road to redemption...continues..

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  1. raw bench
    135x12 135x10 225x8 315x3 365x1
    405x4 350x3 375x3 425x3 445x1

    db incline bench
    130x16 140x5x5

    cable flyes

    db shoulder press
    100x12 110x5 110x5 110x5 110x5 120x5 100x15

    seated db laterals
    100x4 100x5 70x16RP

    power JM press
    185x18 225x5x5

    pushdowns on dip bar supersetted with one-arm cable extensions
    2 sets of 20-25

    one-arm db extensions

    one-arm db presses(for fun!)
    100x5 each arm

    ***this i would say was a good bench session. stuck to the numbers and kept the ego aside. went and killed 445 for a single after all those sets. BJ did great tonite...his bench continues to move up. went to db inclines and really killed some 130s and 140s on those. we'll be moving up to 140s and 150s soon. week 1 of this cycle BJ went from 365x2 to 375x3 this week on week 3. 10lbs and 1 rep. on week 1 i did 430x1 and on this week did 425x3 and 445x1. these numbers are scaring me a bit. we are moving up fast on this. we are goin to change where we bench be able to keep stable. the bench we've been using has been a really low bench. i got ideas on how to fix this next week and just for my strongman brothers pat wilson and don sellers, i did some one-arm db presses for fun with the 100s for 5 reps. they were easy once i got the hang of it. lookin foward to deads on saturday morning...

    [nomedia=""]YouTube - cHaOs513 bench- week 3[/nomedia]

    yea..gotta get up to get those deads,

  2. sumo raw deads
    225x6 315x2 315x1 405x1
    505x5 445x3 475x3 535x3

    barbell shrugs
    495x10 675x6 855x48 1035x6

    barbell rows
    605x4 605x6 405x16RP

    t-bar rows

    bwx14 reps total

    db curls
    100s-2x5 55x16RP

    preacher curls
    65x15 85-2x5 95-3x5


    ***got this session done in 2 hours pretty much but i killed it. deads was a lot easier(grip wise) thanx to the high rep shrugs i've been doin. on the vid i'm holding 535 at the top for a bit and usually when i fatigue my grip like to slide to my tips of my fingers. still progress goin from 475x7 to 535x4 last week and 505x5 this week and 535x3 which were easy compared to the 535 for 4 last week...definitely left some in tank. next week starts the speed work with bands. the pullups today were easy too...14 total reps at 325 and db curls went up too. they will help with the bench and deads believe it or not. i know i do a lot of crazy **** but its all geared towards the bigger picture...2300 raw total. to me everything i do, plays a part. why am i doin ridiculous weight? well cause i can. the accessory work has to get stronger just like the main lifts has to get stronger...

    [nomedia=""]YouTube - cHaOs513 deads- week 3[/nomedia]

    so gotta step your weight up,

  3. raw box squats w/300 in band tension
    135x3 225x3
    315x1 365x1 365x1 405x1
    315-2x1 315x2x3 315x2x1

    raw squats
    315x14 315x5

    band leg presses
    630x5 720x5 720x5

    leg extensions
    250-2x10 250-20RP

    leg curls

    seated calf raises
    380x20RP 300x15


    ***today starts the strength specialization phase of chaos513. you'll be seein me doin box squats/raw squats, pin presses/raw bench, and deficit deads/raw deads over the next 3 weeks. worked up to 405 with 300 in band tension on box squats with max speed against that much weight so doin 225 for 3 sets of 3 was easy and doin 315 for 2 singles at the end was easier and faster than i did on the first 4 sets. then i did a repout with 315 for 14 reps for my bro nate glines...he did 17. lol. band leg presses were awesome but staying with 720 til i get 6 reps and i can add a few more plates. be sure to read the quote in the first 10 secs of vid tonite...something that alot of lifters are missing today...something that greats like ed coan, bill kazmaier, kirk karwoski, etc did in their day...

