intheflesh is cutting for summer! (Lipo 6x & ephedrine log) (pics)

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  1. intheflesh is cutting for summer! (Lipo 6x & ephedrine log) (pics)

    Da Back Story: I've had a bottle of Lipo 6x kicking around for quite some time and I figured this would be a good time to use it. What I plan on doing is building up to 4 caps a day of this and using it more or less until the bottle runs out, which will be just over a month. A couple weeks in, 2-3 most likely, I want to start taking ephedrine at 24mg/day (8mg tabs). I only have 50 tabs, though, so it'll last just under 2 weeks. I've also got a bottle of MAN Scorch, a product I've used once before without amazing results, but is present in my stock regardless. I might bridge right into Scorch when the Lipo 6x is done depending on how I'm feeling at that time.

    Tentative supplement schedule:
    Nutrex Lipo 6x: 4-4-4-4-0-0-0-0 (4/day/7 days a week)
    4everfit Ephedrine: 0-0-3-3-0-0-0-0 (3 tabs or 24mg/day/7 days a week)
    MAN Scorch: 0-0-0-0-6-6-6-6 (6/day/7days a week)

    Does this look legit?

    Starting at ~175 pounds, ~14-15% bodyfat. Aiming to preserve my muscle and drop to ~9-10% bodyfat in 6-8 weeks. I think this is reasonable, as to lose 5% bodyfat would be 8.75 pounds from 175. If I can drop to 8%, so much the better.

    Diet: Not logging in detail at this point
    Looks like it's going to be a basic bodybuilding-cutting diet, aiming for reduced calories to what I've been eating as maintenance and as clean as possible. Much chicken breast, rice, vegetables, etc. If there's interest I can log food, but I'm not going to do it if nobody cares.

    This area is particularly frustrating. I just moved home from university and I'm back home in a rather small rural town. There are no suitable gyms for me to go to - to give an example, the nearest 'gym' to me, 15 minutes drive away, is equipped with 3 treadmills, a total body gym thinger, a couple dumbbells and barely 200 pounds of free weights on a non-oly bar. Nowhere near enough to do anything but bench press with, but oh well, there's no bench either.

    Enough complaining, then: my workouts are going to be primarily done in my yard, with mostly bodyweight exercises dominating. I have ghetto gymnastics rings that I made last year hanging from the tree in my front yard, so I plan to do work on those, and it'll otherwise be a lot of pushups, pullups, squats if my knees will tolerate them, etc etc. Core exercises will probably be hanging leg raises, lying leg raises, knees to elbows, dragon flags if I can find a place to anchor myself properly, etc. I know this is a rather unstructured workout program, but I'm finding myself at a loss when I've got no gym to go to. I might see if they'll let me use the weight room at my old high school until their school ends in June.

    The cardio aspect of my cut will primarily be uphill manual treadmill and biking, I think. Long walks too, but my knees can't tolerate road-running very well and I'm trying to heal 'em, so that's out for a bit.

    The log is primarily to keep me on track, as well as keeping you guys informed on my progress and showing progress pics. Please post if there's something you'd like me to state that I've missed. Next post will include starting pics and stats.

  2. Stats:
    ~175 pounds.. guessing ~14-15% body fat?
    Deadlift: 375x1
    Bench: 205x1 or 185x4
    Squat: ?? Can't max or even tax knees atm
    Clean & Jerk: 165x1
    Standing OHP: 125x1

    May 1 Pics: Sorry about the lousy angles, but progress should still be very noticeable.
    1: Unflexed
    2: Flexed
    3: Flexed, different angle.
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  3. Day 1:
    1 cap lipo6x AM, one PM

    Workout: something like this
    Jumping Muscle-Up (JMU) (I have some different heights of blocks to jump from so I'm improving my muscle up by slowly lowering the height). yeah so:
    Bike ride
    Upside down rows on ringsx5x2

    Gotta at least throw in some core work today or that's a pretty sad workout, although muscle ups are deceptively hard . I might do some BW stuff, pushups, pullups, plank etc just to round it off.

    Ended up doing some wood-mornings and more biking.

