BiG's Journal...I Shall Prevail...

  1. BiG's Journal...I Shall Prevail...

    I keep a log elsewhere but figured it would be good to keep one here as well.



    Current Weight:

    Nothing fancy, just my workout journal for those that may be interested. I will include videos from time to time of my lifts and pics of misc. stuff.

  2. Currently I am following the training protocol, Jim Wendler's 5/3/1 Program.

    I am currently going on my 8th wave/mesocycle. I just finished up my deload week today w/ Bench and Squats and next week shall begin more fun!

    I will update shortly my training today...

  3. 5/3/1 - Wave 7, Week 4, Day 3 - Bench & Squats (DELOAD)

    2 wu

    2 wu

    Lying Leg Curls:
    3 sets x 10

    Machine Fly:
    3 sets x 10

    3 sets x 10

    Treadmill- LISS
    15 mins

    Workout Notes:
    - blah! Will have much more fun and intense workouts starting Monday! Can't wait!

  4. 5/3/1 - Wave 8, Week 1, Day 1 - Military Press

    Standing Military Press:
    4 wu
    135x5 [PR!]

    Lat Pulldowns / HS Machine Shoulder Press:
    Done as Alternating Sets
    1 wu
    135x10 / 100x10
    135x10 / 110x10
    142.5x10 / 115x10
    145x2x10 / 120x2x10

    Triceps Pressdowns:

    Treadmill- LISS
    15 mins

    Workout Notes:
    - Feels good man to get back in the full swing of things!
    - 135 was suprisingly light!!!
    - The Lat Pulldowns & Shoulder Press alternating sets were absolutely killer! Was pumped beyond belief in my upper body!
    - Tri's were swole and hurting the entire time!

    Quote Originally Posted by bsandora View Post
    I ran 5/3/1 with my own little twist to it. Excellent gains ! Bench went from 225 x4 to 225x 12 Squats 275 x 6 to 315 x 8 deads are the same PP went from 185 x 3 to 225 x 3.. ran it for 8 weeks and was well.. assistedd for 6 of those 8 :-P

    Very NICE!!!! How did the deads stay the same?!? and what do you mean "...assisted"??? lol

  5. 5/3/1 - Wave 8, Week 1, Day 3 - Conditioning

    Lying Leg Raises to Hip Thrusts / Stability Ball Ab Crunches:
    Performed as a Superset
    4 sets x 15 / 4 sets x 25

    Hanging Leg Raises / Weighted Cable Side Bends:
    Performed as a Superset
    4 sets x 10 (Knees to elbows) / 4 sets x 12-15

    3 (or 4?) x 5
    Up and down is 1 "rep"

    10 mins

    Treadmill - LISS
    15 mins

    Workout Notes:
    - Abs were fully activated and burning the entire time
    - The stair complexes were absolutely killer! Love 'em!
    I will soon find a hill and opt for those and do all my conditioning work at a park or such...

    - The Day after [today], abs are sore as hell! Feels good man!

  6. Been MIA a bit on here...will update all my workouts that have occurred during the time shortly..

    Quote Originally Posted by bsandora View Post
    Had a bad back since a car accident a few years ago and every once and a while it acts up unfortunately it was during a holo cycle
    ahhh....I sea.... sorry to hear that is the back now?

  7. Gonna make up some time right now!

  8. 5/3/1 - Wave 8, Week 1, Day 3 - Bench

    BB Bench:
    4/5 wu

    BB Bench (BBB) / BO BB Row:
    Performed as Alternate Sets
    185x10 / 135x10
    185x10 / 165x10
    185x8 / 165x10
    135x10 / 135x10
    135x10 / 135x10

    Skull Crushers / DB Curls:
    Performed as SuperSets
    60x3x10 / 35x3x10
    70x2x9 / 35x2x10

    5 mins

    Workout Notes:
    - Bench felt real good! Form was spot-on and bar moved with relative ease!
    - The BBB felt great as well! It was the heaviest that I started out with (185) and repped it easily the first two times. I will continue to improve on it.
    - Arms simply blew up...and for w/e reason, I just couldn't get the final rep up on the 70 lb ez skull.
    - I will need to increase the weight I use on DB Curls...

