road to redemption...continues..

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  1. road to redemption...continues..

    raw bench
    135x12 225x8 315x6 395x8 395x8
    close-grip bench
    335x8 335x8

    incline flyes
    55x15 55x15 70x10 70x10

    front laterals
    70x3 70x5 50x10 55x10
    bent over laterals
    50x10 50x10 50x10

    100x10 130x10 150x10 90x15 90x15


    ***well didn't do well at them meet. got in a 855 squat and missed 925. my bench woes continued though...750 on two attempts i beat the rack signal and the third i was gassed. i have some major changes i need to commit to with this bein my 5th bombout. went back to training today and kept everything easy pretty much. here are three of my vids on youtube under bamabarbell from the meet...on the upside, all my lifts were easy though at the meet but...

    gotta get my **** together,

    raw deads sumo
    315x7 singles
    405x3 singles

    barbell shrugs

    barbell rows

    hammer curls

    leg curls/leg extensions

    ***did a bit of DC training for my accy work. defintely goin to have to keep an on hand log though so i don't forget these numbers. we will see how this goes...

    defintely nuthin wrong with gettin bigger,

    me squats

    raw squats w/ chk blues(+200)
    135x5 225x5 315x1 405x1 495x1 585x1

    ssb box squats
    225x5 315x5 225x3

    ***bench day was deload day really for me. we kicked things into gear tonite on squats. i decided to do them raw. worked up to 585 plus 200 in tension. it was easy. did them without knee wraps too. squats felt very good tonite. went to ssb box squats w/o a belt which worked the hell out of my abs and hips. raw bench day is next...

    felt good to move some heavy weight,

    speed bench
    225 w/ dbl minis + chk blues(180)- 3x3
    225 w/ chk blues(80) - 3x3
    225 w/ dbl minis (100)- 4x3
    315x8 315x12

    incline flyes

    barbell shoulder press
    225x5 275x10-10

    lateral raises

    CG floor *******s
    315x10-405x8-495x6-585x4-675x1(at least 30-60 rest between sets)


    ***today was a good session. gettin back to gettin work in on accessory days and not treating them like ME days so i'm doin one of two things. i'm doin 3 sets of 10 with 60 sec between sets or suicides which is what i did with the *******s, the cadence was supposed to be 10-8-6-4-2 but only got one on the last set. did wonders today so i'm goin to do it friday as well.

    gettin work in,

    raw sumo deads
    135x2 225x2 315x2 405x2 500x3 605x2

    barbell shrugs

    barbell rows

    bwx5 reps

    preacher curls(standing)

    wall hammer curls

    leg curls/leg extensions/abs

    ***today's session went great. felt hungry as **** and wanted more weight every magic is working again..LOL!! worked up to 605 for 2 on sumo deads and missed the 3rd rep. bw is 335ish and started back doin pullups again and did 5 reps easy. did a bit of DC training today and i'm goin to keep with it and no reinvent the wheel. a friend of mine is 275 and looks heavier and has been doin DC training so it motivated me to do the same and plus it will give me some direction on accy days and keep me focused.

    gettin back hungry again,

    me bench
    raw bench
    135x10 225x6 315x3 405x1

    reverse bands
    405x1 495x1 585x1 610x0

    speed pushdowns
    4 sets of 10

    ***had a strong session tonite. was a bit motivated by rage tonite too which is good. missed 610 at lock but the speed off the chest was fast and so was 585. speed off chest was fast but gotta work on that ******* more.

    got work to do,

    raw squats w/ 2 chk blues (+400)
    barx3 135x3 225x3 315x3 405x2 500x1(900)

    ssb box squats
    225x5 225x5

    ***squats felt very strong tonite. 500 was deep and strong. it wasn't easy but wasn't hard either. left some in the tank for sure. defintely goin raw on squats for awhile. goin raw on deads and bench for a while too with focus on speed on all lifts. can't wait til next week...3 chk weight goal...we will see...but..

    i want 500,

  2. raw bench/shoulders/triceps

    speed bench w/dbl minis
    225x5 315x5 295x5 275x5 225x5 225x5

    db flyes

    standing militaries
    185x5 175x5 165x5 155x5 135x5 225x5


    CG floor *******s
    585x5 495x5 405x5 315x5 315x5


    ***today was a ball busting session. elbow is gettin better by the week and that's good. went too light on standing militaries but next week will be bumping those up. working on the upper and lower phases of my benching. think dips could be making a return...

    off topic, me and a friend of mine were talkin about how dealing with "fake" people can piss us off. for me, i had to thank those who have been in my corner and have been real with me especially USPLabs & proteinfactory..those people tell me stuff i don't want to hear at times but i know i need to hear it. we support one another as well and that's what its about...

    always backing your own,

  3. deads/back/traps/hammers

    sumo speed deads
    405x6 sets of 1 with 30 sec rest between sets


    barbell rows

    standing preacher curls

    leg extensions/leg curls

    me bench
    raw bench
    135x10 225x6 315x3 405x3

    shirted 3-boards(inzer phenom)
    495x2 585x1 675x1 785x1 925x0(miss)

    band pushdowns/band flyes

    ***looks like i'm back to eatin plates again. speed deads are goin very well at the moment sumo. we will see what it does to my conventional deads. shrugs, rows, and curls are goin up using DC style. benchin tonite went well too. used a triple-ply phenom which was loose in my opinion. got 785 and missed 925. i had a few loose screws attempting 925 but i wanted to just have stress about touchin weight etc. just loading the bar and goin balls to the wall...

