Back On The Wagon - 2010

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  1. Angry Back On The Wagon - 2010

    After falling off the wagon of health and spending the last few months partying, drinking, smoking, eating, and now being sick for two weeks ... I've realized that I have let all of my gains from the past few years go to sh!t ... time to get back on the wagon and get my priorities back in focus

    Current Supplementation:
    Get Diesel DTP
    CL Orange Triad
    Adam Liver Detox
    NP Green Tea Extract
    USP Prime
    IBE Formex
    ATW Whey

    Current Stats:
    Height: 5'll
    Weight: ~210lbs.
    BF%: somewhere between 20% and depressing

    3-day Legs, Push, Pull split
    Cardio in the mornings
    Various activities on the weekends (hiking, mountain biking, basketball)

    I don't have a set diet in place like I once had ... currently I'm just cutting out all the fast food, beer, chicken wings, pizza, and nachos while trying to just stick to the basics of a solid diet. I baked a ton of chicken to eat this week, got lots of veggies, salads, fruits, whey shakes, etc.
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  2. 3/29 - AM

    It's been 4 days without a smoke ... and I haven't gotten any rage ... so far so good

    Woke up early before work and got some light cardio in ... this will increase over time, but I'm just starting off with a mild morning workout for the first week or two to get back in a steady regimen

    ArcTrainer - 5min warmup, 15min working
    Treadmill - 15min 3.5 -4 interval @ 3 incline

    Now I know just how out of shape I am ... this workout actually produced a decent sweat ... Leg workout tonight after work.

  3. Good job on getting back into it.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by lilnardey View Post
    Good job on getting back into it.
    appreciate it ... one day at a time
  5. 3/29 - PM

    Leg workout tonight ... low weights, just trying to get the muscle memory working and make sure I can still hold form

    Squats: 95x8, 115x8, 135x10,8,6
    Leg Press: 290x6,6,6
    SLDL: 95x6,6
    Standing Calf Raises: 200x6,6,6

    destroying a plate of chicken and veggies then off to bed

  6. 3/30 - Cardio/Abs

    Legs weren't as sore today as I thought they would be ... I guess all that stretching I did yesterday helped

    Slept like a rock and missed my morning cardio. Hit the gym after work. Took a shot of CL Purple Wraath pre for the extra energy boost and drank water during the workout.

    ArcTrainer - 15min low intensity warm-up
    Leg Raises (Roman Chair) - 3x15
    ArcTrainer - 25min interval (med-high intensity)
    Stretching - Quads, Hams, Calves
  7. 3/31 - AM

    Only slept for about 7 hours, but felt very well rested ... to make things even better this morning, I was going through some old supplement tubs in a cabinet and found a sealed large tub of Orange Xtend that I completely forgot I had ... 4 scoops in a water bottle and off to cardio

    ArcTrainer - 10min warmup
    Treadmill - 3.0 at interval height (3.0-18.5) for 25min

    Calves started getting pretty sore around the 25min mark, so ended the treadmill and did some deep stretches

    still no smoking, and no real cravings ... the thought of a cigarette has crossed my mind a few times, but nothing to the extent of mood swings or overeating to compensate
  8. 3/31 - PM

    Energy was a bit crazy with dosing 3xDTP the last two days, so modified it from 2/3/1 to 2/2/2 ... this was pretty good, but noticed I was sweating a bit at the office, similar to when I was taking 3 mid-day ... based on Chuck Diesel's input here, I'm going to try going 2/1/3 the next couple of days and see how that goes

    Push was today ... took a shot of Purple Wraath and hit the gym ... again, these are low weights because during this week and next my focus is on muscle memory and getting my form back

    DB Bench: warmups, 75s x 6,6,6
    Dips: bodyweight x 8,6,5
    Standing BB Press: 95x6,6,6
    CGBP: 135x6,5,4
  9. 4/1 - Off

    Figured I would give myself a rest today, but ended up out in the 85 degree weather this afternoon doing about 3 hours of yard work when I left the office... regardless, I was staying active, instead of sitting on my butt killing beers ... cooking up some chicken now then going to bed ... gonna hit cardio in the morning

  10. Keep at it!
  11. 4/2 - AM

    Morning cardio

    Treadmill: speed 3.0 interval incline (3.5 - 19.0) for 30min

    Deads are tonight, so killing a cup of oatmeal mixed w/ a scoop of protein then off to work

    still no cigarettes ... think I'm on day 8 or 9 now ... kinda lost track ... that's a good thing, IMO
  12. 4/2 - PM

    Pull Workout...

