Gonzo Is Going The Distance. From Flab to Fit By Summer.

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  1. Gonzo Is Going The Distance. From Flab to Fit By Summer.


    I'm a 21 y/o male in college. I've been lifting for about 3 years, the past 2 serious, and just this past year hardcore.
    My childhood I was a rather fat kid, started to lean out a little through high school as I started to grow in height. I'm a completive athlete. Also I recently have gotten out of what was a serious relationship for a good 2 years, so you can say thats some good driving motivation to finally to put my goal of craving out my abs into hyper drive and really do this. So here we go!

    Ultimately, 6 pack. Time to uncover those abs! I dont think this is too far of a long shot. I'm around 14-15% bf, and looking to get down near 8, but at least 10% will be a success. I want to keep as much strength and LBM as possible. Actual weight isnt too much an issue, just BF% is my main goal.

    Starting Height: 5' 8"
    Starting Weight: 196
    Starting BF%: ~15%
    L Arm: 16"
    R Arm:15.75"
    L Leg:26"
    R Leg:26"

    I'm not following really any diet program, mainly because once i'm limited to something, my mind is obsessed with what I cant have. So mainly my goals through out this is clearly fat loss, while maintaining LBM. So while it depends what supps I run, mainly it will be a low fat, mod carb/carb cycle, high protien. Type deal. Ill generally pick a day or 2 out of the week where I will drop carbs pretty low, otherwise, They will be under 1g/ibs of BW.

    My training it mainly going to look like this
    Day1: Chest, tris, traps
    Day2: Legs, calves, abs
    Day3: Back, Bi's, Traps
    Day4: Shoulders, Calves, abs

    Ill be adding some crossfit into that, and cardio is going to be on a daily basis. A mixture of team conditioning as well as personal cardio will be done. Endurance cardio, HIIT, the works, depends on how I feel, and what my schedule looks like.

    This will change throughout the log but mainly I will be running
    • Protein(protien factory Recovery for post workout, Alpha fat loss(protien only) for mid meal shakes, and PF breakfast blend for mornings)
    • Triple Omega (3-6-9)
    • Creatine
    • multi

  2. Starting Pics

    START:Jan 25th 2010

    Name:  SDC10672.JPG
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    Name:  SDC10673.JPG
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    Name:  SDC10675.JPG
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    Name:  SDC10676.JPG
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    Name:  SDC10685.JPG
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    Name:  SDC10689.JPG
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  3. Tomorrow Ill update with starting stats, lets get this show on the road.

  4. Subbed...

  5. Lets get it done Gonzo

    Nice I might do a 8 week microdrol with TO pulse in February on a clean bulk. I'll be watching and motivating you on your ride my friend.

    1-8 Microdrol
    1-4 Alpha One
    6-9 Cel Form

    I'm excited for the both of us

  6. Quote Originally Posted by bigrewards View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by WhatsaRoid? View Post
    Nice I might do a 8 week microdrol with TO pulse in February on a clean bulk. I'll be watching and motivating you on your ride my friend.
    glad to have both of you along for the ride
    If things go the way I want them Ill be starting TO next week or so.
    This week is going to be a little to hetic, and want to be able to start with things a little more set in stone.
  7. DAY 1 (jan 25th 2010)


    7:00am(dehydrated) 187(-9)


    Yesterday (monday) was one hell of a day. Busy, long and very tiring. It was first day of practice. We had fitness testing at 7am, then conditioning at 5. Also, this morning we had weigh ins for fitness testing. So I decided to do a water cut sort to speak that was pretty mild because unlike most competitions I didnt have an extended period of time to rehydrate, but it did get the job done. I weighed in this morning at 187, almost 10ibs lighter from when i weighed in that morning. Not healthly or ideal, i understand but you gotta do what you gotta do to put up some serious numbers.
    So cals were way way low, not much solid food or water. Training was pretty much an off day besides extra cardio to sweat out some more water.


