Rodja's Road to Recovery and Cut

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  1. Rodja's Road to Recovery and Cut

    My last log, which was making amazing progress, hit a dead-end because of moderate strain of my left AC joint/biceps tendon. My rehab has been going well, but I'm definitely really bummed out about this injury. I was hitting PRs on almost every session and managed to get back up to 210ish.

    High points/PRs from log:
    BB Rows-335x8
    Upright Rows-145x8
    Flat DB Press-95x3

    However, the volume I was doing took it's toll on my shoulders and kicked me down.

    Now, here's my new/old plan. I'm going back to my old MMA-style routine to focus more on dynamic lifts/power while trying to get my strength back to where it was just weeks ago. Also, I'll be starting a cut in the next few weeks after my Summer class is over and I have more time to devote to cardio and sleep.

    Current routine:
    Mon: Vertical F/E, Core
    Tue: Off
    Wed: Horizontal F/E, Core
    Thu: Lower
    Fri: Off
    Sat: Dynamic Upper
    Sun: Off
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  2. 6/21: Vertical F/E, Core

    Pre-hab: External Rotations, Infraspinatus/Teres Minor

    Dips/Neutral Wide Pullups: BW+25x10/BWx10, BW+45x10/BWx10, BW+45x10/BWx10
    Upright Rows/Supinated DB Scapular Adductions: 135x10/30x12, 135x10/30x12, 135x10/30x12
    Push-Press: 135x8, 155x5, 165x5
    Trunk Rotations: 60x10, 60x10, 60x10
    Hypers: BWx15, BWx15, BWx15

    Foam roll anterior delt/bicep tendon (I thought I was about to cry from the pain)

    Getting back into the swing of training. I've been extremely busy the past 3 weeks, but I'm doing okay with everything. My shoulder was still very tight during lifting, but it felt much, much better after I foam rolled. For years, I've been lazy with my shoulder pre-hab and foam rolling, but that will completely change now. I'm too young to have this many injuries/aches.
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  3. In Rodja. I love reading your logs. Good luck brother!


  4. Quote Originally Posted by JoHNnyNuTZ View Post
    In Rodja. I love reading your logs. Good luck brother!
    Glad to have you along. I'll be updating my supplements and diet shortly.
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  5. 2nd and Ready

  6. Quote Originally Posted by MAxximal View Post
    2nd and Ready
    I was hoping you'd show up.

    As for supplements, this is what I'm doing currently:
    4 scoops RecoverPro
    2-4 Glycobol (depending on day)
    6g Fish Oil
    2g Sesamin
    6 scoops Essentials+Joint Support

    At some point, I'll be adding the Swole Stack and, possibly, some bulk XF that I've had in my closet for nearly 2 years.


    Here's a rough outline:
    Meal #1
    4 eggs (2 whole, 2 whites), 4 oz 93% turkey, 1/2C (dry measure) rice, fruit

    Meal #2
    Protein Shake
    3g Fish Oil

    Meal #3
    8 oz chicken breast
    4 oz (dry measure) rice noodles
    1 C broccoli
    1 Tbsp EVOO

    Meal #4
    Same as #2

    Meal #5
    Same as #3

    Meal #6
    Varies on hunger
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  7. 6/22: Pre-hab

    Foam Roll

    IT Band
    Lateral/Medial Hamstring
    Hip Flexors

    15s static stretches for lower body
    M.Ed. Ex Phys

  8. I'll be checking in from time to time too
    RcB Since 09-06-2011 20:55 EST, Post 49

  9. 6/23: Horizontal F/E, Core

    Pre-hab: Adducted Ex Rotation, Abducted Ex Rotation, Shoulder Adduction

    Incline DB Press: 70x10, 75x6, 80x5 (light pain)
    Supinated BB Rows: 225x10, 225x10, 225x10
    Incline Flys: 40x12, 50x12, 50x12
    Cable Rows/Weight Crunches on BOSU/Planks: 200x10/100x20/30s, 200x10/115x20/30s, 200x10/115x20/30s

    DC Stretches

    Foam Roll
    Upper Traps
    Anterior Delt

    Well, I felt decent throughout the session and am definitely not close to 100%. I had good strength and ROM in my lats, but my chest/shoulders are not feeling great. I tried to start with flat DB press and I couldn't do 45s without intense pain. I will say this though: I'm in a really good mood right now and by that I mean my aggression is really high. I've always been a little on the aggressive side (go figure, right), but I've had some great controlled rage lately.
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  10. 6/25: Legs, Core

    Front Squats/Box Jumps: 205x3/30"x3, 215x3/30"x3, 225x3/30"x3
    SLDL: 225x8, 245x6, 255x5
    Uni LP: 350x8, 350x8, 390x8
    Walking DB Lunges: 120x10, 120x10, 120x10
    Standing Calf Raises: 250x15, 275x12, 275x12-drop-175x15
    Hypers: BW+45x15, BW+70x12, BW+90x10

    DC Stretches

    Foam Roll
    IT Band

    Well, its been awhile since I've done leg training. Anyone that has followed any of my previous logs knows the reason I don't train them very often, but, in case you don't know, it's because my thighs grow very quickly and it really takes a toll on my MMA game. I felt really good, albeit a tad tired, throughout the session and I was surprised by the numbers I was able to put up. No real tightness anywhere, but I could tell that I am not as limber as I was in the Spring.
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  11. sweet!

