I have gotten in my quads and hamstrings so far. I plan to incorporate more unilateral leg movements, as I can easily tell that my left leg is slightly bigger and stronger than the right side, especially in the outer quad sweep.

    My impressions of the program after 2 weeks:

    1. My cardiovascular endurance under heavy loads has increased.
    2. My muscular recovery seems to have increased and DOMS has decreased.
    3. My strength and endurance at the upper limits on each exercise seem to have been increasing at a greater rate than during my normal training.
    4. I enjoy the quick pace and super intense one working sets of each exercise.
    5. Rest pause sets have really increased the amount of reps I have been able to get out of my heaviest sets.

    My weight is up to 219.0 as of this morning up from my starting weight 2 weeks ago of 214.6. I hope this positive trend in my overall progression continues through the duration of this program. Thanks to those still following along. I still have a long way to go!


  24. Yesterday, Monday 8/30, was my scheduled day OFF from the gym. I threw in 30 minutes of cardio after work. I went pretty low on the carbs, down to 90 grams. I just replaced a few meals' carb sources with a green salad. Today I'm going back up to around 175 grams on the carbs and I'll be blasting some Chest, biceps, abs, and calves! Stay tuned for the details of this workout, it's gonna be BEASTLY!


  25. Day 16
    August 31, 2010:

    Workout: Chest, biceps, abs, calves

    DB flat press
    140 x 7
    BB incline press
    315 x 6 rp 2
    Nautilus incline press
    425 x 6 rp 2
    Flat DB fly
    115 x 7
    Incline cable fly
    90 x 8
    Cable Crossovers
    110 x 6 drop 80 x 6 drop 60 x 6
    DB drag curls
    45 x 7 rp 4 rp 3
    1-arm machine preacher curls
    110 x 6
    DB incline spider curls
    35 x 10 rp 5 rp 4
    Standing calf raises
    585 x failure x 2 (explosive positive, 1-count contraction hold, 5-count descension, 5-count stretch hold)
    3 x 25
    superset w/
    Lying leg lifts
    3 x 15

    I was pleased with my continued strength increases. I was able to increase my reps on the 140s on DB presses to seven reps this workout, where I failed on the third rep the previous workout. I was also pleased with my strength on my fly exercises. Tonight I'll be hitting a BACK workout !



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