    [nomedia=""]YouTube - cHaOs513 squats- strength specialization week 1[/nomedia]

    arrogant strong...u must be

  4. chaos513 bench strength specialization week 1

    pin presses with 200+ in band tension
    135x3 225x1 245x1 275x1 315x1 335x0
    225-2x1 225x2x3

    raw bench

    db inclines
    145x6 150x6 150x6 100x17RP

    cable flyes
    4 sets of 10

    db shoulder presses
    130x5 130x4 100x15

    db front laterals
    100x6 110x6 35-6x6(10 sec rest)

    CG floor presses
    225x25 275x12 315x6 315x5 225x18

    pushdowns with bands(+100)
    80-6x6(10 sec rest)
    pushdowns w/o bands


    ***this a session from hell...i mean literally. the gym was very humid tonite but i like that though. lol. anyways, worked up 315(525) on band pin presses and then worked back up again to 225(435) for 2 sets of 3 with little rest between sets. BJ did 275 after missing it (485). then we did raw bench after that...BJ had done 6 reps with 315 and a easy single with 365. i had done 315 for 15 and then did 5 more after that in my arched setup. we benched in the rack using a different bench and i believe its higher. oh well, me and BJ killed db inclines. we both did 2 sets of 6 with 150s. BJ had took jack3d, pink magic, and prime before we lifted and he was an animal...i mean literally. it was awesome and motivating for me. db shoulder presses were hard to do by my self but did 130s for a set of 5 and a set of 4 and then repped out 100s for 15 reps. did some higher reps on CG floor presses and my triceps were dead by the time i did 225 for 18. love it. pin presses are goin to be with us for the next 3 weeks. tonite we just killed some ****in u should do...yea i might have came close to vomiting again but the pace i move sometimes i have to slow down i bit. but this is training and i'm puttin myself thru hell to get vids tonite as the battery on my cam was dead. sucks i know.

    go thru hell and be stronger...yup.

  5. cHaOs513 deads- strength specialization week 1

    deficit deads (+200)
    225x1 315x1 405x1 455x1
    315-3x1 365-2x1

    raw deads
    315x1 405x1 505x1*(all speed!)

    barbell shrugs
    675x78 1035x10 1035-2x3

    barbell rows
    605x5 625x5


    db curls
    100x6 120x4

    single-arm hammers

    ***deads was a great session. took me some time to figure out the band setup on deficit deads but got it working once i did. worked up to 455(conventional stance) not too bad which was 655 at the top. then worked down to 225 for some speed work and back up to 365. then did some raw deads which were done with laughable speed...505 was the fastest i've ever moved that weight in a long while. then did barbell shrugs...675 for 78 and 1035 for 10...and my traps are ****in sore my rows went up this week...625 for 5 no prob. nate glines killed 505 for 5 and he's around 200ish...worked up to 120s for 4 on db curls and 130s on single-arm hammers and was out. once again, had to cut this session short but got what i needed done. now onto week 2...i will tell ya that my grip has gotten stronger recently...

    [nomedia=""]YouTube - cHaOs513 bench & deads- strength specialization week 1[/nomedia]

    just an FYI,

  6. cHaOs513 squats- strength specialization week 2

    raw box squats w/ +300 in bands
    135x5 225x5 315x4 345x5 375x5

    raw full squats
    315x1 315x4 405x14

    leg presses
    900x6 990x6

    leg extensions
    225x18RP 150x30-30

    leg curls

    seated calf raises
    410x18RP 340x30


    ***today's squat session was awesome. my bro, don, was there again doin his strongman training so we were pushing each other on what we were doing. when he saw me do 345 for 5 easy on box squats with 300 plus bands...he asked if i was goin to add weight to the ****in bar? i ****in loved it. went to 375 for 5 reps. really surprised myself considering last week i did 405 with the same tension for a single. quick progress there. straight weight was odd as **** but repped out 405 for 14...had to stop on the last three cause i lost count and had to see how many i had!! went without the bands this week on leg presses and still moving weight up fast on them. i'll be back on them next week. finished up with leg extensions, leg curls, calves and abs. don wanted to do more weight on the cable rows since he maxes out the stack and added my mini to the mix which added probably 80 more lbs.. good news, it worked wonders. bad, the band ate it. but no worries...i managed to find 3 minis stashed in storage so who knows...i might be able to do more band tension...

    [nomedia=""]YouTube - cHaOs513 squats- strength specialization week 2[/nomedia]

    squats were beastly today,

  7. chaos513 bench- strength specialization week 2

    retard presses(pin presses w/ +250 in bands)
    135x5 185x5 225x3 315x0 305x0 275x2 225x5 255x3

    raw bench
    225x5 315x12 405x1

    db inclines
    145x6 145x6 150x8 110x15RP

    cable xovers
    50x20 60-3x10 55x20

    seated shoulder rack presses with +140 in bands
    135x5 185x5 225x3 245x0 245x1 265x1 285x1 295x1

