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    i'm very interested in this thread. i've done the full 90 days of p90x before and lost all fat. i actually lost 2.3 lbs of lean mass as well, but i was really restricting my calories to shed the fat. pry too much. i got my bodyfat done each 30 days, and the first month, i lost 14.8 lbs of fat, and 0.9 lbs of muscle. the next month sucked, because i guess my body was shocked. i lost 1.4 lbs of fat, and 2 lbs of muscle. the final month, i upped my calories a smige, and ganined back .6 lbs of muscle and lost another 6.3 lbs of fat. so i loved the 90 days, but was wanting to figure out a way to add some muscle during it so i hope this works great for you, and i'll pry try something very similar. "ab ripper x, i hate it, but i love it"........ too true.
    Yeah im hopping this is going to go well. Im staying lean. But hopefully i will gain some muscle off of this. Thanx for subbin! hope you enjoy!

  2. Ok ladies and gents. Sorry about not being able to post anything for two weeks now...... Anywho i was not able to do any p90x last week for i was in atlanta, partying like a rockstar with my old buddies back in high school. So i missed a week, well i did some cardio and yoga monday and tues of last week, but that was it.
    I really needed that break from working so much.... It was really nice.
    But heres the updates. I have lost weight prob from all the alcohol i drank. Seems to upset my stumach..... But i am allllllooootttt fuller I can really tell my muscle memory is starting to kick in. Really getting my strength back. Im excited!
    Anyways here is what i have been doing monday tues wend and for the rest of this week.

    bench press 50 reps 1 set 90 lbs (warm up pump)
    Dumbell butt-end flye 5 sets of 12, 20lbs
    Dumbell decline 5 sets of 12, 50lbs (prob could have gone more but those flyes really burnt me out)
    Dips 50 reps 1 set, took me 3 sets to finish but was able to get 50
    Barbell curl 5 sets 12 reps
    Double hammer curl 5 of 12
    Reverse curl 3 of 12

    Standing cable crunch 4 sets of 25
    One arm kettle krunch 3 sets of 15 each side
    DB side bend 3 of 10 each side
    Pogo jump 3 sets of 30 (Love these! You do look like an idiot though ha)
    Seated calf raises 3 of 20

    Bent over row 50 of 105lbs 1 set
    Dumbbell row "kroc" style 1 set till failure 50lbs Hit 40 reps on each side. Owie!
    Lat pull down 5 sets of 12 reps
    Seated cable row with rope 5 sets of 12
    Seated leg curls 5 sets of 12 reps
    standing leg curl w/ Stretch bands 5 sets of 12

    Smith overhead press with stretch bands 5 sets of 12
    Shrug 3 sets of 20
    Tri set bent over lateral raise, lateral raise front raise 1 set of 8 reps
    cuban press 5 sets of 12
    TRicep extension 5 sets of 10
    lying tricep extensions 5 of 12
    band pushdown or cable 1 set of 100
    farmers 45 plate walks till failure

    Weighted incline sit up 5 sets of 15
    Rollout 5 sets of 10 reps
    Incline russian twist with medicine ball 3 sets of 20 reps
    pogo jump 3 sets of 40
    standing calve raise 3 sets of 20

    Squat 50 reps as needed on sets not sure what the weight will be yet cause this is new in adding to my squat.
    Barbell or DB lunges 3 sets of 12
    High box squat 5 sets of 15
    Leg extension 100 as needed on sets once again have not done this technique.

    But one thing i do know is that will be one hell of a leg day! ha.

    Tonight after my work out once again still been doing alot of stretching and yoga. I am really really noticed my flexibility! im loving this! my back is feeling so much better my shoulders are not pinching like they used to. ITs incredible!

    Sorry again guys for being so late. If you saw the kind of ladies i was hanging out with you would not at all blame me! haha

  3. Oh and my weight is 163 but because i look bigger i think im loosing weight from p90x but like i said i did party for 4 days...... so might of kinda bit myself on the booty.....

  4. This week i have been doing both weight training and p90x. MY flexibility i have noticed has increased soooo much. My back feels like im part hercules cause it is not hurting or pinching anymore. My knees occasionally but hasnt been as bad as it was. Ill post up this week.

  5. Pics of the ladies?

  6. Week 4,5,6

    These weeks have been balls to the wall! haha. My workouts have been improving a good bit! finally! I have been doing more weight lifting instead of p90x..... I just missed the weights man..... But ill get back into it this week. This week will just be yoga stretching and core.. Mixed in with my weight training days. Workouts are still followed the same as week 2,3 same set up seems to still be kicking my arse! yoga is getting easier so i think i will be pausing the video and trying the more advanced! sweet! Still have noticed a drastic improvment on all my joints! Rock on! still eating a ton have not stopped taking pslin. Love the stuff! bullet proof finished about a week ago. My feedback on bullet proof is that its a great sleeping product! i drempt some wierd dreams..... just a little to expensive though....recovery was nice but not enough to notice..... Sleeping rocked though i give the sleeping 5 stars out of 5.
    Weight is at 168. Moving on up slowly! I need to do a vid soon but i would like to do it when im done..... Maybe 2 more months.... We will see.

    Another thing with the diet. P90x is known for keeping you burning a ton of calories. Well it is possible to gain weight if you dont take it to such an extreme i have noticed. Alot of rice and pasta has been part of my diet. SO i know im throwing in more carbs than i could burn lol. But like i have said in the past that you can keep the reps at 8 reps or 6 or whatever you want. cardio i keep at a minimum.... Mostly focus on the body workouts and rubber bands workouts. but my weight is increasing..... so this is proof. So just customize your cd workouts to what you want.... I understand this could be hard for some people cause its alot to consider but it can be done.

  7. Quote Originally Posted by omni View Post
    Pics of the ladies?
    Well if your signed on facebook hit me up send me a pm im a friend of anabolicminds. I have some pics on there of the ladies. I would love to post them up on here but i have the hardest time doing it..... It never works for me.

  8. Oh one more thing i have increased my fishoil intake to about 8g. Im a huge believer in fishoil and if you curious i can explain why later ha, like through pming me ha.

  9. WEight training (same as above)

    P90x in rotation: Yoga, Core synergystics, stretching, Sunday (day of rest buddy)

  10. Looking good dude. Keep hitting it. hopefully your weight will increase to where you want it.




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