    7:00am fitness testing:
    60yrd dash: 7.5
    T Test:9.1
    Long Jump:7'9"

    2:00pm conditioning
    1 Mile run: 6:35
    Conditioning circuit: (all stations were for :30sec, no rest in between)
    a. 5 baseline to baseline sprints
    b. Moutain climbers
    c. bear crawls
    d. single foot hurdle hops.
    a-d=1 curcuit x 5

    6:00pm heavily clothed sweat cardio
    35mins on stat. bike at mod. intensity, with several layers on, got a good sweat going.


    fat: 23
    Carbs: 64
    Protien: 77.5

  8. I have pictures, just got to get around to posting them, also Besides the staples mentions in the first post i'm not running anything, I'm pretty sure I will be running TO next week, not set in stone, but i'm going to see how my schedule works out.
  9. Day 2


    6:30am: 191


    Early AM fitness testing again. Tested in the leg press and bench press. Leg pressed 445x102 and benched 190x15. Not terrible, my bench as always lagged behind because its not very beneficial for my sport.
    I had a big breakfast and a ton of pedilyte and water to try and rehydrate and fuel my muscles for later workouts.
    Ran another mile in 6:19, ran through full practice then more conditioning.
    After practice was pretty dead, had work to do so I didn't workout on top of that.

    Sleep: didnt want to wake up to my alarm this morning, ~5.5 hours.
    Energy: feet were dragging a bit most of the day.
    Immune: fine
    Stress: off the wall, need to calm down.


    Cals: 2110
    Fat: 76.5
    Carbs:193 (needed this high carb day)
    protien: 118.5


    Leg press 445x102
    Bench 190x15

    mile run in 6:19

    Conditioning(a thru e x 1)
    a. 17 sideline to sideline sprints in 1:06
    b. 1:06 of moutain climbers
    c. 1:06 bear crawls
    d. 1:06 mat jumps
    e. 1:06 jump ropes

    took rest of the night off
  10. Day 3


    7:00am : 191(-4)


    Again woke early, this time slept past my alarm, woke up at 6:30 and had to hustle to get to conditioning on time. Conditiong in the morning, class, then practice, more conditiong, needed to take a nap mid day or else I would of never gotten through my workout.
    After my workout felt good, decided to ease back into it a bit.

    Sleep:~5 hours, slept through alarm.
    Energy: Dead tired,
    Immune: seems to be good
    Stress: Had a bad anxious, and nervous fit mid afternoon, that night had a better-than-normal sense of well being


    Carbs: 183
    Pro: 87.5

    Another day of high carbs, feeling so dead and stressed hoped it would help me get back on track. Need to eat better.


    7:00am Conditioning
    curcuit( a-g x2 with 30 sec on 30 sec off)
    a.Half court ball runs (partner throws tennis ball need to catch it before bounces twice, half court boundaries)
    b. 3pointer speed shooting
    c. in-out step ladder drill
    d. 3kg medi ball thruster throws
    e. Mat flip
    f. Mat push
    g. parachute sprints(alt with resistance band sprints)

    Incline bench (135x10) (135x10) (135x10) (135x10) (135x8--drop--115x5) (135x8--drop--115x6--drop--95x4)
    Cable fly (30x20) (30x20) (30x20)
    Bench (135x10) (135x10) (135x10) (135x10) (135x10)
    *Incline DB bench (55x10) (55x10) (55x10)
    *Incline DB fly (15x5) (15x5) (15x5) -->(deep stretch)
    **EZ Bar pullovers (55x10) (55x10) (55x10)
    **EZ bar Close grip bench (55x10) (55x10) (55x10)
    ***Over head DB tri ext (75x10) (75x10) (75x10)
    ***French Press 20x10 20x10 20x10
    Cable pulldowns 80x25 80x25 80x25
    Cable standing skullcrushers 80x10 80x10 80x10

    *= super setted with matching number of *

    NOTES: had a sample of Ultra RagNOrok by MST. The fruit punch flavor wasn't too terrble, i'm not personally a big fan of fruit punch, but I did feel good through out my work, had a decent pump. Considering making a purchase and making it my pre W/o for now.
    ALSO i first started using Xtend grape intra workout which I enjoyed, so I'm hoping this helps with recovery being that I am putting a ton of stress on my body currently.