    Deadlift: 135x8, 185x5, 205x3, 225x6,6,5
    Bent Over BB Rows: 135x6,6 155x6
    Pull-ups: bw x 5,3,2
    CG Pulldowns: 100x5,5,5
    BB Curls: 45x6, 65x6, 75x6, 80x5
  13. 4/5 - AM

    Morning cardio

    ArcTrainer: warmup 5min on manual

    Treadmill: speed 3.5 interval incline (3.5 - 20.0) for 25min

    1/2 cup of oatmeal for breakfast w/ one scoop of protein ... off to work
  14. 4/5 - PM

    Legs ... remembered my flat Nike Free Trainers this time ... world of difference noticed during squats (below parallel)

    Squats: 95x8, 135x6, 155x6, 175x6
    Leg Press: 290x8,8,8
    SLDL: 115x6,6,6
    Standing Calf Raises: 100x8, 200x6,8,4

    got some sort of second wind during 2nd working set on calf raises, but was zapped after that ... took everything I had in me to get that final 4th rep
  15. 4/6 - Off

    Stayed up late watching the game ... GO DUKE!!! ... and slept in ... had to knock out some errands and bring some work home w/ me so no cardio for today ... I'll make up the day this weekend since I'm not going out of town
  16. 4/7 - AM

    Morning Cardio

    ArcTrainer: warmup 10min

    Treadmill: speed 3.5 interval incline (4 - 21) for 15min

    Stationary Bike: interval (3-9) for 10min
  17. 4/7 - PM

    Push Workout ... lots of energy for this ... weights/reps increased and I can feel the form coming back to what it used to be

    DB Bench: 40x8, 50x6, 60x3, 80x6,6,6 (very slow/controlled descent; explode up)
    Dips: bodyweight x 8,7,6 (failure on all sets)
    Standing BB Press: 95x6,6,4
    CGBP: 135x8,6,4

    Was able to get in and out and finish the workout between 45min and 1hr (with stretching included)
  18. 4/8 - AM

    Morning Cardio:

    Treadmill: warmup @ 3.0 for 10min

    Treadmill: 20min interval running; 0 incline @ 3.0 - 8.0 speed

    not exactly HIIT for most, but this was definitely a shock to my system ... i was breathing heavy and sweating big-time ... had enough energy to keep running, but due to a slight pigeon-toe of my right foot my shin splints started acting up

    I'm gonna stick w/ the running and see what I can do about my foot, because I really have been feeling great ever since I got off the treadmill
  19. 4/9 - AM

    No cardio last night ... got home from work, protein shake, passed out on sofa ... woke up about 3 hours later, had another shake then passed out again until this morning ... felt fantastic when I got up

    Morning Cardio:

    ArcTrainer: 5min warmup

    Treadmill: 10min interval run/walk (3.5 - 8 speed & 0 - 21 incline)

    Stationary Bike: 10min @ level 14

    Right shin was still feeling a little tight from yesterday's run, so I was forced to go low-impact on the stationary bike ... would have preferred to keep running for another 10-15min ... I really think there is an issue w/ my shoes

    For breakfast I killed some lean ham, 2 whole eggs, 3 egg whites, whole wheat toast w/ a tbs of natty pb

    can't wait for deads tonight

  20. Do you have access to a pool? Swimming is one of my favorites for cardio, and it can really be useful if your shins start hurting.

  21. Quote Originally Posted by lilnardey View Post
    Do you have access to a pool? Swimming is one of my favorites for cardio, and it can really be useful if your shins start hurting.
    The Gold's Gym I go to is rather small, and has no pool ... my family still lives in VA Beach and have a pool so I'll be heading down there often this summer for the cookouts and swimming ... good tip, btw! also, since they have a pool and only live 5min from the oceanfront, I pretty much have my choice of swimming options in the next month or so

    I used to be an avid mountain biker, taking the bike in for a tune-up this weekend and plan to incorporate that more my workouts ... I also have the speed ropes from Buddy Lee ... I want to see if that causes the shins to hurt as well ... if not, since I'll just be bouncing on my toes, then I'll know for sure it's the shoes ... I was using my Nike Free Trainers the other day and there is little support (I use them mainly for deads and squats so I have a flat footing), and think the lack of support in the arch was the culprit

  22. Yep very possible. I wear Asics, they give really good support. Swimming helped give me really good improvements on my running distances and times.
  23. 4/9 - PM

    Good Pull workout tonight ... skipped BB Curls at the end because I just didn't have anything left in the tank ... I'm going to do some ab and arm work on Sunday

    Deadlift: 135x8, 185x5, 205x3, 225x1, 245x6,5,5
    Bent Over BB Rows: 155x8,6,6
    Pull-ups: bw x 4,3,2 ... grip was killing me and left my straps at home
    CG Pulldowns: 100x6,6,4

  24. lol I hate it when my grip gives out
  25. 4/10; 4/11

    Woke up early Saturday and shot some hoops for about an hour, then spent the rest of the day outside working on the yard ... definitely stayed busy ... ended up not eating enough because I had a few drinks while watching the UFC fight and ended up w/ a pretty good headache on Sunday ... decided to go ahead and just take the day off since I my lower back was still a little sore and I was dehydrated ... looking forward to getting back into the gym Monday morning and will try out my Asics running shoes and see what happens w/ the right shin


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