Perm's Shiekoin it up (Shieko 37 and 29 training log)

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  1. Perm's Sheikoin it up (Sheiko 37 and 29 training log)

    Been reading up on Shieko and the Russian training style and it got my eye....
    So looks like it's time to hit it up with the Russian's

    Atm I am 6'0 198 Lbs +or- 4 Lbs
    I'm going to guess on my Bodyfat at around 12%
    and for my age I'm just gunna say that I am no where near old enough for hormone supps... * disclaimerish thing at end make sure to read the bold part

    anyways I am going to deload this up coming week and get my current maxes on Friday
    Deload is going to look like
    Bench day:
    Reverse grip BP
    face pulls

    Deadlift day
    Back extensions
    rope hammers (for grip mines pretty bad)

    Squat day:
    Pull throughs
    Glute ham raises

    All of this will be light obviously


    Short term

    Squat: 450
    Bench: 275
    Deadlift 475

    Long term

    Squat: 600 (think there might be a smolov waiting to happen)
    Bench: 325
    Deadlift: 600

    For supps I will be using Multi Fishoil and possibly some BCAA's (extend)
    and I might go pick up another tub of Jacked or possibly Muscle Marinade

    All tips/suggestions are appreciated greatly
    Most of all I'm just here to have fun and move some Heavy ass weight!

    YouTube- Light Weight Baby

    "Everybody want to be a bodybuilder, but ain't nobody want to lift this heavy ass weight!"

    Yeah buddy! let's rip this ****!

    If you have seen me in the anabolics section it is because I was interested in anabolics because my buddy ran a few cycles and everyone talks about how huge he is and whatnot so jealousy brought me into the darkside. But after reading enough people say don't do it I was smart enough to realize that this stuff could mess me up bad even if I ran it properly so I am now selling the PH I bought. Teenagers don't do PH's it is not worth it!!

  2. sub'd gl

  3. Thanks for joining wontstop the madness should start on the 12th

  4. Anyone who wants to see where I found the template here it is...

  5. Are you going to do 37, then deload, then do 29?

  6. yessir
    I should probably do it the other way around because 29 is less volume...

    I guess I wasn't very descriptive about how I am going to run this in the intro but..
    I'm going to get my maxes this coming Friday start 37 then after that 4 weeks deload for 1 or 2 weeks not sure as to how tough this will be get new maxes and do 29

    Also picked up another bottle of jack3d today to help me whenever I start
    Last edited by permanabol; 04-03-2010 at 03:04 PM. Reason: didn't say all of what I wanted to

  7. following!!
    Serious Nutrition Solutions

  8. Welcome to the ride!
    thanks for joining

  9. 4/3 squat deload day went horribly think I'm getting addicted to these preworkouts lol...
    135x5; 225x5;245x5;265x5
    form was falling apart so I just stopped and went to
    pull throughs 3 sets
    GHR 3x8
    Light GM I'm talking 95 pounds light
    calve raises

    rested up today it's easter eating food feeling tired hope I'm well rested enough for friday to hit some new PR's....
    My last pr's were
    squat: 385ish not quite sure here more of a estimate
    bench: 255
    Dead: 445 (I know this has gone up)

    Deads on Monday!!! Can't wait for this pain train to get rolling

  10. lol this is me before going into shieko
    Attached Images Attached Images  

  11. lol - you'll do fine.

  12. Deadlift deload really easy...
    Speed work per se

    deads (sumo for a change and more hips) 225 8x3
    Shrugs (straps)225 3x15
    Pull ups 3x8
    1 arm rows 70x10 110 2x10 (no bigger dumbells in gym...)
    Alt curls 40 3x10 (just tossed these in for no reason)

  13. Quote Originally Posted by permanabol View Post
    Deadlift deload really easy...
    Speed work per se

    deads (sumo for a change and more hips) 225 8x3
    Shrugs (straps)225 3x15
    Pull ups 3x8
    1 arm rows 70x10 110 2x10 (no bigger dumbells in gym...)
    Alt curls 40 3x10 (just tossed these in for no reason)
    Be sure to use straps sparingly. Do everything in your power to hold that bar. I know your hands were probably getting fatigued after deads, but use straps only when absolutely necessary...

    And thanks for checking out my log; I appreciate it!
    -- JB \m/
    "There is no point in being alive if you cannot do the deadlift." - Jon Pall Sigmarsson

  14. Yeah I dislike using straps to be honest but I generally do grip work because I really feel it in the traps with them and it's a deload so what the hell

  15. Maxed out today and was more fun then I remember!
    bike 4 min and dynamic stretches
    Squat: 135x5; 225x3; 315x1; 365x1; 405x1(PR); 425x0 (got stuck in hole form gave out and it buried me but somewhat happy with this because never really maxed squat

    Bench: 135x5; 185x3; 225x1; 260x0 (My max last time was 255 and didn't put much on it from what I have been doing so I was disappointed and realize I don't know how to set up a good workout routine so I'll just do other ones.... I'll still be using 260 as my bench % because I have heard just about everyone up their max for this because it was to easy with their current)

    Deadlift: 135x5; 225x5; 315x1; 455x1(PR); 465x0 (got stuck at right above knees.... still not a big improvement from my last pr of 445.....

