First H-drol log!!! A few question If I may

  1. First H-drol log!!! A few question If I may

    So this will be my first h-drol log. Ive done one havoc cycle before with good results. Ive been in Spain for two weeks and i feel like a fat mess. Im gonna hit the gym for a week while waiting for my products to arrive. It will probably be two weeks total from now untill i start the cycle. It will lok like this

    H-drol (50/50/75/75/75)
    AI Life Supoort preload one week before and taken throughout cycle

    Support Supps: (taken during and after cycle)
    Multi (animal pak or orange triad)
    Flaxseed oil
    BCAA's (Xtend)
    ON Whey

    Liquid Nolva (20/20/10/10)
    CEL PCT assist
    Activate Xtreme- Not sure when to start it?
    Creatine Mono

    I ran an otc pct for my havoc cycle and everything seemed fine untill about 2 months after when i had itchy nips and they got puffy. I would sya it was full blown gyno, and the situation seems to have corrected itself, but i am worried that i may be gyno prone so im going with nolva for this one (liquid nolva, cant get any of the real stuff). Any way I have a few questions and any advice would be greatly appreciated.

    1. Ive heard good things about life supprt but does it seem appropriate for this cycle?

    2. Is animal pak too much to be taking on a cycle like this?

    3. I have heard that I should save the creatine mono for the PCT because it will make back pumps worse on cycle, is this true?

    4. Should i be taking a test booster or wil the nolva be enough? ALso, should i start taking the test booster right in the beginning or wait till the end?

    5. If im worried about gyno, should i keep some arimidex or letro on hand to run during the cycle if it creeps up? Like i said, i think my body fixed itself from my little scare before but im worried it could come back.

    I appreciate the help in advance, just wanna make sure im doing this right.

  2. No one has responded because you have posted this in the wrong section. This thread should be under Anabolic's.

  3. woops will move

  4. No need to go to 75 on your first h-drol run. 50mgs ED for 30 days is a solid run, especially since it is your first time and you dont know how you will respond.

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