    i'll be repeating that idea on squats,

  4. me squats

    raw squats
    1 chk bluesx 3 (200)
    2 chk bluesx 2 (400)
    3 chk blues (600)
    barx1 135x1 225x1 315x1 405x1(1005 at the top) 455x0

    ssb box squats
    135x5 225x5 315x3 315x5

    ***tonite, squatting was ****in awesome. it was hot in the garage but "fans" are evil. HAHA. worked up to 405 for a single deep. missed 455 but will get it next time around. next week will be back down to 2 choked blues which is going to feel very weird. with briefs i've done 585...

    wonder where it would be now,

  5. raw bench/shoulders/triceps

    speed bench with 2 minis ran under the bench(+100)
    225x3x3 135x3x3 155x4x3

    hammer strength incline press
    450(10 plates total)x8-5-4

    incline flyes

    pec deck
    150x3 sets of 10

    standing militaries

    lateral raises
    65x5 55x5 45x10 35x15 55x10

    jm press
    225x5-5 205x5-5 185x5

    pushdowns with dbl mini
    80x3 sets of 15

    dips w/bw
    3 sets of 10

    leg raises- 3 sets of 10

    de deads/back/hammers

    speed sumos
    315x5 sets of 1

    315x10 405x10-10-10 495x10

    barbell rows


    hammer curls

    leg curls/leg ext

    ***the other day was a good session but a good time for a deload too. pink magic has me moving more weight every session which is awesome. i was a bit worn from driving to atlanta and back though should of waited a day to train but oh well. gotta up the protein and man up. today i went light to deload but still trained to get the blood goin. bodyweight is 340 and still soild so i'm happy about that not to mention i'm able to do pullups again with little pain. sunday is bench day...

    time to rest...,

    me bench
    135x10 225x6 315x3 405x3
    shirted 3-boards(rage x)
    495x1 585x1 675x1 745x1 875x1(PR)

    band flyes/band pushdowns

    ***just working on *******. held the 875 at lock for about 5 seconds. first time doin 875 in my old rage x now that its repaired. next week i'll be back in my ace doin close-grip work in my shirt and touching weight again.

    hellbent on a big bench,

  6. me squats

    ssb box squats
    135x3 225x3 315x1 405x1 405x1 495x1 225x10

    speed bench/tris/shoulders

    speed bench
    225x3x3 275x3x3 315x3x3 365x3(all were fast)

    machine incline press
    200x5 190x5 180x5 170x5 160x5
    120x8 120x10

    incline flyes
    70x15 70x5 70x10 70x5 70x10

    standing militaries(with no rest)
    185x5 205x4 225x3 250x2 135x10

    lateral raises
    55x10 55x5 55x15 55x5 55x10

    90x20 150x15 150x10 150x8 150x15 150x8

    jm press

    ***good work all round today. goin to add in close-grip benches back in next week. speed bench is coming along well...365 was fast to my surprise. been working on moving the bar faster these last few weeks...

    moving the bar fast is good, right,

  7. speed deads/back/traps/hammers

    speed sumo deads
    315x3x1 405x3x1 495x2x1

    495x25-585x20-675x15-735x10(done with little/no rest)

    barbell rows
    315x10-365x8-405x6-455x4(done with little/no rest)


    hammer curls
    50x10-60x8-70x6-80x4(done with little/no rest)

    machine curls
    80x12-8-10 100x6

    abs/leg extensions/leg curls

    me bench

    raw bench
    135x10 225x6 315x3 405x3

    shirted 3-boards
    495x1 585x1 675x1 785x1 945x1(PR)
    shirted 1-board

    CG bench
    225x10 225x10 225x10

    band flyes

    ***training the last few sessions have been awesome. having fun and kicking ass to boot. watched branch warrens' unchained and train insane and it helped a lot with me bein fired up. did a bit of suicide training on back day which you can tell. its awesome. defintely goin to keep testing it too. bench day went great. 945 off 3-boards in my ace and then went to a 1-board and killed 695 no prob. held it at lock and had it under control so the heavy 3-boards have been paying off. next week i will be doin the same and try 725 off 1-board and we will see what happen...

    i'm running out of plates on bench,

  8. me squats

    raw squats w/ choked blues(+200)
    barx5 135x3 225x3 315x1 405x1
    w/ briefs
    495x1 585x1 705x1!(905)

    front squats
    135x10 225x5 225x5

    raw bench/shoulders/triceps

    raw bench
    135x10 225x6 225x8 315x3 315x1 405x1
    425x3 365x10 405x8

    machine chest press
    180x12-6 200x8-4-10(no rest)

    incline flyes
    60x10 65x10 70x12 (no rest)

    pec deck
    120x15 100x10 80x12 100x8 (no rest)

    standing military presses
    135x5 225x1
    275x3 185x10 225x8 135x15

    lateral raises

    CG decline bench
    225x5 365x3 275x10 315x8

    150(stk)25-15-20-25-10(no rest)

