I do this workout once a week, sunday morning and if you anybody is hitting a plateau, this workout will smash right through it.

Go to the squat rack, put weight in which you can barbell shoulder press 5 reps. Grab the bar (standing up) and back out of the rack. Now, having the bar being rested on your chest (as if you were to shoulder press it), squat down as low as you can go and explode up like if you were superman trying to hit the sealing, your arms should almost lock over your head and you should be on your tippy toes at the end of this form. Bring it back down to your chest and repeat 5 times. Now rack it up and wihtout rest hang from the bar, legs crossed and bent (so you wont hit the floor) and do as many pull ups as you can. Right after that, get on the ground and do as many pushups as you can, until your knees hit the floor (alternate between close and wide push ups), without rest, grab a kettle ball and swing it up and down, keeping your core tight. Both hands should be on the ball and you swing it as if you were launching it from inbetween your legs all the way past your head. Rest 3-4 mins and repeat 3-4 times. Right after this, do about 15-20 mins hiit cardio. Your breathing will hurt and you might vomit afterwords, goodluck. My workout goes like this:

Supermans: 3x4
tri-set pull ups
tri-set push ups

Kettle ball swings: 3x4

Afterwords I grab a 20 pound kettle ball. I pick it up and smash it on the ground as fast as possible with each arm, pick it up and do it over and over again until i pretty much can't anymore, then I do hiit cardio. Yeah, no plateau here. Goodluck.