  12. Time for some yoga?
    RcB Since 09-06-2011 20:55 EST, Post 49

  13. Quote Originally Posted by stxnas View Post
    Time for some yoga?
    Agreed. Started doing Yoga last month. I think yoga is amazing. Never felt so good i my entire life.


  14. Quote Originally Posted by stxnas View Post
    Time for some yoga?
    Time for my lazy ass to be consistent with pre-hab.
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  15. LOL @ brutal honesty!
    RcB Since 09-06-2011 20:55 EST, Post 49

  16. 6/26: Dynamic Upper, Core

    Clean and Press SS Wide Neutral Pull-ups: 135x5x5/BWx5x5 (15s rest)
    Dynamic BP: 95x3x5 (15s rest)
    Reverse BB Rows: 135x8x5 (15s rest)
    Standing Cable Crunches: 100x20x3

    Light Static Stretching

    Trying to get back into MMA-style training and I am severely out of shape.

    6/28: Upper F/E, Core

    Lateral Ex Rotation
    Medial Ex Rotation
    Infraspinatus Raises
    Dips SS Neutral Pull-Ups: BW+45x12/BWx10
    Upright Rows SS Reverse Grip Scapular Adductions: 135x10/40x12
    Push Press SS Hammer Curls: 135x5/40x10, 155x5/40x10, 165x5/40x10
    Cable Crunches SS Planks (both on BOSU Ball): 115x20x3/20s

    Static Stretch

    Foam Roll
    Anterior Delt

    Starting to feel better and add some more volume to the routine. This was the first time I've done planks on a BOSU and it really hits the core hard. I was starting to really feel it about 10s in and it was a bitch to make it to 20. I'm really focusing on strengthening my external rotators as my shoulders are pretty heavily internally rotated.
    M.Ed. Ex Phys

  17. 6/28: MMA (gasp)

    Ok, I'm out of shape, my technique sucks and I have little confidence in my game right now. That being said, I managed to land a few good shots and almost made it through 2 rounds until I ate a nasty liver shot that dropped me. After that, I decided to work some ground game. I felt much better on the mat than with the gloves on, but I could still feel some rust.

    6/29: Dynamic Lower

    Sumo DL/Box Jumps: 225x3x3/33"x3x3 (15s rest)
    Squats: 155x3x3 (15s rest)
    HS Seated Calf Raises: 100x15x3 (30s rest)

    Starting to really get going with my training and starting to feel good. Overall, my body is starting to heal from this deload. However, my lower back and AC are still not up to task when it comes to training as I would like.
    M.Ed. Ex Phys

  18. 6/30: MMA

    I went today and mainly did GnP drills and cage tactics. We have a guy about 2 weeks out from a fight and we're really working his wrestling particularly cage walking and switching. I did as much as I could, but my gas tank is still low and I only have about 1 great round in me.

    7/2: Horizontal F/E, Core

    Reverse BB Rows: 225x15, 245x10, 255x8
    CG: 135x12, 155x10, 165x8
    DB Rows: 130x12, 140x10, 150x8
    HS Incline Press: 100x10, 125x8, 130x6
    HS DY Rows: 145x12, 170x10
    Incline Flys: 40x12, 45x12, 50x12
    Trunk Rotations: 60x12x3
    Hypers: BW+45x15, BW+90x12, BW+115x10 (PR)

    Static Stretches
    Foam Roll
    Lower Trap

    Pretty good session, but my pressing strength is starting to take a dive. There's a good amount of pain in every rep, but, ironically, flys don't bother it at all. Go figure...

    7/3: MMA

    I did a lot of BJJ on this day and worked my top choke series (D'Arce, Brabo, Anaconda, Japanese/Peruvian Neckties, etc.) I was missing some of the technical details and worked the fundamentals to re-establish them in my mind. After this, I held mitts and worked scrambles and GnP drills again. I'm already starting to feel some improvements and am accepting that I need to approach this in a different manner. It's a new thing to not be doing fight prep while at practice.
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  19. Cutting Day 1...

    Woke up, made come coffee and popped an Alpha Burn. 15 minutes pre-breakfast, I took 2 GlycoBol, 375mg GTE and 30mg Forskolin.