    ***training has been great these last few days. branch warren fires me up to kill and stay hungry. anyways, PRs on squats. first time in briefs since the meet and did 705 plus 200 in bands. easier than i thought it was. had great bench accy day. trying some new things with this suicide training i've come up hence the the juggling of reps/weights and little to no rest between sets. felt strong. goin to keep with it and see how it works.

    bustin ass for sure,

  9. speed deads/back/traps/hammers

    speed deads sumo

    barbell shrugs
    585x25-10-20-15-25(with little rest)

    barbell rows
    315x12 345x15 365x10

    CG pulldowns
    120x8-140x10-180x12-160x8-150x10-140x12(with little rest)

    machine curls
    80x12 60x15

    hammer curls
    50x12-50x15-50x10(with little rest)

    ME bench
    raw bench
    135x10 225x6 315x3 405x3

    shirted 3-boards
    495x1 605x1 695x1
    shirted 2-boards
    785x1 910x1

    band flyes/pushdowns

    ***training has been goin well. worked up to 550 for 3 on sumo deads friday and they felt strong...need to be faster. hammered back, traps, and arms. today was me bench and did 910 off 2-boards. next week i'll be switchin to doing close-grip work in my shirt and goin full range and 1-board as well. no meet planned as of yet as i am planning making some big changes in my life at the moment...

    we will see what happens,

  10. me squats

    raw squats w/ 2 chk blues
    barx3 135x2 225x1 315x2 405x2 495x1 545x1(+400)

    ssb box squats
    135x5 225x5 315x5

    raw bench/shoulders/triceps

    speed bench w/dbl minis(+100)
    barx5 225x5-225x5-225x5-275x5-315x5
    225x10 245x10

    incline flyes
    50x8 65x10 75x12 65x10 65x8

    machine chest press
    180x15-10-12 100x15 120x12 140x10

    standing militaries
    135x5 155x5-185x5-205x5-225x5-255x5 135x10-145x8

    side laterals

    cg floor presses
    245x5-265x5-285x5-305x5-325x5(little rest)


    ***training has been goin well as you can see. suicide training is kicking my ass but i'm loving it. squat day went well. did 545 with 400 in bands raw. very strong. my raw bench accy day just about everything i done was done with very little rest, high intensity, and working up to heavy weight. ITS AWESOME. worked up to 255 for 5 on standing militaries, 325 on cg floor press, and 315 for 5 on speed bench with bands. it was a ball-bustin indeed...branch warren's new cd is ****in awesome...

    pure motivation,

  11. looks like you have had some good progress, keep it up

  12. Quote Originally Posted by indysoccer16 View Post
    looks like you have had some good progress, keep it up

  13. deads/back/hammers

    speed deads
    495x5 singles(speed)

    barbell shrugs
    315x10 315x10

    t-bar rows
    3px5-4px5-5px5-6px5-7px5 4px10 5px10

    straight arm pulldowns

    40x10 30x15 25x12

    me(sort of) bench
    raw bench
    135x10 225x6 315x3 405x3 455x1

    reverse band 3-boards
    405x3 495x3 585x3

    ***training has been well these last few sessions. nuthin else to speak about really. gotta get moving on these changes though...


  14. sorry i hadn't updated my log here in a bit. been a bout down lately but i'm back at it hard.

    me squats

    me squats w/ 3 chked blues
    barx2 135x2 225x2 315x2 455x0 405x1

    ssb box squats
    135x5 225x5 315x1

    speed bench/shoulders/triceps

    speed bench
    225x5 245x5 275x5 315x5 365x5

    incline machine bench
    225x10-245x8-265x6-285x4-315x2(limited rest)

    seated military presses
    135x10 225x6 315x5 315x5 350x5

    upright rows
    135x5-135x5-145x5-145x5-145x5(limited rest)

    side laterals
    35x8-35x10-35x12(limited rest)

    CG floor presses
    225x10-275x10-315x10(limited rest)

    140x10-140x10-140x15-140x20-140x15(limited rest)

    de deads/back/hammers

    speed deads
    495x5x1(sumo) 585x3(conv)

    barbell shrugs
    495x10-585x10-675x10(limited rest)
    585x20 405x20

    barbell rows
    365x5-385x5-405x5-425x5-445x5(limited rest)

    160x12-6-10-4(limited rest)

    preacher barbell curls
    65x5-85x5-95x5-105x5-115x5(limited rest)

    45x10 45x10

    abs/leg ext/leg curls

    me bench

    raw bench
    135x10 225x6 315x3 405x3

    shirted bench(full range)
    515x2 605x2 695x2 785x1 785x1 785x1

    ***training has been gettin more and more intense lately. weights are going up cause of this short rest between sets and moving up weight and reps. squat day was ****. didn't feel it that day. accy days were awesome. seated militaries made a huge jump after doin standing militaries and would make a huge difference on heavy bench day as 785 was moving very strongly but no touch. goin back to some old school stuff that worked before and had better condition as well. you'll see this change on squat day. sumo speed deads went ****ty too. 495 didn't move fast like last week but will change that this week.

    gettin back focused,

  15. ***had a deload week last week. first one i've taken in a long while. got a lot of stressful **** goin on right now but as always, i will figure it out. anyways, a few highlights...

