Starting a new log
Looking for input and guidance, nobody I know really appreciates bodybuilding nor knows anything about it. No young BB's that go to my gym.
Been lifting for about ~1.5 years, 3 years of gymnastics prior to that.
When I started I was 115lb's. now ~155 with similar bodyfat level.
Will post pic's later.
17 y/o
Currently I split 6 weeks of one bodypart a week high volume training, take a week off, then do 6 weeks of low volume, higher frequency training.
Multi-mineral/vitamin/antioxidant tabs
APS mesomorph (a bit disappointed they took the GPLC out of this one)
Whey protein
Cytomax (borrow it from my rents)

Once I get the money at the end of this High Volume cycle i'm going to buy some Bulk GPLC and DIM tabs (broccoli extract).

Will post diet later.
First logged workout, I'm in the midst of a high volume cycle, currently doing
Monday- Back/Bi's
Weds- Chest/Tri's/ Delts

I've decided to try doing lower volumes with arms, 3-4 sets. only did one set today to recover.
Monday: Back and Bi's
Forget to do some rear delt moves...

Started with warmup:
* 5 mins on incline treadmill.
Rotator cuff exercises

Deads (after warmups)
405*3 375*3 315*5

BB rows- 225*6 185*8

WG Pullups- +45*10 BW*10

CG rows- 90*10/Straight Arm Pulldown- 110*10

Alternate curls- 50's*12