    4 eggs (2 whole, 2 whites)
    4 oz ground sirloin
    1/2 C Basmati Rice (dry measure)
    6 oz strawberries

    W/ breakfast
    2 TestoPro
    2 Stoked
    1 Seamin
    500mg TTA

    Lets do this...
    M.Ed. Ex Phys

  20. Looking good so far man. Keep up the good work. Keep your head up man. Practice makes perfect.


  21. Quote Originally Posted by JoHNnyNuTZ View Post
    Looking good so far man. Keep up the good work. Keep your head up man. Practice makes perfect.
    I'm not really too worried about my technique as I know this will return quickly. Plus, I make no illusions about competing any time this year. Right now, I'm really looking to just get my two-round conditioning back and to advance my skills a tad further while having a concurrent reduction in weight.
    M.Ed. Ex Phys

  22. Nice game plan. I wish I had your determination. You always seem so focused!!!


  23. 7/5: Vertical F/E, Core

    Dips/Neutral Pullups: BW+45x10/BWx10, BW+70x8/BW+25x5 (PR), BW+70x8/BW+25x5 (PR)
    Upright Rows/Hammer Curls: 135x10/45x10, 135x10/45x10, 140x10/45x10
    Push-Press/Supinated Scapula Adductions: 135x5/45x10, 155x5/45x10
    Tricep Pressdowns/Planks on BOSU: 160x12/20s, 190x10/20s, 190x10/20s

    Static Stretches

    Very good session and the PRs on Pullups was very unexpected. I'm too mentally weary to keep doing the P-P, so I'm going to scrap it until I heal up a bit more.

    7/6: Dynamic Lower, Sprints

    Sumo DL/Box Jumps: 245x3x4/33"x3x4 (30s rest)

    30s: 10 MPH 0% grade
    90s: 5 MPH 0% grade

    I honestly have no idea how many sprints I did as I lost count at around 3 or so. The total time was 21 minutes including a 3 minute warm-up and a 3 minute cool-down, but I know I messed up the intervals. If I had to guess, I'd say I did around 7 or so. I actually felt much, much better than I expected and will start to do this 2x/week in addition to adding MMA into the routine. I'm not really cutting calories per se, but I'm increasing activity, which is plenty to give my body a nice kickstart.

    Updated Supps:
    Swole Stack (4 caps/day each)
    4-6 scoops RecoverPro
    2 AlphaBurn
    65mg Forskolin
    750mg GTE
    2 Thermogum
    2 Sesamin
    1g TTA
    M.Ed. Ex Phys

  24. 7/7: MMA

    I did some warm-up guard work with some newbies at the gym to show them some fundamentals. I worked the fan sweep series (sweep, guillotine, kimura), scissor sweep, and basic armbar from guard. After that I wrapped my hands and put on the gloves and shin guards. My first round was against a dude I've sparred for years now and I like to spar with him because it helps me to really establish my range and work my entire plethora of strikes. He's been nursing some bad ribs, so no body shots, but I still had the green light on HK. I mainly worked on my counters and combinations while focusing on ending every combination with a kick. By the end, his legs were torn up as I worked both the inside and outside kicks very heavily all while barely throwing my power hand (it hurts like hell to extend the shoulder and I fight southy). The next round was a little harder as I went against a LHW that is in fight shape. My main objective was to not get killed and to be able to somewhat push him. I manage to land my jab effectively all while still working the kicks and, especially, body shots. The great equalizer is a nice kick to the liver.

    After this, I went 2 rounds with a guy with solid striking experience, but little ground game. After about 30 seconds, I noticed that he did not like to be pressured and I went against my grain and stalked him for the rest of the round. To compound the fun, I shot in whenever he did finally commit to a rear hand and took him to my realm: the mat. Instead of going for anything fancy, I only worked on advancing position and getting either an arm-triangle or a variation (D'Arce, Brabo). We continued to work and I pushed him the whole time to get him accustomed to adjusting to MMA and opposed to kickboxing.

    Following this, I gave him some basic wrestling tips and then help mitts while working Boxing and GnP drills. All in all, a very productive session.
    M.Ed. Ex Phys

  25. 7/8: Horizontal F/E

    Supinated BB Rows: 245x12, 255x10, 275x10
    CG: 155x8, 165x8, 175x6
    DB Rows: 150x10+5 (R-P)
    HS Decline Press: 100x12, 100x12
    HS DY Row: 145x12, 170x10
    Incline Flys/Incline Scapula Adductions: 40x12/40x12, 50x12/50x12

    DC Stretches

    Still getting back the strength in the shoulder. I'm really focusing on balancing my grips and fixing my overly internally rotated shoulders. So far, so good...

    7/8: Dynamic Lower/Core

    Jump Squats: 65x3, 75x3, 95x3, 105x3
    Good Mornings: 45x6, 55x6, 65x6
    GHR: BWx3, BWx3, BWx3
    Hypers/Hanging Leg Raises: BW+90x12/BWx12, BW+115x10/BWx12

    DC Stretches
    Foam Roll

    I've decided to scrap heavy leg training and focus on power and strict form. The weights are relatively low, but I've been doing some research on effective loads for power and it seems that the lower end (30-50% 1RM) provides better gains in peak force despite the smaller loads. Plus, the chance for injury is much smaller.
    M.Ed. Ex Phys



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