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    I've never really been consistent on recording my workouts but I think posting them here on AM might help me a bit. I haven't worked out in at least 2 months considering a lot, a lot of work and things setting myself up for college. There just hasn't been that much time for serious lifting. So I decided to make a comeback, I want to try and get back into the best shape of my life. I am not basing my workouts on and type of specific workout program. I just know the types of workouts that work the best for me.

    Supplements aren't going to be anything crazy. Ordered 1000mg of Creapure from Primordial Performance and also IBCAA's the other day. Hopefully they will be getting in very soon. I'll probably be buying some protein too if I can spare some cash. Any suggestions by the way? I've been using either Myofusion or Syntha-6 but I believe that there is stuff out there at a cheaper price and will work just as good. If you really want to consider a Multi-Vitamin a supplement too I'll be taking one. Just a daily one, been taking stuff like that since I was little.

    So lets just get into this right now..

    Thursday July 15th 11AM

    • Incline DB Press 15 (35lbs), 12(40lbs), 10(45lbs), 8(55lbs)

    Superset W/ Incline DB Flyes 15 (15lbs), 12 (15lbs), 10 (20lbs), 8 (20lbs)

    • Flat Bench DB Press 15 (45lbs), 12 (50lbs), 10 (55lbs), 8 (65lbs)

    Superset W/ Flat Bench DB Flyes 15 (15lbs), 12 (20lbs), 10 (20lbs), 8 (25lbs)

    • DB Pullovers 12 (45lbs), 10 (55lbs), 8 (65lbs), 6 (75lbs)

    Friday July 16th 10:17am-11:27am

    • Lying Leg Curl 15 (70lbs), 12 (90lbs), 10 (100lbs)

    • Squat Press Machine 15 (180lbs), 12 (200lbs), 8 (230lbs), 6 (270lbs)

    I also did 10 lunges each leg between each set, I considered that my rest time.

    • Standing Calve Raise Machine 15 (50lbs way too easy..) 12 (87.5lbs) 20 (100lbs)

    • Hip Abductor Machine 15 (50lbs), 12 (75lbs), 10 (115lbs)


    • High Uncross Over 15 (37.5lbs), 12 ( 62.5lbs), 10 (50lbs)

    Superset W/ Low Uncross Over 15 (37.5lbs), 12 (37.5lbs), Tried to get 10 but only got 8 reps (50lbs)

    • Seated DB Shoulder Press 12 (30lbs), 10 (35lbs), 8 (40lbs), 6 (50lbs)

    Superset W/ Front Shoulder Raise 10, 8, 6 All 15lbs

    Looking to continue on tomorrow. These 2 days made me crazy sore.

  2. Monday July 19th 8:30am-9am 148.5 lbs.


    • Flat Bench DB Press 15 (40lbs), 12 (50lbs), 10 (60lbs)

    Superset W/ Flat Bench DB Flyes 15 (20lbs), 12 (25lbs), 10 (30lbs)

    • Incline DB Press 15 (40lbs), 12 (50lbs), 10 (60lbs)

    Superset W/ Incline DB Flyes 15 (20lbs), 12 (25lbs), 10 (30lbs)

    • Cable Cross Overs 15 (110lbs), 12 (135.5lbs), 10 (147.5lbs)

    • Bench Press Machine 110lbs till Fail, got to 30 Reps.

    Got everything done really quick today. Seemed like I actually had a ton of energy this morning. Looking tomorrow to do the Bi's and Tri's

    Also still waiting on my creatine, ibcaa's and protein

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