    -did 500 raw bench easy so repping it should happen soon
    -squats felt light because of all the band loading we've been doin
    -tripled 585 raw on deads. need to find that fire on deads again
    -did 635 reverse band bench this past sunday...thanx to inclines and flyes, i "beasted" it up
    - did 405 on zercher oldie...good for the core.
    - did 405 for 3 sets of 10 on raw bench...starting new bench program. felt like **** so those should of been a helluva lot easier.

    things are about to change now. goin towards more raw right now though too til i'm able to do full gear training again...


  16. Nice numbers,.. keep up the good work!
    The workouts seem intense, and even your deloads are awesome!
    Think training's hard,. try losing!

  17. haha thanx bro. i try.

    i haven't updated in a while so here goes...

    squat day

    raw squat
    135x10-10 225x6-6 315x3-3 405x1
    450x8 450x8

    close-stance front squats
    225x5 225x5

    leg curls
    100x8 80x10

    seated calf raises
    230x10 230x10


    ***some news here...i'm back at my parents due to things not working out well in t-town. needed a hole in a wall to go to and i found it. went there and did squats til i got a headache. it was awesome. 450 for 2 sets of 8 was easy for me and first week of coan routine. did some close-stance front squats for 2 sets of 5 and finished up with some calves, abs, and hams. hooking up with a fellow lifter later this week for bench...

    still gotta do what i know,

    bench day

    raw bench
    135x10 225x6 315x3 390x3x10

    close-grip bench

    incline bench

    seated militaries**

    side laterals


    deadlift day

    power shrugs
    705x5 705x7 405x20 405x22 585x12

    db rows


    cheat curls
    135x5 135x6 95x8 95x12 115x10


    ***training has been off these last few days due to gettin used to my new situation but once i get work lined up, it will be back on track. startin the bill kazmaier bench/deadlift routine and ed coan squat routine. going raw in 2011 and dropping bw down to 320ish but we will see...



    seated overhead pin presses
    225x3 275x3--315x3--335x3

    high incline bench
    225x3 245x3 265x3 285x3 315x3 335x3

    push presses
    225x1-3 245x1-3 265x1-3 155x20

    leg presses
    650x1-3 740x1-3 470x15

    leg curls
    170x1-3 200x1-3 120x20


    *** training went well tonite. decided on a meet...bench nationals in feb so taking the next 10 weeks to do a true strength training program before i starting training for that meet. trained til i almost puked though...overhead press from pins-335x3; incline bench- 335x3; push presses-265x3 and then 155x20..easy ****. i will be doin front squats in place of leg presses cause i ran out of plates tonite while doin leg presses. throwing the ego out the door and goin outside my comfort zone to get stronger..i'm doin bench nationals raw btw...taking time out now to get stronger and faster. i already have plans in place to train for bench nationals..everything was done explosively and fast while still using moderately heavy my training sessions are goin to look weird for the next 8 weeks or so...including the numbers because reps are being done explosively as i can without losing form and with increasing weight/reps. this will help me well when i start my training cycle and it will allow me to strengthen everything.

    new start,

  18. bench day

    raw bench
    135x12-10 225x8-6 315x3-1 430x3 295x10 335x15 335x6

    floor flyes
    40x10x5(10 sec rest)

    stk(150)3x15 150x25

    db kickbacks

    incline hammer strength
    3ppsx6x6(6 sec rest)


    squat day

    raw squats(belt only)
    135x10-10 225x6-6 315x3-3 405x1
    505x3 505x6 350x10 430x8 430x6

    front squats(6x6 with 6-10 sec rest)

    leg curls
    200x1-200x3-200x1-200x3 190x12

    seated calf raises

    ***raw bench went well. was at a gym where the 4 45s took up damn near the entire bar. that's a first. only did a set of 3 with 430 using the wrong setup. the 335 felt a lot better using the setup i have been using. nuthin wrong with experimenting i guess. didn't work a lot of work that day cause i would be doin a bench accy day on wednesday. tonite i did squats and man my soul is still trying to re-enter my body after that session. all raw no wraps but belt. felt very strong and the speed was there. overshot my reps like the program requires. then there was the 6 sets of hell with front squats with minimal rest. when i get 6 reps on all sets with 6 sec rest i'll be able to move up in weight. bw is 330-332 right now. gettin back on my feet is goin to be slow but nationals are on my mind and i don't know how but after squattin like this tonite it made me realize two, its been a while since i went that hard on squats and two, squatting tonite made me very hungry again. i like it...

    the hunger is back,

  19. Nice update, can't wait to see what you're going to do.. I've never really followed a training log of someone your size.

  20. thanx bro!

