Gettin' SEXY BACK: Summer Prep Workout Log

  1. Gettin' SEXY BACK: Summer Prep Workout Log

    The journey begins...

    March 11 2010

    [ame=""]YouTube- Pull Up Workout: Chris Bielke Hits 23 Reps[/ame]

    Pull-Ups: 75 TOTAL
    Dips: 75 TOTAL
    Kettlebell Overhead Lunges: 4x15, 53 lbs

    Starting light and building back up. I have only lifted weights 3 times in the past three longest stretch of laziness ever...with summer comin' up, its time to get SHRED!!

    "Vision without action is a dream. Action without vision is aimless. Vision with action will achieve."- TRUTH

  2. March 12 2010
    10 sets of 60-80 yard flying sand sprints super set with 6 reps each arm 53 lb kettlebell snatches:

    Some short clips of the workout.
    [ame=""]YouTube- Beach Workout San Diego (Animal Style)[/ame]

  3. Where do u workout? Looks money.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by MrBigPR View Post
    Where do u workout? Looks money.
    Ocean Beach California brotha.

  5. March 13th
    5 Mile Jog + Card Deck Workout (Diamonds and Hearts Push-ups, Black Paint Body Weight Squats)

  6. March 16 2010

    10 sets of kettlebell snatches (6 reps) and 60-80 yard sprints

    Shot a quick vid of me doing my last set of snatches, after I put some of my thoughts on camera.

    [ame=""]YouTube- Workout Inspiration with Chris Bielke[/ame]


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