Gorilla Warfare: This time it goes up to 11!

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  1. hahahahaha.

    I would sell both my nuts for her, dumb or not (although I think it may be an act)

  2. I'm with you! Google her striped dress pics!

  3. 7/3/10
    trap bar deads
    565x2 x 10 sets
    should've gone 600 range, moved weight like a damn tank today!

  4. 7/6/10
    275 x4reps x25sets @ 2/1/1/1 tempo
    super set with
    Seated Reverse grip Low cable rows
    180 x 6 reps x 25 sets @ 2/1/1 tempo
    Completed in 32 minutes

    Had to add two minutes b/c i obviously over compensated on tempo today, I had been doing more of a 4/1 versus a 2/1 like I was shooting for. It cost me several sets so I continued for an extra 2 minutes.

  5. "should have gone to 600" pssshhh. Excellent lifting my friend, I get back in the gym tomorrow $$

  6. Alright, kinda got the groove back on squats today. Felt good, and killed it pretty good.
    Narrow stance squats
    Lying leg curls
    tempo was at 2/1/1 for all sets. Squats were very explosive, every rep finished with the bar hopping 2-3 inches off my traps.
    Done in 30 minutes. Smoked!

  7. 7/8/10
    close grip BB bench
    245x4reps x 14 sets
    reverse grip front pulldowns
    160x6reps x 14 sets
    done in 15 minutes

    seated DB military press
    70's x 4 reps x 15 sets
    seated bent laterals
    25's x 6 x 15 sets
    done in 15 minutes

  8. 7/10
    Flat BB Bench
    275 + 88lbs in band tension x 2reps x 20 sets
    superset with
    reverse grip BB rows
    275 x 2 reps x 20 sets

    damn strong damn intense day, done in 28 minutes

  9. I love reverse grip rows. They hit the lats lower and don't involve as much trap/shoulder.
    Always open light. Itís not what you open with, itís what you finish with. Louie Simmons

  10. Parallel Box Squats
    505x 2 reps x 10 sets
    hams were still fried from earlier this week, so these f'n HURT!

  11. 7/13/10
    295x4reps x 24 sets
    superset with
    wide grip low cable rows
    200x6 reps x 24 sets
    Done in 30 minutes
    one of the strongest days in recent memory! Dominated every rep of every set, weight was still popping on the bar at set 24.

  12. What rest intervals are you taking between SSs?
    Always open light. Itís not what you open with, itís what you finish with. Louie Simmons

  13. 15-24 seconds

  14. Quote Originally Posted by CleetusVanDam View Post
    15-24 seconds
    That's insane recovery big man!!
    Always open light. Itís not what you open with, itís what you finish with. Louie Simmons

  15. 7/14/10
    Had to relax the leg workout to protect my hamstring today, been uncomfortable since boxsquats last week.
    Leg Press
    600x4 x 28 sets
    superset with leg curls
    160x 4 x 28 sets
    Legs looked like f'n white oaks when I was finished.

  16. 7/16
    standing military 2/1/1 tempo
    155x4 reps x 15 sets
    Bent laterals
    35's x 6 reps x 15 sets
    done in 15 mins
    overhead BB tri ext
    105x 4 reps x 15 sets
    seated pyramid curls
    35's x 6 x 15
    done in 15 mins


  17. 7/17
    335x2 reps x 20 sets
    superset with BB rows
    335x2 x 20 sets

    felt very very strong today! rested for two minutes after set 10, done in 34 minutes total.

  18. 7/18
    Narrow stance conv. deads
    575x2 reps x 10 sets

    pretty damn solid this morning

  19. 7/18
    superset with
    t bar rows
    done in 30 minutes

  20. 7/19
    275plus 50lbs of band tension
    superset with
    standing good mornings
    done in 30

  21. 7/21
    Standing rear military
    155x4reps x 15 sets
    side laterals
    35's x 4 reps x 15 sets
    done in 15 mins (SMOKED IT!, delts looked like midget heads!)

    Seated double arm DB curl
    40's x 4 reps x 15 sets
    overhead cable tri ext
    200 x 6 reps x 15 sets

    felt good today, damn good! looked like a different creature leaving the gym from when I arrived. SB you are money my friend!

  22. 7/23
    345x2 reps x 15 sets
    Bent rows
    365x2 reps x 15 sets

    weight up HUGE!
    took 1.5 minutes between superset

  23. Daddy's Home!
    Trap Bar deads
    600x2reps x 10 sets (8 reps on the last set!)
    rested 1.5 minutes between sets

  24. 7/27
    wide grip front pulldowns
    180x6x21 sets
    done in 30 mins


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