  9. ]

    5/3/1 - Wave 8, Week 1, Day 5 - Squats

    BB Squats:
    5 wu

    Good Mornings:
    1 wu

    Lying Leg Curls / Leg Extensions:
    110x10 / 125x10
    125x10 / 140x10
    135x9 / 140x8

    Seated Calf Press

    Treadmill - LISS:
    12 minutes

    Workout Notes:
    - What a fcuking workout! I was drenched in sweat and my body just kept asking for more !

  10. 5/3/1 - Wave 8, Week 2, Day 1 - Military Press

    Standing Military Press:
    5 wu

    HS Lat Pulldowns / HS Behind the Neck Shoulder Press:
    Total Weight each side
    1 wu
    70x10 / 70x10
    80x10 / 90x10
    80x10 / 90x8
    82.5x10 / 90x6 -> 70x5
    82.5x10 / 70x10

    4 games = 4 wins...

    ...although I sucked!

    Workout Notes:
    - Great, simple workout. Did my MPs, my accessory work...and felt great!
    - Skipped on arm work b/c I will most likely hit them tomorrow...along w/ conditioning...

  11. 5/3/1 - Wave 8, Week 2, Day 2 - Deadlifts

    4 wu
    *Video Tonight*

    Deadlifts - BBB:

    Hanging Leg Raise:
    5 sets x 10

    Workout Notes:
    - Okay, seriously, the weight is getting heavy!
    - BBB felt awesome...again I was sweating like a mofo...
    - With abs, I am going to have to improvise and/or add more weight...becoming a bit "easier"...

  12. 5/3/1 - Wave 8, Week 2, Day 3 - Bench

    BB Bench:
    4 wu

    DB Inclines:
    75x10,10,6 -> 55x5

    BB Shrugs:
    1 wu

    Workout Notes:
    - Shyt workout is shyt.
    - Not entirely sure what was up today...body/mind just simply was not in it it seems...
    Gotta shake this off and come back tomorrow (for hills) and Wed for Squats...

  13. Today
    Did Sprints w/ a buddy of mine (my boss ) up a hill and holy shyt!!!!

    I was fcuking DEAD afterwards! Though, still had enough energy and will in me to drive to the gym and hit up sets of BB Bicep Curls!

    Feels good man....

    Simply said...the hill kicked my ass today....but I will conquer that hill soon.

  14. 5/3/1 - Wave 8, Week 2, Day 5 - Squats

    BB Squat:
    5 wu
    *Video will be produced tonight*

    DB RDL's:
    1 wu

    3 games...did well and went 2-1

    Workout Notes:
    - Fcuking A!!!! My left knee was a bit sore (most likely from yesterday), but still busted through and hit my goal! Feels good mang!
    - DB RDL's were ****ing tough!! I believe 110's are a PR and I failed on my 8th rep on my last set....tried to do more....but just couldn't...

  15. 5/3/1 - Wave 8, Week 3, Day 1 - Military Press

    Standing Military Press:
    4 wu
    150x1 [PR!]
    *Video will be produced tonight*

    HS Shoulder Press / HS Lat Pulldowns:
    *[Weight is on each side]
    Done as Alternating Sets
    1 wu
    70x10 / 70x10
    90x10 / 80x10
    90x9 / 80x10
    90x8 / 80x8+2 [rest-pause]
    80x10 / 80x8+2 [rest-pause]

    CGBP / Seated DB Curls
    3 sets each x 10

    Workout Notes:
    - Focused and Killed my last set [150x1]
    - The shoulder/lat pulldown alternating set leaves me feeling good!
    - Hit some arms...but had to cut it short to get to work.


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