  21. bench accy day

    smith inclines
    135x12 225x6 315x3
    365x5-385x5-405x2-425x2-425x2-315x15(need to be more explosive)

    HS wide-chest press

    pec deck

    HS BTN press

    side laterals

    CG floor press


    ***tonite was strictly accessory work for the bench which means nuthin resembling a "flat bench" pretty much which worked like a charm before. tonites goal was also to be more explosive on my lifts and not to be slow. worked on all of them save inclines. goin to do barbell inclines next week since i was explosive on them last week. you never know til you experiment. everything else was explosive so good there. bw is holding at 330 and gettin more solid and functional. 5 weeks of this training program and i'll be gettin ready for nationals mid december. for once i'm sticking to something thats gettin me stronger and keeping me from "ego-lifting". xKBS is explosive kickbacks btw...

    and that's a good thing,

  22. raw sumo deads
    135x6 225x3 315x3 405x1
    475x3 475x6 315x10 405x6 405x8

    ***all the time i had tonite. went to a gym that said they were open til 6 but were closing at 5. pissed me off so i had to go to another gym. anyways, every rep was explosive and fast. going sumo for a while to strengthen it and then goin back to conventional at the end of the 6 weeks. been a while since i've done this much work on deads. back was fried and i was sweating hard so it was workin.

    solid session,

  23. Keep it hard! keep it simple!

  24. raw bench/back/tris

    raw bench
    135x20 225x20 315x6 405x2
    445x3 445x6 315x10 375x12 375x7

    floor flyes
    45-10x5(10 sec rest)

    CG statics
    225x3 225x3 275x3 275x3 275x3 285x3


    barbell rows
    405x5-315x10 405x5-315x10-545x3

    HS pulldowns
    4Px5-3Px10 4Px5-3Px10

    DB rows
    150-6x6(min 6 sec rest)


    150x5-75x10 150x5-75x10

    cable curls
    30-3x6- 50-6x6

    ***i know there's a lot of **** here but i had to make up for not doin back on dead day cause of the gym hours. raw bench was very easy from what people were saying. eric sproto gave me some advice on the bench that worked. that's the reason for the 20 rep sets with 135 and 225. just enough to get warmed up but not enough to blow the work ahead. all the reps were easy so achieving the + reps werent' a problem. speed and explosiveness was the key. back work was vicious but i loved it...also thoughts from eric. he and i have the same ideas on training and he does a lot more back work cause it feels it isn't enough when its 2 movements. i agree. so i upped my back work instead now that i'm using my back more on the bench...i mean lats. lol. worked up to 545 for 3 on rows and 4 plates per side on hammer strength pulldowns. went heavy on hammers cause i was finally in front of some 150s. this session was very intense and every rep was explosive. onward to squats...

    for nick winters,

  25. squat nite

    raw squats
    135x10 225x6 315x3 405x1
    520x3 520x6 370x8 370x8 445x6

    front squats


    ***tonite was squat nite after work and i ****in loved it. gotta learn to keep sittin back on my squats cause when i do, they get easier to do. nite and day ya know? the 520 for 6 wasn't bad and 445 was a lot better when i got focused. yea..i use too much retard strength when i don't focus on doin the movement "right". next week will be "sit back...sit back.." front squats i'm gettin the hang of. took little rest between sets and was goin to do 4 but went 6 cause i was loving the movement and the pain involved and also was squatting "right". did abs and was out. will resume doin leg curls and leg extensions on bench accy day though...the good thing when i train this way...when i'm exhausted...all that's left is the killer instinct to keep doin...

    yea..i had trouble walking out of the gym,

  26. bench accy day

    db inclines
    75x10 75x10 105x3
    135x5-105x10 135x5-105x10 150x5-105x10 150x5-105x10(little rest between sets0

    heavy dips
    bw+90x3-1-3-1(little rest)
    bw+180x3-1(little rest)

    pec deck(6 sec rest)

    plate loaded seated press

    heavy rear db laterals
    105x5-50x10 115x5-50x10 115x5-50x10


    ***one kickass session today. i felt good. kept away from any barbell and flat back movements that would resemble a regular bench so i opted for those movements. i need to do some db work to work on more stabilizers. first time goin heavy on dips..was pleased with 180 plus 330 in bw. the gym had a plate loaded seated press which with 2 45s per side was hard so its truly worked my stabilizers. then finished up with heavy rear db laterals and abs. next up deadlift day..

    time to get my sumo up,

  27. deads/back/hammers

    raw sumo deads
    225x6 315x3 315x1 405x1
    480x3 480x6 335x8 335x8 405x9

    barbell shrugs
    405x5 605x5 695x5 785x5 875x3
    965x5 965x7 965x6 605x10

    barbell rows

    lat pulldowns
    140x10x5(10s rest)

    130x6x6(6s rest)

    close-grip pulldowns
    120x6x6(6s rest)

    150sx3 150sx1 150sx3 150sx1 150sx10

    machine curls
    80x6x6(6s rest)


    ***today was ball-buster and came close to a big vomit at the end had it not been for the cold air we have down here right now. sumo deads went faster than i thought they did on video. i was shocked. 2 week of this program and next week is a speed week. want to do some heavy shrugs and worked up to what i could fit on the bar...965 and did 3 sets of it and on vid they may not look like they went up much but I AM feeling these now as i type this. its sick. moved onto rows and did 2 supersets and finished up back and hammers and abs and was out. vids will have to come later as i'm flat out exhausted from this session but i love it.

    when pain become pleasure, then you will have the gain,

  28. Damn bro that was a serious workout! Good job

  29. thanx brother!