    Time to get the paintrain a rollin' First workout monday!

  16. also for information on how I will be performing the reps....

    bench I will pause at the bottom like in a competition

    Deadlift I will reset each rep and do a hold on my last rep of the last set

    squat I just have to make sure I get parallel will try to bring feet closer so it is easier I can't do this know because I just fall over not enough flexibility in my ankle and I just have ****ty balance...
  17. 4/12/2010 Shieko 37 day 1

    Week 1
    Day 1 (Monday)
    BP 130 1x5; 156 2x4; 185 2x3; 195 5x3

    Squat 205 1x5; 243 2x5; 283 5x5 (third or 4th set of 285 put belt on I lost count so did 5 or 6 sets at 285)

    BP 130 1x6 156 2x6 169 4x6

    Flat flies 25x5x10 (declined the bench just a tad because was hurting shoulders slightly and rotated pinkies to outside as I went down felt like the best stretch)

    GM (stand) 135x5x5

    Comments: Bench was fairly easy paused on them all even felt it in the biceps which is pretty sweet !
    285x5x5 was brutal got good depth on them all belt helped me a ton as My erector as I found out is week with all the GM's I'll be doing, which I took really light, should really strengthen that up though....

    Before entering shieko be sure your GPP is up to par especially your erector and upper back for there is no back work and it is tough!!

    Gym fails of the day/not so smart people giving not so smart advice: This guy who is really nice was doing bench in the smith machine :facepalm: so he got his buddy to do it to and they did like 15 or so sets of drop sets dropping only 10 pounds each time and the buddy he got to do it couldn't figure out why his shoulders were killing him so he told him just to stretch it out even though they were pressing to the neck pretty much and that would be terrible for shoulders

    same guy did a version of cable fly's where he had his arms at 90 degree angle put all his weight into it and pushed it forward about an inch and lowered his arms so about a 1 inch range of motion
    (I'm not even going to get into his dips )

    but hey he racked one of my plates after squats and didn't even use the rack should probably give him some advice....

    all in all brutal workout

  18. Oh yeah and weight right before workout with shorts and shirt and shoes and whatnot on
    200 Lbs.
    not trying to be exact here just trying to monitor weight fluctuations

  19. did some shouler prehab today

    also pretty damn sore in the legs and pecs today even though I got my bench for down correct....

  20. And the fun begins!
  21. Day 3 (2nd workout) week 1 4/14/2010

    Weight in Gym: 202... Big fluctuation probly just some extra water.... yeah I'm a fatass lol!

    Workout time: ~ 2hrs 15 min

    Deads 230 1x5; 275 2x5; 320 2x4; 345 4x3 (bar started slipping so I totally switched bar to one that was a smaller around and sharp per se... definitely need chalk hate that smaller bar but not quite sure how it affects my grip)

    Incline BP 160x6x4 (that's 65% of bench max Thought it was 60 going in but know that I calculate it again it's 65 Oh well felt easy)

    Dips BW+45x5x5

    Dead from Pins 230 1x5 275 2x5 320 2x4 365 4x3 (Person doing RDL's with 95 pounds made me weight for about 20 min to get on the only power rack....)

    Lunges 30x5x5 (really light might use 45's next time and these were dumbells in hand)

    Abs 3x10 (weighted ab pulldowns; hand were killing me from rack pulls so used wraps... ever see wraps on a rope.... neither had I)

    Too many fails to discuss today except best one I've seen so far... Baseball player walks out of locker room drinking a protein shake with what seems to be a fat pinch in

    song of the day: [nomedia=""]YouTube- Mistur - Attende[/nomedia]
    always listen to it before hitting the gym

    just realized how messy this log looks so I'll comment at the end peace and thanks if your still following

  22. Also didn't use a belt once today felt really good!

  23. Good luck with Sheiko man. It's a hell of a good time! Hit me up with a PM if you have any questions about the madness. Inarius is, in my guesstimation, more knowledgable regarding this routine than most others on this board. He would be a good person to ask if you have any questions about it.

    My advice: Eat big. Lift hard. And invest in something to take during that 2 hours of training.

    Smarties (those little candies in the plastic sleeves,) are great. Each sleeve is 6g of dextrose, which would be a great carb to consume while you're training. I used to take 5 or 6 of those bad boys in the gym with me while doing Sheiko. You can usually get them dirt cheap at the dollar store, as opposed to paying outlandish prices for a bag of 'pharmaceutical grade dextrose.'

    Subbed for the nostalgia.
    "I am legally blind and if I can Squat,deadlift and over all get myself to the gym then anyone can get their a$$ in gear and get strong!!" - malleus25

  24. RDL's with 95lb good lord, lol. The **** people have to put up with in commercial gyms...

  25. "You must spread some Reputation around before giving it to wontstop985 again."
    Oh man it's ridiculous... this same guy does curls in the power rack.... once asked me how many sets I had left in it a while back so I said 30+ min

    I need a new gym...


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