  4. Day 2:
    2 caps lipo6x AM, 1 PM

    Alternating minutes on the incline treadmill and muscleups. 1-1 for 10 minutes. Sweating like a pig. Did a bike ride too, and the funniest thing happened. Down near the water, there was a backpack sitting on the shore. Nobody was around, so I checked it out and it had an automatic coffee grinder that was obviously used recently to grind weed, as well as a pocket scale in another pocket. I have nothing against weed, but people that do stupid things like leaving their backpack in the open with this stuff in it make all stoners look bad. Boo to them.

    The muscleups are definitely getting stronger. I can almost do them without a jump now, although I still need a foot up on the block to do it. This is still a major improvement... hope to see a full muscleup soon!

  5. Day 3:
    2 caps lipo6x AM 2 caps PM

    Was very active today: kayaking in the morning, biking, carrying some wood through the new property (building a cabin near the water ), sawing, more biking. Didn't really eat much today, don't know if that's the lipo6x or if it's a coincidence. We'll know if it continues. Took the day off from incline treadmill/muscleups as my shoulders are feeling a bit wobbly. No noticeable weight loss or definition yet, of course.

  6. Yesterday's Day 4:
    2 caps lipo 6x AM, 2 caps PM

    Did a workout which was basically a circuit of 5 pullups, 10 pushups, 1 muscleup. Only got through 4 rounds before my left shoulder started tweaking a bit, so I stopped there. Did some bike riding, walking, etc. Not too much to say. Will post today's later.

  7. Day 5:
    2-2 lipo6x
    Well well well. Got weighed at the doctor's office today and I seem to have dropped a ton of water weight in a very short time. I'm sitting at 168 pounds, with jeans on, but not shoes.

    Going to do some incline treadmill and biking soon. Haven't been very active today... gotta get a good sweat going on.

  8. Day 6:
    2;2 lipo6x

    GOT the muscle up. Did four nonconsecutive ones, no jumps. SO stoked... the technique is there now. =)

    Did some incline treadmill and pushups today. Biking some before dark falls. I'm in a great mood.

  9. Yesterday's Day 7:
    2;2 lipo6x

    Somewhat of a rest day. Certainly didn't accomplish much...

    It's f*cking blizzarding out!!! Stupid Canada!

  10. Yesterday's Day 8
    2;2 lipo6x

    Nothing special really. Basic exercise. I'm getting fed up with these weak workouts though, and there's a gym about a half hour drive away that I might end up hitting up soon.

  11. Day 9
    2;2 lipo6x

    Went for a long (80 minute) bike ride just now... weather was perfect. Did some rings stuff, nothing unusual.

  12. Day 10
    2;2 lipo6x
    1 piece Thermogum

    Finally got my order from NP today; they really compensate for the huge shipping cost by sending free samples, eh? Anyways, I did 10 minutes of incline treadmill and a good amount of work on the rings. Will bike tonight. The Thermogum was an interesting experience - it actually numbed my mouth for a bit while I was chewing it. I was pretty concentrated on the workout, so it might have helped, but it's too early to tell. For now, I'll continue use.

    The plan is still to throw in ephedrine on day 15.

  13. Day 11
    2;2 lipo6x, 1 thermogum
    Got to check out a new gym today. Half hour drive away, but it'll do for now.

    Deadlifts: 135x5, 225x5,3,3,5, 295x1,1, 345x1
    Supersetted BO Rows and Lat Pulldown: 135x5 and some setting on the machinex8 for 5 supersets.
    Bench Press: super light weight for like 25 reps to get the muscles looser. my left pec is giving me some grief, actually, so i'll be going light for it.

  14. Day 12
    2;2 lipo6x

    Did a little light jogging today to see how my knees deal with it. Little too lazy today. Will hit arms or something tomorrow.

  15. Day 13
    2;2 lipo6x
    1 piece thermogum

    Knees felt great today, so I did a little bit of leg work to capitalize on it. Jogged a bit more, did some squats (the first set of 20 that's been more or less painfree for 11 months!!) and lateral stepups. Nothing too intense, sadly. Really gotta kick it into gear now, I've got somewhat better knees and a gym to go to, no excuses left.

  16. Day 14
    2;2 lipo6x

    Jogged this morning, did some rings afterwards.
    Hit the gym this afternoon:

    BB Bench: 45x25, 135x7x5. Trying not to kill my left pec, as I'm not sure if it's healed.
    Tricep Pushdown: Ended up abandoning after 2 sets because the machine sucks in this gym.
    Skullcrushers: 40x8, 45x8, 45x8
    EZ Curls: 3 sets of 21: 8 regular, 7 pronated and 6 close grip. these were fun and my arms were quite immobile afterwards.