    db shoulder presses

    CG floor presses
    225x15 315x5 275x8 335x3 295x8 365x1

    ***this session i didn't do what i wanted but my speed is up which is key. the retard presses were sick. last week i did 315 plus only 200 plus at the top on bands for a single and this week did a double with 275 with 250 additional at the top so that's BIG progress. the speed with 315 was very fast just hit that wall early. BJ made 405 look easy after benchin and so did I. the rest of the session was crazy(even though i was pissed for not gettin 15-18 reps on bench with 315)....don came in later and did some seated rack shoulder presses. he's a strongman competitor and found a good use for that movement. me and him went at it on this movement. it was hunger and fire at its best. how lifting should be. he ended up with 285 and i did 295. we were pushing one another and talkin **** too. hadn't been pushed like that in a long while by anyone really. it really shows though how much stronger i am with competition. hell had it been me by myself, i probably wouldn't of gone but now i know how to push myself harder is what i learned from this.

    YouTube - cHaOs513 bench- strength specialization week 2

    if your not being pushed, your not keeping that edge sharp,


  8. deficit deads with +150 bands
    135x3 225x3 315x3
    405x1 365x3 455x2 405x3 505x1

    raw deads
    405x1 495x1 585x1

    barbell shrugs
    585x90 765x10 1035x3 1035x4 1035x6

    barbell rows
    315x5 405x5 635x5 655x5 405x15RP

    t-bar rows
    5Px5 7Px4 9Px3 13Px8 13Px8

    bwx10 reps

    db curls
    105x6 120x6 110x3 145x4 145x4

    db con. curls
    150x5 150x5

    hammer preachers
    2px10 2p+25x10 1x10 3px10 2px10


    ***this was a great session. just wanted to slam some ****in weight as i had some more aggression this session. deficit deads went well...worked up to 505 plus bands at the top...which is more than what i did last week with band/weight. then worked up to a single speed with 585. was surprised at how fast it moved off the floor. hadn't lost a step on my conventional stance and i'm happy about that. moved up big on rows and repped out 585 on shrugs for 90 reps. session was very awesome. first time trying yok3d btw...its insane! bw is still 325 but i'm getting stronger. my bro nate glines may have given me the best advice on squat thus far and its what helped him alot on his squats.

    YouTube - cHaOs513 deads- strength specialization week 2

    onto squats,

  9. band box squats(+250)
    135x5 225x5 315x1
    405x1 365x3 435x3 405x3 505x1 525x1 525x1

    raw squats
    135x10 225x10 315x14

    band leg presses
    360x10 450x10 540x10 450x10
    630x10 720x10 810x10 630x10

    leg ext
    150x30 125x30 175x30

    standing leg curls
    25(1)x10 25+15x10 25(3)x10 25(2)x10

    seated calf raises
    300x10 330x10 320x10 360x10 340x10


    **tonite squat session was ****in awesome. worked up to 505 and 525 for 2 singles on band box squats with +250 on bands. alot of what nate recommended to me paid off in form and i'm defintely goin to keep it up. it was an article on 3rd world squatting and got some ideas from it. it was awesome. anyways did some high rep squats afterwards and defintely easier goin deeper now considering what i was doin "mentally". i don't know what possessed me to do that many sets on leg presses but **** it. i went with it. BJ is out for surgery so i'm training solo on bench this week...

    YouTube - cHaOs513 squats- strength specialization week 3

    trains still gotta keep rollin,

  10. raw bench with bands (+200)
    barx3 135x3 225x1 205x3
    raw bench w/ bands (+240)
    225x2 205x3 245x2 275x1 315x1

    bench repouts

    incline hammer strength
    10Px6 10P+25x6 10P+25x5 8Px16RP

    hammer strength wide-chest
    6Px30 6Px30

    db incline flyes

    overhead rack shoulder presses
    275x1 225x3 255x2 245x3 275x2 315x1 335x0 335x1

    db front laterals
    110x6 120x6 120x5 100x15RP

    CG floor presses
    225x20 315x6 275x15 335x6

    pushdowns w/ bands dbled
    50x30 50x30 120x16RP

    abs/forearm work

    ***this week session was ****in better. went back to my arched setup and modified it a bit and its better. worked up to 315 plus 240 on band bench and repped out 315 for 17 reps. the speed was better and it was controlled. locked my lats in every set and every rep. felt good. did some overhead rack presses which would be a good sub for seated militaries since my gym doesn't have one. 335 was hard but still pressed it up from the pins. did 2 sets with 120s on front laterals too which is big for me and still did 6 reps with 335 on CG floor presses despite havin pre-exhausting them. BJ came out of surgery ok and he's recovering now. now we will see what back day brings...

    YouTube - cHaOs513 bench- strength specialization week 3

    crushing plates!