    15min mod intensive Steady State running.

  11. I'm at a road block. I'm trying to figure out my supp run.
    TO is an option but I'm considering saving that closer to my deadline, as a way to either get to my goal if i'm behind, or blast past it.
    Right now I'm thinking bout running a GHenerate, I-gh-1, NO infuse, for a recovery/better sleep stack which I can def use right now, or PP's Fat loss stack with Derma therm, CLA, and greentea. I'm not sure if their CLA, or greentea is better than something i can pick up at walgreens or CVS, but i've heard some good things about Derma therm.

    THoughts and ideas are alwasy welcomed on either 1 of these 2 stacks, or another stack.

  12. This past few days have nearly killed me in stress. Thats alright though, I've made it through it, and looking to start this week strong, going to start AP, Recreat Pslin stack tomorrow, lets do this.

    USP at The Forefront

    This is that start of my AP/Recreate/Pslin stack.
    All basic info, stats, ect can be found in the first post of this thread, pictures found in the second post can be used at a starting point reference as they still portray my progress.

    Looking to keep this low fat, high protien, and mod carbs, saving carbs for post AP meals, and post pslin/pre w/o meals.

    Spilt looks similar to
    day1: chest/tris/traps
    day2: legs/calves

    Cardio should be about everyday, extra ab days will be thrown in periodically.
    Training will be based mainly around practice that takes place everyday at various times.

    2x recreate upon waking, 1x later in afternoon on empty stomach
    1x ap 15mins before breakfast lunch and dinner
    1x Pslin ~60mins pre w/o


    Lets Do this!!

  14. today Feb1 was the first day of my USP stack, will update tomorrow morning, also pics will be posted at that time in the 2nd post.
  15. Day 8(day1 USP) Feb. 1st 2019


    “We would accomplish many more things if we did not think of them as impossible.” C. Malesherbes

    Today was day 1 of starting AP/Recreate/Pslin stack. Woke up for early condition ~6:00am, took 2 recreate on an empty stomach, followed it a half hour later with a breakfast protein shake as I did some misc. core work and 20 mins of mod. intensity stat. bike. Energy was lagging, core was very very sore from recent increase in ab work.

    Sleep:~5.5-6 hours
    Energy: Didn't want to wake up(who does?) Tried through most of the morning, got my second(for I guess first) wind before practice, mid day fatigued hit me around ~5:30pm
    Immune: Status quo
    Stress: compared to the past few days, today was a walk in the park.
    Notes: Core VERY sore. Not used to ab work.


    NOTES: 70 carbs were consumed pre w/o after dosing Pslin.
    need to get a better balance of consuming better carbs with meals that AP is taken with.
    Need to also increase protein.(this is hard when food is coming from a cafe that has limited selection.

    Flat Bench 135x10 185x8 185x8 185x8 205x4 205x4 135x10 135x10
    Incline Bench(half rep) 115x10 115x10 115x10
    Incline Band Bench 65+band x 10 65+band x 10 65+band x 10
    Flat DB fly 50x8 50x8 50x8 50x8 50x8
    *DB chest pull over 60x10 60x10 60x10
    *Plate press 45x30 45x30 45x30
    Overhead DB tri ext 60x10 60x10 60x10 60x10 60x10
    Overhead rope tri ect 100x6 100x6 100x6
    **Rope pulldown 60x10 60x10 60x10
    **Straight bar push downs 30x20 30x20 30x20

    Early AM: stat. bike 20mins mod intensity

    Conditioning(30 secs on 30 seconds off at each station a-h x1):
    a. box jumps
    b. shuffles
    c. resistance band sprints
    d. Mat jumps
    e.Medi ball squat throws
    f.jump rope
    g. hurdle jumps
    h. Mat pushes

    Late PM: 10mins high intensity elliptical

    *=superset between matching number of astrixs
    Half rep= 1 half ROM rep, plus 1 full ROM rep counted as 1 rep. (i.e down, touch chest, half way up, back down touch chest, all the way up=1 rep)

    Slow start to chest workout, started to pick up later on

    Also consumed 3 scoops xtend intra w/o.