  30. speed bench

    speed bench with dbl minis
    barx10 135x10 225x6 315x3
    405x6 405x8(speed got better but want 10)

    pec deck

    inverted chest press
    120x6-6 140x6-6-6 160x6

    CG floor press
    315x5-225x10 365x5-275x10

    pushdowns w/ dbl mini

    heavy kickbacks
    120x5-60x10 120x5-60x10

    ***tonite was an ok session. speed bench took some adjusting since i didn't have a 2nd pair of bands and that will be fixed the next speed week but did what i could. finished up with 405 for 6 and did it again for 8 reps with the speed better and using more lats. the goal is 10 on these after speed work and didn't want to keep using 315 so i moved up to 405. i know i could do 315 for 15+ reps after speed work. anyways moved on to some direct chest work and tricep work. felt a tons strong on the CG floor presses...moved up to 365 for 5 and moved up to 120s on kickbacks. next speed day will be better...and

    405 for 10 will be done,

    bench day

    raw bench
    135x20 225x20 315x6 365x1
    405x8 360x5 380x5***

    incline hammer strength(plates are total)
    8plates*6 6plates+200*6

    pec deck
    255x6 265x6

    pushdowns with dbl minis
    80x5 90x5 100x5 110x5 120x5

    ***tonite was the first session on the chaos 513 project and i believe this will do something for me big time. even though i got 405 for 8 on the first set, on the last 380 for 5 felt like i could of done 15 which meant that 405 should of been a cake walk. but no worries. i will get 415 for 10 reps a month for now when i start this cycle over again. i ****in feel it. then went to incline hammer strength where i did 2 sets heavy with 8 plates and then took off a plate and added 2 100s and did another set and then the last set was awesome! though moving up on weight on these will be a problem since i'm maxing out the machine. both me and bj were. he was training with me tonite. he didn't start strong on the bench but finished strong. he skull****ed 340 for 4 reps easy after gettin smashed with 405. he 6-0, 275 and built for a big bench, he just doesn't know it yet. we finished up with pec deck and pushdowns. can't wait to do squats and deads which will be done on the same day...

    i'm loving this already,

  31. squat day

    raw squats
    135x10 225x6 315x3 405x1
    510x7 510x1 430x5 480x5

    leg press
    920x6 1010x5 740x18RP

    leg curls
    200x1-200x3-200x1-200x3 140x18RP

    seated calf raises
    450x6 450x6 270x19RP

    ab work

    ***tonite was a ****in awesome session though i started to suck on squats i got better. they felt hard but on vid they looked easy to my surprise. i got the bar uneven with 480 and ****in hated but still did the set. went to leg press and loaded it up to 1010 for a set of 5 and dropped down and did 18RP reps with 740. went to calf raises cause i needed to work on them and use them more as a stabilizer muscle on squats. went to 450 and finished up with abs with 5 hanging leg raises with the bottom of my feet facing the ceiling. should do them like that more often. anyways, i got a few quad shots since i don't do many of them. i got vid so they will be up in a few days. bj was a the gym tonite doin back and throwing up some weight...really good weight. next, shoulders and heavy tris!

    yea, i got ****in teardrops mother****ers,

  32. deadlift/shoulder press day

    sumo deads
    225x6 315x2 315x2 405x1 405x1
    465x8 405x5 445x5 495x1

    barbell shrugs
    585x5 675x5 765x5 845x5 995x5

    barbell rows
    405x6 455x5

    front pulldowns
    200x5 200x5

    standing miltaries
    135x2 185x3 225x1
    240x7+1 205x5 225x5 275x1

    side laterals
    90x6 100x6

    495x6 675x1 585x5

    100x6 110x6

    straight bar preachers

    ***this was pure hell. i had to make up for 2 session tonite but this is pure endurance. sumo deads were a lot stronger this week than last...added in a single at the end for speed. got 995 for 7 on time a 45 is goin on there making it 1055. it was easier than i thought. everyone in the gym stopped and stared at me while i was doin it...that's pure motivation for me. standing militaries went ok. could of gotten 275 a lot faster on that last set. but i killed it tonite for sure. nothing will stop me from doin 600 at bench nationals. i'm that hungry right now. i was fueled by nuthin more than killer instinct and will power throughout this session. watching mike van wyck's new vid defintely motivated me since he's 330 as well.

    onward to bench with bj,

  33. raw bench
    135x10 135x10 225x6 225x6 315x3 405x1

    455x1 455x1(usual setup)
    360x5 405x3 425x1 455x1 (westside setup--see below)

    incline hammer strength press
    470x6 520x5 380x16RP

    pec deck
    255x6 265x5 210x16RP

    pushdowns with dbl minis
    140x6 150x6 160x5 100x18RP

    ***tonite session was a bit weird. i started off using the setup that most guys use at westside barbell(legs not tucked and just arching the upper back)to show BJ and well it felt faster and stronger so i used that setup all the way to 455 where i reverted back to my old setup. i was gettin stapled for some reason with 455. then i dropped down to 360 for 5 and used the WSB setup and BOOM! the weights were flying. 405 for 3..BOOM! again...the weights were flying. then 425 for 1..BOOM! again, flew up and so did 455 which looked faster on vid than the first time i attempted it. so i'm scaling back my training cycle to accomodate this new setup and work on it. BJ did good tonite. he did 405 for a single using the same setup i did. his 315 for 5, 360 for 3 and 385 for 1 were all easy to him. then we moved onto incline hammer strength where we had to use the 100s and then followed up with pec deck and pushdowns and we were done. i might have over-exerted myself the other day but its all endurance work. talked to hulk hires today about my squats and i have some things to fix on that as well like staying upright(head up) and finding that sweet spot on squats. i'm squattin wider than i would normally do raw and i need to work on gettin back into that old stance again. so i'm goin to take a month off the training cycle on squats to work on this but still work on gettin stronger. i'm also goin to add in pause squats too as per adam's suggestion. still on the path for that 600 raw, i will adjust to this setup. maybe pick paul key's brain on this since he uses the same setup.