    Did a bunch of core work and some elliptical too. Good day... weighed in at 167 with light clothing, no shoes

  17. Day 15:
    2;2 lipo6x
    24mg ephedrine (8+16)
    1piece thermogum

    Woke up, took morning doses and a thermogum and took a quick bike ride before breakfast. Did some rings, but my arms are quite sore. Just trying to get some cardio in today. Adding the ephedrine made me sweat like crazy (I think) but otherwise had no noticeable effects.

    Pics from just now are up... Apologies for the lighting on the last one making me look like I'm doing better than I probably am; but you can still compare it to the one in the first post that did the same thing.
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  18. looks like ur doing good man, keep it up..

  19. Day 16:
    2;2 lipo6x
    24mg ephedrine
    2 thermogums, one AM one PM

    Did some treadmill, a lot of biking and some rings today. Things are going well.. if tomorrow's nice I'm kayaking for sure.

  20. Good stuff man, i'm thinking about running some lipo6x and ephedra soon. I've ran lipo6x in the past with great results so you should see some great results with that combo you have there.

  21. Day 17
    2;2 lipo6x
    24mg ephedrine (2-1)
    1 thermogum

    Weighed at 168, but with shoes on and a lot of water in my stomach... I'll get a better reading soon.

    Good day! Did some incline treadmill, rings and abs work this morning. This afternoon, hit the gym for a good back workout and came up with this:

    Deadlift: 135x10, 225x5, 295x3, 345x1, 365x1, 225x5, 225x5. Last two sets were "explosive". The 365 wasn't actually all that hard.. which is great because my 375 PR was in April and when I was just coming off E-Stane. I obviously haven't lost strength!

    Supersetted lat pulldowns and BO rows. Lat pulldowns with I think 120-120-110 pounds in 8s, and BO rows with 155 pounds in 5s. The rows are doing well! Some miscellaneous lifts after that... did a little floor pressing and some abs for giggles.

    Tonight, went for a long bike ride. Feeling awesome and tired.

    Quote Originally Posted by TheDarkHalf View Post
    Good stuff man, i'm thinking about running some lipo6x and ephedra soon. I've ran lipo6x in the past with great results so you should see some great results with that combo you have there.
    Thanks dude, it's not coming badly but in the next couple of weeks I'm going to really turn the heat on! Let's see if we can get somewhere.

  22. Day 18:
    2;2 lipo6x
    24mg ephedrine (2-1)

    Did some kayaking for about an hour today and some biking. Not too much to say... I'm feeling pretty low energy right now and need a lot of sleep if I'm gonna hit it hard tomorrow. Hopefully I'll get into the gym and hit chest/shoulders... but we'll see.

  23. Day 19:
    2;2 lipo6x
    24mg ephedrine (2-1)

    Put up more of the new shed today. It should be done soon
    Aside from that basic labor, I did some biking tonight and some basic ab exercises around lunchtime. Pretty restful day. Def hitting gym tomorrow.

  24. Day 20:
    2;2 lipo6x
    24mg ephedrine (2-1)

    Embarassingly enough, couldn't get to the gym today. Tomorrow is the plan, but I doubt you believe me by now. >_<
    I made up for it by doing a nice long slow jog.. Been feeling lousy so I'm going to get a good sleep and hopefully feel better by tomorrow. Fingers crossed.

  25. Day 21:
    2;2 lipo6x
    24mg ephedrine (2-1)

    Weighed in at 165 pounds today with light clothing and no shoes. Hit the gym:

    DB Bench Press: 55sx8, 60sx7, 60sx4
    Seated Overhead DB Press: 20sx8, 25sx8, 35sx5
    Lying DB Triceps Extension: 15sx8, 20sx8, 30sx5
    EZ Bar Curl 21s (8 standard, 7 pronated, 6 close grip): 30x21, 30x21
    Decline Crunches: set with a 25er, longer set with a 5er and twists, some with no added weight.

    Did a few minutes of elliptical as a cooldown sorta thing. Good gym visit!


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