    Laura Flex 2009 bikini contestant
    Name:  Laura_flex2009.PNG
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Size:  305.1 KB
  16. DAY 9&10 Feb 2nd and 3rd 2010

    My life has been crazy busy the past few days, and now on top of it i'm coming down with a cold it seems like, NOT how I wanted to start my new USP stack.

    I have workouts/numbers for the past 2 days ill post them later, today i'm taking OFF in order to get some rest and combat this cold.
  17. Day 11 Feb 4th 2010


    “Triumphs without difficulties are empty. Indeed, it is difficulties that make the triumph. It is no feat to travel the smooth road.” Unknown

    I feel terrible. Running/stuffy nose thats leading into a nasal drip into my throat. The LAST thing I need is for this to get into my chest. I've been resting up and making sure I get PLENTY of vit. c

    Eating to please. No macros, Nothing too outrageous, just eating to keep energy up. Carbs are prob somewhere around 200-250

    Feel sore, and terrible. Decided to take the day OFF. I did still attend practice and do conditioning so the wasn't a total waste.

    Upon waking: 2 RC, 1AP, 500mg Vit C, 1 Omega3-6-9
    Before Lunch:1ap, 500mg Vit c, 1 Omega, multi
    Mid day:1 RC
    Before Dinner: 1AP
    Before Practice: 600mg Caffeine, 1 advil
    Before Bed:3 ZMA.
  18. WEEK 3 UPDATE Feb 8th 2010

    Feeling a TON better, Got over my cold, took a solid 4 or so days off from extra lifting, still had practice and conditioning. Seem to be over my cold pretty solid still taking Vit C as needed throughout the day because I still have some nasal issues going on, and my roommate is now newly sick with different symptons than I had, so hope that I dont catch what he's got.

    Stress has been off the hook these past few days along with my immure sub par, but I started this week strong, and I feel to re modivate to get back to killin it in the gym, I'd do a start of WEEK 3(WEEK 2 on USP) review

    Like i said this is week 3 into my goal, only start of 2nd week of USP.

    Heres some numbers

    Neck: 16"(-.5)
    Chest: 42.5" (apparently i forgot to measure this at the start)
    R Arm: 16"(+.25)
    L Arm: 16(+0)
    L Leg: 25"(-1)
    R Leg 25"(-1)
    BF%: coming soon

    Name:  Feb7th2010.JPG
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    Name:  Feb7th2010_2.JPG
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    Name:  Feb7th2010_3.JPG
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    Name:  Feb7th2010_4.JPG
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    Name:  Feb7th2010_5.JPG
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    Name:  Feb7th2010_6.JPG
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    Name:  Feb8th2010_1.JPG
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    With some flex, I can start to see an outline of my abs, numbers dont really show it but I'm seeing some good results I feel personally.

    So my line up looks like this
    -Vit c (as needed)

    I also just got some free Creadrive(GNC) which I might start incorperating post w/o. Free stuff, I have on hand, its close dated, so I might as well use it. It is a creatine complex with i believe 35 carbs.

    Day 15(yesterday) will be coming soon.
  19. Day 15 Feb 8th 2010

    Weigh In:

    Quote Of The Day:
    “It’s not whether you get knocked down. It’s whether you get up again.” Vince Lombardi

    Woke up 6am, felt tried and slightly dragging through my morning conditioning. I need to make it more productive time, I am up and down in the gym anyway I need to start making it a planned attacked. Got some cardio in, then went on with my day. Pretty busy day, so my workout was later on after practice, starting a new routine I thought I'd give a try and see how it works out, Ill mention more in the training section.
    Sleep:~4.5 hours
    Energy:dragging till took a stim ****tail before practice, crashed hard towards the end of practice, and through rest of the night, till workout
    Immue:Getting better, hope not to catch anything else
    Stress: I feel i'm starting to lose control over my life.