  11. pin pulls with +200 in bands
    135x3 225x3 315x1
    495x1 455x3 545x2 495x3 605x1 625x1

    raw deads
    495x1 635x1

    barbell shrugs
    675x20 765x20 1035x6 1035x4 855x15

    barbell rows
    405x8 495x8 585x6 675x4 585x6 675x5

    hs pulldowns
    8Px5 8Px6


    cg pulldowns
    80x20 80x20

    db curls
    70x8 100x6 110x6 65x15RP

    db concentration curls
    150x6 150x6

    hs preacher curls
    100x30 155x15RP

    ***this was pure hell. i was sleep deprived but ****, had work to do. started out with pin pulls with +200 in bands and worked up to 605. then i worked up to 635 on raw deads. should of taken one more set before hand but i wasn't in my right mind for some reason. went onto shrugs with 20 rep sets with 675 and 765 and 2 sets with 1035 and then a set of 15 with 855. juggled my sets a bit on rows for a change of pace...675 was easy. bein sleep deprived defintely puts your mind in different place...kinda kool really. squats are up on monday and its the final week of strength specialization...

    YouTube - cHaOs513 deads- strength specialization week 3

    did i say that sleep deprivation was kool? sorry..


  12. box squats(+270 in bands)
    135x3 225x3 315x1 435x1 405x3 475x2 545x1

    raw squats
    225x9 315x17

    leg press
    10Px23 16P-3x10 20Px15RP

    leg extensions
    11Px30 12Px30 20Px8 16Px23RP

    leg curls
    10Px10 12Px10 20Px15RP

    seated machine calf raises
    340x10 340x10 400x28RP 400x23RP

    ****squats went very well tonite. Yok3d strikes again. killed 545 stronger than i thought i would to be honest. squattin a bit wider this week to see if its a difference and in the form it is. a lot different. it was a little easier squattin this week than it has been in the past. next week should be interesting indeed though i came close to puking and that is always awesome. got 5 reps more than last week on repouts and its gettin more and more comfortable for me on squats. i wanted to end this strength specialization cycle hittin the heaviest weight i could off a box and i did that. bench day should be fun!!

    YouTube - cHaOs513 squats- strength specialization week 4

    can't wait!

  13. band bench(+250)
    barx3 135x3 185x3
    225x1 205x3 245x3 225x3 335x1 335x1

    raw bench

    db incline
    135x6 135x7 150x4

    smith high incline
    225x8 275x6 295x6 225x5 31x5
    225x6 295x6 225x18RP

    db flyes

    seated BTN overhead presses
    135x10-155x6 155x6-185x2-135x6

    front laterals
    130x4 130x4

    side laterals

    CG band pin presses(+100)
    225x5-275x4-295x3-315x2-335x1 225x15RP

    w/o bands
    stk-2 sets of 20
    10P-2 sets of 15

    ***tonite i had a really focused session. final session with bands so like squats i need to go all out. every set was fast as hell too. i'm proud of that. i finished up with 335 which was 590 at the top..more than last week. finished with repouts with 24 reps with 315. i ****in lost count and had to hit the camera real quick and bang out 6 more after the first 18. i hate that. did some seated behind-the-neck overhead presses this week off pins. defintely hard without the momenteum and doin them from a dead stop. goin to give this a run for a few weeks and see what happens. did some CG pin presses after seein garrett griffin do then and they hit the tris for me harder and they were done a few inches or so from lockout. a friend of mine though gave me another movement to try out next week for triceps. gotta experiment with new stuff every now and again...

    YouTube - cHaOs513 bench- strength specialization week 4

    keeps me from bein

  14. band deficit pin pulls(+250)
    455x1 405x2 545x2 635x1

    speed deads
    405x1 405x1 495x1 495x1

    barbell shrugs
    675x20 585x24 945x10 855x12 765x15 855x10

    barbell rows
    495-2x5 405x10
    495-2x5 405x10
    495x5 495x4 405x10

    HS pulldowns
    4px12 4p+50x10 6px10 6p+50x7 8px6 8p+50x5

    BW-4 reps

    db curls
    105x6 105x5 85x7 105x6 105x5 110x4

    machine curls
    4px10 6px10 8px10 10px5

    db concentration curls
    150-2x5 105x10 150-2x5 105x10 150-2x5 105x10

    barbell curls
    135-3x5 135x4


    ***today was a ball-buster. the volume went up on everything so i'm goin to still move up in weight using the same volume. love it though. the deficit band pin pulls were awesome. 635 was very strong and didn't feel heavy like the 585 a week before. also doubled 545 with the same amount of tension. the volume on shrugs and rows were great but the bar weight on both needs to be moved up to make it harder. experimented on a lot this week to see if it will work and it seems it will. we'll see what happens on squat day...