    the only thing that doesn't need work is deads...go figure,

  34. raw squats
    135x10-10 225x6-6 315x1
    405x1 495x1
    530x4 420x5 455x3 500x2 500x1

    leg press
    810x6 810x6 990x4 630x20RP

    leg curls
    180x5 180x5 120x15RP

    calf raises
    360x6 450x6 360x18RP


    ***training tonite was a ballbuster indeed. worked on form dropped the cycle down a bit to do this so the weights tonite were chosen right. will be using my chucks next time though...been using some wrestling shoes lately. i believe reps this week were deeper than last week but you make the call yourself. leg presses went great...looks like i'll be loading up the top portion next time..haha! brought my stance in closer to simulate a deep squat as possible. then onto leg curls, calves and abs and was done. was about damn near puking level when i walked out of the gym...i took very little rest between sets cause the gym was closing at 5. i know..on a sunday its usually 6pm. oh well. here's the squat vid from today and bench vid from last wednesday. next up is bench and shoulders...

    feelin good about this,

  35. raw bench
    135x20 225x20 315x6
    425x4 425x2 380x3 405x3 460x1(strong!)

    incline machine bench
    365x5 405x4 315x18RP

    floor flyes

    standing militaries
    135x6 185x3 225x1
    275x2 210x5 245x3 285x0-1

    front laterals
    105x5 105x4 105x4

    side laterals

    rocky abs for 3 sets of 10

    ***tonite was a kickass session even though my head felt like it was 425 for 4 and then did again cause BJ got me fired up after doin 330 for 6 i did again for 2 reps and they were faster 4 rep set which means i need to get my setup a lot tighter and bring down the weights abit on this and check my ego. then worked up to 460 for 1 and BJ got 405 for 1 the same way i got my was strong but not easy. 2 weeks ago, he could barely get 405 and he got it on his own tonite for a strong single. changed up the accy movement and did some smith machine inclines for some direct upper chest work and i worked up to 405 for 4 and BJ did 365 for 4 on his last set....dropped weight and did our RP sets which killed us both. then did floor flyes working up to 70s and then doin 60s where BJ busted out 22 reps nonstop which means more weight next time for the both of us...i did 18RP. he's pushing me big time and i ****in love it. did our standing max set was 275 for 2 and my last set was 285 for 1 after missing it..BJ did 225 for 1 and then on his last set did 235 for 1 easy. WTF right. keep in mind we work down and back up which throws the body out of balance, you use more explosive strength, and your pre-exhausted. then went to some front laterals. worked them heavy again since they moved my bench up big time and did 3 sets with 105s and then did side laterals with 60s for 18RP reps. felt awesome training tonite but we also felt like we are gettin strong as hell too!

    onward to deads,

  36. cHaOs513 dead session

    Raw deads
    225x3 315x2 405x2
    520x5 410x5 465x3 545x2

    Barbell shrugs
    585x3 765x3 855x3 1035x4 1035x4 1035x5

    Barbell rows
    455x5 495x4 495x4 405x16RP

    Seated hammers
    100s x 6 100s x 6 100s x 6

    Ez bar curls

    100s x 6 105s x 6 115s x 6


    ***deads went well tonite. Focused on keeping the chest up and back arched and everything moved faster...even the 545 for 2 on the last set. They were very strong. Was able to throw on 1035 on shrugs and i will be doing them next week. They were fun. Rows are goin up. I will be staying at 495 next week as well. Finshed up with some bi and tri work and was out. I got vid but it will be up later. Been a stressful day for me and its supposed to be my off day....

    I took it out on the iron,

    cHaOs513 squat session

    raw squat
    barxbazillion 135x6 225x3 315x2 405x1 495x1
    530x5 420x5 475x3 545x1(easy and ****in deep!)

    front squat
    225x5 225x5 315x3 405x1 405x1(deep)

    leg extensions
    250x6 250x6 170x20RP

    leg curls

    seated machine calf raises
    310x6 350x6 350x6


    ***i believe this was the best squat session in the one month i've gone raw. felt awesome to move 545 deep like i did on my last set after what i did before. reps were deep...focused on keeping my head up, traps into the bar, and chest up but you guys be the judge. went onto front squats at the suggestion of a good brother of mine. those also felt great. worked up to 405. first time goin that heavy on front squats. i'll be moving some big weights in no time so hey are a keeper.

