PRIME, powerFULL, + jack3d log.

  1. Post PRIME, powerFULL, + jack3d log.

    This is my first supplement log, so please bare with me. Any constructive criticism/thoughts are very welcome; I am by no means the most knowledgeable guy in the gym but I like to think I have a decent understanding of what works/what doesn't.

    I have read so many positive and negative reviews about prime and powerfull that I

    A little background: I've been working out pretty steadily for the past 2 years, making slow but consistent gains. Started at 6'1" 165lbs and am currently 6'2" and 194. As far as supplements go, i've only tried creatine based products, glutamine, and the basics (whey, multi, etc.) I moved out on my own at end of december, and have really begun to see progress since then. I've cleaned up my diet and training habits both, and I'm starting to break through some plateaus i've been stuck at. I've never been a balls-to-the-wall kinda guy when it comes to working out, but I've been a lot more driven as of late.

    I'm a full time student and work almost full time, luckily the gym is right across the street from me. two weeks ago I started doing 3 days on/1 off with a split of (chest/bi's, legs/shoulders/core, back/tri's.) this might fluctuate a little bit due to tests, work schedule, and late nights out, but i plan on sticking to it pretty closely. It's been raining solid for the past week but once the weather clears i'll be bicycling ~5mi once or twice a week. Since I've started this split I've been hitting new PR's and feeling pretty damn good in the gym. I'm currently 19, almost 20, and feel like i'm in the best shape of my life, but i know I'm far from my peak and want to keep going for it.

    Here's what I'm currently taking and will continue to while on my USP stack:
    100% whey: 4-5 scoops a day including pre and post workout shakes.
    Juice Plus: 2 fruit and 2 garden capsules a day, i swear this stuff keeps my immune system truckin regardless of the stress i put on my body.
    100% pure creatine monohydrate: Been on it for about 6 weeks, i think some of my newfound strength + weight is from this (as well as my upped protein intake.) As jack3d has cm in it, I'll be cutting back to ~3 grams a day.
    Multi-vitamin, flax oil, cmz, and vitamin c for the immune system.

    My carbs come mostly from whole grains (oatmeal, brown rice, sprouted wheat bread) and fresh fruits and vegetables. My main sources of protein would be eggs, egg-whites, low-fat dairy and soy (yogurt, soymilk, etc), protein powder, and chicken. I don't eat much red meat due to fat content and the cost of it, but I do splurge here and there. i use extra-virgin olive oil for almost all cooking as well as salad dressings, other primary fat sources would be eggs, avocados, and a little peanut butter. I don't eat much cheese. I also eat as little refined sugar as possible (no soda, sugary juices, very few desserts, etc) I think my diet is fairly clean, but that being said i do cheat; I'll down a pizza to myself on a friday night in the right state of mind. I'll also put down a 8-12 beers about once a week. with such a high-stress school and work environment right now (engineering major + shift-manager at starbucks) I feel i can't hold myself to such a strict regimen to where i can't have fun, what good is a great body if i can't do what i want?

    Anyways, I'll be starting jack3d, PRIME, and powerFULL thursday. I'll let ya'll know what doses i do as well as anything good and bad that changes. I know my body pretty well so i have a pretty good sense of when things are changing. If all goes well (as i hope it does,) I might order a few more bottles, but that is to be determined.

    The past two days i've weighed in at 195 and 194, so that will be my starting weight. Current 1rm on bench is 235, squat (ass to grass) is also 235. I'd estimate my bodyfat to be somewhere around 12%, i've always carried a couple extra pounds around my lower back/glutes. who knows, perhaps i'll shed some of that in the coming month?

    the first attached picture is just the supplements I'll be taking, the second was taken today post-workout. any progress pictures will be taken post-workout w/ the same camera to provide a good benchmark.

    I'm STOKED to start this, hope it works well.
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  2. I just realized I posted this in the wrong forum, total n00b mistake. could an admin move this to the supplement reviews/logs board?


  3. I was so exited to try it all out i ended up taking 1 powerfull pill last night. Sleep didn't seem affected, i didn't wake up with any raging wood, and i don't recall and vivid dreams. But that was just one pill and it's recommended to take 1-3; i'll try two tonight. Took 2 caps of prime and powerfull about ten minutes ago with breakfast, sipping on some jack3d and will be hitting the gym in 20 mins. i must say the jack3d is the best TASTING out of what i've tried (noxplode and superpump), hopefully it works a little bit better and doesn't make me crash like noxplode. I'm also impressed by the scoop size; it's very small, which means there aren't a bunch of fillers, that's nice.

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