    Need to get carbs under control. Note that 67 carbs were taken pre w/o with Pslin. Looking for ways to increase protien, but rather hard with the recent selections at the cafe.

    I'm going to attempt a new workout plan on chest and back days. The claim is doing this w/o plan for 6 w/os will add an inch to your chest. So we'll see how it goes, all workouts are supplemented with some extra moves.

    Superset Ax4
    Bench 195x6
    Bent over BB Row 205x6

    Superset Bx3
    Incline Bench 175x6
    Lat pulldown 175x6

    Superset Cx3
    Delcline DB 65sx6
    Single arm cable row 70x6

    Incline DB fly 45x6 45x6 45x6
    Overhead DB tri ext 65x10 65x10 65x10

    I did run out of time, so I planned on getting more tris in, but Ill have to supplement them in some time later on in the week.
    Numbers are a bit low, no spot and first day back in a while so I was a bit reserved. Its open season from here on in.

    Upon waking: 2 RC
    Post AM condition before breakfast: 1 ap,500mg Vit c, 1 omega
    pre lunch:1ap, 1 omega
    Pre practice: 500mg caffine, advil
    Post practice(empty stomach):1 RC, 500mg vit C
    pre-pre w/o: Pslin w/ meal, 1ap, 1 omega
    pre w/o: Sample of MST Ragnarok(fruit punch)
    Intra: none
    Post: protien shake

    Girl of the Day:
    Carolina Flex 2009 bikini contestant
    Name:  Carolina_flex2009.PNG
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Size:  229.0 KB

    today is the first day of using OEP, and I'm going to just note on how I feel right now. Today's mid day fatigue got the best of me, so Needed to get a good 30min nap in. But i've just realized I haven't eaten since 12:00pm, and its now close to 5pm, with out any hunger. I almost forgot to eat! Not saying thats good, but this stuff DEF is doing something. I'm hoping it continues to help shred away the fat

  21. Subbing and wishing you the best on acheiving your goals!

  22. Subbed! loving the pictures btw! I found 3oep and 4 recreate to be magical for me. really loved that stuff. hope you do too. I don't really think you are 15%, but I'm not any type of nutritionist or anything special.

    I noticed you drop quite a bit of caffeine before your practices. with oep, and if you take a pre w/o supp too... thats lot of caffeine, please be carefull... and don't take offense, when I drop 6-700mg man.... I feel like dirt. don't hate me just pointing it out!

    great log, keep it up!

  23. Quote Originally Posted by benj851 View Post
    Subbed! loving the pictures btw! I found 3oep and 4 recreate to be magical for me. really loved that stuff. hope you do too. I don't really think you are 15%, but I'm not any type of nutritionist or anything special.

    I noticed you drop quite a bit of caffeine before your practices. with oep, and if you take a pre w/o supp too... thats lot of caffeine, please be carefull... and don't take offense, when I drop 6-700mg man.... I feel like dirt. don't hate me just pointing it out!

    great log, keep it up!
    Ive been meaning to re take BF via calipers but I'm not very good at it, Ill have try and recheck using some other measurements.
    As far as the comments on caffeine go no offensive taken! I fully understand the amount of stim I take is Ridiculous and probably unhealthy, but the demands from practice and my life right now give me no choice. My tolerance for stim in terrible, at my worst i could take 800mg of caffeine and fall asleep. Took a break for a solid month but its just repeating, i'm hoping when things calm down a bit to check out some Reset-AD (PAL)

  24. Quote Originally Posted by Silver3CSRT8 View Post
    Subbing and wishing you the best on acheiving your goals!
    Glad to have you along for the rid! thank you for the support!

  25. I always wondered of reset ad was anygood you gonna run it in this log?


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