    bring on the ****in bench,

  37. raw bench
    135x20 225x20 315x6
    raw reverse band blue bench
    405x5 495x3 585x3 650x0
    545x3 625x3 645x0 645x1! PR

    smith machine inclines
    365x6 405x4 315x15RP

    pec deck
    180x15 reps

    standing overhead press
    135x5 225x3 255x0 235x3 205x5 255x1

    side laterals
    100x6 115x6 50x20RP

    ***tonite was a ****in awesome session. me and BJ made some mods to our setup and bam! we were hammering up some weights. our last sets were the strongest compared to our first single attempts. mine was 650 and BJ's was 585. then we dropped down and worked up to a triple with 625 and BJ did 545. then we went after it again. BJ missed 585 and got 555...very strong. i missed 645 and got it again...very strong too. after that. we were running off of will power. smitch machine inclines were punishers and so was the STOHP. but we pushed thru but this was pure brutal session...THINK BIG...TRAIN BRUTAL..GET STRONGER. that's what we were ****in doin. BJ pushed me to doin the 115s for 6 and he did 105s for 6 reps. we both are goin into a coma tonite but its ****in worth it. next time..650 and 585 will be our bitches...

    two ****in freight trains are out of control folks!

  38. reverse band deads
    w/o bands- 135x3 225x3 315x2
    w/bands- 405x2 495x1 585x1 655x1
    585x3 625x3 675x1

    barbell shrugs
    1035x4 1035x2-2 1035x5

    barbell rows
    495x5 545x5 455x16RP

    150sx6 150sx6 100sx16RP

    ***i was short on time today and may do heavy tris on monday but still killed it. 675 looked stronger that the 655. but a good way to get some heavy weight in my hands though. 1035 on shrugs was easier this week and rows were easier this week too. i guess things felt easier this week after reverse band deads. it was a good session...wish i had done more but got up later than i should and had to work afterwards...

    hate being pressed for time,

  39. cHaOs513 speed squat session
    chaos513 speed squat
    raw squats w/o bands
    135x10 225x3 315x2
    405x2 495x1 585x1 675x1
    585x3 650x3 705x1

    modified hack squat
    360x1-3-1-3-3 270x24RP

    leg extensions
    210x6 210x6 140x18RP

    leg curls
    180x6 180x6 140x16RP

    seated machine calf raises
    370x6 390x4 290x20RP

    floor pause rolling extensions
    55x6 55x6 30x18RP

    dbl handle pushdowns

    ***tonite was an awesome ****in nite to squat. the form felt a lot better after james hinson cleared up some things for me on the tech. defintely felt stronger. you'll see from the vids but you be the judge on this. 705 was easier than 675 so i see myself doin 800 on these soon. its a matter of form, tech, and getting used to the weight. did a lot of quad work tonite to strengthen the form more. did some front squats and then did some modified hack squats which is sitting up higher on the machine and being more of a squat. felt great. went onto leg extensions and leg curls and could hardly ****in walk at this point. love it. went onto doin some triceps and abs and was done. this week we are back to week 1 hitting 5s...BJ wants to test the waters on 455. i know he has it in him..

    can't wait to kill bench like i did tonite on squats,

    chaos bench session

    raw bench
    135x20 225x20 315x6 365x1
    405x5 365x5 385x5 425x1

    hammer strength incline
    4p+25/6 5p/6 4p/18RP

    PM dips
    3 plates- 3 sets of 6
    1 plate- 21RP

    standing militaries
    245x5 205x5 225x5 265x2

    side laterals
    115sx6 130sx4

    CG bench press
    315x6 365x3 315x5

    dbl handle pushdowns

    **tonite was a ballbuster but in need of a deload though starting now. weights went up good...closer to gettin the setup nailed though. BJ had an off nite. missed 455 but he hammered tris and shoulders just a day or so before...really hard. lol. found out we could add plates to the handle on the hammer strength incline and was able to do those again. STOHP was tough as **** but i will get stronger and the same goes on the CG bench. first week doin those again and i need to strengthen my ******* with this new setup.

    ok nite but need a deload,

  40. speed deads & squats

    speed sumo deads
    315x5x1 405x4x1 495x2x1

    strict barbell shrugs
    845x2 845x2 845x2 675x17RP

    barbell rows
    315-10x5(10 sec rest)

    rope pulldowns
    160- 17RP

    meadows rows
    90-6x6(6-10 sec rest)

    bw- 2x4

    cable curls
    70- 10x5 (10 sec rest)



    speed squats
    315x5x1 405x4x1 495x2x1 455x1

    leg press
    450- 10x5(10 sec rest)

    leg extensions
    160- 20RP

    ***yup its deload for me and every deload week i take the opportunity to work on speed on my lifts. deads went well. form got a lot better even with 495. squats, was deep as hell on them...even with 495 too. i gotta keep my back arched more on squats cause that's the missing link. kept my back arched with sumo deads and they looked helluva lot better. kept my back arched with 455 on squats tonite and i stayed more up right. theres the key. i'm recorrecting my numbers for the next training cycle minus the ego and more opportunity to work on form on everything. i am goin to experiment with juggling the bar weights on speed bench day to see what happens...didn't do with squats and deads cause form needed work. i will upload vids after speed bench day on wednesday. don't want to bore you guys with all the singles...

    but some 130s side laterals and 845 strict shrugs won't,


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