Hi guys,

i'm a new "official" member here, have been around this site for quite a while. just havent gone on or done any workouts in 2 years. due to health related issues.

my name is Giovanni. im 21 years old, will be 22 in a couple months. im getting back into the "game" of working out and bulking up. i currently weigh in at 145lbs. i uploaded a pic of my self in my profile. pic was taken last night after getting home from the gym. i finally after 2 years, started going back to the gym to build, i started on 5-21-10 again. and going straight natural all this week. starting 5-31-10 i will start a cycle of Forged Black Extreme by Transform. and of course with all supporting supplements. i did a PH 2 years ago so im confident with that i will be doing. i will keep you all updated with weekly updates, stats, and pictures!! because we all love pictures right? i did plenty of research on PH's im going to keep my diet simple but strong. i've done research on this product by Transform and haven't found much info or found anyone using it posting detailed results. SO, i will be the guinea pig for you guys, and give this product a test. i will supply before, during, and after pictures.

- Giovanni

comments and suggestions are welcomed, PLEASE NO FLAMMING! lol