    YouTube - cHaOs513 deads- strength specialization week 4
    YouTube - Curt curling 150lbs

    back to straight weight and the big 3,

  15. cHaOs513 squats- week 1
    raw squats
    135x10 225x10 315x5 405x3
    475x8 425x5 445x5 515x2 515x1

    leg presses
    720-2x5 630x10(15s rest between sets)
    810-2x5 720x10
    810-2x5 720x10

    leg extensions
    150x10 175x9 200x8 225x6 250x6-6(10 sec rest between sets)

    leg curls
    125x10 150x7 175x7 200x6 225x4 150x30

    mod. GHR
    bw- 2x5

    standing calf raises
    135x6 225x6 315x6 365x10
    seated calf raises
    270x30 330x30


    ***tonites squat session was good ****. upped the reps on my warmups which worked out well for me. 475 wasn't too bad and neither was 515 at the easy double and went for another single after that without much rest. i'm bad about that. lol. still staying with the increased volume and see what happens to my strength at this point. the last chaos513 cycle, week 1 i did 465x8 and 505x1 and this time..did 475x8 and 515x2 which is big progress for me...especially without knee wraps right now. lookin foward to bench....the depth on these were better and more comfortable...STILL needs work nonetheless.

    YouTube - cHaOs513 squats- week 1

    gettin squats figured out,

  16. chaosBGC week 1- bench

    raw bench
    135x10-10 225x6 315x3
    375x8 375x7 405x2 405x3

    CG bench
    315x10 315x10 365x3 365x4

    incline bench
    275x10 275x9 315x2 315x2

    incline flyes
    85-4x6; 85x4 70x10

    pec dec
    150x10 190x10 210x6 150x8 225x6 120x20

    BTN millitaries
    225x10 225x10 275x2 275x2
    225-6x5 225x4

    front laterals

    DB extensions

    pushdowns without bands
    STKx5 STKx5 10px10
    w/ bands
    STKx5 STKx4 10px10

    chaosBGC week 1- deads

    raw sumos
    225x5 315x3 405x1
    465-5x5 475-5x5

    barbell shrugs
    675x30 855x13 855x15 675x17

    barbell rows
    405x18 495x8 ;405x14 495x6

    bw-2x5 bwx3

    hs pulldowns

    db curls
    130x4 130x5  130x5

    db concentration curls
    150x5 150x5

    pinwheel curls

    machine curls
    60x20 80x20

    ***bench day wasn't my best but i will get better and stronger. the volume is still high where i like it and this is just the first week so these numbers will be going up on week 2. i also wasn't recovered from practicing squats those few days before but they will pay off as i know what went wrong or rather what i need to do to fix it. deads was a gut-check day. all i can say. grip was struggling to hold on but i still pushed it. i'll be adjusted to this in the next week for sure. i'm actually excited on what this new training cycle will bring. i defintely need conditioning and speed before this meet which i'm ready for...

    YouTube - chaosBGC week 1 bench-deads

    YouTube - GOT YOK3D?

    alright...ready to give this squat thing another try,

  17. cHaOs513 oldschool week 1

    raw squats
    135x10 225x6 315x6 405x3

    raw box squats
    495x5 585x5

    suicide squats

    raw squats
    405x1 405x1 405x1 405x1 405x3

    3rd world machine squats
    225x16 275x6 275x10

    leg extensions
    200x13 225x16 225x13 250x6

    leg curls
    150x18 175x12 175x14

    seated calf machine raises
    360x15 400x12 400x15 420x14


    ***thanks to a few friends i took a different approach to this session and i'm glad i did. squats were deeper thank to the 100s of 3rd world squats i've done at home to help. by the time i got to the gym, they were 2nd nature to me. did some box squats squats and did 5s...worked up to 585 for 5. next time..635. did suicide squats after that to really bring practice into play more and more and let it be more instinctive than anything. they helped. 3rd world squats are deep squats out of a smith machine. me and my bro, josh thought it would be a good idea to help in us gettin deeper squats. tonite's session felt a lot better than its been in weeks on squats and its fun squattin again. love it!! goin deep now isn't a problem for me. there is a lot of "pop" out of the hole when i went deep. awesome ****...

    YouTube - chaos513- suicide squats

    YouTube - cHaOs513 oldschool week 1

    on to bench now,


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